Unlimited Blackjack
Software Playtech
RTP 99.54%
Max Multiplier 100x
Unlimited Blackjack
Software Playtech
RTP 99.54%
Max Multiplier 100x

Unlimited Blackjack Review

As it’s one of the best emerging live casino studios, Playtech tables are typically busy during peak gaming periods.

If you’re usually on a busy schedule and can’t afford to wait for tables to open up, Unlimited Blackjack is the perfect game for you.

This 6-deck blackjack variant often comes to the rescue, considering that it has low betting limits and can quickly and effectively accommodate an infinite number of players.

With experienced live dealers being streamed in HD video from Playtech studios expertly directing the play and always eager to chat up players, Unlimited Blackjack has quickly become popular.

Moreover, this version of blackjack comes with simple rules, albeit with plenty of standard extras and unique twists.

Players can also bet on each other’s hands, although the owner’s stake is not affected. Insurance, Pairs, and 21 + 3 side bets, as well as the 10-card Charlie, make Unlimited Blackjack a must-play.

Where to play Unlimited Blackjack?

With hundreds if not thousands of online casino options available online, choosing the best online casino for your needs isn’t always easy.

You not only need to ensure that the website offers a safe and fair gaming experience, but also have to check whether it has Playtech’s Unlimited Blackjack in its live dealer games section.

Other factors also come into play—bonuses and promotions, licenses, reputation, banking options, customer support, and more.

By choosing a real money casino from our top-rated list, you’re guaranteed to get all of these features and so much more.

That’s because every online gambling site we recommend goes through a rigorous vetting process by a team of seasoned reviewers.

For an online casino to make it to our list, it has to have, among other things, an exceptional mobile app or website.

Casinos also have to process deposits and withdrawals quickly and efficiently. Another factor that’s high on our list is ensuring that every game is audited for fairness by an independent organization.

Up to $1600
+ Free Spins
Up to 1000$
Free Spins
Up to $400
150 Free Spins
100% up to 00
120 Free Spins

How to Play Unlimited Blackjack?

Playtech’s Unlimited Blackjack follows Las Vegas Blackjack rules, with only a few minor exceptions.

The game is played using 8 decks of cards and the player seeks to get a hand that’s valued higher than the dealers, without going over 21.

To start the game and place your bet, you simply have to click on one or more chips and drag them onto the betting field.

There’s always enough time to alter your wager before a timer on the right-hand corner shows that the betting window is closed. A Re-Bet button allows quicker gameplay.

When playing Unlimited Blackjack, the live dealer is directed to stand on all 17s and draw to 16.

If you believe that the house has blackjack, you can take insurance. If the dealer gets blackjack, you’ll have half your stake returned.

Playtech’s Unlimited Blackjack also has several rules that specifically apply to it.

The game allows up to 5 betting positions, which means players can play 5 hands simultaneously.

Multiple players can also bet on the same seat, although each one makes an individual decision as to whether to stand or split. As usual, after each round, the live dealer compares each side’s hands and pays out winning players.

One of Unlimited Blackjack’s intriguing twists comes about where card-splitting choices are concerned. The game software automatically splits specific card pairs per the optimal basic splitting strategy.

If a hand is split, the player can split and add a stake equal to their initial bet or fold and regain 80% of their initial stake. With Playtech’s Unlimited Blackjack, players can split hands multiple times.

Players can also benefit from the 10-Card Charlie rule, which automatically awards you a win if you’re dealt 10 cards without going bust, as long as the dealer doesn’t get blackjack.

Besides the main bet, players can also make the Pairs, and 21 + 3 side bets.

Unlimited Blackjack features & betting options

Unlimited Blackjack comes with a fully customizable interface that’s a joy to use.

Players can adjust every single detail, including video and sound quality, the viewing angle, as well as access an integrated on-screen help display.

A live chat option is also available, in case you want to communicate with the live dealer or fellow players.

When it comes to expected payouts, players can expect:

  • Blackjack – 3:2
  • Insurance – 2:1
  • Regular win – 1:1

Like most other Playtech blackjack games, Unlimited Blackjack allows players to boost their potential payouts by placing some intriguing side bets. For Pairs, you’ll receive:

  • Red/Black Pair – 6:1
  • Coloured Pair – 12:1
  • Perfect Pair – 25:1

Players also get extra payouts if they win the 21 + 3 side bet, as follows:

  • Suited 3 of a Kind – 100:1
  • 3-Card Straight Flush – 40:1
  • 3 of a Kind – 30:1
  • 3-Card Straight – 10:1
  • 3-Card Flush – 5:1

As we mentioned before, players can also receive an evens payout for the unique 1-Card Charlie feature.

Unlimited Blackjack RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

Before you decide whether or not to try Unlimited Blackjack, you may have to check if your bankroll matches the set betting limits.

This exciting blackjack variant accepts bets from as low as $1.00 to $1,000. However, the upper limit in most casinos would be $100.

If you’re playing with an optimal strategy, the game has an RTP of 99.54%.

As can be expected with the potentially lucrative side bets, the RTP slightly falls. The 21 + 3 side bet has a 93.71% RTP while the Perfect Pairs bet comes with an RTP of 95.9%.

Unlimited Blackjack hints and tips

With several players betting on the same positions at the same time, Unlimited Blackjack can seem a bit confusing.

The great part is that if you have a strategy chart, you can follow the optimal strategy for hitting, doubling, standing, or splitting hands.

If you’re ready to make the best moves, simply follow the following steps based on your hand and the dealer’s up-card.

If your hand contains an Ace that adds 11 points (Soft Hand):

  • 19-21 points: Stand
  • 18 points: Double if the dealer has 3-6, Hit against 9-A, else Stand.
  • 17 points: Double if the dealer has 3-6, else Hit.
  • 15-16 points: Double if the dealer has 4-6, else Hit.
  • 13-14 points: Double if the dealer has 5-6, else Hit.

If your hand doesn’t contain an Ace that adds 11 points (Hard Hand):

  • 17-21: Stand
  • 13-16: Stand if the dealer has 2-6, else Hit.
  • 12: Stand if the dealer has 4-6, else Hit.
  • 11: Double if the dealer has 2-10, else Hit.
  • 10: Double if the dealer has 2-9, else Hit.
  • 9: Double if the dealer has 3-6, else Hit.

As we mentioned before, the live dealer will automatically split certain pairs. Here are some of the optimal decisions you can make.

  • 8-8: Play 2 hands if the dealer has 2-7, else play 1 hand.
  • 77: Play 2 hands if the dealer has 4-6, else play 1 hand.
  • 6-6: Play 2 hands if the dealer has 5-6, else play 1 hand.
  • 5-5: Double if the dealer has 2-9, else Hit.
  • 4-4: Hit
  • 3-3: Play 2 hands if the dealer has 4-6, else play 1 hand.
  • 2-2: Play 2 hands if the dealer has 4-6, else play 1 hand.
  • A-A: Play 2 hands.

While these moves will somewhat improve your winning chances, they won’t prevent you from losing.

You can, however, shore up your finances by accepting casino bonuses.

Final Thoughts

As an emerging live casino software developer, Playtech offers simplicity, speed, and efficiency. Few of their casino games don’t exhibit these characteristics as much as Unlimited Blackjack.

This live dealer title can accept an unlimited number of players per seat. Players can play up to 5 hands at the same time and bet on other players' hands.

Even more, you can place the Pairs and 21 + 3 side bets. Another peculiarity about Unlimited Blackjack is that some hands are split automatically according to optimal strategy rules.

The betting limits are quite flexible and players get all the usual bells and whistles.

All things considered, Unlimited Blackjack is a game that most players with busy schedules would want to try.

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