Boom City Live
Software Pragmatic Play
RTP 96.43%
Max Multiplier 20.000x
Boom City Live
Software Pragmatic Play
RTP 96.43%
Max Multiplier 20.000x
Boom City Live Review

Boom City Live Review

Pragmatic Play remains one of the most prominent live casino software providers. Very promising, considering they are a newcomer in the field.

The team is one of the few developers tackling live casinos. Today, we are looking at Pragmatic Play’s latest innovative title, Boom City. Plenty of effort went into this great release. Will it translate into an exciting game?

Where to play Boom City?

Boom City is set to launch in all Pragmatic Play casinos simultaneously. Because of that, casino members can pick any real money online casino with Pragmatic Play Live software. We recommend checking out casinos beyond what games are available there.

An excellent online casino has great promotions, many payment methods, and other important factors. If you are looking for a casino to play Boom City in, we recommend one of the following websites.

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How to Play Boom City?

A city-themed backdrop adds to the charm of this release. The 6×6 playing field dominates the play area, requiring you to pay attention. Beneath the large screen, we also see two giant dice.

The way Boom City plays is remarkably simple! Each position on the playing field corresponds to a side of the two dice. The blue die dictates the horizontal position, while the gold die controls the vertical.

The playing field features multipliers, three bonus game icons, and the PowerUp symbol. Which one you receive depends on the position selected by the two dice.

Boom City features & betting options

The PowerUp bonus is the most straightforward of all the available features. When the dice select the PowerUp icon, it increases all visible multipliers on the board.

The game then rolls the dice again with the increased payouts. Triggering a feature after activating PowerUp will increase their total payout.

Dice Battle

Dice Battle Boom City

Dice Battle pits the two dice that usually work together against each other! When the round begins, players must choose between the blue and yellow dice.

Once you make your choice, Boom City rolls the dice several times. The numbers that the dice display are points that are transformed into multipliers when the bonus ends.

Correctly predicting the winning side grants both the winning and losing side’s multiplier. If you guess wrong, you only receive your side’s multiplier.

Lucky Drop

Lucky Drop Boom City

Next up on the list is the Lucky Drop bonus. Pick one of six numbers from the die. The two dice get rolled six times in total. The multiplier increases whenever your chosen number gets drawn by the dice.

Boom or Bust

Boom or Bust Boom City

Finally, we have the Boom or Bust bonus round. This bonus has seven rounds, and you can stop after each one. Each round has higher multipliers but also an increased risk of losing.

Pick one of six numbers that can appear on a die. If your number does not get a red cross, you receive a prize and can progress further in the bonus round. Getting the red cross grants the lowest guaranteed multiplier.

Boom City RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

Pragmatic Play allows players to bet anywhere between $0.10 and $5,000 in one round. Individual casinos may change the table limit.

The theoretical RTP for Boom City is 96.43%. The game has excellent winning potential, up to 20,000x or $500,000. Getting such a mouth-watering top prize requires getting lucky with the game’s various features.

Boom City hints and tips

Boom City is an excellent combination of physical and digital RNG coming together to create a fun game. However, it also ensures casino members cannot plan out how to play.

The results of every round and bonus are entirely out of our control. All we can do is bet and hope we get lucky!

The only feature that gives you some control is the Boom or Bust bonus round. Here, players can choose if they want to quit or keep going.

Players can choose to play it safe and stop once they have made back their money. Alternatively, you can risk it and go all the way in hopes of winning big!

Final Thoughts

We had a blast trying Boom City for ourselves. It is a unique game show no other software provider currently offers. Using dice numbers to pick the winning position every round was ingenious.

We also enjoy how this game uses physical and digital randomness to create entertaining results. If you are looking for a new live casino game show to play? Boom City should be on top of your priority list!

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