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Handicap bets, a prevalent form of wagering in the realm of betting, extend beyond football and find popularity in various other sports. It is worth noting that two prevalent categories of handicap betting exist: the Asian handicap and the commonly known European handicap (also known as the three-way handicap). To facilitate your handicap betting needs, we have curated a list of the finest bookmakers where you can confidently place your wagers. Explore the options below and make informed decisions to enhance your betting experience.

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What is the definition of Handicap Betting?

Curious about the meaning of handicap in sports betting? It's a frequently asked question for newcomers to the realm of online betting platforms. This market holds significant relevance in numerous popular sports worldwide. If you're just dipping your toes into the world of online betting, understanding handicap betting is essential. With its ubiquitous presence across various sports disciplines, it's crucial to grasp the concept to enhance your betting experience.

Handicap betting operates on a straightforward principle: bookmakers strive to level the playing field by bestowing the underdog with an additional number of goals, points, or games. This action is taken to balance the odds of victory between the opposing participants in an event.

Bookmakers often introduce a specific kind of bet when there is a noticeable imbalance between two teams, resulting in a remarkably low winning odd. In an effort to make this betting proposition more enticing, they provide a higher odd for the favored team, which must overcome a handicap or disadvantage at the beginning, and conversely, a lower odd for the underdog team. This clever tactic aims to level the playing field and create an engaging betting experience for enthusiasts.

Handicap Betting Explained: A Comprehensive Guide

To grasp the concept of handicap betting, let's delve into a real-life scenario. Picture this: Juventus is set to take on Catanzaro in a riveting Coppa Canada showdown, right in their stronghold of Turin. Considering their formidable reputation, it's no surprise that the Bianconeri are heavily favored to emerge triumphant. This is evident when we examine the odds for the 1 sign, which soar to an impressive 1.05 compared to the away team's staggering 30.00 for victory.

Bookmakers often face the challenge of attracting bettors when the odds are low. In order to make a potential victory for a team like Juventus more enticing, they may offer a handicap on sign 1. This handicap, such as "-3," carries much higher odds than the original 1.05. Essentially, it means that Juventus will start the game with a 3-goal disadvantage. By presenting this option, bookmakers hope to entice more bettors to place their wagers and make the game more exciting.

Similarly, it is not uncommon for bookmakers to provide a favorable position for the less favored team, such as granting Catanzaro a betting handicap of "+3." This implies that Catanzaro would start the game with a three-goal advantage. Let's assume we place a bet on option 2 with a +3 handicap. In this scenario, it is crucial for Catanzaro to avoid losing by more than two goals. If they were to suffer a defeat of three goals (e.g., 3-0 in favor of Juventus), it would result in a draw from the perspective of the handicap bet.

Asian handicap

In Canada, there exists a lesser-known handicap bet that merits our attention. As we delve into its intricacies, let us not overlook the Asian handicap, a widely favored wager in the realm of football. To illustrate the prominence of this type of bet, allow us to present an exemplar football match. Through this lens, we can gain a deeper understanding of the essence and popularity of the Asian handicap.

Imagine a scenario where Sampdoria and Milan are facing off at Marassi. The bookmakers present Samp as the favored team with a betting handicap of -1.5 goals. In simple terms, for this bet to be successful, Samp must emerge victorious with a lead of two or more goals.

Determining the worth of an Asian handicap wager follows a straightforward process: at the conclusion of the game, the Asian handicap is deducted from the total number of goals scored, specifically by Sampdoria (which is 1.5 goals in this instance). Should the outcome, subsequent to this calculation, continue to favor Sampdoria, the bet will result in a win. Conversely, if the result tilts against Sampdoria, the bet will incur a loss. The simplicity of this approach facilitates a clear understanding of Asian handicap betting and its potential outcomes.

Take, for instance, Samp emerging victorious with a final score of 3-1 as the game draws to a close.

  • 3 – 1.5 = 1.5

The bet has been won with a final score of 1.5-1, considering the handicap.

What if Sampdoria emerged victorious with a score of 1-0? In such a scenario, the following outcome would occur:

  • 1-1.5 =-0.5

The final outcome, with the handicap considered, will result in a score of -0.5-0, leading to a loss in the bet.

Bets on the Rossoneri's victory with a +1.5 goal handicap will be determined similarly. However, in this scenario, instead of deducting the handicap, it is added to the overall tally of goals scored by AC Milan.

Different varieties of Asian handicap exist in the realm of betting.

This bet offers an array of market options, with the Asian handicap being the predominant type. Diverse markets can be found within this bet, providing a wide range of choices for bettors.

  • Handicap-0.5 or +0.5: In this scenario, team A is considered the frontrunner by a slim margin. Consequently, team B is awarded a half-goal advantage prior to the final outcome. So, if the game ends in a tie, betting on team B (+0.5) would be a winning bet since they would effectively be leading by 0.5 goals. Essentially, if you wager on team B, you have two favorable outcomes: either their victory or a draw. In simpler terms, team B must avoid losing. Conversely, if you bet on team A (-0.5), you would only be content with their victory. If team A ends up drawing or losing, the handicap result would not work in their favor.
  • also known as Asian Handicap 0 or Draw No Bet, offers bettors a unique opportunity to reduce the risk of losing their wager. Draw No Bet In the event of a draw, a refund is given, eliminating it as a possible outcome. Betting on Team A with a "0" handicap in their match against Team B means that if Team A wins, the bet is successful. If a draw occurs, the bet is refunded. However, if Team A loses, the bet is lost.
  • Asian handicap 1 functions in the same way as +0.5, with the only difference being the addition of one goal to the team's final score.
  • Asian Handicap 1.5 operates on the same calculation principle as Handicap 1, but with the addition of 1.5 goals to the final result instead of just 1 goal. The key distinction is that bets placed under this handicap are non-refundable.
  • Double Asian Handicap: Due to the low scoring nature of football, bookmakers have introduced the concept of a double handicap, which splits the bet into two portions. Essentially, when placing a double Asian handicap bet, the stake is divided equally between the two handicaps.

Classic or European handicap betting

In contrast to the Asian handicap, the traditional or European handicap betting system exclusively provides whole handicap values, without the inclusion of half points. To illustrate, let's consider the highly anticipated Samp-Milan match, where we decide to place a bet on Milan to emerge victorious with a European handicap of +1. For instance, if the final score concludes with Samp's triumph of 2-1, our Milan bet would still be successful.

If Milan is given a +1 betting handicap, the outcome of the match will be a 2-2 draw, resulting in the loss of the bet. However, if the teams level or Milan emerges victorious, the bet will be deemed successful.

In the case of placing a wager on a European handicap draw (X + handicap), the triumph will solely be achieved if the aggregate tally, encompassing the handicap, ends up as a deadlock.

When playing with a handicap in X (-1), it implies that the home team is given a one-goal disadvantage at the start. To win our bet on a draw, the home team must emerge victorious but with a one-goal lead (e.g., 1-0, 2-1, etc.). The same principle applies when the away team is favored. Opting for 2H and predicting a sign of 2 with a one-goal handicap indicates that the away team must secure victory by a two-goal margin. This concept extends to other variations of handicap bets as well.

Betting on the handicap in football and other sports.

Handicap betting odds can be applied to various sports, not just limited to football, which is the most widely bet on sport globally. Several other sports also have handicap markets available. It is not uncommon to find bookmakers offering handicap odds for basketball, hockey, tennis, rugby, American football, baseball, and numerous other sports. These handicap bets offer an exciting opportunity for bettors to explore alternative betting options and potentially increase their chances of winning. So, whether you are a fan of football or interested in other sports, handicap betting can add a new dimension to your gaming experience.

In specific, we will possess:

  • In a rugby match, one of the teams will have an advantage in points, leading to a higher handicap bet compared to American football due to the unique nature of the game's outcome.
  • Golf betting at many bookmakers offers the option to place handicap bets on popular golf matches, such as adding +3 strokes.
  • In tennis, handicaps can be used for both sets and games. If the handicap is applied to the games, their total will determine the final result, which may not always indicate the match's true outcome.
  • Basketball teams will each receive specific odds and a pre-established point spread, either positive or negative, based on their status as favorites or underdogs.


Handicap wagering closely resembles standard 1X2 betting, but with a distinctive twist: the favored team receives a handicap of, let's say, 1 goal (or the underdog team receives a handicap of +). The primary objective of handicap betting is to level the playing field by allocating a suitable handicap to the favored team, thereby neutralizing their disadvantage against the opposing team. This ensures a fairer and more balanced betting experience for all parties involved.

When it comes to this particular category of betting, there are numerous AGCO bookmakers to choose from. Notable options worth mentioning include LeoVegas, Bodog, and 888sports. These bookmakers stand out due to their slightly higher average odds in comparison to many others. If you're looking to kickstart your betting journey with an edge, be sure to make the most of the exclusive betting bonuses provided by the bookmakers recommended by the trusted experts at trendsnow during the sign-up process.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ on Betting Handicap

What do handicap bets entail?

In the realm of sports betting, 1X2 handicap betting emerges as a close relative to the traditional 1X2 betting approach. The core distinction lies in the fact that the favored team is bestowed with a handicap, typically in the form of a solitary goal. The fundamental objective of 1X2 handicap betting revolves around neutralizing the inherent disadvantage encountered by one of the two teams. This is accomplished by ingeniously allotting an apt handicap to the team that holds the favor of public opinion.

What is the total number of football handicaps?

Football encompasses two types of handicaps: the traditional, also known as the European handicap, and the Asian handicap.

What sports offer handicap betting?

Football is by far the most popular sport for placing handicap bets. Nevertheless, this particular form of wagering can also be employed in tennis, basketball, rugby, and various other less prominent athletic disciplines.

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