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Scorer wagers are widely favored among soccer bettors and stand as one of the most prevalent types of bets. Not only are they amusing and uncomplicated to comprehend (simply predict which player will score), but they also offer a competitive alternative for the seasoned bettors. Moreover, these wagers hold the potential to enhance the excitement and engagement of any match, making them an enticing option for both novices and experts alike.

One of the most sought-after markets on the top-rated betting platforms is undoubtedly the bets placed on goalscorers, owing to its widespread appeal. To shed light on this, let's dive right into the renowned bookmakers that excel in providing opportunities to wager on goalscorers. Without further ado, let's explore the five leading bookmakers in this domain.

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Together, let's uncover the hidden mysteries of marker bets, right here on this very page. Within this comprehensive guide, we shall delve into the fundamental traits of these peculiar wagers, decipher their intricate mechanisms, and explore effective strategies to mitigate their inherent risks.

Placing bets on football goalscorers: what is the process involved?

scorer betting

Placing scorer bets in football is a straightforward process. The concept is to choose a player who we believe will score either at any given moment or during the entire 90-minute match. Conversely, we can also select a player who we think will not be listed on the score sheet. When our chosen player successfully scores a goal, our bet will emerge as a victorious one. The procedure is simple, allowing football enthusiasts to engage in thrilling betting experiences.

Typically, when it comes to scorer bets, they are typically deemed legitimate solely within the span of 90 minutes of gameplay, specifically during the standard playing period. It is important to note that during overtime and penalty shootouts, this particular type of wager no longer retains its validity. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that such a rule can potentially differ across various bookmakers. Thus, our recommendation is to consistently and thoroughly peruse the stipulations and provisions pertaining to this specific type of bet.

What are the various categories of goal scoring wagers?

In the realm of wagering, a vast array of player betting options exists nowadays. This diverse landscape encompasses not only the goalscorers but also those who may face substitution or expulsion. Furthermore, individuals who excel at providing assists or those who might be substituted mid-match are also prominent figures in this sphere.

The scorer bets that garner the highest popularity are:

  • First Goal Scorer – Your task is to predict the player, out of the 22 on the field, who will be the first to score in the game.
  • Anytime Scorer (or minute) – Placing a bet on a player scoring at any given moment throughout the match (extra time is typically not included).
  • Last Goal Scorer - This pertains to predicting the player who will score the final goal in the match, which is similar to the initial point mentioned earlier.

Bodog, currently favored by Betting Trends, stands out as the premier bookmaker that provides an effortless and instantaneous platform for placing scorer bets.



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Among the numerous scorer bets available, there is a wide array of options that may not be as widely recognized as the previously mentioned three, yet they are steadily gaining traction among avid enthusiasts of this domain. The realm of new and renowned scorer bets encompasses a diverse range, with a few noteworthy choices being:

  • First Goal Scorer Decision – By definition, the options of affirming or negating are linked to the identity of a specific player, contingent upon whether an individual decides to wager on said player successfully scoring a goal or not.
  • Goal Method - Place a wager on the method by which a goal will be scored (such as a free kick, penalty, header, or from outside the box).
  • Wager on a football player who manages to score multiple goals during the game.
  • Achieve a Hat-trick – The selected player must score three goals (take note that if the player scores more than three, certain online bookmakers might consider your wager as unsuccessful).
  • Own goal – This market is entirely distinct, encompassing a significant element of chance. Generally, it is exclusively offered during World Cup games.
  • Combination wagers - These are accumulative wagers (combo) involving goal scorers (for instance, Wincast, Scorecast, and Timecast).
  • The Top Scorer Award is a traditional wager on the leading goal scorer, commonly placed on leagues like Serie A and major tournaments like the World Cup and the European Championships.

MyStakek has been lauded by our team of specialists as the ultimate bookmaker for an extensive array of betting choices specifically tailored to scorers. With an impressive repertoire of over 30 distinct bet types revolving around players and goal scorers, MyStakek emerges as the clear frontrunner in providing unparalleled options for betting enthusiasts.


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Examining the most favored wagering options on goal scorers warrants our attention. It is imperative to delve into these choices to gain a thorough understanding.

First Goalkeeper

One of the most prevalent betting types we will discuss is the First Scorer, which is the initial category of scorer wagers.

Betting on the initial goal scorer is a straightforward concept, yet it comes with a set of crucial guidelines to bear in mind. The fundamental premise of this market is that you are placing a wager on the player who will score the first goal in a match. Make sure to acquaint yourself with the significant regulations governing this market.

Bookmakers provide odds for every player who has a chance to be part of the starting lineup, ranging from the goalkeeper to the forwards, in the first eleven.

When it comes to goal scorer betting, it's important to bear in mind that although the fundamental principle of this market is straightforward, there are supplementary regulations that address common concerns. As previously stated, understanding these additional rules will help ensure a more successful experience in navigating the intricacies of goal scorer betting.

If, for example, the player designated for the bet fails to begin the match, one might wonder what the outcome would be. Should they be replaced during the game, or should the match result in a draw, the situation becomes even more uncertain. In essence, if the individual chosen as the First Goal Scorer does not participate (that is, is not summoned), it is customary for the bet to be reimbursed (although specific terms and conditions may differ based on the rules set by each bookmaker).

The swiftest goals ever recorded in the history of football ⚡
Player Match (Tournament) Time
Rafael Leao Sassuolo-Milan (Serie A) 6.2 sec.
Lukas Podolski Germany-Ecuador (national teams) 7.0 sec.
Joseba Llorente Valladolid-Espanyol (Liga) 7.2 sec.
Shane Long Watford is set to face off against Southampton in an upcoming Premier League match. 7.7 sec.
Neymar Brazil-Honduras (Olympics) 14 sec.

Last Goalscorer

One of the most favored wagers by bookmakers is the bet on the final scorer.

The final goal-scorer stands in stark contrast to the initial goal-scorer, barring a scoreless draw. Should such an outcome manifest, the wager will be deemed unsuccessful. The final goal-scorer indisputably refers to the player who manages to successfully net the last goal during the standard ninety-minute playtime. The final goal-scorer constitutes a form of bet that has been incorporated in recent times to inject greater diversity into the realm of goal-scoring wagers.

If, in the eventuality, the player upon whom the wager was staked is not summoned to partake in the match, the sum of the bet shall be promptly reimbursed to the player's gaming account. Nevertheless, should the player grace the field of play, even for a fleeting moment, the bet will be deemed as valid and shall be forfeited should he fail to score the ultimate goal.

Top Goal Scorers in Serie A
Player Goal Average
Silvio Piola 274 0.51
Francesco Totti 250 0.40
Gunnar Nordahl 225 0.77
Giuseppe Meazza 216 0.59
Jose Altafini 216 0.47
Anthony DiNatale 209 0.47

Anytime Goalscorer

One of the easiest and most favored types of bets among football enthusiasts is the goalscorer bet. It is not only the most straightforward option but also carries the highest possibility of winning.

In the context of this wager, the objective is to predict the player who will successfully net a goal during a match, irrespective of whether it occurs at the onset or conclusion. This particular betting category tends to be popularized in crucial encounters, such as European cup tournaments or Serie A fixtures, where a more comprehensive understanding of the participating players exists.

The World's Leading Goal Scorers
Player Goal Average
Miro Klose (GER) 16 0.67
Ronaldo (BRA) 15 0.79
Gerd Müller (GER) 14 1.08
Just Fontaine (FRA) 13 2.17
Pele (BRA) 12 0.86
Sandor Kocsis (UNG) 11 2.12


Let's proceed to the Scorecast, which is a less familiar type of bet for scoring.

In a certain match, the Scorecast bet challenges you to predict the initial or anytime scorer. Nevertheless, this selection is compounded with another wager, where you can opt for the 1X2 antepost or the Correct Score (or Multiscore). Choose wisely, as this dual bet adds an extra layer of excitement to your betting experience.

Getting involved in this type of wager can be quite challenging, there's no denying that. However, on the other hand, one must consider the potential returns it can yield. It is not uncommon to come across incredibly favorable odds in this particular betting market.

Top Scorers of the Champions League
Player Goal Average
Cristiano Ronaldo 135 0.75
Lionel Messi 120 0.80
Robert Lewandowski 73 0.76
Karim Benzema 71 0.56
Raúl González Blanco 71 0.49
Ruud van Nistelrooij 60 0.74

Achieve a double goal (or triple goal)

There is yet another scorer bet option that remains relatively obscure, possibly due to its inherent risk factor. Let us delve into this lesser-known avenue of wagering, which may not have garnered significant attention thus far.

It is quite clear from the title that this particular bet entails predicting the player who will achieve a hat-trick in a specific game. This betting choice is associated with a high level of risk, given that hat-tricks are rarely accomplished by players. Therefore, it is recommended to consider this type of bet only if one possesses extensive knowledge about the players' physical condition, the nature of the match, and the overall dynamics of the championship.

Codere, our top-rated bookmaker, stands out among the operators that provide this specific kind of wager on goal scorers.



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Next Goalscorer

During live betting, there exists a particular type of wager known as the next scorer bet. This intriguing bet allows individuals to place their bets while the game is still ongoing. Specifically, it pertains to the next goal that will be scored by either team during the match. Consequently, it is crucial to note that one can only select from the pool of 22 players currently on the field at the moment of placing the live bet.

Betting on the upcoming goal scorer undoubtedly adds an enticing element to the world of gambling. In this particular market, similar to other live betting options, the odds are constantly updated. This allows bettors to place multiple bets on a singular player, potentially resulting in multiple wins should the chosen player score more than one goal.

Yes / No marker

Let's now discuss the Yes/No Scorer, which falls under the category of the final type of betting on scorers that we will cover.

The simplest betting option among all those discussed in this article is to predict whether the player chosen by the bookmaker will score during a particular match. It comes down to making a decision on whether the selected player will find the back of the net or not.

If the game is not played by the player, the wager is automatically voided, and the bettor receives a full refund of their initial amount staked.

Top-rated bookmakers for placing bets on goal scorers

Let's now delve into the intricacies of scorer bets, examining their diverse forms and regulations in great detail. Following this comprehensive analysis, we shall turn our attention to the discerning recommendations provided by our esteemed team of experts, as they guide us towards the finest bookmakers for indulging in scorer bets.


We are excited to introduce our readers to Bodog, the leading betting site in the dynamic world of trendsnow. With a strong foothold in Canada, Bodog has been delighting users for many years. Established in 2006 as a global platform, it quickly made its mark in Canada, garnering an impressive track record of success. This renowned bookmaker has earned its reputation for providing top-notch betting experiences.

The bookmaker's name carries a remarkable reputation, primarily due to its frequent, enticing bonuses and promotional campaigns. These generous incentives are not only aimed at luring potential customers but also at rewarding and maintaining the loyalty of existing patrons. The bookmaker consistently presents its clientele with a plethora of exciting offers on a weekly basis.

Bodog stands out as a highly competitive sports betting platform in Canada, boasting exceptional odds. When it comes to scorer bets, this site reigns supreme in our region, providing bettors with an extensive array of options. From First Scorer and Last Scorer to hat-tricks, braces, and even scorer Yes/No bets, Bodog offers an extensive selection to satisfy any sports enthusiast's desires. In terms of variety and validity, few can rival the diverse opportunities and reliability that Bodog delivers to its users in the Canadian market.

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Codere, a bookmaker that may not be familiar to some, has successfully established itself in the Canadian market. Founded in Spain back in 1980, this betting platform has steadily gained traction in various countries, including Canada. Codere has gained immense popularity among enthusiasts of bingo, boasting one of the most cutting-edge gaming venues worldwide.

Codere's sports betting section stands out among its direct rivals, offering an impressive array of markets to cater to every bettor's preferences. Notably, when it comes to scorer betting, Codere truly excels, leaving its competitors in the dust. With options like First Scorer, Scorer Yes/No, Hat-trick, and Last Scorer, bettors are spoiled for choice, ensuring an exhilarating and entertaining experience, particularly through the exciting realm of in-play betting. Whether you're a seasoned punter or new to the game, Codere has got you covered with unparalleled opportunities to make the most of your sports betting journey.

Scorecast and various special markets associated with betting on goal scorers are incorporated.

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In the past decade, Bet365 has become a well-respected name in Canada, and our articles frequently highlight its outstanding reputation. The online platform was introduced to the Canadian market in 2007, a few years after its 1999 debut. Notably, Bet365 gained recognition through its extensive sponsorships in both Serie A and Serie B. The bookmaker has garnered numerous accolades over the years, earning titles such as "best operator of the year" and "best mobile operator" in 2016.

When it comes to market variety, Bet365 may not be the optimal choice for bettors looking for a wide range of options, particularly in terms of scorer bets. Compared to its competitors, Bet365 lacks diversity in this area, offering only a limited selection of choices such as First Scorer, Last Scorer, First Scorer + Exact Result, and Score First/Last. While this does not necessarily hinder the overall betting experience, those specifically interested in this type of wager may find other platforms more suitable.

An excellent advantage that garners praise from Bet365 customers is the live streaming service, which is provided free of charge to registered users. This service effectively enhances the involvement of all bettors in the game by granting them the ability to track live scores and decide whether to retain their initial wager or modify it as the game progresses. The live stream feature is highly regarded for its ability to keep users connected and engaged, ensuring a dynamic and thrilling betting experience for all.

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Discover one of the highly regarded new platforms for betting enthusiasts: Betaland. Established in 2015, this bookmaker may not have garnered the same level of achievements as its counterparts mentioned, yet it has successfully attracted a considerable number of bettors. Betaland has gained significant recognition through its renowned daily offers known as the "Happy Hour," which presents an enticing opportunity for punters to receive enticing bonuses on accumulator bets.

When it comes to placing bets on goal scorers, it is commonly seen in matches of great significance, like those held in the Champions League or Serie A. The reason behind this preference lies in the fact that bettors tend to be more knowledgeable about such markets, instead of blindly wagering on lesser-known leagues. Betaland offers a range of scorer bets, including First and Last Scorer, Scorer Yes/No, and Scorer and Exact Result, to cater to the diverse preferences of its users.

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In Canada, one of the most popular bookmakers that has gained immense popularity in a short period of time is MyStake. This website, which was initially designed for the casino industry, made a smart decision by branching out into the world of sports betting. The separate section dedicated solely to sports betting has proven to be a successful move. Undoubtedly, the reason behind its success lies in the irresistible welcome bonuses and unmatched odds offered by MyStake. It's worth mentioning that MyStake has managed to captivate the attention of Canadian bettors with its exceptional offerings, making it a top choice for sports enthusiasts.

When it comes to betting on scorers, MyStake stands out as the most comprehensive among the ones we have reviewed. What sets it apart is the inclusion of the Scorecast feature, where bettors can wager on the first scorer and accurately predict the final outcome of a match. The bookmaker offers remarkable odds for this type of bet, adding to the excitement and enticing bettors to invest more in their pursuit of a big win. With such enticing prospects, it's no wonder that MyStake garners significant attention from avid bettors.

Making accurate prognosis markers is undoubtedly a challenging task, entailing a considerable level of risk. Therefore, we strongly recommend individuals to solely engage in this endeavor when it pertains to championships or matches in which they possess extensive knowledge regarding the players and their current condition.

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Guidelines for placing bets on goals being scored

It is crucial to bear in mind that each category of wager concerning goal scorers is governed by its own set of particular guidelines, as we have previously observed. An imperative regulation to consistently remember is that goal scorer bets retain their validity solely throughout the duration of the game, which spans 90 minutes.

In the event that a specific match extends into overtime, or in the case of penalty kicks, wagers placed on the game will not be taken into account during this additional period of play. It should be noted, however, that certain bookmakers may opt to disregard this regulation and deem overtime play as eligible for betting purposes, excluding penalty kicks from consideration.

We strongly advise our readers to consult the terms and conditions pertaining to scorer bets on the bookmaker's website, as each bookmaker has its own unique set of regulations. It is imperative to familiarize oneself with these regulations to ensure a smooth betting experience.

What occurs if the player who scores goals does not participate in the game?

football betting

New paragraph: Many newcomers to the betting scene often wonder about this issue, as it is a common concern among bettors, particularly those who are just starting out and may still be unfamiliar with the intricacies of the betting world. However, there is no cause for alarm, as numerous bookmakers recognize the significance of this factor and strive to accommodate the preferences of different enthusiasts. Rest assured that you are not alone in your uncertainty, and that there are options available that cater to your specific needs.

Regulating scorer bets, it is claimed, involves varying terms and conditions according to each bookmaker.

Nevertheless, the majority of Canadian AGCO betting platforms adhere to this specific regulation.

  1. If the player for whom the wager is made does not step onto the playing field, the bet will typically be considered null and void, resulting in a full refund of the initial wager.
  2. If a player begins on the sideline and participates in the game, even if only for a brief moment, the wager will be deemed legitimate and can result in either a victory or defeat.
  3. An own goal does not count as a goal scored by the player on which the wager was placed (unless the chosen market is "Own goal").

When placing bets online, it is always beneficial to familiarize yourself with the distinct regulations of each betting operator. Usually, the "rules" can be located alongside the bet type during the betting process. By consulting the terms and conditions, you can ascertain the specific guidelines set by the bookmaker for marker bets. In addition, certain bookmakers may provide an option to cancel an ongoing bet, resulting in a refund of the wagered amount. Take advantage of these resources to ensure a seamless and informed betting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Goal Scorers Betting

❓ What do goalscorer bets entail?

In a particular match, scorer bets present a unique type of wager that challenges bettors to predict the player who will score the very first or final goal. By selecting the preferred option, bettors are tasked with foreseeing the individual who will have the honor of finding the back of the net first or last during the match.

❓ Which websites are considered the top options for providing this particular type of wager?

Bodog, Bet365, MyStakek, and code are the top bookmakers recommended by trendsnow for football betting enthusiasts who are experts in scorer bets.

Do overtime and final penalties count for goalscorer wagers?

For scorer bets to hold merit, it is crucial to note that they are exclusively applicable to the standard 90 minutes of gameplay, unless otherwise specified by the bookmaker. Consequently, any additional time or penalty kicks will not be deemed valid for this particular type of wager.

Are the own goals applicable for the First Scorer bet as well?

It's quite a frequently asked and intriguing inquiry that often comes our way. Naturally, when it comes to First Goal Scorer bets, own goals do not count as valid. In these instances, the goal is deemed to have been scored in the opposing team's net.

❓ What occurs if the selected player fails to participate or begins the game as a substitute?

If the selected player fails to participate in the game, the wager will be voided and the entirety of the funds will be returned. On the other hand, if a player initially remains on the substitutes' bench but is ultimately brought onto the field, even if it occurs during the closing moments of the match, the bet will be deemed legitimate. Rest assured that in such instances, your bet will remain active and eligible for potential winnings.

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