Crazy Coin Flip Live
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 96.05%
Max Multiplier 10000x
Crazy Coin Flip Live
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 96.05%
Max Multiplier 10000x
Crazy Coin Flip Live Review

Crazy Coin Flip Live Review

The success of Crazy Time had a noticeable effect on Evolution. It showed them there was interest in the live game show format. Furthermore, players also clearly enjoyed the various bonus rounds in that game.

Crazy Coin Flip develops one of these bonuses into a complete live casino game! It pairs a simple bonus round with a five-reel, three-row slot for a fascinating combination. How will this latest Evolution Gaming release perform among players?

Where to play Crazy Coin Flip?

The team does not have any arrangements for Crazy Coin Flip’s exclusivity. It is set to launch in all Evolution online casinos simultaneously. When choosing an online casino, you should look for several factors.

These include casino bonusses, casino games, payment methods, and other details. We scour the web for the best casinos that fit these criteria. If you need a new place to play Crazy Coin Flip, we recommend one of these real money online casinos.

Up to $1600
+ Free Spins
Up to 1000$
Free Spins
Up to $400
150 Free Spins
100% up to 00
120 Free Spins

How to Play Crazy Coin Flip?

Evolution splits Crazy Coin Flip into three stages. For the first stage, you have to qualify for the bonus round. You play this title on a five-reel, three-row slot machine to start. Furthermore, every spin displays a different combination of paytable symbols.

Icon designs include 10, J, Q, K, A, cherries, and golden bells. You qualify for the bonus round by simultaneously landing three Scatters on the playing field.

Successfully qualifying for the bonus unlocks the second stage. This is the Top Up phase, played on a three-reel, three-row slot. In this stage, we can land different red and blue coin symbols.

Each coin has a multiplier value attached. Players can increase the multipliers by raising their total bet. Land three coins with matching colours on the same row to win the multipliers. The multipliers then apply to the corresponding coin in the bonus round.

If you qualified just before the bonus round began, you could choose to stay in the Top-Up round. That allows you to keep playing this stage and better prepare for the next Coin Flip bonus round.

The Coin Flip is the third and final stage of this Evolution release. You play it with a live casino host and a coin-flipping machine. The coin has two sides; one red and one blue. When the host pulls a level, the machine flips the coin.

Whichever side the coin lands on is the winning side. You receive the multiplier win on the winning coin side. The next round starts from the first stage again.

Crazy Coin Flip Live Bonus

Crazy Coin Flip features & betting options

Crazy Coin Flip gives you a choice of speeding up the qualification process every round. This game has not one but three spin modes: normal mode, XXXtreme spin, and Super XXXtreme spin.

XXXtreme spin guarantees one Scatter on the board at the cost of 5x your base bet. Meanwhile, Super XXXtreme spin ensures two Scatters will appear but costs 50x your initial wager. Both boosted spins also offer more frequent multipliers.

Crazy Coin Flip Live Online

Crazy Coin Flip RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

You can bet between $0.10 and $3,000 on every round. The betting limits may be different depending on your online casino.

All the different bet options from Crazy Coin Flip have different RTP’s.

Bets Payout Percentage
Normal bet 95.05%
XXXtreme bet 96%
Super XXXtreme bet 96.05%
Top Up bet 96.06%

Crazy Coin Flip hints and tips

Crazy Coin Flip has a fixed gameplay loop that you cannot alter that much. However, it does give players options using the Top-Up stage and different spin modes.

Top-Up allows casino members to increase their final reward by placing additional bets. Different spin modes increase the odds of qualifying for the bonus round.

It also gives you better odds of qualifying early, increasing the time you can spend in the Top-Up stage.

Final Thoughts

Evolution draws inspiration from its previous work in Crazy Coin Flip. The coin flip mechanic comes from Crazy Time. Qualifying for the bonus and different spin modes originated in Deal or No Deal Live.

Evolution’s acquisition of NetEnt gave it the experience needed to add an online slot to a live dealer title. It works out wonderfully, giving us a game with a unique gameplay loop and stunning visuals. We wholeheartedly recommend trying this release!

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