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One of the most popular types of bets in Canada is Multigol. It is a very intriguing type of bet that more and more bookmakers are including in their schedules. In theory, these present great levels of difficulty, often rewarded with quite high odds based on the chosen event. But what are multi-goal bets and multi-goal odds? But above all, which are the best betting sites that offer this type of odds?


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What exactly does "Multigol" signify?

Multigol wagers pertain to predicting the total tally of goals scored in a soccer clash by either team or both, within the standard playing period. It is crucial to differentiate Multigol wagers from the Over/Under variety. Unlike Over/Under bets, Multigol wagers do not entail exact goal predictions; instead, they involve forecasting a specific goal range for a given soccer match.

Understanding the mechanics of Multigol bets

Take a moment to understand the mechanics of this particular wager. As noted earlier, these types of bets frequently yield substantial odds when it comes to multiple goals, particularly if the scope of goals to be anticipated becomes progressively more limited. It stands to reason that the broader the range, the lower the odds, whereas the narrower the range, the higher the odds. Now, allow us to delve into the intricacies of this bet.

Key attributes of multi-goal betting platforms

We will now delve into the realm of multi-goal bets and their corresponding odds, providing a comprehensive analysis of this particular betting option. In order to obtain a holistic understanding of the bookmakers who provide multi-goal bets, it is imperative to evaluate the accessibility and trustworthiness of the statistics they offer, as well as the multitude of multi-goal odds and their frequency within the schedule. Without further ado, let us present the crème de la crème of bookmakers who excel in offering the most exceptional multi-goal bets: behold the Top 5 contenders in this exhilarating realm.

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Practical illustrations of Multigol wagers

To ensure the utmost clarity in our guide, we opted to furnish tangible illustrations of Multigoal bets. Consider, for example, an imaginary showdown between Inter and Atalanta at the illustrious San Siro stadium, culminating in a resounding 3-0 outcome. In such a scenario, two of our hypothetically selected Multigoal bets emerged triumphant, specifically multigoal 1-3 and 2-3. The rationale behind this triumph is quite straightforward: the total number of goals scored in this particular match ranged from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3.

Let's explore a different scenario now. Consider the match between Juventus and Chievo, which ended with a score of 2-1. Allow us to present a comprehensive rundown of the potential outcomes that would result in a successful Multigoal bet:

  • Multigoal 1-3; 1-4; 1-5
  • Multigoal 2-3; 2-4; 2-5; 2-6
  • Multigoal 3-4; 3-5; 3-6

Losing is the inevitable outcome when it comes to the following Multigoal bets, specifically in reference to the outcome of this particular match.

  • Multigol 1-2
  • Multigoal 4-5; 4-6
  • Multigoal 5-6

Discovering the art of placing wagers on multiple objectives effectively.

Throughout the season, the finest online gambling platforms have incorporated multigoal bets into their schedules, elevating their offerings and enriching their content for customers. This exciting form of wagering is now available across the board from top-notch bookmakers, granting bettors the opportunity to engage in this thrilling betting style for nearly every football match on the calendar.

To understand the process of placing a multigoal bet, let's explore the offerings provided by our esteemed bookmaker, LeoVegas, which can be applied to any other bookmaker as well. Upon arriving at the LeoVegas betting platform, we'll navigate to the left section dedicated to sports and opt for football. Next, we'll choose the renowned Serie A championship. Among the list of scheduled matches, we'll click on the intriguing Roma-Fiorentina clash. Once we access the page dedicated to this particular match, we'll locate the option for multigoal betting and select it accordingly.

To engage in multigoal betting, the following requirements are necessary:

  1. Visit the website of the bookmaker and choose football from the sports menu.
  2. Choose the preferred game (for example, Serie A, Roma-Fiorentina).
  3. Opt for Multigol and pick from the range of multigoal odds on offer (as seen in the top image, Multigol 1-2).
  4. Simply select the desired bet amount on the right side of the bet slip, and then click on the vibrant orange button labeled PLACE BET to complete your bet.

Different categories of multi-goal bets

In this next section, we'll explore the various Multigoal bet options available, as demonstrated by the earlier examples. Let's delve into each type individually, unraveling their intricacies and potential outcomes.

  • Multigoal 1-2: In this scenario, the combined goals scored by either team must fall within the range of 1 to 2 goals. It is evident that this particular Multigoal wager presents the most favorable odds, attributed to its exceptionally limited scope.
  • Multigol 1-3: In this scenario, it is essential that the aggregate number of goals scored by either team or both falls within the range of 1 to 3.
  • What is the definition of Multigol 1-4: In this scenario, the combined goals scored by one or both teams should fall within the range of 1 to 4; this particular betting option tends to have lower odds because of the numerous potential results it encompasses.
  • What does the Multigoal 2-3 entail? In this scenario, the combined goals scored by either team must fall within the range of 2 to 3 goals. This specific Multigoal bet offers high odds as it is based on a very tight margin.
  • In this scenario, the Multigol 2-4 indicates that the combined goals scored by either or both teams must fall within the range of 2 to 4 goals.
  • What Does Multigoal 2-5 Indicate: in this scenario, the combined tally of goals achieved by either or both teams ought to fall within the range of 2 and 5.

What is the meaning of Multigol Casa (or Multigol Team 1)?

When it comes to Multigoal Home betting, the objective is to anticipate the specific goal range that the home team will maintain. It's important to note that this particular type of wager pertains solely to the 90-minute duration of the standard match, rendering any additional time or penalty kicks irrelevant in terms of the bet's validity.

Using this betting option is recommended only if you possess a comprehensive understanding of the competing teams and, specifically, how the home team approaches matches in front of their loyal supporters. It is crucial to have ample knowledge of the participating teams and their playing style before considering this wagering alternative.

What is the meaning of Multigol Guest (or Multigol Team 2)?

The Away Multigoal is the antithesis of the Home Multigoal, denoting the spectrum of goals achieved by the visiting team. It is imperative to possess astute tactical acumen regarding the participating teams, as numerous squads exhibit a disparity in performance when playing away from their customary grounds, as opposed to their formidable prowess on home turf.

Home/Away Multigol wagers alongside alternative options

One of the fascinating variations of Multigoal betting is referred to as "Altro" (translated as "Other" in English). This particular type signifies the exclusion of the total number of goals falling within the specified betting range. Consider the Multigoal bet "1-2 Away Altro," for instance. It would result in a win if the away team fails to score any goals or scores a minimum of 3 goals. Such bets often offer higher odds due to their challenging nature to accurately predict.

Multi-goal first half

If you're looking for a wager that focuses solely on the goals scored in the first half of a game, then the Half Time Multigoal bet is what you're after. As the name suggests, this bet exclusively covers the first 45 minutes of gameplay. It's a great option if you believe that a particular team performs exceptionally well in the initial half and may subsequently maintain or decrease their performance in the latter half.

Second half multi-goal

The second half Multigol Primo Tempo bets operate in a similar manner to their counterparts, except that they focus solely on the last 45 minutes of the game. The variations lie in the range of goal intervals, which span from 1 to 4, offering an extensive array of potential combinations.

What do Multigol Combos entail?

Bet enthusiasts who thrive on excitement will find themselves captivated by the intriguing betting option known as Combo Multigol. This unique wagering type seamlessly merges two distinct prediction styles, resulting in a thrilling hybrid experience. Take, for instance, the opportunity to combine a final outcome bet with a Multigol bet. By selecting option 1+Goal, victory is achieved if the home team triumphs and the away team successfully nets at least one goal. With Combo Multigol, the possibilities are endless, offering a dynamic and engaging avenue for bettors seeking an exhilarating betting venture.

Indeed, this particular wager is both intricate and captivating, capturing the attention of bettors who value its technicality. Its allure lies in the opportunity it presents to amplify the risk, making it particularly appealing in scenarios where two teams exhibit unwavering prowess. This clever betting strategy enables individuals to maximize their potential returns by leveraging the strength of these formidable opponents. Its convenient nature only further bolsters its appeal, as it seamlessly integrates into betting practices, offering an advantageous approach to elevate the stakes.

Let's take a closer look at Combo+Multigol, shedding light on this unique betting option for the benefit of novice bettors. By delving into the intricacies of this specialized wager, we aim to provide a clearer understanding of its mechanics and appeal.

The Combo 1×2 + Multigol

In Multigoal + Combo bets, the concept is to merge the Multigoal bet with the "Final Outcome" bet. This is precisely how it works. Bettors must first anticipate the winning team (or a draw) in the match, and afterwards, they need to accurately predict the goal difference in the final outcome of the chosen match. The odds for Combo 1x2 + Multigoal bets escalate in correlation with the complexity of the match and depend on the specific range of goals you wish to place your bet on.

The victorious outcomes for the 1×2 + Multigol combination

To provide utmost clarity regarding this particular wager, let us present a few instances of favorable results for Combo 1×2 + Multigoal. Opting for Combo 1×2 + Multigoal 1-2 would yield triumphant outcomes such as the following:

  • 1 + Multigol 1-2: 1 to 0, 2 to 0
  • X + Multigol 1-2: 1 to 1
  • 2 + Multigol 1-2: 0 to 1, 0 to 2

Should you opt for Combo 1×2 + Multigoal 2-3, the resulting triumphant scenarios would include:

  • 1 + Multigol 2-3: 2 to 0, 2-1, 3 to 0
  • X + Multigol 2-3: 1 to 1
  • 2 + Multigol 2-3: 0 to 2, 1 to 2, 0 to 3 -> The final score of the match was 2 plus Multigol 2-3: 0-2, 1-2, 0-3.

For that particular game, the mechanism remains consistent for all the other Multigol intervals. It functions in an identical manner, ensuring uniformity across the board.

The Combination Dual Opportunity IN + Multigoal

This betting option, known as the Home Double Chance, is often considered the underdog in terms of odds. It is not the most frequently quoted bet, which means the potential winnings are often lower. However, this type of bet appeals to the more analytical bettors who invest significant time in studying statistics and available information. Guessing the results without careful consideration is not advisable, as it requires a deeper understanding of the game.

The victorious outcomes achieved with the 1x + Multigol combination

To provide further clarity on this particular wager, here are some illustrations of successful scenarios for the 1x + Multigoal combination. If you opt for the 1x + Multigoal 1-2 combination, the victorious possibilities would include:

  • 1 and 0; 1 and 1; 2 and 0

By opting for Combo 1x + Multigol 2-3, the expected results to prevail are as follows:

  • 1 and 1; 2 and 0; 2 and 1; 3 and 0

For that particular game, the mechanism remains consistent for all the other Multigol intervals. It functions in an identical manner, ensuring uniformity across the board.

Visit Bet365 to place your bets on Multigol.

The Dual Opportunity Combo OUT + Multigoal

In this instance, the betting mode bears striking resemblance to the Double Chance + Multigoal method discussed earlier. However, the sole distinction lies in placing your wager on the triumph of the visiting team rather than the home team.

Thoroughly analyzing statistics is crucial when considering the Double Chance OUT + Multigoal Combo bet. It's worth noting that the odds for this type of wager are generally quite low. Therefore, conducting a meticulous study of the data becomes even more essential. By carefully examining the statistics, one can determine when it is truly advantageous to capitalize on the Double Chance OUT + Multigoal Combo bet.

The victorious outcomes achieved by the X2 + Multigol combination.

To provide utmost clarity regarding this particular wager, let us explore a few instances of triumphant scenarios for the 2x Combo + Multigoal. Opting for the 2x Combo + Multigoal 1-2, for instance, would yield the following victorious outcomes:

  • 0 to 1; 0 to 2; 1 to 1

If you opt for Combo 2x + Multigol 2-3, these will be the successful results:

  • From nothing to a maximum of two, from one to a maximum of two, from nothing to a maximum of three, from one to one.

For that particular game, the mechanism remains consistent for all the other Multigol intervals. It functions in an identical manner, ensuring uniformity across the board.

The Combo 1-2 + Multigoal

Now let's explore a betting strategy called the Multigoal + Combo 1-2 bet, where a draw is not a possibility. This type of bet is perfect when you have a strong feeling that the match will have a definite outcome and there will be goals scored. The odds for this bet are typically not very high, but they can vary depending on the Multigoal range, as we have emphasized in our comprehensive guide. It's an ideal option for those who want to play it safe and still have the excitement of predicting the outcome and the number of goals in a match.

The successful outcome for the combination 1-2 + Multigol.

To provide utmost clarity on this specific wager, let's explore a few instances illustrating successful outcomes for the Multigoal + 1-2 Combo bet. Opting for the 1-2 Combo + Multigoal 1-2 combination will yield the following victorious scenarios:

  • 1 and 0; 2 and 0; 0 and 1; 0 and 2

In the event that you opt for the combination of Combo 1-2 + Multigol 2-3, you can expect the following triumphant results:

  • Two and zero; two and one; three and zero; zero and two; one and two; zero and three.

For that particular game, the mechanism remains consistent for all the other Multigol intervals. It functions in an identical manner, ensuring uniformity across the board.

Visit the Multigoal Betting section on PokerStars

The primary benefits of Combo + Multigol wagers

Let's now delve into the inherent benefits that these diverse Combo Multigol Bets bring forth, once we have thoroughly grasped their operational mechanics and functionalities.

  • The first major benefit of Combo + Multigol bets is the potential to substantially boost the wagered amount, particularly when the Multigol goal-range is limited.
  • If you're unsure about fixed signs, consider using Double Chance Combo bets as an alternative. This allows you to minimize risk while still having the opportunity to balance it out with a Multigoal bet at a lower rate.
  • By opting for Combo + Multigol bets, you can ensure that the quotes align with your desired level of risk. For instance, if you wish to avoid high quotes, you can place a narrow range Combo bet (e.g., Multigol 2-4) while simultaneously avoiding fixed sign bets through Double Chance.

When is the most opportune time to place Multigoal Bets?

betting multigoal

When aiming to place Multigoal bets, there are two main advantages to consider. The first scenario arises when you have the desire to predict events with odds that fall between 1.20 and 1.30. In such instances, it is recommended to opt for Multigoal 1-4 if you believe that at least one goal will be scored. This particular option proves to be highly effective during matches characterized by the following circumstances:

  • Predictions suggest that direct clashes rarely result in a goalless draw.
  • Matches between a top-tier and lower-tier team known for their solid defensive tactics, with the intention of keeping the goal count under 4.

Many bettors opt for a different approach when wanting to increase their stake while betting on Under or Over outcomes. In such cases, they often choose to place their bets on the reduction of the goal range, both in terms of maximum and minimum goals. This strategic shift allows them to elevate their investment while still focusing on the specific goal boundaries that they anticipate will be met.

Final result: Final thoughts regarding Multigoal Betting.

To enhance your Multigoal betting strategy, it is crucial to thoroughly analyze certain pivotal elements that can amplify your betting prowess. Primarily, there are five fundamental factors that demand your attention:

  1. Athletic Shape (i.e. the physical condition of the teams on the playing field)
  2. Technical Key (e.g. the quality of the teams)
  3. Modulo and Tactics (i.e. the game approach, offensive or otherwise, employed by the teams)
  4. Historical data on goals scored and conceded by both teams (statistics)
  5. The significance and worth of the game

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Frequently Asked Questions about Multiple Bets - FAQ

What do multi-goal bets entail?

Multigol is a particular kind of wager that relies on the cumulative number of goals scored throughout the entirety of the 90-minute match. Similar to the concept of under/over, but with specified intervals, Multigol encompasses a range of expected goal outcomes, ranging from 1 (1-3 goals, 2-3 goals, etc.) to 6 goals (1-7 goals). Additionally, Multigol, as outlined in the supplementary AGCO schedule, can be utilized in combination bets, whether they pertain to the home team, the away team, or specific segments of the match. For instance, the designation of 1-3 home indicates that the team playing on their home turf is anticipated to score between one and three goals.

What are the top-rated platforms for multi-purpose betting?

Our team at trendsnow has conducted an extensive analysis to bring you the finest bookmakers catering to this unique genre of betting. Leading the pack is LeoVegas, securing the top spot with its expansive array of markets and a myriad of multigoal odds. After meticulous evaluation, we guarantee that this esteemed bookmaker will provide you with an unparalleled betting experience.

What kinds of multigoals do AGCO bookmakers offer?

The Combo Multigoal, Away Multigoal, Home Multigoal, Second-half Multigoal, and Half-time Multigoal are the five diverse options offered by AGCO's complementary schedule for multigoal bets.

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