Yukon Online Casino

Yukon is a small territory in the northwestern region of Canada. The population is just over 35,000. Chances are everyone knows everyone there. But visitors will surely appreciate the picturesque landscape with beautiful forests and lakes.

This is home to one of the highest Mountains in North America. Yukon’s mostly cold with short warm summers. The summers are ideal for camping opportunities. Though Yukon is tiny, it is not an insignificant territory.

Gamblers can access state-regulated lotteries and other forms of gaming. The territory hosts the nation’s oldest land-based casino, the Diamond Tooth Gerties. Yukoners have a huge appetite for gambling and many love playing online.

Available internet options include government-run lottery games and offshore online casinos. We have gone through long lists of Yukon online casino platforms. And, because we’ve been in this industry for a while, we decided to do thorough research and share our findings with you.

Top Online Casinos for Yukon 2024

For Canadian gamblers living in the small traditional territory of Yukon, there are abundant real money casinos. That is terrific. This doesn’t mean you can pick your ideal casino using the rock-scissors-paper rule. So, take your time and have a look at our top Yukon casino online platforms for October 2024.

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Why You Should Switch to Yukon Online Casinos

Unsurprisingly, online slots are by far the best and most favoured game type among Yukon punters. The Diamond Tooth Gerties, being the small casino that it is, boasts over 60 slot machines. Other common games include Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker. Yukon has a few other physical casinos, but these fall short in one aspect or another.

With online gambling, you also get convenience and limitless choices. You will also have a multitude of options to choose from. In a couple of hours, you can browse through thousands of online casinos.

Internet-based platforms contain a wealth of slots, table games and other attractions such as live casinos. Old-fashioned punters will always prefer a physical experience, but, as for millennials, online casinos are the best option. Let’s look at other reasons why Yukoners may want to consider making the shift to online casino gaming.


Privacy is the most important thing to many Yukon casino gamblers. One tricky aspect about playing at a land-based casino is that you won’t get as much anonymity. When you play on the internet in the comfort of your home, professional sites go the extra mile to protect your confidentiality.

This protects you from prying eyes and cyber fraudsters. All customers at a casino site get a unique username and password. How much you spend or which games you play is your business. But with Yukon being a tiny territory, with only one physical casino, everyone in the Diamond Tooth casino will probably know your name.

Ease to play bonuses

The best online casinos have hefty rewards for their customers. No matter how big or tiny your bets are, a Yukon online casino will try to give you some kind of casino bonus. The match deposit bonus is the most popular of them all.

All a player is required to do is make an account and deposit for the very first time. The minimum deposit for such promos may go as low as $5.

If you deposit that $5, the gaming site will credit your account with a further C5. Most comps at land casinos are meant for fearless high rollers who are willing to part with thousands of dollars.

Online games, unlike physical machines and tables, are always up and available. So, you don’t have to think about waiting a few minutes or hours to play at your favourite slot machines or to get a seat at that blackjack table and burn through your bonus cash.

The best online casino Yukon sites will also make life easy for you to claim real money payouts from any qualifying winnings you get using your bonus.

Payment options

Sometimes online casinos grant you bonuses that let you play for free. But for the long haul, you will need real cash to pay for your wagers. A good quality Yukon casino online will provide the best and most reliable banking options for its customers.

Thanks to online payment services such as iDebit, Interac, EcoPayz, Instadebit, and MuchBetter, you can transact within seconds. And it’s safe. Just be careful not to become a couch potato. These gambling websites are designed in such a way that players won’t even need to get out of bed.

You will learn that, overall, the minimum wagers at a Yukon online casino will be considerably lower than those at brick-and-mortar casinos. This simply gives you an advantage because you can play for longer sessions and really get your money’s worth.

The best online gaming sites ensure that their customers can make even the smallest deposits and withdrawals near-instantly, without any extra charges.

Customer service

Unless you’re playing live casino games, you won’t be able to see any faces while you play online. However, if you have any questions about any issue, the customer care team will be waiting to assist.

Support will assist with anything from setting up your account to withdrawing your winnings. Many websites also have a dedicated live chat app. This means you can interact with a representative in real-time. The reps will respond to all your questions and make sure that you are satisfied.


How Does Yukon Regulate Casinos?

Yukon is indeed a tiny place and nobody expects much to happen here but the area is an important piece of Canada’s gaming history. In the 1970s, the first-ever land casino in Canada was established in Yukon.

The gambling hall is not humongous, but it is still the only one in the territory. So, this makes the Diamond Tooth Gerties a tourist attraction. The region has also established government-owned lotteries and other gaming entities that support charitable causes.

However, with the introduction of online gambling sites, Yukon punters have shown a keen interest. There are several online casinos based offshore that now accept players from various Canadian provinces and territories.

Today, the federal government of Canada has not yet specifically tackled the legality of online gaming in the country. Yukon local laws stipulate that gambling is illegal unless it is regulated and operated by the government or by a charitable organization.

Currently, there are no Yukon casino online sites that operate from the territory and are regulated by the local government. Hence Yukoners have turned to offshore gaming platforms.

When it comes to licensure, Yukon does not joke around. All forms of trades must obtain a permit from the authorities. So, whether you’re running a chiropractic clinic or a debt collection agency, you will be required to get a license.

Most gambling activities are owned by the government or by not-for-profit organizations that contribute to community projects in the region. The only land-based casino in Yukon is, of course, regulated by the Professional Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Department.


By Canadian law, every individual has to pay income tax. Furthermore, the Yukon local authorities will also collect taxes from residents. Businesses, too, will similarly pay taxes.

The positive thing is that winnings from gambling are not considered as income and punters are not taxed. If you win while gambling, it’s all yours. Casinos operating within the Yukon province are not exempt from income taxes.

The Yukon cannot demand tax from offshore gambling sites. In other words, a Yukon casino online website is not in a way controlled by the Yukon Government.

Regulatory outlook

There hasn’t been any drastic shift in gambling legislation in this tiny western region which is home to only 35,000 people. James Allen, a First Nations chief, made a suggestion to the Yukon government that they should form a gambling commission to administer gaming activities in the region.

However, up to now, there hasn’t been much of a difference. Considering the size of the territory, it seems like there won’t be any drastic changes soon.

Yukoner gamers have a land-based casino, access to a cocktail of limitless online options, and regulated lottery games. Plus, there are no taxes to think of. For now, life seems good.

Getting Help with Responsible Gambling in Yukon

How much is it okay to spend on gambling? That’s a question each gambler must ask. Perhaps the best approach is to consider a percentage. What percentage of your income are you willing to risk at a Yukon online casino?

If you’re spending more than half your income, you may be a problem gambler. In extreme circumstances, a gambler will spend more than what they earn. This means that they will have to borrow so that they can continue playing.

At land-based casinos, you can play and no one bothers you about how much you are spending. But it would be difficult for you to keep track of your budget.

The best online casino Yukon platforms support responsible gaming to make sure that its customers are safe. These ethical sites offer customers betting limits as well as self-exclusion.

You can opt to take a break from playing if you feel like you’re overspending. You can also set a session limit and play for a specific time only. Bettors in Canada can contact support organizations such as Gamblers Anonymous for professional counselling.

The Yukon Lottery Commission (YLC) also runs a support platform to help with gambling addiction. The YLC also recently adopted the internationally-recognized GameSense program.

This program is a gamechanger in helping players develop healthy gambling habits. The commission also provides around $3 million annually to sport recreation, community, and arts projects in the province. There are several toll-free numbers that you can call if you or anyone you know is struggling with a gambling challenge.


  • Which offshore casinos accept players from Yukon?

    There are thousands of casino websites flooding the internet today. Nonetheless, the best online casino Yukon is much fewer. Not all online casinos are Canada-friendly. Many gambling sites use geo-location technology and only accept players from particular jurisdictions.

    For example, online casinos in America only accept players from a given state. The casinos usually limit areas of operation due to the nature of their licensing.

    Other licenses are flexible and allow the operator to accept players from a wide variety of locations. Our team took great care to assess numerous online casinos that accept Yukoners and came up with a list of the best ones.

  • What is the legal gambling age in Yukon?

    While some Canadian provinces allow 18-year-olds to play online casino games, the legal gambling age in the Yukon is 19 years. This law applies to both gambling online and in land-based casinos.

  • Do Yukon residents need to pay tax on online winning?

    Because there aren’t any online casinos based in Yukon, the local government doesn’t collect tax from your winnings. So, whether you play for fun or professionally, you’re off the hook from the Yukon taxman.

  • Is it legal as Yukon resident to gamble online?

    Yes. And sometimes, no. Well, the Canadian territory defines gambling as any activity where players stake cash and win purely by chance. Lotteries and casino gaming are the most popular examples of gambling.

    Gambling in Yukon must be conducted by a government agency or by any charitable organization. If a person or organization is planning an event that may be qualified as gambling, they must secure a permit from the Professional Licensing and Regulatory Affairs department.

    No one can clearly state that online gaming is legal in the Yukon. The government does not have any laws to address online gambling. The authorities also can’t regulate offshore casino sites.