Dead or Alive: Saloon
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 97.02%
Max Multiplier 2000x
Dead or Alive: Saloon
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 97.02%
Max Multiplier 2000x
Dead or Alive: Saloon Review

Dead or Alive: Saloon Review

Following the success of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, it was inevitable Evolution Gaming would take advantage of the NetEnt game library for ideas.

The result is Dead or Alive: Saloon, a game with a fantastic Wild West theme and straightforward, exciting gameplay. What kind of experience awaits us in the latest Evolution release? Read on to learn all about the saloon’s secrets.

Where to play Dead or Alive: Saloon?

Evolution has not announced any exclusivity arrangements for Dead or Alive: Saloon. Because of that, casino members are free to pick their favourite Canadian online casino with Evolution software.

We recommend choosing a website with excellent promotions, numerous payment methods, an active license with a reputable regulator, and more. If you do not want to search manually, our experts compiled a list of Canada-friendly real money online casinos below.

Up to 200$
200 Free Spins
Up to 1000$
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Up to $400
150 Free Spins
100% up to 00
120 Free Spins

How to Play Dead or Alive: Saloon?

Like the original game, Dead or Alive, does this game stand out with a Wild West theme. Evolution did a wonderful job of recreating old saloons, right down to the outfits the hosts wear. The backdrop is attractive without distracting from the action happening on the table.

You play this game with two decks of cards. One contains 52 regular cards, and the other holds 52 bonus cards. These two decks are combined, so you do not know what the next card will be. The host draws cards one by one, placing them on the table. That continues until the dealer draws a regular playing card.

Players need to predict what regular card will get drawn by the host. You can bet on a specific card, one of the four suits, or a particular card value. Casino members can wager on one or more cards. There is even a dedicated button to place a bet on all cards, guaranteeing you will win.

Dead or Alive: Saloon Bonus

Dead or Alive: Saloon features & betting options

The 52 bonus card deck is comprised of twenty 20x multiplier cards, nineteen 30x multiplier cards, three 50x multiplier cards, and one 100x multiplier card. It also has three Double cards and six Bounty cards.

As the host deals the cards, their multipliers get added to the initial potential win amount. If the initial win amount is 20x and the dealer draws a 30x card, you will get a 50x potential reward. If you have multiple multipliers, they get added up in the same way.

Double cards do exactly what you expect them to. They take your existing winning potential and double its value. If you had a 50x reward and drew a Double card, your potential win would increase to 100x. Double cards do not affect the value of any future bonus cards.

Finally, drawing a Bounty card launches the Bounty Hunt feature. The bounty board comes up, presenting you with three targets. Each target has a multiplier value attached to them, which you cannot see.

Pick a target, aim your gun, and shoot a target. The game will reveal their multipliers and award the one you picked. Finally, the multiplier value is added to your potential win.

Dead or Alive: Saloon Online

Dead or Alive: Saloon RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

Evolution’s release allows you to wager between $0.50 and $10,000 per round. The exact limits may differ based on the online casino in which you are playing this game.

The theoretical return to player for Dead or Alive: Saloon is 97.02%. You can win up to 1,999:1 in a single round with plenty of luck. That said, your maximum win cannot exceed $500,000.

As to how you achieve such a magnificent prize? Draw the right bonus cards, and hope you guessed the right standard card.

Dead or Alive: Saloon hints and tips

This game gives us several paths towards winning. You can bet on all positions to guarantee a win and hope the multipliers make up the difference. Alternatively, you can wager that the host will draw a specific card, suit, or value.

Despite having so many betting options, it ultimately does not make a difference strategy-wise. You are at the mercy of drawing the right cards.

The cost you save by not wagering all bets means potentially missing out on a win because you did not bet on the winning card. We suggest trying several betting styles to see which suits your budget and play habits best.

Final Thoughts

Evolution can add another notch to its list of absolute successes. This new game that they released in their live casino has very straightforward gameplay, which will help attract a casual audience. Bonus cards build up your multiplier, and correctly predicting a regular card grants the reward.

A high RTP and good winning potential entice profit-minded casino members into trying this title too. If you have been longing for a new live dealer card game, you should give Dead or Alive: Saloon a go.

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