Bac Bo Live
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 98.87%
Max Multiplier 88x
Bac Bo Live
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 98.87%
Max Multiplier 88x
Bac Bo Live Review

Bac Bo Live Review

Over the years, baccarat has proven itself incredibly popular with online casino members. The quintessential Bond game is one of the largest live casino games currently on the market.

Many developers have made variants of it over the years. However, Evolution is the first one to convert baccarat to a set of dice rolls.

Despite using dice instead of cards, Bac Bo is even simpler to play than baccarat is. It also comes with a top prize of 88:1. How will it stack up to the original?

Where to play Bac Bo (Evolution)?

The people from Evolution Gaming have not announced any exclusives for Bac Bo. Because of that, players can choose whatever Canadian online casino they like best.

Provided it offers Evolution releases, you should be able to play this game there. As such, we can choose casinos based on their promotions, payment methods, games, and other important metrics.

If you are looking for recommendations, we listed some of the best-suited real money casinos Canada below.

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How to Play Bac Bo?

Bac Bo is designed in such a way as to remind players of Sic Bo. The name, the fact it is played with dice, and its Asian theme all work together to make it similar. The Asian theme in particular will no doubt help Bac Bo grow in overseas markets.

Every round begins with betting time. During this time, players can choose a coin value from the bottom of the screen. You then place those coins on tiles you think will win.

Available tiles include player, banker, and tie bets. Ties only win if both sides display the same value. All wagers have to be placed before the timer is completed. Any bets you do not place before the timer expires will not be played.

After you finish placing bets, the round proceeds further. The four shakers in the middle of the table will start shaking the dice around.

The shakers are programmed to maximize the anticipation in each round. The player’s first dice shaker stops first to display the result.

The banker’s first dice shaker stop next. The third and fourth shakers will stop depending on which side is in the lead.

Once all four shakers stop, the game will display the results of the round. The two-dice total is added together for both player and banker positions.

The side with the higher two-dice total will win the round. If both sides display the same value, the round ends in a draw.

Both player and banker positions pay 1:1 if they win the round. Meanwhile, tie bets pay differently depending on what two-dice total caused the tie.

  • Ties with six, seven, or eight pay 4:1
  • Ties with five or nine pay 6:1
  • Ties with four or ten pay 10:1
  • Ties with three or eleven pay 25:1
  • Ties with two or twelve pay 88:1
Bac Bo Live Bonus

Bac Bo features & betting options

If you love playing side bets, we are sad to say Bac Bo does not offer any. The gameplay loop in this Evolution release is simple enough that it does not have any other wagers. That said, it does offer several features that can help you decide how to place bets.

The game allows players to use several road types to keep track of what is happening in past rounds. Bead roads, derived roads, and the big road are all available options we can take advantage of.

Through them, casino members can find hot and cold patterns that they can try to exploit. If you see one side is winning more often, you can try to take advantage of that.

The big road also displays statistics that track how often players or banker wins occur. Statistics also track how often a tie happens as well. Statistics go back for the previous fifty rounds too.

When placing bets, each tile displays the number of players who placed their bet. It also shows the total percentage of players who wagered on that option and how much money they placed. If you cannot decide yourself what you want to wager on, you can follow the majority.

Bac Bo Live Online

Bac Bo RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

Players can wager between $0.50 and $10,000 when playing Bac Bo. That said, the exact table limit might vary depending on what online casino you are playing in.

The RTP for this game is 98.87%. The RTP is fairly constant, assuming you stick with player and banker bets. The tie bet’s RTP is slightly lower but comes with a higher possible payout to make up for it.

The safe option is to stick to the lower-paying banker or player bets. Will you play it safe? Will you go all out to win big?

Bac Bo hints and tips

Given how simple this Evolution release is, there is little room for a proper strategy to develop. You can choose to bet on the player, banker, or tie bets.

Out of those three, only tie bets give you an option to score bigger wins. If you want to score the 88:1 top prize, you have to risk it with the tie bet.

Players can choose to use statistics or the various roads to decide what they want to wager on as well. Keep in mind that hot and cold streaks are not an actual strategy. Just happy coincidences that sometimes line up.

Final Thoughts

We had a blast playing Bac Bo. It offers a simpler take on live baccarat, swapping out cards for dice shakers. It gives the game a slightly different feel, to be sure.

Evolution simplified the gameplay loop too. Players no longer draw extra cards. Instead, the side with the highest value immediately wins.

It is not everyone’s cup of tea, we are well aware of that. That said, we do not doubt Bac Bo will be highly successful in live casinos. If what you have read so far is interesting, you should check it out.

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