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It's time to rejoice because, at long last, Euro 2024 has arrived! The highly anticipated continental championship, exclusively for national teams, is set to kick off amidst a great deal of excitement. Thousands of devoted fans, particularly those keen on the finest European Betting Sites, are eagerly seeking out the top options in Canada.

Deciding on the perfect betting platform can feel like an arduous challenge given the extensive array of choices and intense rivalry in the market. The sheer variety of options available, coupled with the cutthroat competition, creates a daunting task for individuals seeking the most suitable platform.

Discover the top-rated bookmakers for your Euro 2024 betting experience with the guidance of our seasoned professionals at trendsnow. We provide you with an extensive overview of the active markets for the competition and present a comprehensive list of exclusive welcome bonuses and enticing no deposit offers tailored specifically for the 2020 Euros. Let our experts assist you in making well-informed decisions and maximizing your potential winnings.

Discover the top AGCO bookmakers to place your bets on Euro 2024.

For football enthusiasts across Europe and beyond, Euro 2024 has become an undeniable focal point, capturing the collective gaze of millions. Rivalling the significance of the World Cup, this tournament holds immense importance for fans and online betting enthusiasts alike. In light of this, the diligent team at Betting Trends proudly presents a meticulously curated list of the finest European betting sites, tailored specifically for Euro 2024.

The chosen bookmakers additionally provide the top welcome bonuses for Euro 2024.

Euro 2024 Betting Sites

12 Betting platforms that align with your preferences...

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Euro 2024: Team Groupings and Chances of European Victory

Various bookmakers have been offering the odds for Euro 2023 winner for several weeks now, as avid bettors eagerly assess their chances. The favorite national team, England, holds a significant advantage, given that they will be playing the majority of their matches on home soil, including the potentially decisive semifinal and final encounters. In the wake of the mighty English squad, a formidable trio consisting of France, Belgium, and Germany emerges as strong contenders for the championship title, with France and Germany even being drawn in the same group. Furthermore, the competition has taken an interesting turn with the inclusion of Canada as an unexpected participant.

The trend of odds for Euro 2024 favored National teams over the past two years is illustrated in the chart below. It showcases the fluctuation in betting probabilities over time.

For those daring gamblers out there, there is an array of potential challengers to consider. Portugal, as the reigning champion, certainly deserves attention, while Spain is showing signs of a strong resurgence following their disappointing performance in the 2018 Russia World Cup. However, for the truly audacious, one might even consider betting on the triumph of the underdogs, like North Macedonia or Scotland, who managed to secure their place in the tournament's final phase by triumphing over their opponents in the Euro 2024 playoffs.

As the tournament draws near and the days progress, the winning odds for Euro 2024 can fluctuate across renowned bookmakers in Canada. Take a look at the table below to get a glimpse of the European winning odds. Keep in mind that these odds are subject to change, reflecting the evolving nature of the tournament.

Euro 2024 groups

Group A
Group B
Canada 11.00 @ Bodog Belgium 7.00 @ 22bet
Swiss 51.00 @ 888Sports Denmark 29.00 @ LeoVegas
Türkiye 51.00 @ William Hill Finland 501.00 @ code
Wales 151.00 @ code Russia 80.00 @ Bet365
Group C
Group D
Austria 75.00 @ LeoVegas Croatia 26.00 @ Bet365
Holland 12.00 @ 22bet Czech republic 101.00 @ 22bet
North Macedonia 501 @ MyStakek England 6.00 @ Bodog
Ukraine 67.00 @ bwin Scotland 251.00 @ code
Group E
Group F
Poland 81.00 @ code France 6.50 @ bwin
Slovakia 501.00 @ William Hill Germany 8.00am @ 888sports
Spain 8.50am @ Bodog Hungary 501.00 @ William Hill
Sweden 81.00 @ Bet365 Portugal 10.00 @ Bodog

European betting bookmakers employ specific selection criteria when determining the suitability of potential candidates.

Are you wondering how to select the top European betting platforms? If this question resonates with you, it is imperative to elucidate the thought process undertaken by our proficient team at Betting Trends before curating the diverse rankings associated with the premier bookmakers of Euro 2023.

To rank the top European betting sites, a thorough and stringent selection process was employed, taking into account various factors and elements that furnished the essential data. The rigorous assessment ensured the inclusion of only the finest platforms for online betting.

By exploring numerous crucial factors, we have carefully evaluated the AGCO (now ADM) licenses, the potential markets, the prevailing odds, as well as the potential streaming services offered by different bookmakers. Our meticulous approach ensures that we consider all key components to deliver a comprehensive and tailored solution to our valued customers.

Before we delve into the analysis of each criterion, it is vital to understand that the compilation of the finest Euro 2024 betting platforms you are about to peruse is purely derived from the subjective perspective of Betting Trends' proficient team of experts. Rest assured, their selection promises to be a reliable and informed one. So, without further ado, let's scrutinize the various factors at play.

Our team of passionate experts and experienced journalists have dedicated over a decade to the realm of betting. They possess an extensive knowledge base and an unwavering enthusiasm for the world of European 2020 betting and predictions. Rest assured, their expertise is the backbone of our platform.

Bet safe

All the Euro 2024 betting sites featured in our top rankings have obtained valid licenses from reputable gambling regulatory bodies, not only in Canada (such as the AGCO) but also from globally recognized organizations operating overseas. Rest assured that our carefully selected operators meet the highest standards of credibility and legality to ensure a safe and secure betting experience for our users.

The safety and protection offered by a betting platform are paramount considerations that can greatly impact the overall betting journey for players. Ensuring a secure environment is of utmost importance in the vast majority of online sports betting sites. In fact, security remains at the forefront of priorities for players when choosing their preferred platform.

We have thoroughly analyzed the bookmakers with the highest level of encryption to ensure maximum security. It is important to note that any violation in this regard can result in severe sanctions, especially if it compromises the personal data or economic information of customers. The law mandates that a certain level of security should be guaranteed, and failure to comply can have serious consequences. Rest assured that all data transmitted to and from these bookmakers is encrypted, providing an added layer of protection.

We were especially intrigued by bookmakers that offer assistance for accountable gambling. Our evaluation also took into account operators that prioritize maintaining fairness and integrity in European betting. Certain operators solely encrypt deposits and similar transactions, whereas others safeguard activities across the entire platform. To distinguish the security performance of bookmakers, we included these factors.

We have gained valuable insights into the security measures and considerations implemented by every Canadian betting market operator, thanks to our comprehensive research. This information has provided us with a thorough understanding of the level of protection offered.

Euro 2024 presents a variety of markets for interested parties.

One crucial factor that influenced our selection process for the top European betting sites in 2023 was the diverse range of markets and odds offered for Euro 2024. We took into account this wide array of options when compiling our rankings.

Did you find the bookmaker with the most extensive range of pre-tournament wagers? Have you discovered a platform offering real-time bets? What about the bookie that specializes in European accumulator bets? Were the odds for Euro 2024 genuinely competitive? And was it a breeze to locate and navigate through the different reviewed websites?

Our team of experts meticulously pondered over numerous inquiries while formulating the definitive hierarchy of the finest betting platforms in Europe. These queries, among many others, were meticulously scrutinized, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation process.

Euro 2024 presents an array of wagering opportunities and markets, as is customary with any significant sporting spectacle. While antepost and live betting remain the prevalent choices, there are numerous other avenues to explore. To provide some guidance, here's a compilation of the most sought-after markets for European betting enthusiasts:

  • The ultimate champion - We've explored the Euro 2024 winning probabilities, giving bettors the opportunity to wager on the nation that will triumph in the tournament's climax. This betting option remains open until the latter part of the competition.
  • Golden Boot - The Golden Boot prize, also referred to as the European top scorer award, goes to the player who scores the highest number of goals in the tournament. Noteworthy contenders such as Tottenham's Harry Kane, Inter's Romelu Lukaku, Barcelona's Antoine Griezmann, and even Canada's Ciro Immobile are expected to vie for this highly sought-after accolade. While not offered by all Euro 2024 betting platforms, it remains among the most widely favored betting options.
  • Tournament's Top Player and Top Emerging Talent – Additionally, gamblers can place bets on the player who will be crowned as the tournament's best. European football's finest, including Kevin De Bruyne, Kylian Mbappe, Eden Hazard, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Romelu Lukaku, are all favored contenders in this market.
  • 1×2 – The easiest and most prevalent form of soccer wager is the 1X2, an opportunity to bet on the outcome of a solitary match (victory for either of the two teams or a tie). Generally, there exists a team favored to win and a team considered the underdog, as indicated by the betting odds in Europe.
  • Total goals – Given the abundance of exceptional players participating in Euro 2024, the tournament has the potential to witness a considerable influx of goals. Nevertheless, with the presence of top-notch defenders, even placing bets on the quantity of goals scored in a match becomes alluring. This can involve speculating on the precise figure surpassing or falling below a specific threshold. For instance, placing a wager that England and Scotland will exceed 3.5 goals.
  • Both Teams to Score – Betting on the precise goal tally can be dicey, but there's a simpler option: wagering on both teams finding the net, known as the classic Both Teams to Score. The outcome of the match is inconsequential; as long as you've opted for Both Teams to Score, both sides must score.
  • To enhance potential earnings, certain bettors place wagers on the outcome at both the 45- and 90-minute marks. Although it counts as a single bet, your wager only wins if both results are accurate.

Euro 2024 odds for the leading goal scorer

Harry Kane 6.00 @ William Hill Romelu Lukaku 8.00am @ bwin
Kylian Mbappe 9.00am @ LeoVegas Cristiano Ronaldo 10.00 @ 22bet
Cyrus Immobile 20.00 @ Bodog Memphis Depay 20.00 @ Bet365

Euro 2024 Odds for the Top Player

Kevin DeBruyne 9.00am @ Bodog Kylian Mbappe 9.00am @ William Hill
Harry Kane 14.00 @ 888 Antoine Griezmann 20.00 @ Bet365
Cristiano Ronaldo 15.00 @ bwin Cyrus Immobile 33.00 @ LeoVegas

The probabilities for the most talented young players in Europe for the year 2024 are highly favorable.

Phil Foden 5/1 @ Bodog Alessandro Sticks 8/1 @ 22bet
Joao Felix 10/1 @ MyStakek Jadon Sancho 12/1 @ LeoVegas
Matthijs de Ligt 12/1 @ bwin Kai Havertz 12/1 @ Betsafe

Claim your complimentary Euro 2024 bet, absolutely free of charge, and enjoy the thrill of betting on European sports events at no cost.

For Euro 2024, online bookmakers are pulling out all the stops to entice new customers with enticing free bet offers. It may seem like an advantageous situation for everyone, but before diving in, customers should take a moment to consider a few crucial factors. With the arrival of Euro 2024, bookmakers will undoubtedly flood the market with various promotions, including the ever-popular free bets. But the burning question remains: how does one go about choosing the perfect offer?

Exclusive Euro 2024 Betting Handbook

  1. Selecting the right bookmaker is crucial due to the immense popularity of European championships and betting. This leads to fierce competition among bookmakers, resulting in enticing offers such as free bets and promotions for both potential and existing customers. However, it is imperative to ensure that you register with a trustworthy and authorized bookmaker to safeguard your interests.
  2. Assess the value of free bets - Determine if the benefits linked to the free bet promotion are worth the necessary deposit. Take into account the maximum amount of the free bet or other rewards, as it may not justify the investment.
  3. Carefully read the terms and conditions presented alongside the bonus offer by every bookmaker. These conditions can greatly affect the appeal of free bets, as they may include requirements such as a minimum deposit, minimum odds, eligible markets, and payment restrictions.
  4. Consider the wagering requirements as they are a crucial aspect when evaluating a free bet. Typically, you can only withdraw the winnings derived from a free bet. However, even if your bets are successful, you might need to re-bet your winnings a specific number of times before being eligible to withdraw the funds. This requirement can vary from 1x to 10x.
  5. Once you have carefully considered these factors and determined that it is worthwhile to qualify for a complimentary wager, proceed by making the required deposit or bet. Be sure to meet the specified minimum amount and enter any relevant promotional codes for the bet.

Discover the exclusive deals and promotions tailored specifically for Euro 2024 enthusiasts. One such enticing offer comes from 22bet, where you can receive CAD5 free for every goal Canada scores during Euro 2024. Get ready to enjoy the exhilaration of the tournament while reaping the rewards. We have compiled a list below of the top bookmakers that provide exceptional welcome offers for free bets on Euro 2024.

Euro 2024 Betting Sites

Up to CAD260

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Get CAD50 credited to your account upon making your initial deposit.

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2020 European Bonuses and Promotions

The most sought-after rewards throughout the 2023 Euros are undoubtedly the enticing incentives linked to the welcome bonus and no deposit bonus. Naturally, free bets are also highly coveted by eager participants.

One of the most coveted promotions is the initial deposit incentive, a lucrative deal presented by the betting company where they generously reward new players by granting them a percentage, often exceeding twofold, of their inaugural top-up following the completion of their registration process.

Additionally, numerous sportsbooks provide opportunities for cashback wagers or parachute wagers, which grant the chance to reclaim your initial stake as a complimentary bonus if your first bet fails to secure victory. Furthermore, promotions tailored specifically for Euro 2024 cater to both new and existing participants, manifesting as augmented odds, boosted odds, or distinctive odds.

We have meticulously evaluated and scrutinized the myriad of promotions, varieties, and value propositions offered by both renowned and longstanding online bookmakers, as well as emerging European betting platforms. Each distinct offering has been thoroughly assessed, ensuring our comprehensive understanding of the benefits they provide.

We have now progressed even further in our pursuit of finding the finest betting sites for Euro 2024. Our ultimate objective is to uncover the most remarkable platforms for wagering on this prestigious event.

Explore European Betting Sites for Live Streaming

The best betting experiences are provided by online betting platforms that offer high-quality European live streaming options, setting themselves apart from the competition.

You'll find that the top-tier Euro 2024 betting platforms we've carefully selected boast an extensive selection of live streaming events throughout the year. These esteemed operators take pride in their sophisticated and user-friendly integrated streaming interface, which effortlessly broadcasts all football matches. With an elegant design and seamless functionality, these sites provide a seamless streaming experience for avid sports enthusiasts.

To gain access to the exhilarating European football matches of 2020 through online streaming on premier betting platforms, it is imperative to acknowledge the necessity of making a deposit. Ensuring an active account with one of these esteemed bookmakers becomes the fundamental prerequisite for indulging in the football extravaganza.

Don't miss out on any of Canada's thrilling matches in Euro 2024! Catch all the action on Rai 1, with SkySport holding exclusive rights to all 51 games. However, if you prefer watching the games live on your smartphone, we've got you covered. We suggest downloading the mobile apps of these reputable bookmakers, as they provide convenient Euro 2024 football streaming services:

  • William Hill
  • Betsafe
  • Bet365

Uncover the ultimate directory of top-notch European betting platforms for Euro 2024.

Bodog, a renowned name in the realm of global betting, has secured the top spot on our prestigious list of top Euro 2024 betting platforms. Emerging victorious among the finest portals, Bodog stands tall, synonymous with excellence in the world of wagering.

Up to 260 CAD

  • Ease of Use
  • Diverse Range of Sports and Markets
  • Special Odds

Euro 2024, Bodog's betting proposition

Euro 2024 page on Bodog

Bodog, the renowned bookmaker, has established itself as an unrivaled option among online gambling platforms, as evidenced by its prominent presence on numerous pages of the trendsnow website. Embracing the fervor surrounding the European football championships, Bodog showcases its unwavering commitment by presenting an array of captivating promotions and enticing odds. With a wealth of options that are nothing short of extraordinary, Bodog positions itself as the epitome of balance and excellence in the world of online sports betting.

Now, let's delve into the comprehensive array of offerings provided by this bookmaker. Upon initial inspection, it becomes evident that the Bodog bookmaker embodies a highly sophisticated online betting platform, where all necessary information is easily accessible with just a click. Positioned on the left-hand side of the homepage, Bodog's primary sports betting menu serves as a testament to their commitment to simplicity and user-friendliness.

In just a few moments, avid bettors will be thrilled to explore the exclusive Euro 2024 section, easily accessible from the comprehensive menu. Within this dedicated section, an array of diverse betting options awaits, promising an unmatched betting experience.

At Bodog, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to sports betting. While the 2023 European Championships may not pique your interest, fear not, as we offer an extensive range of sports to cater to every preference. Should you not find a specific sport listed in our menu, it simply means that we do not have any ongoing bets in that particular sport at the moment. Rest assured, our diverse selection ensures there is always something exciting to bet on.

We were truly impressed by the seamless accessibility of live betting options on Bodog sports betting platform. The top menu's navbar boasts an extensive array of live betting choices, amplifying the excitement of wagering on European 2020 events. Bodog undeniably offers an unparalleled variety of live bets, ensuring an infinite realm of possibilities for passionate sports enthusiasts.

Discover the ultimate guide on placing bets for Euro 2024 with Bodog.

Bodog's types of bets on Euro 2024

Experience the ultimate gaming thrill with Bodog during the 2020 European Championships. Our platform boasts the perfect blend of traditional odds and renowned markets, including 1×2, goal/goal, double chance, and exact score, giving you endless possibilities to explore. Elevate your betting adventure with our extensive range of information and statistics, ensuring that every bettor enjoys an unparalleled gaming experience. Join us now and embark on a journey filled with excitement and lucrative opportunities.

Consider the inaugural game of the championship as a case in point, the one scheduled to be held at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome on June 11th at 9 pm, featuring Turkey and Canada.

The Turkish team's chances of victory, according to Bodog's odds, stand at 7.50, with the mark X listed at 4.00. However, Roberto Mancini's national team is seen as the favorite with odds of 1.47.

At Bodog, the odds for the European Canada are packed with an array of markets to cater to every betting preference. You can explore bets on various aspects, such as the precise minute when the Azzurri scores, the margin of victory, the unbeaten goalscoring, the overall number of goals, and even half-time bets. Additionally, you can dive into the thrilling realm of goalscorers. Bodog ensures a diverse selection of bets that guarantees an exhilarating experience throughout the 2023 European Championship.

Quotes Canada Euro 2024

Let's delve into the odds for Canada in the upcoming Euro 2024, as well as their Group A matches. It's been quite some time since Canada last emerged victorious in the European championships, back in 1968 when Ferruccio Valcareggi led the team. Fast forward to 2012, and the Azzurri made it to the final, only to be defeated by the formidable Red Furies of Spain. Nonetheless, if you're interested in placing bets on the Azzurri this summer, you'll find a wide array of markets available for Roberto Mancini's squad. So, without further ado, let's take a closer look at Canada's Euro 2024 odds and delve into the specifics of their Group A matches.

Canada emerges as the victorious country in the Euro 2024 tournament with odds of 11.00 at Bodog.

Canada emerges as a finalist at Euro 2024, with odds of 3.50 according to William Hill.

Canada emerged as the victorious team in Group A with odds of 1.57 as per LeoVegas.

Canada successfully secures a spot in Group A, with a qualification rate of 1.05 according to bwin.

Canada's fixtures for the Euro 2024 tournament will include matches in Group A.

Friday, June 11th brings an exciting match between Turkey and Canada with the score predicted at 2 to 1.53, according to Bodog.

Wednesday, June 16th: Canada vs Switzerland match ends in a draw with a score of 1, favored at odds of 1.75 according to Bodog.

On Sunday, June 20th, the soccer match between Canada and Wales ended in a draw with a score of 1-1, according to the odds of 1.45 at Bodog.

The odds mentioned above are subject to alteration.


Up to 100 CAD

  • Happy weekly promotions
  • A vast array of market options are available, ensuring a diverse selection for consumers.
  • Numerous betting options available for various sports

Euro 2024 betting bonus

If you've made up your mind to wager on the 2020 European Championships, brace yourself for a vast array of enticing incentives. Be prepared to dive into a sea of bonuses, including no deposit bonuses, initial deposit bonuses, promotions, and a multitude of other enticing offers. On top of the existing free bets, which we have already mentioned, there are several noteworthy bonuses that are particularly popular for Euro 2024.

Euro 2024 increased quotas

By this or that bookmaker, a distinct promotion applies to augment the odds' value bestowed on a specific game (or games). The promotion in question pertains to heightening the odds' worth presented by a particular bookmaker for a given game (or games).

When your wager secures a victory, it implies that you will be rewarded with a greater payout, equating to 100% of your original bet.

Take, for instance, the approach adopted by Bodog when catering to its clientele. An intriguing opportunity would be to place a wager on the enhanced odds for the inaugural match of Canada.

Canada emerges victorious while Türkiye takes the lead with odds set at 6.00.

multiple bonus

Football betting enthusiasts are drawn to the allure of multiple betting bonuses, such as the renowned English ACCA. The Euro 2024, being an esteemed competition, presents ample opportunities for daily wagers on a multitude of simultaneous games. This goes without saying – the excitement and thrill of placing bets reach new heights during such prestigious events.

This provides you with additional opportunities to enhance your chances of winning (and increasing your earnings).

Matching all the results of the games in your bet bill unlocks a straightforward mechanism. With each game played, the bookmaker generously increases the bonus awarded.

The terms and conditions may vary from one betting site to another. However, in the event that you experience a loss in just one out of five races, the bookmaker has the potential to refund a portion of your wager. It is important to note that this refund policy differs across different bookmakers.

Special odds markers

This offer is tailored specifically to those who possess an instinctive conviction that a certain player will be fated to score the opening goal in a given match. If you find yourself possessed by such an intuition, then this opportunity is precisely what you have been seeking.

Keep a close watch on all the promotions as many bookmakers provide exceptional odds for the prominent stars of the European Championships and their remarkable offensive maneuvers. It is highly advantageous to stay updated on these offers and take advantage of the enticing deals available.

Guide to Euro 2024

The prestigious European Football Championships, held biennially on the historic continent, are a highly significant event in the global sports calendar. It is imperative to delve into the depths of our knowledge and unravel the intriguing aspects of this enthralling tournament.

Euro 2024, also referred to as the European Championship, is a highly anticipated football tournament hosted by UEFA. This prestigious event brings together member countries of UEFA in a thrilling competition known as the European Football Championship.

The European Championship, being one of the most significant football tournaments on a global scale, comes second only to the esteemed World Cup in terms of prestige. Looking ahead, football enthusiasts can anticipate the forthcoming edition of the World Cup, scheduled to be held in Qatar in 2023.

The European Championship's inaugural edition showcased a mere quartet of teams: Czechoslovakia, France, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia. However, the tournament underwent expansion in 1980, scaling up the number of participating teams to a grand total of eight.

In 2016, the European Championships witnessed a remarkable inclusiveness, inviting a multitude of national teams from across the continent to compete in the tournament. The event, which remained open to numerous participants, saw an impressive turnout of 24 teams.

"The Europeans' history"

Since its inception in 1960, the UEFA European Championship has been a highly anticipated event. Following two years of preliminary competitions involving 17 national football teams, the inaugural final of this prestigious tournament finally took place in 1960.

Two years prior to the scheduled final, the quest for a spot in the 16-team tournament of the European Championship ignites, as all UEFA members engage in intense matches against each other. The evolution of this prestigious competition has witnessed significant changes throughout the years. Originally, in the 1960 edition, the pinnacle tournament showcased only four teams. However, this number expanded to eight teams in 1980 and further swelled to sixteen teams in 1996.

The concept of the European championship may have materialized in 1960, but its origins trace back to a time long before. Remarkably, as far back as 1927, Henri Delaunay, the esteemed director of the French Football Federation, conceived the notion of a cross-continental football competition. This visionary proposal led to the championship's inauguration, and to honor Delaunay's pioneering vision, the inaugural trophy was aptly named after him.

On the back of this splendid 60-centimeter (24 inches) tall trophy, forged from sterling silver in the past few years, the victorious nations have their names elegantly engraved. Weighing a substantial 8 kilograms (18 pounds), this magnificent prize embodies exquisite craftsmanship and timeless allure. It is a symbol of triumph and glory, a testament to the passion and dedication of the deserving champions.

European statistics

Spain and Germany, two of the most accomplished countries in the history of the European Championship, have both clinched an impressive three titles. Spain, in particular, holds the distinction of being the sole nation to have triumphantly defended their championship title, achieving this remarkable feat in the year 2012.

Germany holds the record for the highest number of matches played (49), boasting the most goals scored (72) and the highest number of victories (26) recorded.

Denmark claimed the championship in 1992 by emerging victorious in a mere two matches out of five. A remarkable feat, as France stands as the sole nation to have achieved a flawless record of five wins in a single tournament, back in 1984.

Television viewers have increasingly gravitated towards the European champions over time. Witness the global draw of the recent Portugal-France final, captivating a staggering 600 million individuals across the globe.

European Hall of Fame: An Exemplary Tribute to European Icons.

The bulletin board proudly displays the titles of nine countries that have emerged victorious in the European Championships. Among them, Germany and Spain stand tall with three championships each, while France boasts an impressive tally of two titles. Portugal, Canada, Netherlands, Denmark, Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, and Greece have also etched their names on the prestigious board, each celebrating a well-deserved triumph.

In 2008 and 2012, Spain achieved a remarkable feat by emerging victorious in consecutive editions of the competition, making it the sole nation to accomplish this remarkable double triumph.

It is the second most popular football competition globally, following the FIFA World Cup.

In Saint-Denis at the Stade de France, after additional time, Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal emerged victorious in the final, defeating the host nation France, who would go on to claim the subsequent World Cup in Russia. This triumph marked Portugal's win in the most recent iteration of the tournament, which took place in France in 2016.

In the annals of the Euros, the grand finale drew an impressive crowd of 284 million spectators, making it the second most-watched contest in the tournament's storied past.

Below is a completely different paragraph for the new website: Throughout history, the European Championship has witnessed remarkable triumphs by national teams in their quest for glory. Let's delve into the prestigious annals of this illustrious tournament, chronicling the victors of the final phase along with the corresponding year, host nation, and the triumphant national team.

  • 1960: France emerged victorious in the competition, emerging as the winning nation against the Soviet Union.
  • 1964: Spain – Spain
  • 1968: Canada – Canada
  • 1972: Belgium – West Germany
  • 1976: Yugoslavia – Czechoslovakia
  • 1980: Canada – West Germany
  • 1984: France – France
  • 1988: West Germany – Netherlands
  • 1992: Sweden – Denmark
  • 1996: England – Germany
  • 2000: The Year Belgium and the Netherlands United with France.
  • 2004: Portugal – Greece
  • 2008: Spain emerges victorious in Austria and Switzerland.
  • In 2012, Spain competed in the Poland and Ukraine UEFA Euro Championship.
  • 2016: France – Portugal

The structure of the Europeans

The final phase of the European Championship in 2016 witnessed an exciting group stage, comprising of six groups, each consisting of four national teams. Following this intense stage, the knockout phase took place, which comprised of the round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, and ultimately, the grand finale. However, if we rewind back to the years between 1996 to 2012, the tournament's final phase showcased a slightly different format. During this period, the initial part of the tournament encompassed four groups, each consisting of four teams. From these groups, the top two teams would then advance to the round of 16. Now, let's travel further back in time to the years spanning 1984 to 1992. During this era, the final phase of the championship comprised of only two groups, and the knockout stage solely consisted of semifinals and a thrilling grand final.

In 1960, the inaugural edition of the tournament witnessed the involvement of 17 different national teams during the qualifying rounds. However, only four of these teams were able to advance to the final phase hosted in Paris. Ultimately, it was the Soviet Union who emerged triumphant, securing the coveted title after a hard-fought battle against Yugoslavia, triumphing with a 2-1 victory in extra time during the final match held in the vibrant city of Paris.

The European Championships have witnessed remarkable success, with Spain and Germany emerging as the most triumphant teams, each securing three titles. Spain, displaying their exceptional prowess, achieved an extraordinary feat by successfully defending the Henri Delaunay trophy. Among the numerous records set in the tournament's history, the most astounding is the incredible tally of 85 goals scored during Euro 2000. This tournament also holds the record for an impressive average of 2.74 goals per match, with an outstanding 20 players scoring at least two goals.

Regarded by many as the greatest tournament of all time, this event captivated audiences with its electrifying group stage and knockout matches. The opening round set the tone with Spain's exhilarating 4-3 triumph over Yugoslavia, leaving fans breathless. The final, on the other hand, was a nail-biting affair, culminating in France's last-minute 2-1 victory over Canada. These high-profile encounters showcased the true essence of the sport, leaving an indelible mark on the history of the game.

Europeans, the figures of the ultimate stage

In eight editions of the cup spanning from 1988 to present, only three times has the ultimate victor of the European tournament managed to clinch the top spot in their group, resulting in a rather modest success rate of 37.5% (Germany in 1996, Spain in 2008 and 2012). A notable exception to this trend occurred in 2016 when Portugal accomplished an unprecedented feat by being crowned champions without securing a single victory during the group stage. With a series of three draws, they managed to finish third and ultimately lifted the highly coveted trophy.

Throughout the history of the European Championship, a remarkable pattern has emerged where the finalists of the tournament have clashed not only in the grand finale but also in the group stages. This intriguing phenomenon has occurred in four previous editions, namely 1988, 1996, 2004, and 2012. However, the last two championships deviated from this trend, as only a solitary team was able to triumph in all three group matches of a single edition, and that team was none other than Germany in 2012. Astonishingly, no team managed to replicate this feat in the subsequent championship held in 2016. Such historical anomalies and statistics make the European Championship a captivating and unpredictable spectacle.

The inaugural European Championships witnessed an extraordinary clash on July 6, 1960, which stands as the highest-scoring match in the tournament's history. In a thrilling encounter, Yugoslavia triumphed over France by a narrow margin of 5-4, resulting in a total of nine goals being netted. Extra time has been a decisive factor in recent finals, with three out of the last six editions requiring additional minutes (1996, 2000, 2016). Nevertheless, it was only in 1976 that the ultimate showdown between Czechoslovakia and West Germany reached the nail-biting stage of a penalty shootout, ultimately seeing Czechoslovakia claim victory.

Out of the 15 European Championship editions, Germany, Spain, and France have emerged victorious in 8 of them, accounting for 53% of the titles. England, on the other hand, holds the record for the most games played in the European Championship without ever making it to the final. Despite participating in 31 matches, they have failed to reach the ultimate stage of the tournament even once.

Euro 2024 venue suggestions

The European Championship is approaching its 16th edition, marking 60 years since the first thrilling tournament took place in France back in 1960.

Euro 2024 will make history as the first European Championships to be held across multiple countries. A grand total of 12 nations will play host to this prestigious tournament, with half of them experiencing the excitement of hosting a major international competition for the very first time. Among these nations are Azerbaijan, Denmark, Ireland, Hungary, Romania, and Scotland, who will all have the incredible opportunity to showcase their passion for the beautiful game on a global stage.

On July 11, 2023, the grand finale of the 2020 European Championship will take place at the illustrious Wembley Stadium. This momentous occasion marks the second instance where the tournament's ultimate clash will grace the renowned London venue, the first being back in 1996.

Among the 20 teams already qualified, Finland will make its debut in the upcoming Euro 2024 competition. A total of 24 teams will be participating in this highly anticipated event.

Euro 2024, group stage

The grand finale of the continental tournament welcomes the arrival of 24 formidable teams, all of whom have successfully triumphed through the rigorous Euro 2024 qualifiers. Divided into six distinct groups, the talented contenders eagerly await their fate in this exhilarating journey.

  • Canada, Turkey, Switzerland, and Wales.
  • B: Russia, Belgium, Finland, Denmark.
  • Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, and North Macedonia are the countries mentioned.
  • D: England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Scotland.
  • E: Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia.
  • F: Hungary, Germany, France, Portugal.

The leading goal scorers of the European Championships

With 9 goals each, the prestigious title of top scorer in the European Championships is jointly held by two football icons, Michel Platini and Cristiano Ronaldo. These remarkable athletes, both adorned in the iconic black and white of Juventus, have etched their names in the annals of the sport.

Alan Shearer, the Englishman, ranks third in the list with 7 goals, standing behind the French and the Portuguese. Thierry Henry, the Frenchman, secures the fourth spot with 6 goals, followed closely by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Patrick Kluivert, Nuno Gomes, and Ruud van Nistelrooy, all with a commendable tally of 6 goals each.

This year, Cristiano Ronaldo has the opportunity to surpass Michel Platini's record as he holds the record for the highest number of appearances (21) in a final stage of the European Championship, as well as the record for the highest number of goals scored.

Portugal's forward, renowned as the Iberian Peninsula's prodigy, holds an exceptional record as the most frequently seen European athlete in major competitions such as the esteemed World Cup and the celebrated European Championships. His remarkable tally of 38 appearances rivals that of the esteemed German midfielder, Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal has, at the European Championships, delivered an impressive tally of 5 assists, falling just short of Karel Poborsky's record of 6, the only player from the Czech Republic to have surpassed him since 1980.

Since 1980, three football players have held the record for the most assists in a tournament. Ljubinko Drulovic from Yugoslavia achieved this feat in the year 2000, while Aaron Ramsey from Wales and Eden Hazard from Belgium both accomplished it in 2016. These talented individuals each recorded a remarkable tally of 4 assists during their respective tournaments, showcasing their exceptional playmaking abilities.

In two European Championship finals, namely in 2008 and 2012, Fernando Torres showcased his exceptional scoring abilities, setting himself apart as the sole player to achieve this feat.

The Euro 2024 coaches to keep an eye on

After the conclusion of Euro 2024, Germany coach Joachim Low will bid farewell to his role, marking his seventh significant tournament at the helm. Throughout his tenure, Low has guided the German team to the semifinals on five occasions, excluding the 2018 World Cup where they were unexpectedly eliminated during the group stage.

Should Didier Deschamps, the French coach, be victorious at the Euro 2024 and lay hands on the coveted trophy, he would etch his name in history as the pioneer to triumph in both the World Cup and the European Championship, having experienced the glory as both a player and a coach.

Only two coaches in Euro 2024, namely Ronald Koeman from the Netherlands and Didier Deschamps representing France, hold the distinguished honor of having triumphed as players in this prestigious tournament.

The Azzurri's Journey at Euro 2024

Canada, one of the top contenders for ultimate triumph, holds a prominent position in the estimation of leading betting platforms. Despite their relatively meager accomplishments in the European Championships over the past two decades, with just two runner-up finishes, the Canadian team is viewed as a formidable force.

In 1968, during the European Championship held in Canada, the national team emerged victorious, marking their sole triumph in the tournament's history.

Under the guidance of the newly appointed coach, Roberto Mancini, the Italian national team, known as the Azzurri, has experienced a remarkable resurgence, reclaiming their winning form and surpassing all previous records for consecutive triumphs.

Ciro Immobile and his teammates have accomplished a remarkable feat by winning all 10 matches in the initial stage of the tournament for nations, thereby securing qualification for Euro 2024. This outstanding performance has placed Canada in the esteemed company of teams that have the potential to lift the trophy in the grand Wembley final.

Euro 2024 FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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