Golden Wealth Baccarat
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 98.85%
Max Multiplier Unlimited
Golden Wealth Baccarat
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 98.85%
Max Multiplier Unlimited
Golden Wealth Baccarat Review

Golden Wealth Baccarat Review

The popularity of baccarat seems to catch people off guard. While not many people might be talking about it, the game draws in thousands every single day.

As such, we are not surprised to see Evolution Gaming give baccarat another go. Once again, the team is trying the multiplier baccarat concept.

Unlike Lightning Baccarat, Golden Wealth Baccarat aims for a lower variance and more frequent multipliers you can win. The RTP for this release is 98.85%, with a top prize worth $500,000.

Where to play Golden Wealth Baccarat?

When it launches, this game will be available in almost all online casinos that feature Evolution games. As such, you can afford to be fussy with the website you choose to play it on.

We looked at several factors when deciding on the best real money casino.

We looked at casino bonuses, how many other Evolution releases are available, payment methods and other factors. We picked out the websites that met all these criteria and listed them below.

Up to $1600
+ Free Spins
Up to 1000$
Free Spins
Up to $400
150 Free Spins
100% up to 00
120 Free Spins

How to Play Golden Wealth Baccarat?

This game is played in a gorgeous red and gold studio. The Asian influence is undeniable, with two golden dragons constantly visible in the background.

Like normal Live Baccarat, every round starts with a betting period. During this time, players can place their main bets and side bets. To place a bet, select one of the coins and then put them on the wager you want to play.

Keep in mind that Golden Wealth Baccarat applies a 20% golden fee to all wagers. Make sure to account for the bet increase when placing each wager.

Once the betting time ends, the golden round is played. Each golden round picks five cards from a virtual fifty-two card deck and turns them gold.

If one of these golden cards is drawn, it will apply its multiplier on the side it was drawn. For example, a 3x five of diamonds drawn on the player side will increase any player wins by 3x.

After golden cards are chosen, the dealer draws two cards for both player and banker positions. If needed, a third card may also be drawn on one or both sides.

The goal of baccarat is to get as close to nine as possible. If you win, you will receive the appropriate cash prize.

If a winning hand contains a golden card, your prize is multiplied accordingly. Multiple golden cards apply several multipliers.

Golden Wealth Baccarat Bonus

Golden Wealth Baccarat features & betting options

There are only two side bets you can play in Golden Wealth Baccarat. These are the player pair and banker pair wagers.

These side bets pay if the first two cards drawn to the player or banker form a pair. They can pay anywhere between 9:1 to 576:1, depending on how many multipliers appear.

A similar story is true for other wagers, as well. If a player or banker wins, you receive a cash prize ranging from 1:1 to 512:1. Additionally, 95% of your banker bet is returned to you if the banker wins.

Ties are slightly different. In the case of a tie, multipliers on both sides are applied to enhance the final payout. As such, ties have the most extensive range of possible wins.

It could be a simple 5:1 payout. Alternatively, you could get lucky and win 1,310,720:1! Before you get too excited, know that Evolution capped the jackpot to $500,000.

Golden Wealth Baccarat Online

Golden Wealth Baccarat RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

You can bet between $1 and $5,000 on each round. The betting range might be different depending on your online casino.

The RTP for Golden Wealth Baccarat varies depending on what wagers you play. The safest bet is the player bet, which has an RTP of 98.85%.

Banker bets are not too far behind, with an RTP of 98.69%. Tie bets and the two pair side bets feature much lower RTPs. Tie’s RTP is 93.36%, while player and banker pairs both have an RTP of 86%.

Golden Wealth Baccarat hints and tips

We do not have any good strategy advice to share with players this time around. What cards are multiplied is random, as is the multiplier assigned to them.

You have two options when it comes to this release. First, you play it safe with player and banker bets, both of which feature a high RTP.

Alternatively, you can try to risk it and play tie bets, hoping for a super boosted payout!

Final Thoughts

We like Golden Wealth Baccarat, but it did feel like Evolution was retreading old ground here. However, while the two concepts are similar, their execution is much different.

Lightning Baccarat was all about chasing big wins. The lower volatility of this release makes it better for casual play.

However, jackpot chasers can still try to win big playing this release. Fans of baccarat, make sure to check this release out!

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