Baccarat NC
RTP 98.94%
Max Multiplier 220x
Baccarat NC
RTP 98.94%
Max Multiplier 220x
Baccarat NC Review

Baccarat NC Review

Baccarat NC is for the nifty gamer who isn’t too keen on paying the standard 5% commission charged on most variants’ Banker winning bets.

In gambling, every cent counts. To some gamers, paying the commission charged on the Banker’s hand equates to an undesirable cash outflow.

It doesn’t help that this commission has a ripple effect and compromises some payouts, thereby shortchanging the gamer.

Where the even payout is stated as 1:1 on the paytable, in reality, the player winds up settling for 0.95:1! A simple solution to bypassing this charge is to look for the Baccarat No Commission variant that overrides the fee.

The payout ratios are exactly as they appear on the payouts table, so it’s a win for the players. This remarkable concept is all thanks to Playtech, an innovative software developer that always has the gamers’ interests in mind.

Where to play Baccarat NC?

If paying the 5% commission charged when playing conventional Baccarat doesn’t sit well with you, look for Playtech’s version of Baccarat NC.

Playtech has been around since 1999, so it’s expected for the software provider to have an extensive portfolio of online casinos under its books.

That’s excellent news for any gamer. But on the other hand, it means you have several Playtech casinos to work through before signing up with one.

By working through, we mean investigating if the online gambling site in question is safe, secure, and legal.

You’ll also need to check out the casino’s overall games selection, promotions on offer, available VIP program, the responsiveness of customer support, and use of reputable banking methods.

If you’d rather override this intense screening process, take your cue from our list of recommendations.

Our in-house experts reviewed all the real money casinos on our list based on the factors mentioned earlier. Simply choose one, and start gaming with zero delays!

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How to Play Baccarat NC

The gameplay and rules of Baccarat NC are the same as that of standard Baccarat—but without the commission charged on the Banker’s win.

Players have to bet on which card will have the highest value from the two cards drawn by the live dealer, or if a tie will result.

To start the game, the dealer draws two cards each facing up for the Player and the Banker.

The betting window opens, and players use this opportunity to place their bets which can either be any one of the following betting options:

  • Player
  • Banker
  • Tie

With the above-mentioned options, you’re betting whether the Player or Banker card will be higher than the other or be the same value.

Aside from these main betting options, players can also place multiple side betting options, which include:

  • Pair – Bet that the player or banker’s opening card will comprise a pair.
  • Perfect Pair – Bet that the player or banker’s opening card will comprise a pair of the same rank.
  • Either Pair – Bet that the first two cards dealt of either the player or banker will form a pair.
  • Big – Bet that the total of all four cards will equal 5 or 6.
  • Small – Bet that the total of all four cards will equal 4.
  • Egalite – Bet that the player and banker’s hand will not only be a tie but of the same value.
  • Black – Bet that the player hand will consist of clubs or spades (Black cards).
  • Red – Bet that the player’s hand will consist of diamond or hearts (Red cards).

Once the betting window closes, and the players place their bet, the live dealer reveals the cards, and announces any winners.

Like with most Baccarat games, the same game rules apply with Baccarat NC. The player or banker will stand if either the player or banker cards total 8 or 9.

If the player’s total cards are less than or equal to 5, the player can either receive another card or stand. If the player stands, the banker should have a total of less than or equal to 5.

Baccarat NC Bonus

Baccarat NC features & betting options

To join the game, you can either select one of the available seats or join any table by clicking on the Any icon.

As soon as you enter the Baccarat NC studio, you’re welcomed by a charming and friendly live host ready to lead you through the game.

You’ll notice the dealer seated at an animated table filled with all sorts of numbers and betting options.

Admittedly, at first glance, the new gamer might find the entire setup intimidating. But after a few gaming rounds, you’ll find the game fairly easy to navigate.

The gaming interface is customizable, allowing players to remove any past and current game rounds or hide their wagers if they want.

The game displays the necessary data, which includes the table stats for each bet. You’ll also find an auto bet confirmation feature to make your gameplay go much faster.

Place your chosen bets using the betting options displayed on the gaming interface. As mentioned, you can either choose the main or side betting options.

We’ll take this opportunity to illuminate the side betting options, which are undoubtedly part of the game’s highlights.

The game’s side bets offer payouts ranging from x0.54 your wagering stake up to x220.

The latter being the highest payout associated with placing the Egalite bet, a side betting option not ordinarily seen on most Baccarat games.

But what has to be the game’s most important feature is the No Commission aspect, where players receive the full even payout of 1:1, should they bet on the Banker’s hand and win.

But this is only provided for the Banker’s hand wins for all values except 6. If the Banker’s hand wins but scores a 6, the payout is 0.5: 1.

In other words, you win half your original bet. We’ll summarise the payouts as follows:

  • Egalite 2 – 220:1
  • Egalite 6 or 7 – 45:1
  • Perfect pair – 25:1
  • Banker pair – 11:1
  • Player pair – 11:1
  • Tie – 8:1
  • Either pair – 5:1
  • Small – 1.5:1
  • Player – 1:1
  • Banker win for all values except 6 – 1:1
  • Big – 0.54:1
  • Banker win for all values including 6 – 0.5:1
Baccarat NC Online

Baccarat NC RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

Most Baccarat games have a higher minimum betting limit, and Playtech Baccarat NC is no different. The minimum stakes tend to vary from one casino to the next, with $1 being the most popular.

The maximum stakes can go up to $1000 or even higher, depending on the casino. That makes the game better suited to seasoned, high rollers, or frivolous gamers.

Baccarat NC has a theoretical Return to Player rate of 98.94%, which is linked to the Banker’s bet.

The other main and side betting options attract different RTP’s which are as follows:

  • Player bet – 98.76%
  • Tie bet – 85.64%
  • Player/ Banker pair – 89.64%
  • Perfect Pairs – 86.97%
  • Either Pair – 86.29%
  • Big – 95.65%
  • Small – 94.72%
  • Egalite – 87.55% to 93.61%

Baccarat NC hints and tips

Regardless of your gaming skills or experience, it’s wise to approach the game with a few tricks hidden up your sleeves.

We’ll, however, point out that none of the strategies you employ will guarantee you a win.

Nonetheless, gaming strategies are still worth taking advantage of if they’ll bump up your confidence or lower the house edge.

The first step is to pick a No Commission Baccarat variant, which you’re obviously contemplating.

You don’t have to worry about donating 5% of your winnings to the house, and such a variant lowers the game’s overall RTP.

Another tip to keep in mind is to avoid the Tie bet because the chances of nailing this option are lower. Try and stick to the dealer bet as it’s known to have the best odds.

Keep an eye on the table limits. If you join a table with low limits, the chances of mitigating any losses are lower. Remember that there’s no such thing as a hot table with winning streaks.

The game is as random as it gets. Don’t forget to set betting limits, and finally, remember to play for fun and enjoy the game!

Final Thoughts

To conclude this review, we’ll end by saying Playtech Baccarat No Commission is an excellent live casino choice for the frugal gamer.

Players get to enjoy this simple but considerably fast-paced game without having to share their winnings with the house.

The multiple betting options spice up the game and can even award you a 220x payout of your wagering stake if luck is on your side.

The rules of Baccarat No Commission are fairly simple to understand so don’t be intimidated by the “busy” table layout.

The higher minimum betting stakes and higher payouts make the game more appealing to high rollers. New players still trying to find their footing with the game may feel a little overwhelmed.

But if you fall among the latter, it’s nothing a few rounds of playing the game in demo mode can’t fix!

With that said, are you ready to take on Playtech’s exciting live casino card game? It’s your call.

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