Fan Tan Live
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 98.75%
Max Multiplier 3.85x
Fan Tan Live
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 98.75%
Max Multiplier 3.85x
Fan Tan Live Review

Fan Tan Live Review

Developer Evolution Gaming has always been at the forefront of bringing new things to the live casino industry. As such, it should come as no surprise that the developer is again first on the market with something new.

Fan Tan is a popular casino game in Asian brick-and-mortar casinos. Now, this title is coming to the live dealer space, with Evolution’s polish making it look glamorous. This is a low volatility game, with a 98.75% RTP and a top prize of 2.85:1.

Where to play Fan Tan Live?

Unsurprisingly, Evolution is the first mainstream software provider to bring us Fan Tan Live. This does mean you will need to find an online casino that hosts Evolution software.

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How to Play Fan Tan Live?

Fan Tan originally came from Asia, and this is reflected in the game’s studio design.

The background looks spectacular, and the hosts wear gorgeous red dresses. We have to admit that the whole thing looks quite exciting.

The game is played using a glass dome, a metal cup, and a long bamboo stick. Each round starts with the host drawing a random number of beads from the dome using the metal cup.

The beads are then placed on the table. The host uses the stick to start separating beads into groups of four.

This continues until only the final beads remain. In order to win, you need to predict what the number of remaining beads will be.

You can predict one, two, three, or four remaining beads. This is reflected in the wagers you can play in standard mode.

Correctly predicting the number of remaining beads is the simplest and most rewarding wager you can play. This type of stake is called the Fan bet, and it pays 2.85:1 when won.

However, these are not the only wagers you can play. Players can also choose to bet on small/big and odd/even stakes. These bets are quite simple.

Small pays if the number of remaining beads is one or two, while big pays if you if it is three or four.

Odd and even pay if the winning result is an odd or even number, respectively. All four bets pay 0.95:1.

Fan Tan Live Bonus

Fan Tan Live features & betting options

Evolution’s Fan Tan Live comes with an option to toggle advanced mode. This will reveal several additional wagers you can play.

One of these wagers is the Nim bet. Nim bets on two numbers, but only the first number can win. The second number of a Nim bet counts as a push, returning your initial bet.

If you have a 1 Nim 3, you win if there is just one remaining bead. If there are three remaining beads, you just get your money back. Nim bets pay 1.9:1.

Kwok bets are similar to Nim wagers. Both place a stake on two numbers. Unlike Nim bets, however, Kwok pays for both numbers.

A Kwok 4-1 bet wins if the number of remaining beads is four or one. It pays 0.95:1 when won.

Finally, we have the sheh-sam-hong bets, or ssh for short. Ssh wagers are played if you want three numbers to win.

This is the most likely stake, but its payout is accordingly low. You win 0.316667:1 if a ssh bet you placed wins.

Fan Tan Live Online

Fan Tan Live RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

You can bet between $0.50 and $10,000 on each spin. That said, the exact bet configuration might be slightly different depending on the real money casino you choose.

The RTP for Fan Tan Live is 98.75%. This is well above average for casino games. In fact, only a few releases even come close to achieving such a high RTP.

Fan Tan Live hints and tips

While Fan Tan Live can seem scary at first glance, it is remarkably simple to play. You need to predict the right number of beads.

As such, playing Fan bets is definitely the right way to go. It gives the best possible payout. Other bets let you cover more numbers, but their payout has been decreased to match.

Final Thoughts

Once we played a few rounds and got the hang of it, this release became very fun. Evolution’s Fan Tan Live is a faithful recreation of the popular Asian casino game.

There are no multipliers that were added to keep things interesting. The studio design also pays homage to the Asian origins of this game.

Overall, we wholeheartedly enjoyed our time playing this release. If you ever wanted to try a live casino version of Fan Tan, Evolution has you covered.

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