Andar Bahar Live
Software Pragmatic Play
RTP 97.85%
Max Multiplier 120x
Andar Bahar Live
Software Pragmatic Play
RTP 97.85%
Max Multiplier 120x
Andar Bahar Live Review

Andar Bahar Live Review

Andar Bahar has become a smashing success in recent years. What started as a novel casino game quickly grew from niche to permanent fixture in many online casinos. Nowadays, players have several versions of Andar Bahar they can enjoy.

Each one is made by a different software provider! What is it about this game that allowed it to reach such incredible popularity? In this article, we break down all there is to know about Andar Bahar to find out the answer.

Where to play Andar Bahar?

Thankfully, finding Andar Bahar is by no means a difficult feat. It is present in many of the best online casinos Canada, meaning casino members can take their time choosing a website.

That is why we recommend sticking with the highest-rated real money casinos. The best websites will certainly have at least one Andar Bahar game available.

At the same time, players will benefit from good terms, excellent casino bonuses, payment methods, and other games.

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How to Play Andar Bahar?

How does a game from the Indian subcontinent become famous across the globe? The answer lies in its exotic aesthetic and simple to understand gameplay.

Andar Bahar fully embraces its roots, leaving us to admire a gorgeous background as we play.

The goal of Andar Bahar is to predict which side will draw a matching card first. The two sides are Andar and Bahar, which is where the game gets its name.

Every round starts with a betting period. During this time, players can place money down on the two main bets or several side bets this release offers. After the timer runs out, your bets are accepted and the round proceeds further.

One card is drawn and placed on the right side of the table. This is the joker card. The round ends when a card matching the joker card’s value is drawn.

The dealer will take turns drawing cards to Andar and Bahar positions. They draw one card for Andar, one for Bahar, then draw the next one for Andar, and so on.

If you correctly predict which side will win, you receive a cash prize. After payouts are awarded, the next round begins.

Andar Bahar Live Bonus

Andar Bahar features & betting options

Andar Bahar features two side bets that take advantage of its rules. The first and simpler one is the First Three side bet.

The goal of this side bet is to land a valid three-card poker hand with your first three cards. Your first three cards include the joker card and the first cards dealt with the Andar and Bahar positions.

  • Flush pays 5:1
  • Straight pays 8:1
  • Straight flush pays 120:1

Another popular side bet is the number of cards. Here, casino members need to predict how many cards need to be drawn before a matching card is found.

The more cards the dealer has to draw, the better the payout is. Interestingly, one of these side bets has a higher RTP than the main Andar Bahar bets. You can see this in the table below. Keep in mind exact numbers might vary between software providers.

Number of cards Payout RTP
1-5 2.5:1 94.87%
6-10 3.5:1 97.67%
11-15 4.5:1 92.97%
16-25 3.5:1 98.10%
26-30 14.5:1 94.57%
31-35 24.5:1 94.28%
36-40 49:1 94.88%
41-49 119:1 95.04%
Andar Bahar Live Online

Andar Bahar RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

You can bet between $0.10 and $5,000 with every round. The exact betting range might differ depending on your casino and software provider.

The RTP for Andar Bahar is 97.85% for the Andar bet and 97% for the Bahar bet. Andar’s slightly higher chance to win results in a slightly lower payout to keep it equal to the Bahar bet. Andar pays 0.9:1, while Bahar pays 1:1 when won.

Andar Bahar hints and tips

Players cannot use any detailed strategy to get an edge over the game. The simplicity that makes Andar Bahar so interesting also works against ‘beating’ the game.

The best tip we can give you is to stick to high RTP wagers. This includes the two main bets and the 6-10 and 16-25 cards side bets.

Final Thoughts

After playing Andar Bahar for a while, we can see how it became so popular. You only need two-three rounds to get the hang of how the game plays.

Its simplicity and high RTP will no doubt attract many casual casino members looking for lucrative fun.

While different versions offer slightly varying experiences, all of them feature the same Andar Bahar core. As such, you will no doubt have a blast no matter which software provider you choose.

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