Triumph Roulette
Software Playtech
RTP 97.3%
Max Multiplier 35x
Triumph Roulette
Software Playtech
RTP 97.3%
Max Multiplier 35x
Triumph Roulette Review

Triumph Roulette Review

Playtech has continued with its evolving spirit as it seeks to dominate the live casino gaming scene.

Players who want nothing to do with the old studio environments and the traditional table looks simply have to check out Triumph Roulette.

You can enjoy the high European Roulette RTP, have fun with professional croupiers, and play in what Playtech calls “experiences” rather than “studios”.

Triumph Roulette is based on the same simple European roulette rules that players in Canada and the rest of the world have grown to love.

On this game, however, you can have an extra bit of fun placing bets that aren’t available on other roulette variants. The action is streamed to your PC or mobile device from multiple HD cameras, complete with live audio.

Where to play Triumph Roulette?

Today, a lot of bettors would rather play online than visit a land-based casino. The best online gambling sites offer generous casino bonuses and have a much wider range of exciting games.

Players also aren’t limited in terms of the time and location from which they can access their favourite games.

As Triumph Roulette is one of the more recent additions to the Playtech live dealer catalogue, the European Roulette spin-off is basking in popularity at virtually every Playtech casino.

Combing through hundreds of online casinos to select a few that are worth registering at and playing Triumph Roulette can be a daunting task.

To an inexpert eye, the products and offers on most real money casinos may look similar.

Dig a little deeper under the surface, however, and you’ll notice subtle differences that make a whole lot of difference.

PC and mobile website navigability, data encryption, local banking methods, licensing, and the casino games catalogue are some of the features we consider when creating our list of recommended casinos.

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How to Play Triumph Roulette?

As we mentioned before, Triumph Roulette is based on and uses basic European Roulette rules.

The average round when playing the game is 30 seconds, which means players can enjoy themselves without feeling too rushed.

Playtech integrated a comprehensive set of controls to provide a unique gaming experience for every player.

As with pretty much every live roulette game, you wait for a new round to enter the table and place your bets.

You can select one or more chips and place them in one or more betting positions. A timer in the game window indicates how much time is still available to place your bets.

Players can either confirm their bets manually using the Confirm button or wait for the betting time to elapse.

After the No More Bets signal is displayed, the live dealer spins the wheel and launches the ball.

The Triumph Roulette wheel is numbered from 0 to 36 and players have to bet on which of the numbered pockets the ball will land in.

Besides making a Straight Up bet (i.e. betting on one number), you can also bet on:

  • Split Bets – 2 adjacent numbers.
  • Corner Bet – 4 numbers meeting on the betting area.
  • Street Bet – Bet on 3 numbers on a vertical line (street) on the betting area.
  • Line Bet – Bet on 6 numbers on 2 adjacent streets.
  • Four Bet – Bet on 0, 1, 2, and 3.
  • Column Bet – Bet on 12 numbers on a horizontal line on the betting area.
  • Red/Black Bet – Bet on either coloured bets.
  • Dozen Bet – Bet on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd group of numbers (1-12, 13-34, or 25-36).
  • Odd/Even Bet – Bet on odd or even numbers.
  • High/Low Bet – Bet on high or low numbers (19-36 or 1-18).

When playing Triumph Roulette, it’s also possible to put together the following betting patterns that cover other sections of the racetrack betting area.

  • Neighbours Bet – 5 numbers that are next to each other on the wheel.
  • Orlephins Bet – Bet on 1, 6, 9, 17, 14, 17, 20, 34.
  • Tier Bet – The bet covers about a third of the wheel area opposite 0 (between 27 and 33).
  • Voisins du Zero – Bet on numbers close to 0 on the wheel (numbers between 22 and 25).

The wheel eventually stops spinning and the ball comes to a stop in a numbered slot. The live dealer announces winning bets and removes losing chips, if you’ve made a correct prediction.

You can use the Rebet button to place the same bet or place your chips in another position to play the next round.

Triumph Roulette Bonus

Triumph Roulette features & betting options

Triumph Roulette rocks all the bells and whistles players could expect from a Playtech live dealer title.

High-quality video and sound, a modern studio experience, friendly live dealers—take your pick of the litter.

You also get to enjoy statistical analyses of previous rounds, a racetrack betting area, and an all-around great experience for even the most discerning of players.

As with most roulette variants the standard payouts for Triumph Roulette are:

  • Straight Up – 35:1
  • Street – 11:1
  • Split – 17:1
  • Corner – 8:1
  • Line – 5:1
  • Dozen/Column – 2:1
  • Black/Red – 1:1
  • Odd/Even – 1:1
  • Low/High – 1:1

In addition to these basic betting patterns, Triumph Roulette also features shortcuts for players to place their favourite bet types, including:

  • Final Bet – Includes numbers that have the same last digit. For example, a final bet on 3 includes 3, 13, 23, and 33.
  • Complete Bet – Covers Split Bets, Straight Bets, Corner Bets, Line Bets, and Street Bets associated with a particular number.
  • Half-Complete Bet – Complete Bet without Line and Street Bets.

Players can also use the Bet Creator to save and play their favourite bets with ease in the future. Players can also use the Lucky Dip button to place a random number of Straight Up bets.

Triumph Roulette Online

Triumph Roulette RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

When playing Triumph Roulette, players can place a minimum bet of $1. The maximum bet ranges from $25 for Straight Up bets up to $500 for other bets.

As the game is based on European Roulette and has a single green zero, the RTP is more favourable to players at 97.3%.

That means for every $100 you wager, in the long run, you’ll theoretically win back $97.30. These figures, however, are an average for thousands of players.

Individual player winnings wildly vary above and below the amounts they would have staked at a casino.

Triumph Roulette hints and tips

As one of the oldest and most popular online casino games, roulette is subject to a lot of analysis by players who seek to get an extra edge against the house.

On the surface, the basic game rules are simple. Simply predict the number that’ll come up when the wheel stops spinning.

When you’re playing Triumph Roulette, you should always keep in mind that it’s purely a game of luck.

Sure, you’ll occasionally get a lucky string of great spins, but in the end, the house always wins.

However, there are a few tips and tricks that’ll allow you to stretch your bankroll and enjoy the live casino experience a bit longer.

The Martingale, Paroli’s, D’Alembert, and James Bond strategies are easily the best ways to improve your game.

Researching these strategies and trying them out on demo games before wagering real cash is also an excellent idea.

Once you fully understand the game mechanics and you’re confident that you understand the game, you can go live and enjoy Triumph Roulette.

Final Thoughts

Playtech has created an unassailable reputation for the quality and uniqueness of its gaming products.

A lot of their RNG games have progressed into true classics—standards by which games from up-and-coming developers are measured.

In the live dealer casino gaming realm, Triumph Roulette could very well be a contender to future classics. The game keeps most of the simple features of European Roulette and only adds a few extra betting options.

New players can, therefore take advantage of the high RTPs and enjoy their gaming without getting overwhelmed by side and bonus bets.

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