3 Card Brag
Software Playtech
RTP 98%
Max Multiplier 40x
3 Card Brag
Software Playtech
RTP 98%
Max Multiplier 40x
3 Card Brag Review

3 Card Brag Review

Far from its 16th-century poker room roots, 3 Card Brag now exudes the class and sophistication of online casino gaming.

The game is now available to you in the comfort of your home via brilliant HD video streaming.

In terms of software developers, players can only turn to Playtech if they want to play 3 Card Brag. Playtech is one of the leading online casino software developers, so this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Although a standard 52-card deck of cards is used to play 3 Card Brag, players only receive 3 cards. As such, a lot of new players confuse this card game with Evolution Gaming’s 3 Card Poker.

Let’s cover the basics and dive deeper into the gameplay and strategies for this unique, quick-paced casino game.

Where to play 3 Card Brag?

As you can see, we’ve laid out the top real money casinos where you can play 3 Card Brag and highlighted some of their distinctive features.

If that’s enough to help you find where to play this exciting game from Playtech, feel free to sign up, claim your bonus, and start playing.

Otherwise, let us allow you to pick our minds a bit.

Our list of 3 Card Brag gaming sites all meet strict selection criteria that include the availability of generous casino bonuses, a wide range of games, advanced security, and proactive customer support.

We reviewed these online gambling sites and found that they tick all the boxes. They also provide an all-around exceptional gaming experience with loads of games from Playtech and other software providers.

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How to Play 3 Card Brag?

Newbies can be a bit confused about 3 Card Brag game rules and how to play.

We’ll cover these basics, then move on to gameplay strategies, and tips on how to win in subsequent sections.

3 Card Brag has its roots in poker, so it’s essential to have a basic understanding of poker hands.

The main difference is that, instead of a Straight Flush, the highest value hand is Three of a Kind. The hand terminology is also different as follows:

  • Three of a Kind – Prial
  • Straight Flush – Running Flush
  • Straight – Run

The Flush, Pair, and High Card maintain their standard names.

Just as you’d do with poker, you must first place an Ante bet for the game to begin.

To do this, players need to select their desired chip value, place the bet, then confirm manually or using the Auto-confirm setting.

Once you confirm your bet, the live dealer will lay out cards for the player and the house. The dealer’s card will face down.

At that point, you have 15 seconds to Fold and lose your Ante bet or you can Play and double your ante.

The dealer’s cards are then revealed. If the dealer doesn’t have a Queen or higher, the player receives an evens payout on their Ante bet and the Play bet is a push.

If the live dealer qualifies but has a lower-ranking card than the player’s, the player wins at least evens on both bets.

The Pair Bonus side bet pays out if you have at least a pair, even if you have a weaker 3 Card Brag hand than the live dealer’s.

A lot of players wonder what the “Brag” part of this card game is about.

While a good hand typically gets you to win 3 Card Brag, you can also bluff your way to the showdown and mislead your competitors into folding, as they’d think you have a stronger hand.

Unfortunately, this strategy isn’t an option when playing 3 Card Brag online.

3 Card Brag Bonus

3 Card Brag features & betting options

As with most Playtech live titles, 3 Card Brag is played in an ultra-modern studio.

The black tables and studio floor is warmly lit by blue neon lights and the blue table felt carries one clear card shoe.

To the left of the screen, players will find a menu icon that provides access to the game history, live chat, volume controls, and video quality controls.

You can also read game rules or visit the cashier. Your hand and the dealer’s hand, as well as the potential payouts, are displayed on the bottom part of the screen.

Players can also choose betting chips and see how much bankroll they have left.

If you’re playing on a fast internet connection, you can go with the classic full-screen view. Otherwise, you can go with the mixed mode.

3 Card Brag is almost similar to 3 Card Poker. The hand order is slightly changed, but the following payouts apply:

  • Prial – 5:1
  • Running Flush – 4:1
  • Run – 1:1

Instead of a Pair Plus Bonus bet, 3 Card Brag features a Pair Bonus side bet which pays the following payouts:

  • Prial – 40:1
  • Running Flush – 30:1
  • Run – 6:1
  • Flush – 4:1
  • Pair – 1:1
3 Card Brag Online

3 Card Brag RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

At most casinos, players can wager a minimum of $0.50 and a maximum of $500 per bet on 3 Card Brag.

These betting limits cater well to the needs of both recreational players and high rollers.

The optimal RTP for 3 Card Brag Ante bets is 98.00%. For the Pair Bonus bet, the RTP is 97.86%.

A combination of the two bet types offers a 95.51% RTP. Compared to other table games like European Roulette and Blackjack, 3 Card Brag has a much less competitive RTP.

3 Card Brag hints and tips

With 3 Card Brag, your strategy hinges upon choosing to play or fold based on the strength of your hand.

If you’re looking to win more hands, you, therefore, need to get a good understanding of the value of poker hands.

First off, it’s generally a good idea to fold all hands that are weaker than Q-6-4.

You, therefore, play if you have a Queen high plus a seven or higher, King/Ace high, a pair, or a Queen high with at least a six and a four.

It also goes without saying that the Ante Bet – Pair Bonus bet combination has a much lower RTP and should be avoided like the plague.

However, even with these tips and strategies, winning in 3 Card Brag isn’t guaranteed. Another factor that can boost your winning chances is to choose a reliable casino and claim a welcome bonus.

That way, you can develop a general understanding of poker rules and hand rankings before playing 3 Card Brag. You can even prepare a cheat sheet to help you remember which hands to play in different circumstances.

Final Thoughts

You won’t find 3 Card Brag in other software developers’ portfolios, a point which already sets Playtech ahead of the pack.

Three Card Poker from Evolution Gaming is, however, a slightly different version of the same game. In terms of gameplay, the interface, and production quality and content, there’s nothing to complain about here.

3 Card Brag is streamed in HD using top-notch broadcasting equipment. The game controls enable effortless and enjoyable gameplay. Manageable bet limits and the inclusion of side bets make 3 Card Brag a must-play for every poker enthusiast.

The game also comes with a decent 98.00% RTP for the Ante Bet and 97.86% for the Pair Bonus bet. While these RTPs are much lower than those of slots or other table games, they aren’t entirely bad either.

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