Auto Roulette
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 97.30%
Max Multiplier 35x
Auto Roulette
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 97.30%
Max Multiplier 35x
Auto Roulette Review

Auto Roulette Review

Sometimes you simply want to enjoy a Roulette game away from the prompts and observation of a real live dealer, and that’s okay. If that’s you, Auto Roulette is the game for you.

Created by Evolution Gaming, a software powerhouse that needs no introduction in the live gaming world, Auto Roulette is a fast-paced live casino game that offers less human interaction.

Newbies or players not too confident in their Roulette gaming skills might not necessarily be too thrilled with landing a front-row seat in front of experienced dealers.

However, they may still want to enjoy a live casino game experience of the game. Auto Roulette offers the perfect balance between the two. Let’s call it a hybrid of virtual gaming and live dealer gaming, but without the live host.

Where to play Auto Roulette?

As mentioned, Auto Roulette is the brainchild of award-winning live gaming game developer Evolution Gaming. It follows that to play this game, you’ll need to sign up with an Evolution Casino.

Straight off the bat, that seems like a fairly easy task. But we’ll have you know that you have a somewhat long and drawn-out process ahead of you.

That’s because, given how popular Evolution Gaming is, the software legend has a huge amount of online casinos under its portfolio.

To put it mildly, you have to sift through quite a number of Evolution Casinos before you find the right gaming haven.

By right gaming haven, we mean an real money casino that adheres to the confines of legal gambling and is licensed by a credible gambling authority.

You’ll also need to check if the gaming site offers a well-rounded games selection. Because while Auto Roulette is the primary game you’re looking for, surely you want variety to keep you entertained.

You’ll also need to ascertain the online casino’s security protocols, gaming interface, casino bonuses, and payment methods on offer.

A simpler and quicker option would be to go with any of our recommendations that we’ve taken the time to compile after extensive research.

Also check out our favorite new online casinos if you’re looking for some fresh faces.

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How to Play Auto Roulette?

Now let’s get down to business. How do you play this exciting game, and is it any different from other Live Roulette variants?

Well, Auto Roulette is very much similar to standard European Roulette. So, if you’ve played the classic card game based on European rules, you’re likely to feel right at home.

Like with European Roulette, a standard wheel with segments numbered from 0-36 is also used in Auto Roulette. Players need to predict which pocket the ball will land after the wheel stops spinning.

To kick off the game, the betting window is open, and players must use this period to place their stakes.

The narrator (who you don’t see) will then announce when the betting window closes. Soon after this announcement, the wheel starts spinning automatically.

When the wheel stops, a little white ball falls into any of the wheel’s segments or pockets to determine the outcome of the game round.

The results are announced, the winners are paid, the losers cut their losses, and that concludes the game round in a nutshell!

As with standard Roulette, the betting options are pretty much standard with European Roulette. Players have the opportunity to place Inside or Outside bets, whatever rocks their boat.

If you’re a conservative player and looking to stay in the game for longer, then you can try placing Outside bets.

That’s because Outside bets offer players a better chance to win though the payouts aren’t that high.

With these bets, you’re basically betting on a broader group of numbers as opposed to a specific number.

It follows that with Outside bets, you can either bet on the following:

  • Column bets
  • Dozen bets
  • Bet on colour
  • Bet on Odd/Even number
  • Bet on Low/High number

With Inside bets, the opposite applies regarding payouts. These bets offer higher payouts, but of course, the chances of winning are significantly lower.

Players who don’t mind taking huge gambling risks will find these bets appealing.

When you place an Inside bet, you’re generally betting on a specific number or any segments located on the inner part of the wheel—hence the name.

You can either make the following bets:

  • Straight up
  • Split bet
  • Street bet
  • Corner bet
  • Five bet
  • Line bet
Auto Roulette Bonus

Auto Roulette features & betting options

Auto Roulette doesn’t have any out-of-this-world features when compared to other Roulette variants. In fact, the studio setup is far less luxurious by Evolution Gaming standards.

Think of it as a let’s get right down to business kind of game. No chatty host is steering the ship.

Instead, you’ll only hear a narrator’s voice informing you when the betting window is open or closed. Because there’s no live host, it means there’s no physical spinning of the wheel.

Rather, the game uses an automatic wheel which some players appreciate as they believe it eliminates human bias. Placing your chips is very easy.

You’ll notice a betting grid displayed on the screen with positions that match the wheel’s possible outcomes.

All you have to do is click on your desired chip denomination found at the bottom of the screen and drag it to your preferred position on the betting grid, and that concludes the betting process. The automatic wheel spins and bets are paid.

If we’re going to zero in on the game’s features, we’ll probably point out that the betting stakes are a little on the high side.

So, aside from attracting players looking to find their footing with the game or intimidated by a real live dealer, high rollers will also find the game appealing.

The game rounds go pretty quick thanks to the automatic wheel so much that 80 game rounds can be played in an hour! How’s that for fast and furious online gaming?

For added transparency, players can view the game from multiple angles. Also, the game is streamed to your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet to allow players the convenience of mobile gaming.

Payouts are pretty much standard with European Roulette as follows:

  • Straight – 35:1
  • Split – 17:1
  • Street – 11:1
  • Corner – 8:1
  • Six line – 5:1
  • Column – 2:1
  • Dozen – 2:1
  • Red/Black – 1:1
  • Even/Odd – 1:1
  • High/Low – 1:1
Auto Roulette Online

Auto Roulette RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

As we mentioned before, Auto Roulette is classified as a high stakes game. However, it’s surprising how the minimum bet is only $0.10.

But what makes it a high rollers game is that punters, particularly VIP members, can place huge bets up to $20,000 at a time, depending on the gaming site.

Auto Roulette has an impressive 97.30% Return to Player percentage, which is quite standard for European Roulette-based games.

Auto Roulette hints and tips

Auto Roulette is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and entertaining live casino games you’ll ever come across.

The excitement is further intensified if you approach the game with some sort of strategy. No strategy is foolproof.

But that has never stopped punters from employing a few tricks nonetheless if using the tips means the slightest chance of winning isn’t entirely elusive.

A quick look online will reveal that the Martingale Roulette Strategy, Reverse Martingale Strategy, and the Fibonacci Roulette Strategy can be used to play Auto Roulette.

But as mentioned, you can also pick a betting strategy depending on your gaming style. If you’re a conservative player, stick to Outside bets that give you more chances of winning, though with lower payouts.

If you’re an all or nothing type of player, go with Outside bets which have far greater payouts, but reduced chances of winning.

Whatever your gaming style, bankroll status, or strategy you decide to run with, it’s crucial to manage your online gambling finances effectively.

Yes, you might be lucky enough to bag a string of wins, but the house does always win in the end.

So, set the necessary betting limits and try by all means to play within the confines of your specified limits to avoid winding the night a sour loser.

Final Thoughts

Evolution Gaming is known for being strategic when designing its live games and tries to cater to the needs of different players.

Auto Roulette appeals to mostly two types of players. Firstly, it’s perfect for gamers intimidated by a real live host and would rather enjoy the game under zero scrutiny.

On the flip side, since the game allows for high betting stakes, high rollers, and esteemed VIP players will have a field day with Auto Roulette.

Whichever the case, the absence of a dealer means less socialising and more playing.

It helps that the game is based on the premise of European Roulette with no additional complex features making it easy to master if you’re familiar with the former.

Did we mention that up to 80 games can be played in just an hour?! That just confirms that Auto Roulette is the perfect quick-paced game to give you the speed, thrills, and excitement of online gaming if that’s what you’re after.

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