Roulette Max
Software NetEnt
RTP 97.05%
Max Multiplier 5000x
Roulette Max
Software NetEnt
RTP 97.05%
Max Multiplier 5000x
Roulette Max Review

Roulette Max Review

This Game is no longer available since NetEnt Live is shut down after being acquisitioned by Evolution Gaming. A great alternative is Live Roulette by Evolution Gaming.

Roulette Max became part of the NetEnt live dealer games catalogue in December 2020 and it has already proven to be nothing like your standard roulette game.

Instead, the game allows players to place pretty much any bet they desire on four wheels.

As Roulette Max features multiple wheels, players can place spread and combination bets. You’ll even get some bet types that you’ve never come across before.

If you’re lucky, for just a small stake, you can rake in up to 5,000x return on your bet. Roulette Max features a relatively high RTP and volatility, so players have a decent chance of getting lucky.

Where to play Roulette Max?

NetEnt is always seeking to expand its network of associated online casinos. As such, players can now find games from this leading software developer on more gaming platforms.

We’ve combed through NetEnt’s extensive operator database and found the best casinos that now feature Roulette Max in their games catalogues.

As this game is played at a live casino, you won’t be able to play it in demo mode.

However, if you go with one of our recommended casinos, you’ll be able to claim a bonus and check out Roulette Max with significantly reduced risk.

All of these operators are licensed and regulated by reputable governing bodies.

Up to $1600
+ Free Spins
Up to 1000$
Free Spins
Up to $400
150 Free Spins
100% up to 00
120 Free Spins

How to Play Roulette Max?

A typical Roulette Max game is a lot similar to what you’d expect playing normal Live Roulette.

Each round takes an average of 20 seconds, so players can squeeze in as much action as possible in the shortest of breaks.

The game interface features integrated controls that you can use to place bets. The main difference stems from this game’s enhanced options and 3 extra wheels.

As these wheels spin automatically and the ball is shot into play using compressed air, the game outcome comes down to gravity and chance.

When you take your seat at the table, you first have to enter your stake and place your bet.

You can also choose to double your bet or repeat the same bet as you placed in the previous round.

If you feel you made a mistake, you can also undo and adjust your last bet before the dealer spins the wheel.

The exciting bit about playing Roulette Max is that you place your main bets—both straight and inside—on the Main Wheel.

NetEnt’s innovation in this game is that players can also win on 3 “X Wheels” that sit behind the main wheel.

This twist opens up brand new betting options with massive winning potential, thus adding a totally new layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Although the rules sound quite complicated, NetEnt added an easy-to-follow in-game tutorial that’ll guide you throughout the game.

The friendly game presenters also guide new players and explain how everything works. To be fair, though, you should be something of a Roulette Max pro within a few rounds.

Roulette Max features & betting options

To start with, Roulette Max comes kitted with a mesmerizing, futuristic, neon-tinted studio with multiple roulette wheels.

Purple and pink shades dominate the brightly lit casino studio, with a pyramid-like feature hovering above the wheels.

An amusing game presenter kicks off the action and comments on the action from the studio. The beauty of the Roulette Max user interface lies in the ability for players to customize and personalize it as they wish.

Whenever the ball lands, stimulating animations announce the results.

NetEnt also redesigned the typical roulette table to fit the needs of a multi-wheel game.

As with most casino games from this software developer, players can track the hot and cold numbers, and view live stats and their betting history.

Roulette Max also comes with unique betting options with awesome multipliers.

Players can place combination bets and score multiplied wins if at least 2 wheels show the same result. You can also place spread bets on the sum of 4 results.

Colour bets pay out if 3 or 4 wheels hit the same colour. Column bets offer generous wins if 2 or more wheels land on the same column.

Straight bets pay slightly less than on classic roulette games but can get a massive boost if another wheel shows the same result.

Lastly, Max Bets pay out if ANY number repeats across multiple wheels. Players, therefore, don’t necessarily have to bet on one particular number.

Roulette Max RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

Depending on the online gambling site you choose, you may find different betting limits.

However, on average, Roulette Max players should be able to place bets ranging from $1 to $5,000.

As we mentioned before, Roulette Max is considered a high volatility game. Here’s an overview of the RTPs for each type of bet:

Main Bet:

  • Straight – Main Wheel | 28:1 (97.05 %)
  • Straight – any 2 wheels | 49:1 (97.05 %)
  • Straight – any 3 wheels | 499:1 (97.05 %)
  • Straight – all 4 wheels | 4999:1 (97.05%)

Column Bet:

  • Column: 2 numbers | 0:1 (Push) (97.41 %)
  • Column: 3 numbers | 5:1 (97.41 %)
  • Column: 4 numbers | 11:1 (97.41 %)

Line Bet (Main Wheel only):

  • Six line | 5:1 (94.74 %)
  • Corner | 8:1 (94.74 %)
  • Street (3 line) | 11:1 (94.74 %)
  • Split | 17:1 (94.74 %)

Players should bear in mind that spread bets and other bets placed on the X Wheels further increase the house edge.

Color Bet:

  • 3 wheels with same colour | 2:1 (93.35 %)
  • 4 wheels with same colour | 3:1 (93.35%)

The Max Bet:

  • Any number on 2 wheels, another number on 2 wheels | 9:1 (91.96%)
  • Any number on 2 wheels | 4:1 (91.96%)
  • Any number on 3 wheels | 49:1 (91.96%)
  • Any number on 4 wheels| 499:1 (91.96%)

Spread Bets:

  • Spread bets 1 – 120 to 144 | 84:1 (92.86 %)
  • Spread bets 1 – 97 to 119 | 7:1 (96.22 %)
  • Spread bets 1 – 83 to 96 | 4:1 (93.17 %)
  • Spread bets 1 – 37 to 82 | 1:2 (95.05%)
  • Spread bets 1 – 18 to 36 | 19:1 (91.14 %)
  • Spread bets 1 – 0 to 17 | 299:1 (95.80 %)

Roulette Max hints and tips

Roulette Max is probably not the best game for newbies who’re still dabbling in the basics of roulette.

Granted, if you stick to the Main Wheel bets, you should be fine. You can even experiment with strategy tables for systems like the Romanowsky or Paroli.

However, this type of gameplay defeats the purpose of playing Roulette Max—you would rather stick to European Roulette.

The glory of Roulette Max lies in the unique column, spread, combination, and colour bets.

If you want to play this game, you need to bide your time placing low stakes and crafting a proper strategy.

If you’re a professional high-roller, only then can you go all-in with the Roulette Max wild side bets.

Final Thoughts

Although NetEnt is undoubtedly an industry-leading software developer, their live dealer titles haven’t been the most competitive.

With Roulette Max, it seems they’ve brought out their big guns. Just one glance at the studio and game interface is enough to show you that this isn’t a typical NetEnt live roulette title.

The brightly-lit neon purple-pink studio is certainly eye-catching and packs a lot of shock-factor.

Roulette Max’s main delight, however, is not on the studio and user interface, but innate. With 4 roulette wheels and an exuberant game presenter to keep the excitement levels high, this game is like your favourite roulette variant on a healthy dose of steroids.

Roulette Max is infused with innovative mechanics that combine all 4 wheels to provide players with potentially lucrative multipliers that pay up to 5,000x your stake.

Even low-stake players can, therefore, win big. The only downside is the slightly reduced RTPs for the bonus bets. The increased house edge is, however, subtle and is more than made up for by the massive potential wins.

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