Adventures Beyond Wonderland
RTP 96.82%
Max Multiplier 1000x
Adventures Beyond Wonderland
RTP 96.82%
Max Multiplier 1000x
Adventures Beyond Wonderland Review

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Review

If you thought Spin a Win was the only fresh wheel of fortune type game to come out of the Playtech live studio, then you clearly thought wrong!

The leading software developer recently introduced Adventures Beyond Wonderland, a live casino game show that’ll have going down the rabbit hole all the way to your childhood.

The rules and simple and the rewards keep on coming. As the name suggests, Adventures Beyond Wonderland is themed around Alice in Wonderland.

Enthusiastic live hosts and animated characters play roles from the story and keep the action going.

The game features several bonus rounds that’ll undoubtedly provide every free spirit with an out-of-this-world gaming experience.

Where to play Adventures Beyond Wonderland?

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That’s why you can trust and play Adventures Beyond Wonderland at one of our recommended online casinos.

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How to Play Adventures Beyond Wonderland?

As we mentioned before, the concept behind Playtech’s Adventures Beyond Wonderland isn’t at all a novel one.

The game takes inspiration—and simple gameplay—from other wheel of fortune type games like Spin a Win and Crazy Time.

Once you open the game, you’ll be greeted by a real-life host, typically dressed as an Alice in Wonderland character, and standing in front of the large spinning wheel.

Unlike other game wheels that are numbered up to 40, the Adventures Beyond Wonderland wheel is largely taken up by 1s and 2s. There are also a few 5s and 10s scattered around the wheel.

Players will also find some unique picture spaces that award different bonuses.

The game starts with you placing a wager on one or more of these options:

  • 1 – 22 Segments
  • 2 – 15 Segments
  • 5 – 5 Segments
  • 10 – 4 Segments
  • 2 Wonder Spins (Bonus Round) – 3 Segments
  • Magic Dice (Bonus Round) – 2 Segments
  • 5 Wonder Spins (Bonus Round) – 1 Segment

After the betting time has ended, the live host will then spin the wheel and wait to see where the pointer will land once the wheel stops.

If you make a correct prediction, your stake is multiplied by the number you bet on.

If the pointer lands on a bonus round, you stand to win up to 1,000x your stake.

How much simpler can a game get? The Adventures in Wonderland wheel also features 2 Mystery segments.

While you can’t bet on these, you stand to receive a multiplier or respin if the pointer lands on them.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Bonus

Adventures Beyond Wonderland features & betting options

As you’d expect from Playtech, the Adventures Beyond Wonderland user interface is clean-cut and on point.

The live hosts are dressed in costumes that bring to mind characters from Alice in Wonderland. The Caterpillar and White Rabbit animated characters also add to the fun and games.

Players view the game proceedings via high-quality video streaming, which automatically adjusts if your internet connection is a bit weak. You can also easily tweak the video and sound settings.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland also features 5 bonus rounds that are triggered if the wheel stops at one of the bonus segments.

Another multiplier is randomly triggered and applied to one number if the caterpillar creates a bubble-gum at the close of betting.

The boost has a maximum value of 10x and only applies to numbers and not bonus segments.

The main wheel can land on the 5 WonderSpins or 2 WonderSpins segments and trigger a bonus round. Each segment comes with a different number of bonus spins.

The White Rabbit appears and an inner and outer wheel are revealed behind the mail wheel.

The inner wheel has multipliers while the outer wheel contains the following 54 segments with Alice in Wonderland characters and corresponding payouts:

  • Rabbit (50x Payout) – 1 Segment
  • Cheshire Cat (14x Payout) – 4 Segments
  • Queen of Hearts (8x Payout) – 5 Segments
  • Dodo (5x Payout) – 9 Segments
  • Door Mouse (4x Payout) – 11 Segments
  • Mad Hatter (2x Payout) – 7 Segments
  • Eat Me (+ 30%) – 2 Segments
  • Drink Me (- 30%) – 3 Segments
  • No Win – 3 Segments

The more you get to spin the bonus wheel, the more chances you have to boost the multiplier on your stake.

Instead of using a wheel, the Magic Dice Bonus Round features a grid of 6 columns and 4 rows. Players choose between white and red dice, which are then shaken in a dome automatic shaker.

Players then move to the column whose number is shown on their chosen dice.

  • If the tile contains a multiplier, your stake is multiplied and the bonus round ends.
  • If you land on an arrow tile, you move to the next row.
  • If the tile has a Purple 2x, all visible multipliers on the grid are doubled.

The dice are rolled again until you reach the 100x multiplier at the top of the grid or receive a prize.

As we mentioned before, the Adventures Beyond Wonderland wheel has two Mystery Segments. The bonus rounds for these segments are available to every player who places a valid bet on the main game.

You don’t have to bet on the Mystery Segment to get one of the following 2 prizes:

  • The Caterpillar Mystery Multiplier – The caterpillar blows a bubble-gum bubble that floats across the wheel then bursts to reveal multipliers that’ll apply to each segment. If you make a correct prediction on the following free spin, you’ll receive the multiplied payout for that number.
  • The Card Soldiers Mystery Multiplier – 4 Cards depicting Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs or Spades march onto the screen and you select one to reveal your multiplier size.
Adventures Beyond Wonderland Online

Adventures Beyond Wonderland RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

Players can bet on the Adventures Beyond Wonderland game show for as little as $1.00, up to a maximum of $100.

Some casinos may, however, have upper bet limits as high as $500. The maximum RTP for the game is 96.82% on the segments with 1s.

Other sections have the following RTPs:

  • 2 – 96.69%
  • 5 – 96.58%
  • 10 – 96.70%
  • 2 WonderSpins – 96.66%
  • 5 WonderSpins – 96.67%
  • Mystery Spins – N/A
  • Magic Dice – 96.58%

Adventures Beyond Wonderland hints and tips

You can enjoy Adventures Beyond Wonderland in several different ways, depending on your gaming objectives.

To ensure that your bankroll stretches for hours while you enjoy yourself, you can cover 3 bonus rounds and 10 with one unit each.

A unit can be any amount of money, but we recommend making it 1-5% of your overall bankroll.

Using this strategy, one of your bets should come up every 4-6 spins. To break even, a player would need to win 24x every 6 spins.

Following this strategy, won’t guarantee you massive returns. Instead, you have above-average chances of staying in the money. If your luck pans out and you win big, it’s time to cash out.

Final Thoughts

Pretty much every software developer today seems keen to base its games on the wheel of fortune.

Players don't have a hard time understanding games like Adventures Beyond Wonderland. Chances are you've played a similar game before.

Playtech's take on this popular game type, however, stands out on its own. For a start, an Alice in Wonderland theme adds a great deal of fun, wins and bonus rounds to the live casino game show.

The live hosts and animated characters will even make you laugh a few times. High-quality visuals work well with crystal-clear sound to provide excellent gameplay.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland also boasts innovative bonus wheels that offer mouth-watering payouts. Instead of using RNG engines to determine the bonus round outcomes, Playtech goes with physical wheels and Magic Dice.

In a nutshell, Adventures Beyond Wonderland will make a nice addition to any player's list of favourite games.

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