Dice Duel
RTP 95%
Max Multiplier Unlimited
Dice Duel
RTP 95%
Max Multiplier Unlimited
Dice Duel Review

Dice Duel Review

If ever you’ve been drawn to the popular live casino dice games like Mega Sic Bo, you’re going to love the new and fresh variation of the game, Dice Duel from BetGames TV.

The award-winning software developer prides itself on taking classic casino games and recreating them into newer, slicker, and easier variants.

Dice Duel falls under the list of live casino games that the game developer has taken under its wing. The new game will appeal to players looking for a straight forward, but equally entertaining version of their favourite game Sic Bo.

Dice Duel now runs on a faster frequency, offers more betting options than the traditional game, and of course, is played in a more appealing studio setting led by stunning female dealers.

Let’s unpack the ins and outs of the new revamped online game that makes it worth exploring.

Where to play Dice Duel?

Ever since erupting onto the online casino scene, Dice Duel has been most popular in Eastern European countries.

It’s only now that the game is fast becoming popular in other countries including Canada. So, anywhere you see an online casino offering BetGames TV games, you’re likely to find the game Dice Duel.

From our research, there’s not that many real money casinos. Admittedly, they are just starting out, so that we expect many more in the future.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the research and compiled a list of recommendations that you can try out.

All online casinos featured on our list excel regarding offering attractive casino bonuses with fair wagering conditions and reasonable payout time frames.

Plus, they are all registered and licensed by reputable gambling authorities.

If you can decide to conduct a mini-research of your own to validate your decision, reading our casino reviews will let you in on what you need to know about a particular casino.

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How to Play Dice Duel?

Just like Sic Bo, Dice Duel is also a dice game. But we can assure you that Dice Duel is fairly simpler and much more straightforward than its traditional counterpart.

The game starts with the live dealer rolling two dice marked with numbers 1-6 into a die box. The dealer uses two dice cups to shake the dice and consequently reveal the results of the game.

Note that one die is coloured red and the other one is blue or gold depending on the online gambling site you choose.

Generally, the game has a total of 9 betting options. However, we’ll briefly outline the most popular ones.

The first and most straightforward option commonly referred to as the Main Bet, is where a player bets on one of the two dice that they think will show the highest number.

You can also bet on whether the dice will present a tie or draw. To win in this case, both dice should show the same result.

You can also decide to bet on a specific number, between 1 and 6. If you opt for this method, it means you can win irrespective of the colour of the die.

Another option is to bet on whether one or both of the dice will be odd or even, or specific to one colour, and this is referred to as the Odd/Even bet.

The least popular option is to bet on the minimum sum of both dice referred to as the Total Bet. In this case, the total number can either be below or above specified totals or by colour.

Unless you bet on a tie, the dice with the highest score wins. Based on our research, the Main bet or straightforward format has proved to be pretty popular among most Canadian gamers.

Dice Duel Bonus

Dice Duel features & betting options

We can’t stress how Dice Duel is a very simple game. New game rounds will be played every 4 minutes depending on the online casino, making it a relatively slow-paced game.

That’s because, unlike the traditional game known for running on a timed schedule, Dice Duel now runs continuously.

As soon as you enter the Dice Duel live gaming studio, you’re met in a very simple and modern studio.

A female presenter will be sitting behind a big dice shaped table and ready to lead you through the game.

The gaming interface is pretty intuitive, and the screen clear. To further enhance clarity, a camera zooms in on the die table when the dealer drops the dice.

Whatever bet you place is displayed on your bet slip, so you know what’s going on and keep track of your bets. A simple click of your mouse is all that’s required to choose your bet.

You just pick your bet, choose the amount, select Place Bet, and that’s it! Note that the dealer doesn’t accept any bets for the next draw, and the betting time within draws is 30 seconds.

You’ll also find the top 3 winnings displayed on the screen.

The game comes with the following standard payouts:

  • Red – 1:1
  • Blue – 1:1
  • Tie – 4:1
  • Tie on 6 – 8:1
  • Specific number (1-6) with one die – 2:1
  • Specific number (1-6) with two dice – 4:1
Dice Duel Online

Dice Duel RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

Dice Duel has an average 95% RTP rate which gives players a favourable chance to win. The minimum and maximum stakes will differ slightly from one online casino to the next.

At most gaming sites, players can deposit as little as $1 to as much as $100 to participate in the game.

While the RTP may differ depending on the type of bet you make, be it a specific colour or tie, rest assured it’ll never go below 93.75%

Dice Duel hints and tips

As simple as Dice Duel is, there’s no harm in trying out different strategies to try and place the odds in your favour.

Just remember that regardless of the tricks you use, the game is chance-based.

While there are many strategies online claiming you’ll win the game, there are a couple we found interesting.

Firstly, you can decide to bet on both the red and blue dice to potentially have the highest number. The only drawback with this strategy is that if there happens to be a draw, you might lose both bets.

If that strategy is too risky for you, you can opt for betting on your best combination and playing it 10 times. It’s believed that with this strategy, you’re likely to win after the 7th draw.

Or, you can wait to place a bet after a draw and risk it by placing a high stake. As you can see, the strategies are endless, but then again, there are no guarantees.

At the end of the day, be sure to manage your bankroll effectively by setting limits.

Final Thoughts

What you’ll love about BetGames TV’s Dice Duel is that despite offering a wide range of betting options, it’s a simple game.

Plus, the live dice game version is fast, so players don’t have to waste much time in the gaming studio if they are only looking for a quick distraction during their day.

You can decide to play free social Dice Duel games to familiarise yourself before deciding to bet real money if you’re still a newbie.

Overall, this is a fast and simple dice game with reasonable payouts set in an attractive and homely online studio.

We do not doubt that the game will appeal to any online gambler regardless of skill level.

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