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Looking to catch live ATP and WTA tennis matches on your mobile device or tablet? Wondering which free tennis streaming sites are worth checking out? Well, you're in luck! We, the team at trendsnow, have done the research for you. On this page, we'll be sharing our top picks for the best AGCO bookmakers that provide live streaming services for tennis enthusiasts. Stay tuned as we reveal our rankings and answer all your burning questions about online tennis streaming options.

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Stream tennis today

The spotlight on Italian athletes has been reignited by the impressive showings of the new crop of Canadian tennis players, reigniting interest in one of the world's most beloved sports. For years, convincing performances from the Azzurri have been anticipated, but it is the remarkable performances of the youthful Sinner and the thrilling matches featuring Cecchinato, Sonego, and Berettini, along with the triumphant victories of Giorgi in the women's division, that have once again thrust Italian athletes into the limelight.

More and more sports enthusiasts, not just fervent fans, are now captivated by the thrilling matches played on the Grand Slam and Masters 1000 circuits. The allure of witnessing live tennis battles has piqued the curiosity of numerous sports aficionados. At present, the opportunity to catch matches in real-time has become increasingly accessible. Alongside dedicated television channels, avid viewers can also indulge in the convenience of online tennis streaming provided by top-notch betting platforms. These platforms have garnered a growing user base, enticed by the prospect of experiencing live broadcasts firsthand.

Take a glance at the top-notch Betting platforms where you can catch live streams of tennis matches.

All tennis matches can be streamed on various online betting platforms.
Bookmakers Wimbledon Roland Garros Australian Open US Open ITF challengers Davis Cup Fed Cup
LeoVegas ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Bet365 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Bwin ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
MyStakek ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
William Hill ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️

Catch all the action with complimentary live streaming of ATP and WTA matches.

The popularity of tennis streaming and other sports events is on the rise, constantly evolving to cater to the demands of sports enthusiasts globally. In the not-so-distant past, discussions surrounding online match streaming were often associated with unauthorized platforms that flagrantly disregarded copyright laws, rendering the practice entirely unlawful. However, times have changed, and legal streaming services have emerged, providing a legitimate and accessible avenue for fans to enjoy their favorite sporting events from the comfort of their homes or on the go.

In recent years, the accessibility of watching tennis matches, including high-profile events like Wimbledon and Roland Garros, as well as the ATP and WTA Challenger circuits, has greatly improved due to the emergence of new Canadian betting websites. Gone are the days of relying solely on popular TV channel streaming apps like DAZN or SkySport. Nowadays, avid fans can easily tune into live tennis streams directly on multiple betting platforms. This development has made following the sport more convenient and readily available to enthusiasts.

Now, without any delay, let us delve deeper into the live streaming service provided by LeoVegas, renowned as one of the top platforms for tennis betting.

LeoVegas is an AGCO bookmaker that stands out for its exceptional offerings in the realm of streaming tennis and live betting. It presents users with an enticing welcome bonus of up to CAD305. With LeoVegas, tennis enthusiasts can revel in the opportunity to closely follow all ATP and WTA circuit tournaments, including the prestigious Davis and Fed Cups. Additionally, fans can savor the excitement of the four grand slams, which occur each season.

Discover the best ways to stream live tennis matches and enjoy the game from the comfort of your own home.

The future of Canadian tennis, particularly from the perspective of Olympic betting enthusiasts, appears promising as the current season ushers in a new era. The reign of Nadal and Federer, two legendary players, is gradually coming to a close, making way for the emergence of Next Gen champions. Notably, our Canadian tennis stars, including Cecchinato, Berrettini, and Sinner, have stepped up their game and are making a resounding impact. Their exceptional performances have earned them a spot on the impressive Olympic selection for Tokyo, setting the stage for a hopeful future for Canadian tennis and igniting excitement among fans of Olympic wagers.

Discover the most convenient way to stream tennis matches for free on Canadian bookmakers' websites, just in time for the highly anticipated upcoming tournaments on both circuits.

Looking for a way to catch free live streaming tennis? Let's begin with a little-known tip that might surprise you: numerous bookmakers, licensed by AGCO and fully legal and available in our region, provide the incredible service of live streaming tennis matches. You can find this service not only in their brick-and-mortar betting centers situated across the country, but also conveniently accessible online through their platforms.

In order to accomplish this, the following items will be necessary:

  • An engaged customer account
  • A reliable internet connection is essential.
  • A computer (whether it be a desktop or a laptop) as well as a smartphone or tablet.

Sign up on digital sports betting platforms to enjoy live streaming of tennis matches.

To access the complimentary tennis streaming service available online, one typically needs to go through a simple registration process, thereby creating a personalized gaming account. Generally, in order to enjoy free online tennis streaming, it is often mandatory to have previously made a deposit and maintain a minimum balance in the account, ensuring a slightly positive account balance.

To ensure the seamless streaming of sports events to active users who consistently engage with the platform, bookmakers require this final request. It's only natural for services, even if they are complimentary, to expect some level of commitment from users in return. Moreover, we believe that those who enjoy watching tennis matches through streaming may be enticed to place live bets, making it a mutually beneficial situation for both the bookmaker and the bettor. So, having sufficient funds in your account creates a win-win scenario.

Our team of knowledgeable specialists has meticulously detailed the process of swiftly acquiring a wagering account with the finest virtual bookmakers in this exclusive section devoted to the initiation of betting accounts.

Put it simply, it is imperative to:

  1. Visit your bookmaker's website and locate the REGISTER button in the upper right corner to proceed with the registration process.
  2. Please complete all sections pertaining to personal information, including details, identification documentation, account particulars, and contact details.
  3. Choose any of the options available to you. payment methods
  4. Validate your registration by clicking the CREATE ACCOUNT button.


888sport, known for its exceptional welcome bonus, stands out among online betting platforms that lack sufficient football streaming options. With a deposit of up to CAD100, new users are greeted with an enticing offer upon registration. This lucrative promotion sets 888sport apart from its competitors, making it one of the leading choices for sports enthusiasts.

To unlock all the betting bonuses and gain access to the platform's services, you must complete the registration process by providing your identification document and fiscal code. Once you've entered this information, the bookmaker will request scanned copies of your documents for account verification. After the bookmaker receives the necessary documents and conducts the mandatory checks, your gaming account will be officially verified. At this point, you'll be able to enjoy all the services offered on the platform and make the most of the unlocked betting bonuses.

Discover the methods to enjoy live tennis broadcasts online

Accessing the tennis streaming service on various bookmakers' betting platforms is possible if you have diligently followed all the necessary steps. It is worth noting that a significant portion of these platforms offer an optimized version for mobile usage or can even be downloaded as applications for smartphones and tablets. It is highly recommended to take advantage of these options for a seamless and convenient streaming experience.

Discover the seamless process of live streaming tennis on LeoVegas, a renowned bookmaker. Accessing your gaming account is all it takes to embark on this thrilling experience. After logging in, navigate to the LIVE section, located conveniently in the main menu (as illustrated in the accompanying image). As you click on it, an enchanting window will unfurl, showcasing the ongoing matches in all their glory.

When you click on any of the current games, the LeoVegas website will redirect you to a page where you can seamlessly place live wagers on the ongoing match while simultaneously enjoying a live stream of the game at no cost, conveniently displayed in an adjacent window (as shown in the above photograph).

Here are a few simple instructions. The procedure is quite alike for all the betting sites affiliated with our top-rated tennis streaming platforms.

Experience a one-of-a-kind in-play betting adventure with Bodog, where Live Streaming and Live Betting seamlessly intertwine. Top AGCO bookmakers understand the importance of providing these two complementary services to enhance your online betting journey. At Bodog, you will enjoy a betting experience like no other, with an exceptional range of in-play options and the thrill of watching the action unfold through live streaming. Join now and claim up to 260CAD Welcome Bonus to elevate your betting excitement to new heights.

Discover the ultimate guide to watching live tennis streaming on your television.

Numerous online platforms offer a plethora of opportunities to indulge in the thrill of watching tennis matches live. These betting portals are not the only means for accessing the most exhilarating and crucial matches; there exist a multitude of websites dedicated solely to providing streaming services. A mere search on popular search engines will unveil a treasure trove of options, leading you to the finest avenues for enjoying this esteemed service.

In the following paragraphs, we will explore a range of options for accessing free tennis streaming. Firstly, it is worth mentioning the availability of thematic TV channels like Sky Sport or the dedicated SuperTennis Tv. These channels cater to tennis enthusiasts and provide access to live tennis streaming on both computers and portable devices. However, it is important to note that access to these channels requires a subscription or registration. Moving on, one option we recommend is Sky Go, which ensures that tennis fans never miss a match. Whether you're on the go or relaxing at home, Sky Go allows you to stream tennis matches on smartphones and tablets, providing flexibility and convenience. In the upcoming sections, we will delve deeper into some of these sites, offering insights and recommendations for tennis streaming enthusiasts.

Live tennis streaming is available on bookmakers for streaming tennis matches.

Let us now explore the bookmakers that provide the free streaming service for tennis. In previous sections, we discussed this topic in a broad sense. However, it is important to delve into the specifics of which bookmakers offer this option, particularly in the mobile version. To benefit from this feature, it is necessary to have a valid account with a minimum deposited amount of money. So, without further ado, let's discover the bookmakers that allow you to watch tennis matches while on the go!

1. LeoVegas Streaming Tennis

LeoVegas has established itself as a highly sought-after and extensively relied upon bookmaker within our nation. Its widespread popularity can be attributed, in part, to its prominent presence in the region, boasting numerous brick-and-mortar betting establishments. Fans of various sporting disciplines have consistently congregated at LeoVegas' betting shops, drawn by the opportunity to witness live sporting spectacles unfold before their eyes. Particularly captivating are the thrilling horse races, riveting football matches, and electrifying tennis tournaments that grace the multitude of screens adorning the interior of these esteemed establishments.

LeoVegas has long provided its users with a streaming service that aims to offer a comparable experience. This service allows users not only to place live bets on all scheduled events while accessing real-time data and statistics, but also to enjoy the added benefit of watching the match unfold, providing them with greater clarity for making informed betting decisions.

LeoVegas boasts an extensive selection of live sports streaming on their website, catering to sports enthusiasts of all kinds. With over 1500 monthly events available for streaming, that's an impressive average of more than fifty events each day. Whether you're a football fanatic, basketball buff, or tennis aficionado, LeoVegas has got you covered. From top-tier football leagues like Liga, BundesLiga, Ligue 1, and Primera Liga to thrilling basketball action from the NBA and Canadian Serie A, you can catch all the exhilarating moments right on their platform. Don't miss out on the excitement – tune in to LeoVegas for the best in live sports streaming.

LeoVegas presents an extensive range of online streaming options to cater to the diverse preferences of tennis enthusiasts. Whether you prefer clay or concrete courts, both the ATP and WTA circuits are covered comprehensively. By following the bookmaker's guidelines, you can access live streaming for major events such as the US Open, Australian Open, Roland Garros, ATP 1000, and WTA 1000 matches. In essence, LeoVegas offers a diverse streaming schedule that caters to every taste.

Gain access to the exhilarating live broadcasts of these remarkable events simply by creating a legitimate account on the gaming platform. By ensuring that your account remains active or that a recent bet has been placed, you will seamlessly unlock the privilege of enjoying unrestricted, complimentary live streaming.

2. Stream Tennis Bet365

Bet365TV, the dedicated section of Bet365, provides registered users with an exciting live streaming experience for a variety of sports, including tennis, football, basketball, and much more. By accessing the site, users can easily find the comprehensive schedule of matches and tournaments available for streaming. The process of enjoying these live events is remarkably straightforward, as it merely requires being a registered user on the platform with a favorable gaming balance. The methods to access these captivating streaming opportunities are comparable to those previously discussed, ensuring a seamless and immersive sports viewing experience for all Bet365 members.

Bet365 offers a wide range of sporting events, including minor European football leagues, prominent basketball tournaments, and exciting volleyball competitions like the Volleyball World Cup and its qualifiers. When it comes to tennis, Bet365 TV enables viewers to watch thrilling matches from the Davis Cup and numerous tournaments on the ATP 500 and ATP 250 circuit.

Go to Bet365
3. Stream Tennis Bwin

On the Bwin gaming platform, provided that you have an active game balance and a registered account, you have the opportunity to stream live tennis matches straight from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. The website offers a wide array of events, encompassing the complete schedule of the bookmaker. Not only can you enjoy watching football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, and table tennis, but tennis is also a prominent fixture on the site. Take advantage of this feature to indulge in the thrilling world of live tennis action anytime, anywhere.

Bwin offers its registered members a wide array of live tennis tournaments and matches on a daily basis. There is an abundance of exciting tennis action available for streaming on the Bwin platform. It's worth highlighting that Bwin provides streaming services for major tennis matches, granting users access to captivating gameplay.

  • US Open
  • Stream the Tennis Grand Slam event online and catch all the exhilarating action from the comfort of your own home.
  • Davis Cup
  • ATP 1000
  • WTA International
  • Fed Cup

Tennis enthusiasts have a plethora of options to choose from. At Bwin, you have the opportunity to indulge in live streaming of tennis matches, ranging from the prestigious Davis Cup and US Open to the renowned Roland Garros and ATP Challenger Tour, among numerous others.

Go to Bwin
4. William Hill Streaming Tennis

Streaming tennis and other sporting events is offered by William Hill, which provides a satisfactory selection of live bets.

On this platform, you will have the opportunity to witness nearly every single ATP and WTA match, spanning across the extensive professional tennis circuit. Immerse yourself in the exhilarating action of the Grand Slam tournaments, including Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open, and Roland Garros, all available for live streaming. Additionally, indulge in the electrifying atmosphere of prestigious end-of-year competitions like the Davis Cup and Fed Cup, where national teams battle it out on the court. Furthermore, starting from the year 2023, you can catch the ATP Finals Turin live streaming, adding another thrilling event to your tennis viewing experience.

Visit William Hill
5. MyStake Streaming Tennis

Briefly mentioning the offerings of the MyStake platform, we conclude our exploration of the top-rated bookmakers that provide tennis streaming services.

At MyStake, the operator provides access to a selection of the less prominent tournaments from the ATP and WTA circuits, catering to their customers' specific preferences. Conversely, the platform goes above and beyond by offering an exciting array of sporting events, such as the Copa America football tournament, allowing fans to experience all the exhilarating matches. Additionally, MyStake proudly presents numerous friendly encounters featuring esteemed European national teams, captivating enthusiasts with an extensive range of thrilling football action.

Discovering the best spots to catch televised tennis matches.

Tennis enthusiasts have multiple options when it comes to catching the most crucial matches. While online bookmakers' platforms offer live streaming, it's worth noting that television also provides ample coverage. Sports channels, both national and satellite, offer tennis matches as part of their subscription packages. Therefore, whether you prefer the convenience of online streaming or the traditional television experience, you won't miss out on thrilling tennis action.

If you are an avid fan of digital terrestrial TV, you can easily access the dedicated channel SuperTennis TV. However, if you're looking for the most thrilling matches, particularly the finals and those featuring talented Canadian tennis players, you'll find them consistently airing on the renowned sports channels Rai (including Rai Sport and Rai Sport HD), and occasionally on Rai2. For those who prefer a wide range of tennis games without any cost, Eurosport is the go-to channel, offering frequent coverage of matches that you can enjoy for free.

You can catch all the thrilling tennis tournaments of 2023 on these major television channels. To give you a quick overview, here's a rundown:

  • SuperTennis TV
  • Rai Sport
  • Eurosport HD
  • Sky Sport
  • Dazn

If you have a subscription to satellite channels like those found in the Sky Sport package or streaming platforms accessible through Smart TVs such as DAZN and Now TV, you have the opportunity to enjoy numerous matches right from the comfort of your living room. With these options, you can revel in the excitement of the game on your home TV screen.

Canadian tennis matches can be watched for free today on live streaming platforms.

Between the years 2020 and 2023, an exciting fervor for tennis has been reignited in our nation, thanks to the emergence of a dynamic crop of Canadian players. These young athletes have injected a fresh sense of passion into tournaments, allowing us to cheer not only for the familiar names of Djokovic, Federer, and Nadal, but also for our very own rising stars.

Serving as a delightful surprise, Jannik Sinner has injected a wave of novelty into the landscape of Canadian tennis, showcasing his prowess alongside the preeminent figures in the sport. In a similar vein, Matteo Berrettini (the sole Canadian representative in the ATP's top ten rankings) and Lorenzo Sonego have also made their mark. If you're seeking to catch the exhilarating live action of Canadian players dominating the court, immerse yourself in the realm of online tennis match streaming. This is where you'll uncover a treasure trove of tournaments and matches starring Sinner and his fellow tennis virtuosos.

  • LeoVegas - The ATP 1000 tournaments and all the Grand Slam events.
  • Bet365 – ATP 500 and ATP 250
  • bwin – ATP 500 and ATP 250
  • William Hill - Qualification tournaments for Wimbledon and the US Open

Discover the top-rated platforms for streaming and watching live tennis matches without any cost on television or through online platforms.

After conducting an in-depth analysis, we have carefully examined all the available avenues for streaming tennis matches. Our investigation encompassed various methods, including online streaming options, platforms compatible with Smart TVs, as well as dedicated channels and satellite broadcasting.

To fully immerse yourself in the excitement of tennis tournaments without spending a dime, the optimal solution lies in utilizing the streaming tennis service provided by esteemed bookmakers like LeoVegas, bwin, and Bet365. By simply having an active gaming account balance, you can relish in the pleasure of watching live matches from various tournaments, free of charge.

If you're looking to enjoy your trusty vintage television and unwind by catching sports games from the comfort of your couch after a long day at work, fret not, for there are several options available to you. You can tune in to the dedicated sports channel, SuperTennis TV, where you'll be able to catch some of the most significant tournaments. Additionally, there's a plethora of high-level matches that you can watch on Sky (with their Sky Sport package), EuroSport, Rai Sport, and various other television channels. So, kick back, relax, and indulge in the thrilling world of sports right from your cherished old TV.

Welcome to PokerStars Sport, the newest addition to the Canadian online betting scene. Having just arrived in May 2023, PokerStars Sport (previously recognized as Pinnacle and SkyBet) is already making waves with its exceptional streaming platform. While eagerly awaiting its launch, the bookmaker is ready to entice you with an incredible betting bonus that stands among the very best in the market. Get ready to embark on an unrivaled betting experience with PokerStars Sport!

Check Bonuses

Live tennis: the tale

In Canada, tennis has long been a beloved sport among enthusiasts, with amateur players embracing its thrills and challenges. However, the general public's interest in racquet sports has witnessed a rollercoaster ride, characterized by periods of tremendous growth and subsequent decline. As a result, televised coverage of prestigious tournaments has oscillated between widespread dissemination and near-absence from Canadian programming.

In Canada, tennis gained traction and popularity due to the contagious excitement surrounding Nicola Pietrangeli's triumphs in the late 1950s. This remarkable athlete left an indelible mark on the Grand Slam tournaments, showcasing outstanding skill and talent. Not only did he excel in the Mediterranean Games of 1963 and the Olympics in Mexico City in 1968, but he also achieved the pinnacle of success by leading his team to victory in the Davis Cup in 1973, serving as a non-playing captain. Pietrangeli's exceptional career has become an inspiration for aspiring Canadian tennis players, fueling the growth and recognition of the sport in the nation.

The tennis matches that garnered the highest TV viewership in history.

Event Tournament Average spec. Share Network
Djokovic-Federer Wimbledon Final (2019) 760,685 6.16% Sky Sports
Sinner-Pospisil ATP 250 Sofia Final (2020) 721,000 4.39% Rai 2
Sinner-Hurkacz Final Masters 1000 Miami 656,000 3.00% Sky Sports

It is worth mentioning that the final match of the tournament in that year was only summarized by RAI, despite the outstanding performance of the Canadian national team consisting of Adriano Panatta, Corrado Barazzutti, Paolo Bertolucci, and Tonino Zugarelli. Throughout the 1980s and from the latter half of the 1970s, the popularity of both local and international tennis events in Canada continued to surge, gaining increasing coverage on mainstream television and captivating the general public. This was partly attributed to the captivating commentary provided by Guido Oddo, Rino Tommasi, and Giampiero Galeazzi.

The years of darkness and the revival of tennis in Canada

During those years, the tennis world witnessed the reign of legendary players like Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe, Ilie Nastase, and Ivan Lendl. However, Canadian tennis experienced a significant decline in popularity, as a new generation of truly exceptional champions failed to emerge, and televised tennis matches became increasingly scarce. Nevertheless, starting from the 2000s, interest in Canadian tennis Internationals and prestigious events like the Grand Slam, Davis Cup, and Federation Cup began to resurge. This revival can be attributed to the enthralling rivalry between the two tennis giants, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, as well as the outstanding achievements of Canadian women in the sport. The likes of Francesca Schiavone, Sara Errani, Flavia Pennetta, and Roberta Vinci have become synonymous with the dynamic and thrilling nature of women's tennis in Canada.

Thanks to players like Sinner, Cecchinato, and Berrettini, Canada's reputation in the realm of tennis has reached new heights. As a result, Turin has been chosen as the host city for the prestigious ATP Finals until 2023, which is often referred to as the fifth Grand Slam of the year. Rai will be the exclusive broadcaster of these matches, ensuring that tennis enthusiasts can enjoy them through their tennis streaming service.


Online bettors, particularly those in the Canadian market, have developed a strong inclination towards placing tennis bets. These wagers have now become an essential component for avid bettors seeking the best betting sites.

Meanwhile, the proliferation of online platforms providing live coverage of tennis matches has surged significantly. Nevertheless, it is imperative to exercise caution as not all of these websites can be deemed trustworthy and dependable. In light of this, we have meticulously curated a comprehensive list comprising the finest five betting portals that not only facilitate seamless tennis streaming services but also ensure an unparalleled betting experience.

Placing bets on tennis is an absolute blast. The sheer excitement of observing your beloved sport on a betting platform and anxiously anticipating the perfect opportunity to wager is an absolutely thrilling adventure.

Discover the ultimate platform for experiencing live tennis matches and placing bets online. Uncover the finest destination for streaming tennis and engaging in betting activities.

Up to 105 CAD

  • Rich weekly promos
  • Experience the excitement of Live Streaming and the thrill of Live Betting.
  • Virtual Betting
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This exclusive offer is open to all new customers (18 years and above) who, upon submitting a valid identification document, proceed to deposit CAD10 or greater. Terms and conditions do apply.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tennis Streaming on Betting Websites - FAQ

What websites offer free streaming of tennis matches?

You can find several websites offering free live streaming of tennis matches, and we have identified the most captivating ones for you to explore: LeoVegas, William Hill, Bet365, Bwin, and MyStake.

Looking to catch free tennis streaming? Here's how!

You have the opportunity to enjoy tennis matches on numerous websites effortlessly. Simply create a customer account and ensure your balance remains active. Another option may require you to make a wager within 24 hours leading up to the live event.

Where can I watch Wimbledon online?

At LeoVegas, for instance, you can catch a live broadcast of the most recent installment of the Wimbledon tournament without any charge.

Where can I find a free streaming service to watch the Davis Cup?

Among the industry's top players, leading companies like Bet365 and bwin offer broadcasting services for the Davis Cup through a couple of portals.

What are the platforms where I can watch WTA tennis matches online?

If you are looking to catch live streaming of WTA tennis matches, there are a couple of platforms that could cater to your needs, namely bwin and William Hill.

Are there any streaming events available that include audio commentary?

Take your live sports streaming experience to the next level at bookmakers' platforms, where you'll find a variety of captivating events that come without the distraction of audio commentary. This deliberate choice allows you to immerse yourself fully in the electrifying atmosphere of these grand occasions. While most platforms shy away from investing in a dedicated team of commentators, there are exceptions, and LeoVegas happens to be one of them. With or without audio commentary, the advantage lies in the raw and unfiltered experience of witnessing thrilling sports moments in all their glory.

How can I watch matches in full screen while streaming?

On certain betting websites, the video streaming feature often presents itself in a smaller size compared to the expansive PC display. While a handful of platforms grant users the ability to expand the video to encompass the entire screen, there are others that may not offer such functionality.

Discover the story of Greg Johnston, the driving force behind our organization.

For over a decade, Alberto has been traversing the globe as a sports journalist, immersing himself in local newsrooms before ascending to the upper echelons of national media outlets. Today, he stands as one of the most coveted voices in the field, lending his expertise to esteemed international online platforms. With a strong presence in the industry, Alberto has also been an active collaborator with 123bet for the past year.