Rock Paper Scissors
Software BetGames.TV
RTP 95%
Max Multiplier 2.5x
Rock Paper Scissors
Software BetGames.TV
RTP 95%
Max Multiplier 2.5x
Rock Paper Scissors Review

Rock Paper Scissors Review

Rock Paper Scissors is one of the most popular games to be played particularly in social circles for hundreds of years.

BetGames TV, known for its innovative and creative flair, decided to revamp the traditional game and create it into an interactive live casino game that most fixed odds betting fans will love.

Now gaming enthusiasts can enjoy the game online characterized by bold graphics and crisp sound for a fresh and new online gambling experience.

Rock Paper Scissors is now an entertaining card game led by delightful female dealers. Plus, it now gives players a chance to possibly win real money.

So how exactly does BetGames TV Rock Paper and Scissors differ from the traditional childhood game, and is it worth a shot?

Where to play Rock Paper Scissors?

Since Rock Paper Scissors is a BetGames TV game, you’ll naturally find it on online casinos that feature the software developer’s games.

Judging from BetGames TV’s market-leading brand status, known for providing premium betting games, numerous online casinos want to affiliate with it and showcase its games.

While that means you’re spoilt for choice regarding which real money casino to go with, it also means you have a long decision-making process ahead of you.

Before you single out one online casino from the lot, there are multiple other factors you need to consider.

These include gameplay, security, safety, casino bonus offers, wagering conditions, and payout percentages, to mention a few.

To make the process go swiftly for you, we’ve taken the liberty to vet online casinos offering the popular card game based on the highlighted factors.

All you need to do is choose one from our carefully selected list of recommendations.

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How to Play Rock Papers Scissors?

You probably know how to play the original card game and are wondering how you tie it in with a deck of cards.

First things first, Rock Papers Scissors is very simple to play once you’ve mastered the rules of the game.

The idea is to place a bet on the symbol you want to play with once the betting window is open. Is it Rock, Paper, or Scissors?

Each betting round lasts 20 seconds. You’ll be betting against the dealer whom you’ll find seated around a table that’s divided into two colours, known as the Silver Zone and Gold Zone.

As a player, you can decide to bet on either one or two zones. However, you can only place one bet on each. The amount you bet can either be the same or different. It’s up to you.

Once you’ve decided on your preferred symbol, the charming female dealer then proceeds to deal a single card from a deck of 24 cards.

Within the 24 cards, 8 contain the symbol Rock, 8 have the symbol Paper, and the last 8 feature the Scissors symbol.

The dealer chooses the deciding symbol for a particular game round by dealing the top card from her deck of cards.

If your card selection happens to beat that of the dealer’s card, then you win. How do you determine if you’ve won against the dealer?

BetGames TV didn’t want to deviate much from the traditional game and therefore decides to stick to the same outcome of the manual version.

So, at the end of the game round, the dealer reveals her card to determine whether it’s a win, loss, or draw as follows:

  • Paper beats the rock
  • Scissors beats the paper
  • Rock beats the scissors

In a case where both symbols are the same that constitutes a Tie

Rock Paper Scissors Bonus

Rock Paper Scissors features & betting options

Players can play Rock Paper Scissors in a stunning studio setup designed to make the game as exciting and realistic as possible.

BetGames is known for its engaging and intuitive gaming interfaces that make players feel at ease.

Apart from the lovely hosts, stylish Gold and Silver table, you’ll also see a card scanner situated in the middle of the table.

Also, unlike other live card games where the dealer usually deals the cards from a dealing shoe, here she deals from her hands, which we’ll admit some players might find a little odd.

You’ll find the latest five results displayed on the screen above each betting position. This piece of information comes in handy if you prefer using past betting trends to make your own.

You’ll also notice two close-up camera views of cards dealt on the screen, one located behind the dealer and the other by her side.

Players who have a hard time reading the cards dealt when displayed on the table will particularly find the close-ups useful.

Note that there isn’t any payout table displayed on the screen, as is the case with other live card games. Instead, payouts are displayed depending on the bet you make at any given time.

However, if you wish to see the payout before you actually make a bet, you should highlight the coin value you plan on using. The game’s payout distribution is as follows:

  • Silver Side / Main Hand – 1.85: 1
  • Silver Side / Tie – You get your stake returned
  • Gold Side / Main Hand – 2.5:1
  • Gold Side / Tie – 0.35:1
Rock Paper Scissors Online

Rock Paper Scissors RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

BetGames TV Rock Paper Scissors doesn’t yet have a specific RTP. However, both the Gold and Silver Zone have the same 5% payout margin.

As stipulated in the payout section, the Silver Zone win payout is 1.85 times your bet. That basically means that if you bet $10 on the Silver Zone and win, you’ll receive your stake + $18.50.

When you draw or tie, you’ll recover your full wagering stake, meaning if you bet $10, you’ll keep your original $10.

If you bet $10 on the Gold Zone, you’ll win $25 or receive $3.50 for a Tie.

As is the case with many BetGames TV live casino games, the minimum and maximum stakes range on this game is from $1$100.

Rock Paper Scissors hints and tips

Playing the traditional version of Rock Paper Scissors, one only needed luck, hope, and a good feeling to win the game.

You can employ strategies, tricks, and tips to try and win a casino game, but at the end of the day, the game is largely based on luck.

However, there’s no law against going into the “gambling battlefield” armed with a few tricks up your sleeve if that will bump your confidence up a notch.

With that said, the only known strategy you can probably adopt is that the Silver Zone is known to be less risky than the Gold Zone, as you can pretty much tell by the payout distribution.

As a result, the Gold Zone awards higher payouts if you win, but the losses are rather significant. Also, the Gold Zone is the better and more rewarding option in the event there is a tie.

So pick a zone depending on how much risk you’re willing to take and how much money you’re comfortable losing. (Not that anyone will ever be comfortable with losing money!) And, of course, know when to quit.

Final Thoughts

The long and short of it is that BetGames TV once again displays its brilliance and creativity by recreating the online version of this childhood game set in a slick studio design.

The rules of the game are simple enough, although it might take some players a bit of time to fully master the game when actually faced with cards and a dealer.

But it helps that there are visual cues and commentary from the live dealer that you can follow.

In any case, you can always play the free version of the game offered by most online casinos to learn the ropes if you’re not yet comfortable with putting your money on the line.

Overall, BetGames TV Rock Paper Scissors is a refreshing live card game with a modern twist that’s pretty fun, simple, short, and provides players with excellent payout margins.

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