Bet on Poker
RTP 0.01%
Max Multiplier 100x
Bet on Poker
RTP 0.01%
Max Multiplier 100x
Bet on Poker Review

Bet on Poker Review

Are you tired of playing your favourite poker game against other players and would rather play against the house?

If your answer is yes, then Bet on Poker is the card game for you.

Launched by the award-winning software studio BetGames TV, this live dealer title offers players a unique, innovative brick-and-mortar gaming experience, streamed in exceptional HD quality.

BetGames TV is known for creating high quality, engaging live casino games, and Bet on Poker certainly fits the bill.

Built on the premise of the popular card game Texas Hold’em, Bet on Poker is pretty much set on the same rules. A sizeable chunk of players might equate the game to the popular Casino Hold’em.

However, the novelty of Bet on Poker lies in how it allows for in-play betting. The game also allows you to bet on whichever hand YOU think will win.

Where to play Bet on Poker?

To reel in Canadian poker fans, countless online casinos are featuring the poker-derived game in their lobbies.

However, the onus is on you to select which online casino you’ll sign up with to play Bet on Poker. Simply seeing the live card game strategically positioned in a casino’s games lobby isn’t enough.

Mobile compatibility and overall gameplay are some of the aspects you need to investigate before signing up with any online gambling site.

Other factors, including the casino bonus, wagering requirements, payout timeframes, promotions, gaming interface, are also key when determining the best casino to align with.

We’ll admit this can make your decision-making process quite complex, especially if you’re new to the gaming scene.

For this reason, we’ve included our list of recommendations comprising reputable real money casinos offering the game.

All online casinos on our list went through a comprehensive vetting process to give you only the best options on the market.

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+ Free Spins
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150 Free Spins
100% up to 00
120 Free Spins

How to Play Bet on Poker?

One thing you need to know about Bet on Poker is it doesn’t fall under the list of aggressive fast-paced poker games.

Instead, it offers players a slow and relaxing way to gamble. Therefore, if patience is one of your strong suits, this is the game for you.

As mentioned, the game uses the standard Texas Hold’em rules and is played using a deck of 52 cards. The dealer starts by shuffling the cards and placing them into the dealing shoe.

Each game has four betting rounds namely, the Pre-Flop, Flop, Turn, and River stage. Before each stage commences, players can place their initial bets before the dealer draws any cards.

While you can play to create the most valuable hand, you can also place a bet on one or more players, or on what you think the value of the winning hand will be.

The first approach works if you’re confident in your card gambling skills. No cards are on the table at this stage, so it’s purely guesswork.

In the first round, the dealer draws and lays out two face-up cards each to six different players.

You can see the values of all six hand positions and you’ll have the option to place your bet on the player position or outcome of the winning hand.

In the second round, the dealer deals three community cards, and players are invited to place their bets. Next, the dealer deals a turn card (Turn stage,) and players place their final bets.

The dealer then deals a River Card (River stage) to complete the five community cards on the table. It’s in this stage that the winning hand and player position are identified.

Much like Texas Holdém, Bet on Poker also has different betting types which are as follows:

  • Royal Flush – Broadway straight (A, K, Q, J,1O) in the same suit
  • Straight Flush – 5 consecutive cards in the same suit (9, 8, 7, 6, 5)
  • Four of a Kind – Four of the same car (Q, Q, Q, Q, A)
  • Full House – Three of a kind plus one pair (Q, Q, Q, A, A)
  • Flush – 5 cards in the same suit (2h, 6h, 9h, Kh, Ah)
  • Straight – 5 consecutive cards (6, 5, 4, 3, 2)
  • Three of a Kind – Three of the same card (Q, Q, Q,2, A)
  • Two Pair – Two pairs of the same card (Q, Q, A, A,2)
  • One Pair – One pair of the same card (Q, Q,4,3,2)
  • High Card – Highest card is rank of hand (A, K,4,3,2)

As is the case with Texas Hold’em, players can also participate in optional bets depending on the casino at which you’re playing.

Bet on Poker Bonus

Bet on Poker features & betting options

With Bet on Poker, an infinite number of players can get it on the action simultaneously, allowing more gamers to enjoy the live card game at any given time.

BetGames TV live titles feature lovely female dealers to help players navigate. The live game is set on a user friendly and intuitive interface.

As soon as the dealer draws the cards, three numbers appear on the screen. The first number displays the odds, the second displays your wager, while the last number shows the total bets from all players.

The game also features easy-to-use game controls that you’ll find a breeze to operate regardless of your gaming experience.

You’ll find buttons located at the bottom of the screen that allow you to adjust sound, read the game rules, tweak the video quality or review your gaming history.

Once all bets are placed, cards distributed, and hands evaluated, you can expect the following standard poker payouts ranked in order of poker hand strength as follows:

  • High Card – 100:1
  • One Pair – 5.8:1
  • Two Pair – 3.1:1
  • Three of a Kind – 6.8:1
  • Straight – 5.7:1
  • Flush – 8.7:1
  • Full House – 8.7:1
  • Four of a Kind – 80:1
  • Straight Flush – 100:1
  • Royal Flush – 100:1
Bet on Poker Online

Bet on Poker RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

To participate in Bet on Poker, players must be prepared to bet between $1 and $100. The minimum and maximum stakes are pretty much the same across all online casinos.

The return to player (RTP) of this live poker game is 95%.

Bet on Poker hints and tips

Bet on Poker, just like Texas Hold’em, is mostly a game of luck. Players can, however, polish their poker skills on free-play RNG games before putting cash on the line with live dealer games.

Casino game theorist, Michael Shackleford, also puts forwards an interesting strategy that you can choose to follow—or not.

The renowned poker player advises that you can take your cue from the odds offered at each of the four stages of the game and go with the bet offering reasonable odds.

Either way, following this strategy will not guarantee you a win, so be sure to manage your bankroll effectively and know when to call it a day.

Final Thoughts

If we’re to zero-in on Bet on Poker’s benefits, the game impresses in several aspects. Firstly, you can enjoy the live card game set on a modern, user-friendly gaming interface with intuitive gaming controls.

Secondly, you don’t play against other players, but you can bet on their hands winning each round, which may increase your chances of winning.

Most players can confirm that though similar to Texas Hold’em, Bet on Poker is much easier to play than the traditional card game.

We’ll, however, warn you that Bet on Poker isn’t the fastest card game around. So, if you would rather play a quick-paced title, then this might not be the game for you.

Overall, Bet on Poker is a classy and innovative card game that offers players a multi-faceted betting system and variable odds with each hand.

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