Speedy 7
Software BetGames.TV
Max Multiplier Unlimited
Speedy 7
Software BetGames.TV
Max Multiplier Unlimited
Speedy 7 Review

Speedy 7 Review

Everyone loves simple, easy to learn casino games. There is an undeniable charm to learning a complicated strategy and putting it to good use. However, sometimes you want something simpler.

How simple are we talking? At any point, you only have two choices to make. What colour will the next card be, and should I cash out or keep playing?

That is all you need to play Speedy 7, the latest title by BetGames TV. This title comes with a 95% RTP and low variance.

Where to play Speedy 7?

If the casino you are playing in offers BetGames TV software, then you will have access to Speedy 7. That said, their releases are not as widespread as Playtech or Evolution’s might be.

If you need a good Canadian online casino, we would recommend one of the following operators. These websites have the game you want but offer many other important features.

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How to Play Speedy 7?

Speedy 7 is played in one of BetGames TV’s studios. The studio design is quite interesting, depicting several cards that surround the table and the dealer. The action is streamed 24/7, barring table maintenance and dealer swaps.

The game is played with a single deck consisting of 52 cards. A freshly shuffled deck is used for each round to stop card counting. Speedy 7 uses two decks. While one is in play, the other is shuffled to be ready for the upcoming round.

Before the round starts, players are faced with a simple choice. They need to predict whether the card will be red or black. Guessing the right colour results in a win, while making wrong prediction results in a loss.

The fun does not stop there, however. There are seven card slots on the table, and this was just the first one. After the first card is drawn, winning players are prompted to take their winnings or keep betting.

The round keeps going until all seven cards are dealt. Players receive an extra prize if they get four or all seven cards right.

You can choose to play all seven cards, or you can stop and cash out while you are ahead. After cashing out, you can continue playing on the following cards. However, the only way to earn the extra prizes is to avoid cashing out.

Speedy 7 Bonus

Speedy 7 features & betting options

Unlike most live casino games, the payouts for Speedy 7 are not fixed ahead of time. Both the red and black bet start paying 1.9:1.

As each subsequent card is dealt, the payouts will start favoring one colour or the other. As more black cards appear, you will get better payouts for betting on black. Conversely, as more red cards appear, red will become more valuable.

The extra reward you get for correctly guessing four or seven cards in a row is determined by your casino. As such, the exact reward will probably vary depending on where you play.

The streak bonus can only be won if you did not cash out in that round. The bonus is applied to your initial stake, regardless of the round’s outcome.

Speedy 7 Online

Speedy 7 RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

You can bet between $1 and $50 on each round. That said, if you cash out or lose a round, you could place another bet. The exact spread of bets may be different depending on your online casino.

The RTP for this BetGames TV release is 95%. This places it within the expected range for simple casino games. Not bad, but not the best casino game RTP we have seen either.

Speedy 7 hints and tips

We do not have many useful hints or tips for Speedy 7. The game is all about getting lucky. Either you win, or you do not!

However, you could implement some minor things to improve your odds. If you plan on chasing streaks, it is not worth starting in the middle of the round.

You should also keep an eye out for changing payouts. The better the reward, the lower the odds it will be the winning pick.

Final Thoughts

Do not let the simplicity of this release trick you into thinking it is boring. If you chase after streaks and extra wins, Speedy 7 can be very interesting!

A perfect example of a game that is as volatile as the player wants it to be. The lack of complex strategy and the low RTP will be a turn off for serious casino members. However, if all you want is a little fun, then this title is right up your alley.

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