Salon Prive Baccarat
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 98.94%
Max Multiplier 8x
Salon Prive Baccarat
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 98.94%
Max Multiplier 8x
Salon Prive Baccarat Review

Salon Prive Baccarat Review

Baccarat high rollers need not mingle with newbies and recreational low-stakes players any longer.

The high-stakes Salon Prive Baccarat promises players the ultimate VIP live casino experience to suit their expensive gaming style.

Well known developer Evolution Gaming went all out in creating a blissful gaming haven for Baccarat high-level players.

Set in a Baroque-style decorated room exuding an exotic French flair, with live hosts that award players with the royal treatment they deserve.

As a Baccarat VIP player, you’re in for luxurious gaming treat complete with a private room, a dedicated private dealer, undivided attention, high stakes, and massive potential wins.

Evolution Gaming’s Salon Prive Baccarat is built on the premise that focuses on the casino’s most valuable asset—you.

Where to play Salon Prive Baccarat?

As we mentioned before, Salon Prive Baccarat is an Evolution powered live game. So, to be a part of this exclusive game, you need to hunt down online casinos affiliated with the software legend.

Needless to say, this is a fairly new game that’s available in limited online casinos. But you’ll still need to sift through the various options before committing to one gaming site.

While having options is a good thing, the selection process can pose a real challenge, particularly for new gamers.

At first glance, gaming sites offering Salon Prive Baccarat might appear similar. However, in online gambling, you’ll soon realize that there’s more than what meets the eye.

Players have to dig a little deeper and filter through aspects such as the online casino’s welcome bonus offer, wagering requirements, gameplay, data encryption, and payout methods before committing to one.

To save you on time, take your cue from our list of recommended real money casinos offering the exclusive game compiled by our dedicated experts.

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Up to $400
150 Free Spins
100% up to 00
120 Free Spins

How to Play Salon Prive Baccarat?

To be clear, Salon Prive Baccarat’s game structure doesn’t veer off too much from the classic baccarat most players are familiar with.

What stands out with this particular variant is the gaming experience, which is completely different, and dare we say, not for the faint-hearted player.

The latter becomes more apparent if you’re used to betting low stakes on this game. Salon Prive Baccarat is specifically tailored for high-rollers who believe in betting big to potentially win big.

Placing your bets on this game is very much similar to how you would navigate the classic Baccarat game. The rules of the games are pretty much the same and follow the quintessential Baccarat betting pattern.

You can either bet on the Banker, Player, or Tie. Simply select the chips first, and your live private dealer places them on the marked betting areas.

The dealer then draws out four cards, places the first card into the player’s box, and the next card into the banker’s box.

The live dealer repeats the process to ensure that each box has two cards. The side whose cards have the total closest to nine wins the game.

If both hands have the same total, that constitutes a Tie.

If the player and banker’s cards total between 0-5 points, the dealer draws out an additional third card.

Salon Prive Baccarat players don’t have to wait for a pre-set betting times, but maintain complete control of the rhythm and speed of each round.

Salon Prive Baccarat Bonus

Salon Prive Baccarat features & betting options

As mentioned, Salon Prive Baccarat game rules are more or less similar to regular Baccarat. The unique selling point of this luxurious game is the setup.

VIP players can play the game in a private VIP room with only one dealer dedicated to providing you with a customized gaming experience.

You determine the pace of the game by making use of the “Deal Now” button.

Players can expect a seamless gaming experience set in a visually appealing environment, relaxing ambiance coupled with engaging sounds to give you a realistic gaming experience.

You can enjoy the casino game in all its glory as it streams through your device of choice, be it a PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

That way, you can enjoy your favourite card game from virtually anywhere. To afford you privacy, only one player is permitted at the table at any given time.

While the game is in session, the table is marked “In Use” so you can play away with no disturbance.

Plus, you’re at liberty to request a shuffle whenever you feel like it. One of the perks of being a Salon Prive Baccarat player!

The payouts are pretty much standard, as is the case with any Baccarat game, and are as follows:

  • Tie– 8:1
  • Player – 1:1
  • Banker – 0.95:1

The Banker bet takes into account the percentage commission which the house takes each time a bet is won, which is why it pays out less than the Player bet.

Like with any other card game, Baccarat VIP players have the opportunity to place Pairs and Bonus bets to not only increase their potential payouts, but also up their entertainment levels up a notch.

Salon Prive Baccarat Online

Salon Prive Baccarat RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

Salon Prive Baccarat is a high rollers game, so the stakes are much higher. To consider yourself worthy of sitting around this table, you’ll need a minimum balance of at least $15,000.

If you’ve been playing Baccarat for a while, you’re aware that the minimum bets are generally high compared to the average card game.

When you decide to become a part of the Salon Prive Baccarat high rollers club, be prepared to part with minimum stakes pegged at nothing less than $1,000.

The maximum bets can go all the way up to $10,000! These high stakes may attract high wins, but when you lose, the losses put a sizeable dent in your bankroll.

Salon Baccarat has a 98.94% Return to Player, making it a high RTP game favourable to players.

Salon Prive Baccarat hints and tips

Many high rollers might flock to get a taste of this Evolution Gaming VIP live game, given the high RTP, not to mention the esteemed status it comes with.

However, Salon Prive Baccarat, like any other Baccarat game, is purely a game of chance. When it’s all said and done, the house always wins in the long run.

But this doesn’t mean you have to walk into the VIP lounge blindly without a few pointers up your sleeve, especially considering the minimum and maximum bets at stake.

The first and most common tip, regardless of the Baccarat version you play, is to always make your bet with the lowest house edge.

Also, it’s an unspoken rule that you should never make a “Tie bet“. Rather stick to Banker bet to increase your chances of winning.

Given the amounts involved, be sure to actively manage your bankroll. If you can quit while you’re ahead once you win yourself a decent amount, that’d be ideal.

But if you feel you’re on a roll, split your win in half, and use the other half to play the rest of the game. That way you don’t put yourself in a position where you can potentially lose all of your winnings.

Final Thoughts

Salon Prive Baccarat embodies everything luxurious, elegant, and exclusive. It gives players absolute discretion to play the card game in private.

The VIP treatment from your dedicated personal dealer in a VIP lounge is any high roller’s dream. Having the ability to control the pace, speed, and overall rhythm of the game is the icing on the cake.

The table is open 24/7, allowing you to play your favourite card game without any time restrictions. Evolution Gaming clearly had the Baccarat VIP enthusiast in mind when it designed this game.

If you don’t skimp on your wagering game and believe in betting big to win big, this is the perfect game for you.

Just remember that any game that allows you to win big, means you can also lose big, so play with both eyes open.

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