The Money Drop Live
Software Playtech
RTP 96.48%
Max Multiplier 5000x
The Money Drop Live
Software Playtech
RTP 96.48%
Max Multiplier 5000x
The Money Drop Live Review

The Money Drop Live Review

The Money Drop Live is an innovative and special game show produced by Playtech. It follows the format of the UK TV show, Million Pound Drop Live.

The title is all about risking and getting rewards. The biggest possible win with the game stands at 5000x, but you need both luck and courage to achieve this.

Money Drop Live utilizes a wheel with 54 fields, 51 multiplier fields, and three sections of Card Clash which lead you to 8 Money games. To learn more about the title and how to play the casino game, be sure to check the following review.

Where To Play the Money Drop Live?

Playing the Money Drop Live is possible at various sites. However, it can be hard to find the best online casinos that feature Playtech live games.

Once you find the list of available Playtech casinos, you should search for one which suits your needs to the fullest.

When selecting the right site for Money Drop Live, you should pay attention to security and licensing.

The online gambling site should hold a license from a respected authority such as the Malta Gaming Commission or the UK Gambling Authority among others.

You also need to check available casino bonuses, with a special focus on welcome promotion and additional deals for regular customers.

The online gambling experience should be excellent without additional restrictions for players. It means that casino should not impose strict wagering conditions and similar limitations.

Be sure to also check available deposit and withdrawal methods and the maximum payout amount.

Up to $1600
+ Free Spins
Up to 1000$
Free Spins
Up to $400
150 Free Spins
100% up to 00
120 Free Spins

How to Play the Money Drop Live?

If you want to play Money Drop Live, you need to learn more about its gameplay and existing features. The wheel is utilized as a mechanic to enter the gaming rounds.

If you bet on all the sectors on the wheel, you will have a guaranteed entry to the money drop round or card clash. The wheel is rolled by the host and the direction of spin is changeable between the gaming rounds.

The Money Drop includes four zones and the goal of the game is to place a bet on one or extra zones. The remaining money will be yours or transferred to the next drop based on the game you play.

As soon as you complete all the drops, you can keep the remaining cash. Regarding the Money Drop Games, you can take advantage of the following:

  • 8x Multiplier Quick Drop Game: As part of this game, you are allowed to place money only on a single zone.
  • 15x Multiplier One Drop Game: Here you can spread money across four zones
  • 30x Multiplier One Drop Game: Here you can place the cash across four drop zones
  • 100x Multiplier Two Drop Games: It is possible to place money across 4 zones, with two drop rounds included
  • 250x Multiplier Two Drop Games: As part of this round, you need to come through 2 drop rounds and keep money
  • 1000x Multiplier Three Drop Games: Here you should play three drop rounds for 1000x
  • 2500x Multiplier Three Drop Game: As part of this round, you can take the largest sum

On the other hand, you should also get familiar with Card Clash Round. To enter the round, you will have three sectors on the gaming wheel, and the game uses 52 cards.

There are blue and pink positions and you need to select one of them. At the same time, you will have three rounds and the dealer will distribute one card to blue and another card to the pink position.

The position with the highest card will win and the multiplier will be awarded to the same. The dealer will proceed with the same steps for additional two rounds.

As soon as the game ends, players will see one of the following multipliers:

  • 1 win delivers 5x
  • 2 wins deliver 15x
  • 3 wins deliver 95x
  • 3 Ties deliver 1000x to every position
The Money Drop Live Bonus

The Money Drop Live Features & Betting Options

The Money Drop Live comes with versatile features such as auto stack, auto play, and in-game statistics.

Auto Stack option allows you to select the number of zones you wish to cover. The game will choose the zones and distribute money in an optimal way.

Auto play is another useful feature. It can be used to repeat the identical bet for a specific number of rounds.

The autoplay function will also allow you to select the zones and allocate your money manually. However, you can also let the game select a zone for you without taking any risk.

When it comes to in-game statistics, you can rely on limited information regarding the outcome of the spin. For all additional information, you need to track that alone.

The Money Drop Live Online

The Money Drop Live RTP and Volatility

When it comes to the RTP of the game, it differs depending on the betting segment. The range of RTP is from 94,01 to 96,48% which is not so great for live games.

Players can control the volatility level by deciding how much they want to risk. If you play conservatively, you will be able to get a solid turnover.

The best RTP rate is provided by the Card Clash game which gives a 96,48%. As for the best betting sector, it is 8x Quick Drop where you have 37,03% odds and the RTP for the same sector is 96,02%.

The worst possible choice would be to bet on a 2500x round which comes with 1,85% odds and 94,04% RTP.

The Money Drop Live Hints and Tips

Once you get familiar with the Money Drop Live, you should apply the following strategies:

  • Initial betting on the gaming wheel: There are eight possible bets you can place. If you bet on all eight positions, you will have a guaranteed entry to the bonus round. The best possible bet is the 8x Quick Drop with a 37,03% chance. The following bets with the best chances are 15x and 30x. Both of them are one-drop games and you will have higher winning chances if you are willing to risk more. Otherwise, if you select only certain positions to bet on, it will result in losses as the wheel may not fall on the same bet.
  • Money drop strategies: As part of this strategy, you will either play conservatively and end up the round with a certain profit. The other option includes an all-in bet, which comes with additional risk as you choose fewer zones.

Final Thoughts

The Money Drop Live is an appealing live casino game which will suit both newcomers and experienced gamblers. However, the game is most recommended to conservative players which would likely claim some winnings from the game.

The overall presentation of the game is beautiful, with simple features and understandable options. It resembles another title from the same provider, Deal or No Deal while adding some particularities.

Altogether, The Money Drop Live is a fresh experience which deserves your attention.

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