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Among the types of bets, double chance bets are certainly the most popular among enthusiasts. How this bet works lies entirely in its definition: in a nutshell, with this betting strategy you can bet on two of the three results of the 1X2 market of a match, just like the classic double at Football pools. Depending on the choice, we will have a double chance IN and a double chance OUT. We will soon find out more about the double chance in out, but first let's take a look at the Top 5 Canadian bookmakers that offer this market.


Discover the Best 5 Bookmakers for Double Chance Bets

Discover five betting sites that perfectly match your requirements.
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It goes without saying that when it comes to engaging in double chance betting, the prerequisite is that the particular sport you are wagering on must possess three distinct potential outcomes predetermined in advance. These outcomes can include victory, draw, or loss, ensuring ample options for your betting strategy. In contrast to a conventional bet wherein you solely predict one of the three outcomes, a double chance bet allows you to place your wager on two of the possibilities, significantly enhancing your likelihood of triumph. However, it is important to note that the downside of this particular market is that the odds presented for the double result will naturally be lower than the standard odds for the single outcome.

What does Double Chance mean?

On this webpage, we will thoroughly examine the double chance betting market (commonly referred to as DC), which is a betting option applicable to soccer and other sports where there are three potential final outcomes. Particularly in football, matches will invariably conclude with one of these three results:

  • Home team victory (1)
  • Draw (X)
  • Away team victory (2)

Discover the remarkable betting strategy known as double chance, enabling you to place wagers on not just one, but two potential final outcomes. Delve deeper into this intriguing concept to unveil its hidden potential.

What is the definition of Double Chance in the realm of online sports betting?

We offer a fantastic opportunity to enhance your chances of winning with our double chance bets. These bets allow you to place your wager on two out of the three potential final outcomes mentioned earlier. By doing so, you significantly improve your odds of winning. Let's delve into the specifics of our three main types of double chance bets:

  1. Double chance IN or 1X- In this scenario, the wager is placed on either the home team emerging victorious or the match ending in a draw.
  2. Double opportunity OUT or X2 - In this scenario, the wager is placed on either the draw or the visiting team.
  3. Double chance IN/OUT or 12- In this bet, we place our wager on the triumph of either the home team or the visiting team.


You can explore various options when it comes to placing double chance bets. In addition to the standard double chance bet, there are other combinations (Double Chance Mix) and unconventional markets available. These include the Double Chance First Half or the Double Chance + Under/Over. So, if you're looking to diversify your betting strategy, consider exploring these alternative double chance options.

All betting markets that offer double chance options.

Let's now explore the diverse markets and their variations with some real-life illustrations, shedding light on this particular style of betting.

Double Chance 1X

Opting for this wager entails placing confidence in the triumph or stalemate of the host team. It's a cautious bet as it relies on supporting the advantage of the home team along with the dual outcome favoring the host side. This wager is also commonly referred to as an "IN" double chance. Allow us to provide an illustration using the hypothetical match between Napoli and Inter in the Serie A football league, with three theoretical concluding outcomes.

  • Napoli emerges victorious with a 1-0 win against Inter, proving the successful outcome of their bet.
  • Napoli 1-Inter 1: the wager pays off
  • Napoli 0 - Inter 2: the wager ends in disappointment.

Double Chance X2

Consider this alternative paragraph for the new website: Take advantage of a unique betting strategy that allows you to mitigate risks and increase your chances of winning. With the "Double Chance OUT" bet, you can cover two of the three potential outcomes in a match: a draw or the away team emerging victorious. By adopting this aggressive approach, you go against the odds of the home team winning. To illustrate, let's consider a hypothetical game featuring two renowned Italian football clubs, Juventus and Milan.

  • Juventus 1 – Milan 0: the wager proves unsuccessful.
  • Juventus and Milan draw 1-1, securing the success of the bet.
  • Juventus 1 – Milan 2: the wager emerges triumphant.

Double Chance 12

In the Seria A match between Milan and Roma, let's illustrate an example of the bet known as double chance IN OUT. By placing this wager, you demonstrate your belief in the triumph of either team.

  • Milan triumphs over Rome with a score of 2-0, securing the victorious bet.
  • Milan and Roma draw 2-2: an unfortunate wager
  • Milan's 1-3 defeat against Roma: the wager proves successful.

Double Chance Combo or Double Chance Mix

You can enhance your betting experience by choosing the top-notch AGCO bookmakers who provide the option to merge the double chance bet with various other markets, allowing you to enjoy more favorable odds and expand your winning potential. For instance, you can indulge in a combination of double chance with multi-goal, double chance with goal sum, or even double chance with under or over. This unique feature adds an extra layer of excitement and flexibility to your wagering strategy, letting you explore different outcomes and maximize your chances of success.

A blend of double chance and handicap creates an intriguing combination.

In or out, there are numerous ways to engage in the art of double chance. Introducing an added layer of intricacy involves incorporating a handicap that must be deducted from the ultimate outcome. The thrill of live betting amplifies the excitement of these predictions. The amalgamation of multiple bets is classified as a double chance mix. Let's explore an illustrative scenario to grasp the concept behind the wager Double Chance 1X + Over 2.5, using the hypothetical Capital Derby between Lazio and Roma as our lens. In this particular instance, we shall witness a captivating showdown, with both teams vying for victory while maintaining the possibility of a draw.

  • Lazio 2 – Roma 0: the wager is going downhill
  • Lazio triumphs over Roma with a 2-1 victory, proving the successful outcome of the wager.
  • Lazio and Roma draw 2-2: the wager pays off
  • Lazio 2-Roma 3: the wager is forfeited

We have outlined four scenarios to illustrate the outcome of the double chance mix bet. Let's begin with the first case, where Lazio emerges triumphant with a 2-0 victory. In this instance, the player successfully predicted the 1X double chance, but unfortunately, the over 2.5 bet did not materialize, resulting in a loss. Moving on to the second and third situations, both wagers prove successful, as the predicted outcomes align with the actual results. However, the fourth case proves to be a losing one yet again, as the accurate double chance would have been X2 or 12.

It is crucial to have a solid grasp of the mechanics behind this particular wager in order to excel in your gameplay. It is our steadfast advice, as per usual, to ensure that you are adequately acquainted with the team standings and outcomes, which can be conveniently accessed through the verified AGCO bookmakers that we highly recommend on Betting Trends at this very moment.

Exploring the Distinctions Between Draw No Bet Wagers

When you place Double Chance In Out bets, your winnings are guaranteed if either of your two selected outcomes comes to pass. On the other hand, Draw No Bet bets offer a safety net by ensuring that your wager is voided in case of a draw, but only if the final result aligns with your prediction. It is worth noting that the odds for Draw No Bet are generally more favorable compared to Double Chance bets.

Determining the favored choice is contingent upon personal interpretation and the situation at hand, evident from the foregoing. It is of utmost importance that you assess your own playing style, encompassing inclinations and patterns. By posing this inquiry to yourself, you will undoubtedly be heading down the correct path.

Where to place your bets: Double Chance In Out?

Canadian bettors, especially beginners, have a strong affinity for the Double Chance In Out market, which is widely prevalent in Canada. To assist you in your pursuit of the best bookmakers that provide this option, we shall now present a comprehensive list.

1. LeoVegas

LeoVegas is undeniably one of the leading enterprises in the industry, evoking a sense of nationalistic fervor. Notably, their inclusion of the Double Chance feature in our wagers serves as testament to their superiority. This progressive approach sets them apart from numerous competitors who seem hesitant to embrace new avenues. Of course, their true forte lies in the realm of football. In this regard, we proudly present an exclusive section on our platform: the fantasy match, where patrons can indulge in thrilling bets on their dream matchups.

The commendable efforts of the company are worth mentioning, although it would be an exaggeration to label them as revolutionary. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that these efforts pertain to two teams competing in separate leagues, with no opportunity for them to face off in continental cups. In such instances, it becomes imperative to specify which team will outscore their respective opponent.

Embracing the joy and delight of life, fearlessly venturing beyond conventional boundaries, lies at the core of our fundamental philosophy. In our pursuit of expanding horizons, we cannot overlook the profound attention we dedicate to the realm of horse racing. Undoubtedly, horse racing has captivated the bookmaker's imagination since time immemorial. The sheer magnificence of this sport is reflected in our generous offering, allowing you to place bets with a potential payout of up to 144 percent when you include 30 events on your bet slip.

2. William Hill

William Hill, a well-known name in the gambling industry, requires no formal introductions or typical pleasantries. Its reputation precedes it, especially among Canadian customers who have come to rely on the platform to meet their betting requirements. Among the various betting options offered, the double chance stands out as a popular choice for a specific group of bettors seeking a sense of assurance in their wagers.

The multitude of meticulously crafted promotions and bonuses are a significant source of fascination among the general public. It is clear that these initiatives, which have been carefully developed and continue to thrive, are the outcome of dedicated enthusiasts striving to ensure complete customer satisfaction. The availability of numerous payment methods adds an extra layer of convenience and accessibility. Most notably, this bookmaker offers an abundance of exciting opportunities to increase your chances of winning through a variety of combination bets.

When evaluating the mobile application, it is common to have a positive impression. Nowadays, the limitations of time and space that were once considered normal have become almost nonexistent. The presence of true commitment is a rare and unexpected quality. The double opportunity adds an extra layer of satisfaction, enhancing an already enjoyable experience.

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3. Betfair

You can discover Double Chance wagers both on conventional bookmakers and on the Betfair exchange. The primary objective of this service is to introduce the established British customs to Canada, while at the same time acknowledging and honoring the distinctive characteristics of the Canadian landscape. It's an impressive hybrid that adds a distinctive advantage to the overall offering, making it truly remarkable.

One of the remarkable features of this website lies in its user-friendly interface. It is worth noting that not everyone who frequents this platform is an expert or a seasoned pro. It takes time and patience to gather the essential knowledge and experience. The portal's ease of navigation and its unique style prevent any sense of confusion or detachment, making it particularly beneficial for newcomers. While the result may seem straightforward, it is the credit to the exceptional team behind the scenes, who are avid betting enthusiasts themselves and understand the interests of fellow bettors like no one else.

In today's highly competitive landscape, a crucial factor that sets businesses apart is their ability to adapt and evolve. The book, which originated in London in August 1999, played a significant role in pushing boundaries and striving for continuous improvement. The introduction of the double chance feature is a clear indication of the platform's openness and innovation, mirroring the revolutionary impact of the Betting Exchange on the growth and success of this prominent player in the online gaming industry.

Go to Betfair
4. bwin

From the very outset, Bwin acknowledged the importance of establishing a unique position in the market and realized that it would not gain the same level of recognition as the leading bookmakers. Nevertheless, the commendable quality of Bwin is unmistakable, surpassing expectations in many regards. While facing numerous challenges in carving out a place in the industry, Bwin exhibited remarkable insight and understood the necessity of creating a distinctive niche.

You should definitely give it a try, as the experience is incredibly diverse and worth experiencing at least once in your life. Just to give you a glimpse, globalization brings forth a plethora of events happening in every nook and cranny of the world. It also introduces unique and unconventional forms of gaming, accompanied by acceptance systems that are available round the clock, 365 days a year. One of the factors that make it even more enticing (which is explicitly stated on the official website) is the opportunity for a double chance. This particular option is offered by a select group of bookmakers, particularly within the Canadian borders.

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5. Bodog

The absolute pinnacle of sports betting, unrivaled excellence, is embodied by Bodog. Having meticulously scrutinized the plethora of corporations operating within this realm, our utmost contentment is derived from the product they offer.

With an exceptional level of expertise in various aspects, the platform stands out in its domain, encompassing a wide array of features including timetables, markets, odds, and bonuses. It is truly astounding when you consider the vast selection of 25 different sports disciplines available, offering an infinite range of possibilities for enthusiasts. Not limited to the conventional sports like football and basketball, it extends its reach to include more niche sports such as snooker, catering to a diverse audience.

Esports never fails to captivate us, leaving us in awe of its boundless potential. The sheer magnitude of games like Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive serves as a resounding testament to the industry's unwavering ambition. As a shining example of the thrilling possibilities that await, double chance bets in live mode offer a unique and exhilarating experience for enthusiasts.

6. 888sports

888sport stands as one of the premier betting platforms that excels in fulfilling the diverse needs and desires of its customers. Notably, its extensive schedule is a key feature that sets it apart. The array of disciplines covered is truly remarkable, with football playing a prominent role without overpowering the entire spectrum. Moreover, the range of markets available is dynamic and comprehensive, encompassing both traditional options such as straight results and handicaps, as well as innovative alternatives that aim to differentiate this bookmaker from others in the industry.

The promotions are truly praiseworthy, as is the remarkable generosity in the different types of bets that are offered. The buzz surrounding these offerings is only growing, and it's no surprise given the relatively recent introduction. It's safe to say that if things continue on this trajectory, we can expect to hear even more about them. As the saying goes, a good day starts off on the right foot...

When should one utilize the double chance strategy?

So, now that we have a clear understanding of what a double chance bet entails, let's delve into the optimal strategies for effectively utilizing this wager. When seeking the most favorable odds, one can employ various approaches to make the most of this market. The inherent advantage of having two opportunities to secure victory in a bet cannot be understated. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that double chance bets typically offer lower odds. Conversely, the potential for triumph is augmented, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Consider placing a double chance bet if you are confident that a team will not lose, even if you think they may win. This betting strategy is popular in football and can help minimize the risk of losing your bet. To familiarize yourself with double chance bets, try placing a few on reputable betting sites. If you are a first-time user, take advantage of the various betting bonuses offered by top bookmakers in Canada when registering on a betting site.

The pros and cons of utilizing the double chance strategy.

The popularity of double chance bets in football is undeniable. By covering two different options simultaneously, the chances of winning are greatly enhanced. This not only provides a sense of security but also minimizes the possibility of losing a game. However, it is important to note that the odds for double chance bets are generally lower compared to the traditional 1X2 bets. As a result, the opportunity to make substantial profits might be compromised. Nevertheless, the appeal of this bet remains strong due to its increased chances of success.

What we like:

  • Two of the three outcomes yielded valuable results.
  • The capability to merge the double chance option with additional markets
  • Increased likelihood of achieving the predicted outcome.

What's wrong:

  • Lower quotes

Now, with that being mentioned, the remaining task at hand is to give the double chance a shot by means of one of our esteemed bookmakers, namely Bodog.

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  • There is an extensive range of sports and markets available.
  • Quote Speciali

Calculating the likelihood of achieving a positive outcome when using the double chance strategy.

Mathematics and gambling are closely intertwined, even when it comes to the double chance betting strategy. To understand how to determine the success rates for this type of bet, let's delve into an illustrative scenario. Imagine PSG and Juventus battling it out in the thrilling final of the highly coveted Champions League. The bookmakers, keen on providing enticing odds, offer a tempting 1.70 for sign 1, indicating the probability of a victory for the French side.

With a winning percentage of 58.82%, Parisians have a 100/1.70 ratio. Consequently, the remaining 41.18% represents the likelihood of the double chance X2 or double chance out. In order to determine the actual odds for our double chance X2 (for instance, a victory for Juventus or a draw), we must calculate 100/41.18, yielding an approximate value of 2.40. These figures signify the authentic odds for the double chance out. Why are these considered real odds? It is because the margin that bookmakers typically impose on the odds (often around 7-10%) prevents us from discovering such precise probabilities.

In light of our conviction that Juventus possesses a greater likelihood of emerging victorious than the given percentage of 41.18, it would be prudent to place a bet on the double chance X2. By engaging in such a strategic move, bettors can capitalize on value bets that are rooted in fundamental and mathematical analyses exclusively.

Tips for betting on double chance outcomes

In matches where two teams are evenly matched, double chance bets can prove to be highly advantageous. It is common for the odds of a home or away win to be evenly balanced in such scenarios. Placing a bet on either team's victory becomes immensely challenging, especially when one team is not predicted to have a clear advantage. However, this is precisely where the double chance option can offer great utility, allowing bettors to capitalize on the potential outcomes twofold.

Discovering the top double chance odds: a guide to locating the most favorable options.

Today, you can discover a plethora of betting platforms that provide an array of markets and matches for the highly sought-after double chance market. Our team of experts has meticulously scoured the virtual landscape to pinpoint the most enticing odds for the double chance market, and we are thrilled to share that LeoVegas, Bodog, and 888sport emerge as the top contenders. Additionally, the internet is teeming with an abundance of blogs and tutorials that impart invaluable wisdom on how to navigate the realm of double chance betting, equipping you with the necessary skills to assess potential outcomes and calculate probabilities with utmost precision. By diligently analyzing and crunching the numbers, you can forge an impeccable betting strategy that entails a diverse range of wagers across various bookmakers. Unleash your inner strategist and elevate your betting endeavors to unprecedented heights!

Is it worth taking a chance on the double? This is the question that sparks debate among many, as every bettor's strategy centers around the potential for consistent profit with each victorious team we wager on.

Double chance bets provide a promising alternative for games that are evenly matched and have unpredictable results. The higher overall 1X2 odds make the lower odds on the double chance appear less disadvantageous. Football enthusiasts, in particular, can benefit from incorporating double chance bets into their betting strategies and multiple bets due to the widespread popularity of these types of bets. Such wagers can help level the playing field and increase the chances of a successful outcome.


If you're looking to minimize the risk of losing your bet and want to support the underdog team, double chance bets are the way to go. These bets offer a perfect opportunity to increase your chances of winning by combining the draw with either the home team (1) or the away team (2). While signs 1 and 2 are more commonly seen as final outcomes, the double chance option allows you to consider the draw as a valid alternative. Keep in mind that the X sign is less frequently chosen, but with double chance bets, it can give you an edge in your wager.

Football betting is widely regarded as the perfect medium to comprehend the intricacies of the market. As the universal sport for this genre of wagering, it presents an ideal opportunity for experts at Betting Trends to elucidate the subject matter. When considering the double chance odds, it is imperative to note that they will consistently be of a lower magnitude compared to conventional betting odds. However, astute selection of matches can ensure guaranteed winnings and a significant enhancement to one's overall gaming experience.

The top online platform offering favorable odds for double chance betting

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Double Chance FAQ

What is the definition of "double chance in out" concerning sports betting?

In the 1X2 market, the double chance feature grants you the opportunity to wager on two out of the three potential outcomes. This includes the Double chance IN or 1X, where you bet on the home team's victory or a draw. Additionally, you can opt for the Double chance OUT or X2, which covers the possibility of a draw or the away team emerging victorious. Lastly, there is the Double chance IN/OUT or 12, allowing you to bet on either the home team's triumph or the away team's success. By utilizing the double chance option, you can diversify your betting strategy and increase your chances of winning.

What are the top-rated bookmakers for placing double chance bets?

We have meticulously assessed numerous online platforms for sports betting, meticulously examining their assortment of markets and the competitiveness of their odds. In regard to double chance wagers, we have meticulously handpicked three reputable bookmakers that hold AGCO certification, namely 888sport, LeoVegas, and Bodog.

Is it possible to place a double chance bet in combination bets?

Indeed, Double Chance proves to be incredibly beneficial when it comes to multiple bets. By securing a double result in your favor, which entails lower odds, you have the opportunity to incorporate additional games into your multiple bets. Consequently, this enables you to attain higher multiple bet bonuses, making it a highly advantageous strategy.

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