Baccarat Dragon Bonus
Software Ezugi
RTP 98.94%
Max Multiplier 30x
Baccarat Dragon Bonus
Software Ezugi
RTP 98.94%
Max Multiplier 30x
Baccarat Dragon Bonus Review

Baccarat Dragon Bonus Review

Baccarat is a simple game with straightforward rules and decent potential payouts. Many old-school players prefer the low house edge and modest returns of the classic punto banco game.

An up-and-coming crop of live casino fans, however, go for games like Baccarat Dragon Bonus, which offer bigger returns for riskier propositions.

Streamed live from Ezugi’s Latam studio, this baccarat variant allows players to wager on Dragon Bonus bets on a separate payout table. Of course, you can also bet on the standard Banker, Player, and Tie options.

Players can launch Baccarat Dragon Bonus on their desktop or mobile devices and access advanced gaming features, such as a live chat box, detailed game rules, advanced video settings, and game statistics.

Popular in Australia and Asia, Ezugi’s Baccarat Dragon Bonus is now also a regular feature at several leading Canadian online casinos.

Where to play Baccarat Dragon Bonus?

If you’re still new to online gambling, choosing where to play Baccarat Dragon Bonus may seem like a daunting task.

There are hundreds of options to choose from, and each one seems better than the last. But without extensive gaming industry experience, it’s hard to know what to look for and which operator to trust.

So how do you go about choosing where to play Baccarat Dragon Bonus? A simple solution is to go with one of our recommended real money online casinos.

If you’d like to take the scenic route and discover a gaming site on your own, here are some guidelines on how we make our selection.

First, make sure that the casino you want to register at accepts Canadians. Once you get that first bit out of the way, you’ll need to make sure that the casino is legitimate.

This process includes checking if the casino is licensed, if its games are audited by independent regulators like eCOGRA, its security and encryption, and other features.

You also need to check if it features Ezugi games, and Baccarat Dragon Bonus in particular.

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How to Play Baccarat Dragon Bonus?

If you’re familiar with the general baccarat rules, you can skip to the next paragraph.

If, however, you aren’t certain about baccarat hand values, rules, and payouts, you can click the “?” tab that’s next to the Refresh button and access a detailed rulebook.

At its core, Baccarat Dragon Bonus is just the same as the classic baccarat game.

Players receive two cards from the live dealer, then wager on whether the Banker or the Player will get a hand with the highest single-digit value. You can also bet on a Tie, where both sides have an equal value hand.

What separates Baccarat Dragon Bonus from classic baccarat is the extended payout table from side bets.

The bigger the margin by which the side you’d backed wins, the bigger your payout. Players get the biggest win from the Non-Natural Win by 9 points side bet.

To win on this bet, you need to wager that the Banker or the Player will win by 9 points. Players can also bet on the Non-Natural Win by 8 points, Non-Natural Win by 6-7 points, and the Non-Natural Win by 4-5 points.

To place your bet, you simply need to select chips that correspond to your intended bet and place them in the relevant betting area.

The betting window is limited, and if the time elapses before you place your bet, you have to wait for the next round.

Side bets are placed on either side of the main bet, and the payouts depend on the type of bet. At the end of a betting session, the live dealer compares the Banker and Player hands and pays out the winners.

Baccarat Dragon Bonus Bonus

Baccarat Dragon Bonus features & betting options

As we mentioned before, Baccarat Dragon Bonus is streamed live from Ezugi’s Latin American casino studio. The game features state-of-the-art tables with multiple Full HD camera angles.

Baccarat Dragon Bonus is as accessible as live dealer games come, as players can play against the dealer on a wide range of devices.

The game is a bit more challenging to conduct, so Ezugi included a Dealer Tipping feature for players who’d like to express their appreciation.

Baccarat Dragon Bonus also features the classic scoreboards and roadmaps to allow players to keep track of their wager and view statistics.

As the game follows basic baccarat gameplay, the main bets pay out as follows:

  • Tie Bet – 8:1
  • Player Bet – 1:1
  • Banker Bet – 0.95:1

The third-card rules for the Player and Banker bets are also standard, such that even new players will understand the game in no time.

Baccarat Dragon Bonus, however, features side bets that pay as much as 30x your stake.

The wider the non-natural winning margin for both the Player and the Banker Dragon Bonus bets, the bigger the potential payout as follows:

  • Win by 9 Points – 30:1
  • Win by 8 Points – 10:1
  • Win by 6-7 Points – 4:1
  • Win by 4-5 Points – 2:1
  • Natural Win – 1:1
  • Natural Tie – Push
Baccarat Dragon Bonus Online

Baccarat Dragon Bonus RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

For many players, the manageable betting limits that Baccarat Dragon Bonus offers makes it an even more alluring game.

At most casinos, you can bet as little as $1 and as much as $500 per round. As such, players can win up to $15,000 with the maximum stake on a Non-Natural win by 9 points bet.

However, like every side bet in online casino gaming, the Dragon Bonus bet has a significant negative effect on the return to player percentage.

The house advantage on the Player bet more than doubles, while the odds for the Banker bet are more than 9 times worse.

Players can expect the following RTPs for each Baccarat Dragon Bonus bet:

  • Banker bet – 98.94%
  • Player bet – 98.76%
  • Tie bet – 85.64%
  • Dragon Bonus Banker bet – 90.63%
  • Dragon Bonus Player bet – 97.35%

Baccarat Dragon Bonus hints and tips

After playing Baccarat Dragon Bonus for a while, some players may attempt to boost their winning chances through the use of different strategies.

However, just like how you can’t predict where a roulette ball will fall, you’ll have no idea which bet will win in live baccarat. So, is there any way you can at least get a slight edge on the house?

Any Baccarat Dragon Bonus strategy should consider the house advantage when choosing which bets to play.

As you’ll probably figure out from the game RTPs, it’s never a good idea to make the “sucker’s bet”, which means betting on a tie.

The Banker bet has the highest RTP, but there’s a catch. Most casinos take a 5% commission on banker wins, which is why it has a 0.95:1 payout.

Some casinos may take a slightly higher commission on the Banker bet, so it’s vital to check and go for the lowest commission every time.

Once you start your session, it’s usually better to make the same type of bet until you reach your win or loss limit.

Sound money management will help you more than any baccarat card-counting tricks. Baccarat Dragon Bonus side bets may look lucrative, but it’s important to consider the significantly lower RTP.

Also, keep in mind that, no matter how good your strategy may be, all casino games involve luck.

Final Thoughts

Baccarat is, in its own right, one of the most exciting and potentially lucrative table games. But no matter how exciting the classic game is, the thrill of making side bets is hard to forego.

With Baccarat Dragon, players can win as much as 30x their stake when they bet on a non-natural win by 9 points. The side bets have a lower RTP, but they still provide excellent entertainment value.

As can be expected from Ezugi, Baccarat Dragon Bonus features HD graphics and crystal-clear sounds to provide an extra dose of adrenaline.

Overall, Baccarat Dragon Bonus is a game worth playing, and you can get started on any one of our recommended online casinos.

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