Spin a Win
Software Playtech
RTP 97.22%
Max Multiplier 40x
Spin a Win
Software Playtech
RTP 97.22%
Max Multiplier 40x

Spin a Win Review

Strategy-based online casino games are a joy to play for a while. However, players sometimes just want to put their feet up and play something a lot simpler.

Spin a Win is a fresh wheel of fortune type game from Playtech. In case you’re not familiar with these simple games, imagine a large, colourful, upright spinning wheel.

Players bet on which segments the marker on top will point at once the wheel stops spinning. Spin a Win looks and feels a lot like Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher, but adds a fresh new twist.

Here, players can place side bets and enjoy massive returns from multiplier wins. To be honest, live hosts make or break game show casino titles—and the hosts from Playtech are animated bundles of joy to play with.

Where to play Spin a Win?

If you haven’t thoroughly vetted and signed up to an online casino yet, our team of industry veterans is available to help you navigate the labyrinth of choices.

Far from quickly getting impressed by swanky looks, we focus more on factors like safety.

Your personal and financial details should remain safe and secure, so we only consider operators that use excellent 128-bit SSL encryption.

It goes without saying that if you manage to win, cashing out should be the least of your worries.

Our recommended real money casinos, therefore, offer a wide range of quick and convenient banking options.

All legitimate and reliable online gambling sites use RNGs that are continuously audited and certified by independent auditors.

As such, players are guaranteed fair outcomes for every bet they place. Finally, we only consider casinos that use reliable, ace software providers, such as Playtech.

Up to $1600
+ Free Spins
Up to 1000$
Free Spins
Up to $400
150 Free Spins
100% up to 00
120 Free Spins

How to Play Spin a Win?

Spin a Win follows the standard wheel of fortune game format that’s presented by a live dealer. The original game used an RNG wheel, which was later replaced in a 2018 relaunch.

Now, a host spins the large mechanical wheel that’s split into 53 segments. 51 segments on the Spin a Win wheel are numbered 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40, with each number separated from the next by a pin.

Each number appears a different number of times as follows:

  • Number 1 — 23 times;
  • Number 2 — 15 times;
  • Number 5 — 7 times;
  • Number 10 — 3 times;
  • Number 20 — 2 times;
  • Number 40 — 1 time.

As such, the wheel has 21 even numbers and 30 odd ones. The other 2 segments feature one of this game’s unique features—2x and 7x multipliers.

If you hit one of the multipliers, your bet is carried over to the next spin and multiplies your winnings. If you hit a multiplier multiple times before scoring a win, the payouts can be massive.

As you can probably figure out from this description, Spin a Win is by no means a complicated game.

Before each round begins, you have to choose a bet size and bet on the main game by choosing one or more of the 6 numbers.

You can also place a side bet, where you can wager on Even/Odd numbers or one of the multipliers. Players have roughly 18 seconds to place their wagers, which is enough to make up to 9 different individual bets.

A Repeat Bet function is also available to make the process a lot quicker. Once you’ve placed your bets, the live host will spin the wheel.

You simply have to bite your nails and hope for a favourable outcome. Once the wheel stops spinning, the host will announce the results and distribute payouts from winning bets, if there are any.

Spin a Win features & betting options

Playtech made sure to include all the bells and whistles to the Spin a Win user interface. Instead of going over-the-top, the developer chose to go with a simple and unassuming display that doesn’t detract players from the game.

Once the betting window is closed, the betting window recedes into the background to allow players to get a cleared view of the spinning wheel.

Sound and video settings are also easy to tweak. The video feed quality is set at high by default but automatically lowers if your internet connection is bad.

The full-screen viewing mode switches to a smaller screen which is, however, just as clear as the full screen.

The Spin a Win live dealers are quite animated and loud, so you definitely need to know how to adjust the sound.

The Spin a Win paytable couldn’t have been simpler. Payouts are mostly the same as the number. So, for example, you bet on 2, you’ll get a 2:1 return. Similarly, 40 offers a 40:1 payout.

If you’re looking to place side bets, you can expect the following payout:

  • Even Numbers – 1.25:1
  • Odd Numbers – 0.75:1
  • Multiplier – 25:1

Spin a Win RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

Players can have fun on the Spin a Win live game show for as little as $0.10 per spin.

If you’re looking to score huge returns, you can bet as much as $500 at some casinos.

The game RTP ranges from 90.67% to 97.22%, depending on how you play.

Here’s a comprehensive list of maximum RTPs for each main bet:

  • Number 40 – 90.81% (1 number)
  • Number 20 – 92.74% (2 numbers)
  • Number 10 – 96.58% (3 numbers)
  • Number 5 – 91.24% (7 numbers)
  • Number 2 – 95.51% (15 numbers)
  • Number 1 – 95.34% (23 numbers)

For the side bets:

  • Odd Numbers – 97.22% (30 numbers)
  • Even Numbers – 91.67% (21 numbers)
  • Multiplier – 96.30% (2 numbers)

As far as the house advantage goes, Spin a Win isn’t the most favourable game for players. Apart from the Odd Number bets, you’ll enjoy much better odds playing slots or other table games.

Spin a Win hints and tips

We wish we could say there’s a way to guarantee winning bets on Playtech’s Spin a Win. However, that’s not the case.

This game is as gambling as it gets, but you can still boost your winning chances by employing clever bet selection.

Firstly, choose an excellent live casino and you’ll be guaranteed to get great odds and quick payouts.

Next, avoid putting all your eggs in the same basket. The best way to start is by placing $0.10 bets and working your way upwards.

Spin a Win bets have an RTP range of between 90.81% and 97.22%, depending on your bet choices. To get the highest chance of winning, you need to bet on Odd Numbers.

Another side bet that has a high RTP is the Multiplier. If you want to bet on numbers, 1, 2, and 10 all have RTPs above 95%.

Therefore, a combination of these high RTP bets should yield some positive results. You’ll still take some hits, but they won’t be as bad as with other number combinations.

Final Thoughts

Spin a Win is a good wheel of fortune type game that makes a worthy adversary to Pragmatic Play’s Mega Wheel and Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher.

The game rules are quite simple—predict where the pointer will land when the giant wheel stops spinning. The live studio is simple and unassuming, but enthusiastic live hosts bring colour and buzz to the gaming experience.

HD cameras stream all the action to your PC or mobile device screen in real-time. Spin a Win allows players to bet as little as $0.10 and as much as $500.

The main bets offer up to 40x returns. In this live game show, Playtech also brings a unique angle to the table. Once you start making side bets the possibilities are endless.

Odd and Even number bets cover more space and offer decent payouts. Multipliers can potentially bump up your payout to unimaginable proportions.

All in all? Spin a Win is not the most imaginative of games, but it is a welcome addition to a lot of casinos’ live dealer sections.

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