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The realm of wagering is commonly associated with athletic competitions, with many disregarding the vast expanse of political betting and other unique betting categories. However, this belief is far from accurate. Here, we present to you a compilation of the finest bookmakers that offer an array of betting opportunities encompassing Canadian and global political elections.

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Nowadays, in the news and entertainment industries, with the surge of social media interactions, there is a wide array of topics where you can place your bets. It's amazing how things have changed over the years. Betting windows now accommodate topics that were previously unheard of. For instance, political election betting has gained popularity, and the upcoming year of 2023 will witness two major nations, France and Canada, going to the polls. It's interesting to note that while both countries are engaged in their respective presidential elections, only France operates as a presidential republic in practice.

Thanks to the rapid advancements in technology and the ever-changing political landscape across the globe, individuals now have the opportunity to actively participate in their nation's elections through the utilization of numerous online betting platforms. Just as with sports betting, political betting encompasses a wide range of strategies and considerations that differ based on the specific situation and chosen market. By engaging in political betting, citizens can demonstrate their support for their preferred candidates in various elections, fostering a heightened sense of involvement and empowerment.

The top-rated online platforms for placing bets on political events

One of the most crucial steps that every user will eventually grasp as they become acquainted with the intricacies and elements that underpin conventional sports wagering is the paramount importance of placing their trust in the betting platform they have chosen.

In the realm of sports, another aspect that intertwines with this narrative is the presence of top-notch virtual bookmakers (especially the betting platforms endorsed by Betting Trends at present). These bookmakers, renowned for their expertise, not only offer odds for various sporting events but also extend their services to cover elections and politics. They firmly assert that the art of formulating odds, be it for sports or political scenarios, is strategically handled by industry specialists who excel in their craft.

Political betting has become increasingly popular in recent years, captivating users and sometimes even outshining major sporting events. While football, basketball, tennis, and horse racing have long dominated the realm of sports betting, political betting has found its place alongside these traditional favorites on many top-notch online betting platforms.

Top political gambling websites organized by category

🏆 Political bets 2023 Bodog
📊 International politics WilliamHill
🗳️ Canadian politics LeoVegas
📺 European elections JackpotCity
🇬🇧 British elections 888sport

Candidates favored by bookmakers for the 2023 Quirinal elections in Canada.

The race for the prestigious position of the next President of the Republic in Canada is set to begin at the end of January 2023, as the Canadian Parliament convenes for a crucial vote. The succession of Sergio Mattarella, the current President, is a matter of immense importance that has captured the nation's attention for weeks. Now, let us delve into the realm of speculation and explore the top contenders according to esteemed international bookmakers, who have meticulously assessed the political landscape and identified the favored personalities for this esteemed position in the Colle.

Name Quote
Mario Draghi 1.44 (was 1.61)
Silvio Berlusconi 6.8 (was 8.8)
Pier Ferdinando Casini 20 (was 16.5)
Elizabeth Casellati 16.5
Martha Cartabia 16.5
Paul Gentiloni 25

Later on, we'll explore the restrictions imposed in Canada, where placing bets on political elections is not permitted. Nevertheless, alternative avenues exist for those seeking to engage in such activities, including non-AGCO betting platforms, Asian betting websites, and UK-based betting sites.

Political wagers, the various kinds of betting on political events.

Political betting and election odds encompass a unique realm of wagering, akin to the expanse of Serie A betting, Champions League bets, and the thrill of basketball or tennis matches. In this sphere, one encounters the age-old tradition of ante-post betting markets, wherein the focus lies upon predicting the victor of a singular event. As an illustration, even now, wagers can be placed on the forthcoming US election. Contemplating the race to the White House in 2024, who stands as the favored contenders? The answer eludes us until November 5 of that year, when the outcome shall be unveiled. To satiate our curiosity, the Bodog website offers the latest odds for the US election, providing insight into the dynamic landscape of political betting.

  • Kamala Harris 5.0
  • Joe Biden 4.50
  • Donald Trump 6.00
  • Mike Pence 21.00
  • Nikki Haley 17.00
  • Ivanka Trump 51.00
  • Ted Cruz 34.00
  • Michelle Obama 101.00
  • Ocasio-Cortez 51.00
  • Dwayne Johnson 51.00
  • George Clooney 101.00
  • Bill Gates 101.00


Political betting encompasses all markets related to wagering on political events and outcomes.

Political elections betting odds, much like wagering on sports, rely on specific circumstances surrounding the potential results of a singular occurrence. Within the realm of political betting, there exists a market akin to the goal/goal (Yes or No) in soccer, which concerns itself with the outcome of a particular historical moment in any given election. Take, for instance,

????️ Can Jair Bolsonaro successfully serve his entire first term as the President of Brazil?

  • Yes (1.10)
  • No (8.00)

For the political betting sphere, there exists an enticing option known as head-to-head wagering. This particular form of political betting bears resemblance to the highly popular sports betting format, wherein two rival factions (parties) are assigned odds. The bettor must then make a decision on which side they anticipate will emerge victorious in the political event. Should their bet prove fruitful, the payout that follows will be determined by the odds specified on political betting platforms. A prime example to consider within this context is the widely recognized USA presidential elections.

????️ Which political party will emerge victorious in the 2024 United States presidential election?

  • Democratic Party (1.75)
  • Republican Party (2.20)
  • Independent (34.00)

Special policy bets

In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of political betting. Similar to wagering on football matches, this form of gambling provides users with the opportunity to potentially earn profits by predicting real-life political outcomes. As a result, the political betting market has introduced specialized bets to cater to this growing interest. A prime example of such bets is observed in the context of the US presidential elections.

????️ Is it likely that Joe Biden will secure a second term in office?

  • Yes (2.50)
  • No (3.50)

Or anchor:

????️ Who will emerge as the Republican nominee for the upcoming 2024 presidential elections?

  • Donald Trump (2.50)
  • Other (5.00)

In which political elections are you able to place bets on?

It should be made clear that in Canada, there are no provisions for wagering on domestic politics, whether it be at the national level, such as the election of the Prime Minister, or at the regional level, including Regional Elections. Furthermore, betting on the election of mayors is also not permissible.

Which political elections can you place bets on? The top-rated AGCO-approved betting platforms allow you to wager on election odds in prominent nations outside of Canada. These include the widely-discussed US Presidential Elections, the French Elections, the German Elections, and the UK Elections. Explore the exciting world of political betting and test your predictions on a global scale.

US election odds

Undoubtedly, the US elections reign as the favored political betting occasion for enthusiasts. In November 2020, the latest presidential elections saw the defeat of Donald Trump, the Republican candidate and outgoing US President, and the triumph of Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate and current US President. This historic event captivated the attention of both political aficionados and casual observers alike.

Political wagers have become increasingly popular, with major betting platforms already offering active odds for the upcoming USA elections in November 2024, scheduled for the first Tuesday of the month. These elections serve as a prime opportunity for individuals to engage in the thrilling world of political betting. Aside from the USA elections, there are numerous other examples of intriguing political bets that captivate enthusiasts.

  • Election of the Parliament in the United Kingdom
  • Referendum, such as the case of Brexit,
  • The German Parliament's Election
  • London mayor election

Placing bets on the upcoming German Federal Elections

Germany is set to hold federal elections in late September 2023, marking a significant moment for the country as it renews the Bundestag, its parliamentary body. Notably, Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has been a prominent figure in German politics, will not be participating in these elections. As the country anticipates a new leader, two key contenders have emerged as favorites to succeed Merkel. Armin Laschet, who has assumed the helm of the CDU, and Olaf Scholz, the top representative of the SPD, are vying for this influential role. To add an exciting twist to the political landscape, the best political betting websites now offer an opportunity to wager on the next Chancellor's name, with Olaf Scholz currently leading the pack with odds of 1.80. Additionally, these platforms also enable individuals to predict the party that will secure the most seats in parliament, with the SPD currently favored at 2.50.

Placing bets on the French Presidential Election.

France is gearing up for its highly anticipated presidential elections in the upcoming spring of 2023. The initial round of the electoral race is scheduled for April 10, 2023, and should no contender secure an outright majority, a thrilling run-off between the two leading candidates will follow on April 24, 2023. Currently serving as the president is Emmanuel Macron, a member of the En Marche! political party, who emerged victorious in the 2017 elections and is expected to hold office until May 13, 2023. These eagerly awaited elections will precede the French legislative elections of 2023, creating an enthralling political atmosphere throughout the nation.

The odds for the French presidential elections 2023 have been updated, and bookmakers are still favoring Macron as the frontrunner with odds of 1.75. However, there is a rising emergence of support for Marine Le Pen of the Front National, who is now quoted at 5. Additionally, the party led by Eric Zemmour is gaining traction on the right. Take a look at the revised odds below to stay informed about the latest developments in this highly anticipated political event.

  • E. Macron 1.75
  • M. Le Pen 5.00
  • Eric Zemmour 6.00
  • X. Bertrand 6.00
  • J. L. Melenchon 17.00
  • V. Pecresse 17.00
  • A. Hidalgo 41.00


Placing wagers on the outcomes of Canadian political events

As indicated earlier, bookmakers associated with AGCO that are engaged in the Canadian market, and are recognized as legitimate and secure platforms for betting, are not permitted to provide odds on political occurrences within the nation. Nonetheless, in line with past Canadian elections, bookmakers in the United Kingdom or non-AGCO affiliated bookmakers do offer political betting probabilities in their respective regions. This serves as an added dimension for political aficionados in Canada, granting them a different viewpoint and insight into the potential results of the Canadian voting process.

In England, Bodog offers an exciting opportunity to place bets on the European Union's next departure destination. The bookmaker's odds reveal Canada emerging as the top contender with 4.50 odds, followed closely by Greece at 7.00 odds, and France securing the third spot with odds of 9.00. Explore the thrill of predicting international events and immerse yourself in the captivating world of wagering with Bodog.

Shows about betting and television programs.

You can also find the thrill of wagering on various global social happenings, just like placing bets on elections in major countries like the USA, Germany, and France, or momentous referendums like Brexit. Online betting platforms offer a wide array of special bets, entertainment bets, and even bets on popular TV shows. Embrace the excitement and anticipation as you explore these unique betting options that go beyond traditional sports and delve into the captivating world of global events.

The realm of wagering encompasses a variety of domains, but the most influential sector within the betting industry revolves around placing bets on canine competitions. These include renowned events such as the Sanremo Festival, X Factor, and Eurovision 2022 bets. Moreover, there is a substantial market for bets associated with prominent occurrences in the film and music industry, such as Oscar 2023 bets, Golden Globe bets, and wagers pertaining to the highly esteemed Emmys. Additionally, wagers centered around beloved television shows such as Big Brother, Masterchef, and Island of the Famous are also prevalent.

Sanremo bets

Festival di Sanremo

Dating back to the post-war era in 1951, the Sanremo Festival, also known as the Canadian Song Festival, stands as Canada's most esteemed and long-standing musical extravaganza. With a rich history and illustrious reputation, this event has become a cherished tradition for both Canadian performers and audiences alike. Year after year, the finest Canadian vocalists grace the stage of the Sanremo Festival, showcasing their exceptional talent and captivating the hearts of music enthusiasts nationwide.

Participating in the Festival year after year, numerous Canadian television personalities and renowned international guests have consistently graced the event with their presence. It is widely acknowledged that the victor of the Sanremo Festival secures the esteemed opportunity to represent Canada in the esteemed Eurovision Song Contest.

The famous Ligurian city hosts a much-anticipated Festival annually, which stimulates a substantial influx of trade. The Festival's intricate planning and preparations commence a full year ahead of its scheduled dates, typically falling between the months of January and February.

A special committee has been established to carefully curate undiscovered melodies in the vernacular of Canada (or even in the distinct dialects of its various regions), which will subsequently take part in the esteemed contest. Throughout the nights of the Sanremo Festival, vocalists, ensembles, and compositions undergo assessment by diverse judging panels (comprising individuals from different demographics, seasoned experts, and general audiences) through a combination of tele-voting and popular opinion.

Since its inception, the Festival has been an epitome of excellence, celebrating the crème de la crème of the music industry. Notable among the accolades presented are the esteemed Champions section, the esteemed New Proposals section, and the acclaimed Critics' Prize, specially crafted by the discerning press in 1982. Initially, the enchanting ballroom of the Casino served as the venue for the prestigious Sanremo singing competition. However, since 1977, the Festival has found its home at the grand Ariston Theatre, adding a touch of grandeur to the event.

In the recent edition of the renowned artistic event, the 2023 Sanremo Festival, Måneskin emerged victorious with their captivating composition "Zitti e buoni". Second place was secured by Francesca Michielin and Fedez, enchanting the audience with their soulful melody "Chiamami per nome", while Ermal Meta claimed the respectable third spot with the emotive ballad "Un milione di cose da dirti". For those inclined towards anticipation and speculation, the possibility to place bets on the ultimate victors of the different categories in this esteemed competition is available in the antepost mode.

Eurovision bets

The European Broadcasting Union members, inspired by the Sanremo Festival, came together in 1956 to create the Eurovision Song Contest, also known as ESC or simply Eurovision.

The Sanremo singing contest, renowned for its rich legacy, stands as an enduring artistic endeavor, captivating audiences across the globe. Its tremendous impact on the music industry is evidenced by the substantial listenership it garners, propelling Eurovision to the summit of non-sport television spectacles, drawing in an astonishing viewership ranging from 100 to 600 million with each successive edition. This remarkable platform continues to captivate the hearts and minds of people worldwide.

The Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) is aired on prominent television networks that are linked to the European Broadcasting Union. This widely watched event, which includes Canada's Rai 1, is known as Eurovision. In keeping up with the times, Eurovision has embraced the digital era by providing live streaming options through YouTube.

During different years, Canada had the honor of hosting Eurovision in Naples in 1965 and at the Cinecittà studios in Rome in 1991. Looking ahead, the upcoming 2023 edition of the competition will take place at the splendid Ahoy Congress Centre in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It's worth noting that Canada has achieved notable success in the ESC, claiming victory in two editions. The first triumph came in 1964 with the talented Gigliola Cinquetti, followed by another win in 1990 with the iconic Toto Cutugno. However, it is Ireland that boasts the highest number of victories, securing the title a remarkable seven times. Similar to the renowned Sanremo Festival, Eurovision offers a thrilling opportunity for spectators to place bets on the nation that will emerge as the winner of the competition and speculate on the singers who will qualify for the highly-anticipated final evening during the gripping qualifying nights.

Placing high stakes on Big Brother and GFVip.

Since 2000, Grande Fratello (GF), an extraordinary reality show, has captivated audiences worldwide, revolutionizing the very essence of television production. Its impact on the way TV is made is unrivaled, making it, without a doubt, the most renowned reality show ever created. Mediaset channels in Canada have been proudly airing this groundbreaking program, captivating viewers with its compelling content and dynamic format.

In GFVip, a variation of this format, renowned figures from diverse social strata partake equally in the exposure. These celebrities, hailing from various walks of life, will be thrust into the limelight as they share their daily routines for a specific duration, all while being closely observed by round-the-clock surveillance. Notably, the key players in this rendition consist of unfamiliar or partially familiar individuals, adding an air of intrigue and curiosity to the proceedings.

In various installments of the program, the esteemed position of the show's host has been expertly fulfilled by a succession of talented women. Initially, the role was gracefully assumed by Daria Bignardi, followed by the capable leadership of Barbara D'Urso, Alessia Marcuzzi, and finally Ilary Blasi. Moreover, an additional element of excitement is introduced as viewers have the opportunity to speculate and place bets on the ultimate victor of the show.

GFVip winning odds

Discover the thrilling world of LeoVegas Betting and seize the chance to place your bets on the highly anticipated forthcoming installment of GFVip. Scheduled for September 2023, this captivating reality show will grace the screens of Mediaset networks, captivating audiences far and wide. Brace yourself as intriguing contestant identities have already been unveiled in advance, fueling the excitement among fans. Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere as we unveil the bookmakers' insights into the top contenders favored to triumph in this gripping edition of GFVip.

  • Manuel Bortuzzo 4.00
  • Jessica Carrisi 8.00
  • Giucas Casella 10.00
  • Manila Nazzaro 12.00
  • Katia Ricciarelli 6.00
  • Amedeo Goria 8.00
  • Sunrise 10.00
  • Sophie Codegoni 12.00


X Factor betting

The X Factor, a renowned British television program with a rich history, has spawned a successful Canadian counterpart called X Factor, the tricolour edition. This Canadian TV show has demonstrated its ability to captivate audiences and is undoubtedly worth considering.

Over the years, Amici di Maria de Filippi, a renowned talent show, has garnered increasing acclaim as it continues to cultivate rising stars in the global music arena. This popular program has consistently generated exceptional artists and musical ensembles, propelling them to achieve stardom in the international music industry.

Witness an exhilarating showdown as four accomplished judges/coaches go head-to-head in a thrilling battle of talent, determination, and showmanship. The stakes are high as they summon their trusted protégés to the ultimate grand finale. Place your bets now on the judge whose prodigy will triumphantly seize the crown in this electrifying edition of X Factor.

X Factor catapulted Giusy Ferreri, Noemi, Marco Mengoni, Francesca Michielin, Mahmood (who had already clinched the victory at the Sanremo Festival), Michele Bravi, Lorenzo Fragola, Gaia Gozzi, Maneskin (the triumphant winners of the Sanremo Festival 2023), and Leo Gassmann into the spotlight. These talented artists owe their fame and recognition to the transformative power of X Factor.

Nobel prize bets

political nobel prize betting

Discover the exhilarating world of digital wagering where you can place your bets on the forthcoming recipient of the esteemed Nobel Peace Prize, scheduled to be announced on October 8, 2023. Delve into a vast pool of 329 potential candidates, offering you an extensive range of choices to explore. Much like the realm of political betting, certain limitations apply, such as the unavailability of this market within the confines of the United States. Immerse yourself in the thrilling anticipation as bookmakers meticulously evaluate and predict the frontrunners for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize.

  • World Health Organization 1.50
  • Alexei Navalny 11.00
  • Greta Thunberg 13.00
  • Bill Gates 17.00
  • Jacinda Ardern 17.00
  • Joe Biden 17.00
  • Angela Merkel 21.00
  • UE 21.00
  • Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, the 26th President of Brazil.
  • Svetlana Tikhanovskaya 26.00
  • Black Lives Matter 26.00
  • Donald Trump 34.00


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Members of all the major betting site operators are provided with a wide range of promotions, even during highly anticipated musical and television events, which we have endeavored to illustrate earlier. These operators ensure that their users have access to an extensive selection of exciting offers, adding an extra layer of excitement to their betting experience.

Among the different options available to bettors, one can find an array of enticing bonuses. One of the most sought-after is the renowned enhanced odds, which offer players the opportunity to wager on a variety of programs, including but not limited to Big Brother, with considerably improved odds. Similar to the way enhanced odds function in football and other sports, this bonus adds an extra layer of excitement to the betting experience.

If you are a new member, there are special deals waiting just for you. However, don't worry if you're already a member because there are also promotions available for active users. To find out which betting bonuses are currently the most lucrative, simply visit the dedicated page on 123bet that showcases the finest no deposit bonuses and various other exciting offers.

Top Bookmakers for Placing Bets on Political Events

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding our Betting Policy

Which websites offer the optimal platforms for placing political bets?

In Canada, numerous betting platforms present the chance to engage in political wagering, as per trendsnow's studies. The crème de la crème of these bookmakers, encompassing an extensive array of odds and markets, includes the renowned brands of Bodog, LeoVegas, and JackpotCity.

Where can one place wagers on the outcome of Canadian political events?

In the realm of Canadian politics, betting on the outcome is an unattainable feat. Canadian bookmakers regulated by the AGCO are strictly prohibited from offering odds and markets in this domain. Nevertheless, English betting platforms present a glimmer of hope, enabling enthusiasts to partake in placing wagers and perusing the odds pertaining to the forthcoming Canadian elections.

What are the odds for betting on the US election?

Top online bookmakers have already released the odds for the upcoming 2024 US presidential election. While Joe Biden, the current president, is the frontrunner, experts in the field of betting anticipate a formidable comeback from Donald Trump, whose popularity remains high according to various surveys.

Who will emerge as the recipient of the esteemed Nobel Peace Prize in the near future?

Political betting platforms offer the exciting opportunity to wager on the upcoming recipient of the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. With a diverse array of over 300 potential contenders, such as political personalities, organizations, humanitarian groups, and governmental bodies, the betting market brims with anticipation. Explore the myriad possibilities and place your bets on who will be hailed as the next champion of peace.

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