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If you are searching for the top-notch Bitcoin betting platforms that are compliant with Canadian law, you have arrived at the ideal destination. Our team of Betting Trends specialists is here to guide you on effectively utilizing the renowned cryptocurrency for your Bitcoin wagers, while ensuring that you avoid unauthorized AGCO sites. We present to you an overview of the finest Bitcoin betting sites available:

Discover 6 betting platforms that perfectly match your requirements...
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The Top Betting Platforms for Wagering Using Bitcoin

In the realm of online gambling, the landscape of Bitcoin Betting has become fiercely competitive owing to the multitude of virtual gaming platforms. In an effort to outshine their rivals, these online Bitcoin Betting sites have devised innovative ways to entice a greater number of players and bettors, even extending their reach to Canada. The allure lies in the abundant bonuses and perks, not to mention enhanced security measures. The soaring popularity of sports betting with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be attributed to the expedited deposit and withdrawal processes, nominal transaction fees, and an extensive array of casino games that can be explored and enjoyed using Bitcoin and alternative digital currencies.

1. LeoVegas ✔️ BTC, EUR, 10+ Altcoins
✔️ Top Bitcoin Bonuses
2. ✔️ BTC, ETH, EUR
✔️ High Odds
3. Bodog ✔️ Variety Markets
✔️ BTC, EUR, 10+
4. ✔️ BTC, XRP, EUR
✔️ Live Stream
5. %A_357 % ✔️ Virtual Bets
✔️ BTC, EUR, 5+

The rise of Bitcoin has sparked a remarkable shift in the realm of online gambling and betting. The best betting sites are now devoting their attention to this digital currency, recognizing its immense potential. In Canada, however, this phenomenon was initially limited to non-AGCO sites, which encompassed all unlicensed ADM portals operating within the Canadian market. These platforms paved the way for users to conveniently fund their gaming accounts using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and various other Altcoins, which serve as alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin. Today, the landscape has evolved, allowing bettors to wager with Bitcoin on legally sanctioned AGCO sites. In the following sections, we will guide you through the process of engaging in Bitcoin betting on these authorized platforms.

Leading Sportsbooks and the Popularity of Bitcoin

As you progress in your quest for knowledge, it is crucial to apply the wealth of information you have obtained. To optimize your betting approach, the time will come when you can discern the finest Bitcoin betting platforms. Every bookmaker featured in our esteemed ranking has undergone meticulous scrutiny and assessment, encompassing key aspects such as market variety, bonus offerings, favorable odds, and the seamless process of depositing and withdrawing funds using Bitcoin.

1. LeoVegas

For years, LeoVegas, a renowned and well-established brand in our nation, has been catering to the Canadian market with its exceptional range of engine bets. This esteemed bookmaker offers a plethora of diverse bet options and bet types to suit every punter's preferences. When it comes to topping up your account with LeoVegas, the process is not only swift but also incredibly effortless. Rest assured, you'll have numerous payment methods at your disposal, as we shall explore in detail.

LeoVegas, the top Canadian bookmaker, stands out with its exceptional bonuses and incredibly favorable betting odds. As an added perk, the LeoVegas website presents customers with a fantastic array of enhanced odds specifically tailored for every occasion. This renowned betting platform seamlessly marries value and variety, ensuring an unparalleled wagering experience.

2. Bodog

Bodog, a British company, has solidified its position and gained the trust of its customer base by adding Bitcoin bets to its repertoire. The site boasts an impressive array of sports to wager on, but what truly sets Bodog apart is its exceptional odds. In fact, they consistently offer some of the most competitive odds in the industry across all sporting events. We will delve into the intricacies of their payment system at a later point, but suffice it to say that Bodog has truly embraced the world of cryptocurrency betting, further enhancing its appeal and reputation.

The odds, as mentioned, remain the strong point of the site, although the choice of markets may not be.

3. William Hill

Discover the rich heritage of William Hill, a renowned and time-honored bookmaker, which undoubtedly deserves its place among the top Bitcoin betting sites on our list. Diverging from the norm of solely accommodating conventional payment methods like credit cards, PostePay, and PayPal, William Hill stands out by embracing the revolutionary world of Bitcoin. Delve into a realm where a vast array of markets for every sports bet awaits you, providing an extensive selection that caters to your diverse betting preferences.

Bitcoin betting sites offer a wide range of advantages for betting enthusiasts, and among the top choices in this regard is William Hill. With its competitive odds and attractive offers on higher odds and boosted odds, this bookmaker stands out in the realm of Betting Trends. When it comes to selecting a betting site, particularly for Bitcoin users, William Hill remains one of our top recommendations.

Head over to William Hill.
4. 888sports

When it comes to the top-rated cryptocurrency betting platforms, 888Sport stands out for a multitude of reasons, one being its exceptional array of offers and promotions. Unlike many other bookmakers, these bonuses aren't limited to generic or solely football-related promotions. With 888Sport, you'll frequently come across an array of enticing promotions that can be utilized across various sectors, catering to a diverse range of interests and preferences.

888sport offers a plethora of enticing options for bettors, including special odds, heightened odds, enhanced odds, or even the opportunity for a cashback betting bonus. With a primary focus on diversity, 888sport ensures an extensive range of markets to choose from, accompanied by highly competitive odds.

5. Bet365

Bet365, in partnership with Entain, an industry giant that encompasses bwin and JackpotCity, has recently embraced the increasing popularity of Bitcoin by introducing it as one of the deposit options for their gaming platform. In due course, we will explore the various methods available for funding your gaming account using the renowned cryptocurrency.

Bet365 has gained immense popularity in Canada as one of the top-notch online betting platforms. This preference can be attributed to the extensive selection of markets available, along with the thrilling live betting options and the added advantage of live streaming various sporting events.

Go to Bet365

What is Bitcoin?

To grasp the origins, let us cast our gaze back to 2009. It was during this year that the inception of a groundbreaking phenomenon unfolded, as an elusive figure known as Satoshi Nakamoto ingeniously crafted and bestowed upon the world the inaugural digital currency. The revolutionary potential of Bitcoin remained concealed for a while, emerging from the shadows only after a period of inconspicuousness.

Cryptocurrencies operate through a distinct mechanism. They are not backed or authorized by any governing financial institution. Instead, their foundation rests upon the innovative blockchain technology, which operates on a decentralized network. The peer-to-peer nature of cryptocurrencies ensures that each transaction is visible to the public eye and securely stored in a distributed database. In other words, all cryptocurrency wallets can be accessed from any computer, guaranteeing transparency and accessibility.

Discover the art of wagering using Bitcoin.

To embark on Bitcoin betting, we will guide you through the process of utilizing the globe's most renowned digital currency. Unlike conventional currencies, Bitcoin operates without any tangible data or codes. The initial step is to establish and employ a dependable and safeguarded wallet (or a platform for cryptocurrency exchange). Following that, you must acquire the required amount of Bitcoin to replenish your freshly formed wallet. To commence your Bitcoin betting journey, adhere to these three fundamental stages:

  • Discover a reliable betting platform that welcomes Bitcoin as a form of payment.
  • Ensure that you possess Bitcoin in your chosen digital asset exchange platform.
  • Purchase Bitcoin and top up your gaming account through a reliable betting platform.

LeoVegas, 123bet, and other top bookmakers offer various deposit options for Bitcoin betting enthusiasts. To facilitate the process, some platforms even enable users to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly from their sites. However, there are others that require a slightly more involved approach. In order to fully explore all deposit possibilities, it is essential to first create an online wallet. This step is crucial for players who wish to engage in Bitcoin betting on these platforms. Let us now delve into the process of setting up an online wallet, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

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  • Virtual Betting

Create and oversee a Bitcoin wallet

If the mention of Bitcoin stirs up your mind, the image of a gleaming gold coin adorned with the unmistakable letter "B" might spring to life. This mental picture is quite prevalent due to the intangible nature of cryptocurrency. To engage with Bitcoin, one must possess a digital wallet, as this is the gateway to managing, purchasing, and selling it. Fortunately, there are numerous online platforms and software available that offer the convenience of setting up a wallet without any cost involved.

The Bitcoin wallet will cater to your needs by:

  • Store Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Transfer them to other individuals.
  • Top up the gambling account
  • Receive payments with no fees
  • Processing payments on multiple online platforms
  • Transferring funds globally without any external verifications or bureaucratic processes to adhere to.
  • Monitoring every single transaction.

Different categories of Bitcoin wallets

Bitcoin wallets come in three different types.

  • Desktop (software) – Download the file and install the client on your PC's hard drive to access the wallet via your desktop. The benefit of this wallet type is the user's complete control. Nonetheless, the drawback is the potential risk of theft or damage to your BTC savings due to cyber attacks on your personal computer.
  • Web wallet – You can use this online service without having to download or install any software on your computer. Simply register as a new user and create an account through the official website of your chosen wallet. After validation, you can access your account by authenticating your credentials. Web wallets are particularly beneficial for those just starting out, and popular examples include Binance and Coinbase.
  • Hardware wallets, akin to USB drives, serve as specialized wallets exclusively. They are unsuitable for program installations and are highly recommended for professionals with substantial BTC holdings or individuals involved in "mining" endeavors. An exemplar is the Ledger Nano S, priced at approximately 90 euros, offering enhanced security and privacy measures.

Unveiling the Secrets: A Guide on How to Acquire Bitcoins

Acquiring Bitcoin from your nearby bank or ATM, despite the existence of Bitcoin ATMs, is an unattainable endeavor. Nevertheless, there exists a multitude of approaches to obtain the most prominent digital currencies. The simplest method entails purchasing them through one of the numerous accessible online Bitcoin exchanges. Alternatively, you may utilize the aforementioned websites as platforms for cryptocurrency trading. A drawback associated with these exchanges lies in the necessity to pay a fee for each transaction conducted.

Tips on making deposits to Bitcoin gambling platforms.

Let's explore the top-rated Bitcoin betting platforms recommended by industry experts at Betting Trends. Next, we'll delve into valuable insights on leveraging essential resources to acquire BTC. Finally, let's uncover the process of depositing funds onto Bitcoin betting sites, enabling us to seamlessly recharge our gaming accounts.

On other platforms outside of AGCO, you have the convenience of transferring Bitcoins and topping up your betting account in a cost-effective, swift, and hassle-free manner. In most cases, this transaction comes without any additional fees. Once your deposit is processed, your betting account will reflect the updated balance within mere minutes. Nevertheless, when it comes to Bitcoin AGCO betting sites listed in our ranking, it is mandatory to utilize the NETELLER e-wallet for making your deposit.

To initiate a regular deposit, simply log in to your operator account and proceed with the necessary steps. Begin by selecting the Bitcoin logo from the available payment options. It is important to note that the deposit amount should be specified in euros, the conventional currency. NETELLER, acting as an intermediary, will seamlessly convert your cryptocurrency into euros, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transaction.

To add Bitcoin to your game account, follow these steps:

  1. To access your game account, simply click on the "LOG IN" button as shown in the example image above. LeoVegas )
  2. Select the "Deposit" option under the "My Account" tab.
  3. Select NETELLER as the preferred option for reloading funds.
  4. Choose the preferred sum to top up (minimum 10CAD).
  5. Click on the "RELOAD MY ACCOUNT" button to validate the operation.


Withdraw your earnings from online gambling platforms that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Bitcoin-friendly platforms, also known as non-AGCO sites, are not only capable of processing direct deposits of Bitcoin but also offer quick and free Bitcoin withdrawals, often instantly or within a 24-hour timeframe. However, when it comes to withdrawing Bitcoin winnings from other betting portals, a different approach is necessary. In such cases, one must rely on a platform that facilitates the conversion of cryptocurrency into conventional or fiat currency. Among the available options, NETELLER stands out as the sole platform capable of conducting this transaction with bookmakers. Therefore, it is crucial to possess a NETELLER e-wallet in order to seamlessly withdraw your Bitcoin winnings.

William Hill, one of the leading bookmakers that embrace the utilization of NETELLER services, deserves a special mention in the realm of Betting Trends.

Information regarding the mechanics of the withdrawal process

To ensure a smooth withdrawal experience, simply adhere to the step-by-step instructions provided. Access the withdrawals section within your gaming account and easily navigate to the desired location. Similar to initiating a deposit, locate and click on the Bitcoin transaction icon. By following these straightforward guidelines, your withdrawal process will be completed effortlessly.

NETELLER now takes possession of the ball. As previously stated, withdrawals from Bitcoin gambling platforms necessitate the involvement of a middleman due to their atypical nature. To convert your cryptocurrency balance into conventional currency, we employ an e-wallet, which then transforms it into euros.

When using NETELLER for transactions, the processing time typically falls within a few minutes, though it could take up to one business day. Notably, there are no additional charges or commission fees involved. Moving on to withdrawals, we have two convenient options available. Firstly, we can initiate a withdrawal request from our Neteller account to our bank account. Alternatively, we can utilize the NETELLER MasterCard prepaid card to withdraw cash from any affiliated ATM. Both methods provide flexibility and ease of access for our funds.

Bitcoin Wagers and Rewards

Bitcoin betting platforms have gained immense popularity in the realm of online gambling. The widespread appeal of these sites can be attributed to the fact that cryptocurrency remains a relatively uncharted territory, one that bookmakers and other providers of online financial services are eager to tap into. Uncovering enticing bonuses or promotions when employing Bitcoin as a payment option may prove to be a challenging endeavor. However, it is advisable to thoroughly review the terms and conditions in order to ascertain whether any bonuses are accessible to Bitcoin depositors.

Advantages and disadvantages of wagering with Bitcoin

In the realm of gambling, modern online sports wagering has not only surpassed but completely outpaced traditional betting methods. Gone are the days of physically visiting a local betting establishment just to place a bet on your beloved team. Now, with the convenience of a smartphone, you can effortlessly engage in the thrilling game of sports betting. Moreover, the payment landscape is undergoing a revolutionary transformation with the emergence of Bitcoin. An online bookmaker that operates with Bitcoin presents a multitude of advantages that surpass those of a conventional online bookmaker. Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge that there are certain downsides as well, which we will meticulously explore in our comprehensive analysis of the pros and cons.

What we like:

  • financial privacy
  • low commissions
  • fast payments
  • complete anonymity
  • special bonuses

What's wrong:

  • The absence of regulatory measures and guidelines
  • cryptocurrency price volatility
  • Refunds or returns are not available.

Now that being said, it is time to give the bookmaker Bodog a shot and experience their exceptional betting site recharge service. Give it a go and try your luck with one of our top-rated bookmakers.

Up to 260 CAD

  • Ease of Use
  • An Abundance of Sporting Opportunities and Market Options Await
  • Special Odds

Let's shed light on certain disadvantages associated with utilizing Bitcoin for wagering purposes. Primarily, one major drawback lies in the absence of proper regulation. In Canada, renowned online bookmakers predominantly operate under the jurisdiction and licensing of AGCO, thereby guaranteeing the utmost security of essential aspects like confidential data, personal information, and notably, monetary transactions.

By opting to transact solely in cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin betting platforms can circumvent the need for licensing, thereby streamlining their operations. Unregulated bookmakers, exempt from AGCO oversight, are not obligated to divulge information to external entities or governing bodies. Consequently, the likelihood of these unscrupulous operators engaging in unfair practices or perpetrating scams is elevated. This is precisely why we strongly recommend adhering to our suggestions and opting for one of the accredited cryptocurrency and Bitcoin-friendly betting platforms.

Deposit securely using Bitcoins

Bitcoin is not merely a form of currency, but an audacious undertaking that has yet to be replicated. Nevertheless, its developmental stage continues to be experimental. Consequently, prior to engaging with this novel concept, it is vital to acquire a comprehensive understanding and exercise utmost caution. Foremost in your considerations should be the security of your Bitcoin wallet. Safeguarding it is tantamount, just as one would zealously protect a tangible wallet from intrusive gazes. While online wallets present convenience, they are also more susceptible to external assaults.

Keeping your software up to date is crucial. In order to safeguard your finances online, it is advisable to retain only the funds you intend to use. Consider storing a secure backup offline, whether on a USB flash drive or in the form of a QR code on paper. Ensure that your wallet and backup are encrypted for added protection. It's worth noting that recovering a password for a Bitcoin wallet is significantly more challenging compared to a traditional bank account.

Before authorizing a payment, it is crucial to exercise caution and contemplate the consequences, as these transactions can be prompt and unalterable. Safeguarding your assets and preventing the permanent loss of your funds requires a proactive approach. One effective measure is keeping a physical record of your password and ensuring its secure storage. By doing so, you can ensure that your assets remain traceable in case of unforeseen circumstances. It is paramount to acknowledge that irreversibility accompanies these transactions, underscoring the need for vigilance and thoughtful decision-making.

The fascinating tale behind the globally renowned digital currency.

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled the revolutionary Bitcoin protocol on the internet's Cryptography Mailing List, a tale known to many. The following year, Nakamoto disseminated the inaugural iteration of the software and collaborated alongside fellow developers to propel the project forward. Yet, in 2010, Nakamoto made the decision to depart from the Bitcoin community, entrusting the program's stewardship to Gavin Andersen.

The real originator of Bitcoin is still a matter of intense debate, with no conclusive evidence supporting any of the theories. Despite its overall growth, the value of Bitcoin has experienced fluctuations over the years, lacking consistency. In early 2012, the exchange rate for one Bitcoin stood at $13, but by the end of 2016, it had skyrocketed to $850, showcasing the volatile nature of this digital currency. In December 2017, the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), the prominent stock exchange in Illinois, introduced the option to trade futures contracts for numerous cryptocurrencies. This innovative contract permits traders to speculate on the future value of assets, thus contributing to the surge in the virtual currency's worth.

After a remarkable surge to $20,000 by the close of 2017, Bitcoin endured a sharp decline, plummeting to $12,000 and ultimately concluding the year at $14,600. Over the past two years, the finance industry's behemoths have fixated their gaze on Bitcoin, culminating in an unprecedented milestone in February 2023. This momentous occasion arose when Tesla made a staggering acquisition of Bitcoin, worth a staggering one and a half billion dollars, propelling the cryptocurrency's value to an all-time zenith of over $64,800.

The unpredictability and ups and downs in the world of digital currencies

Bitcoin's unpredictable nature is likely something you're familiar with. But really, what does this term "volatility" even mean? We won't delve into the intricate economics here, so let's just look at some definitions. Volatility essentially refers to the fluctuation in the value of a currency over a specific timeframe. And why is this important? Well, because Bitcoin's volatility can lead to sudden shifts in its price. To put it simply, Bitcoin boasts a volatility index of 4.60%, while major currencies like the dollar and euro typically range from 0.5% to 1% in terms of volatility.

The future prospects of betting and Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an ideal choice for individuals engaging in online betting activities. The rapidity of both deposits and withdrawals is greatly cherished by bettors, especially those who partake in live betting. The remarkable advantage of safeguarding financial and personal data, free from the burden of taxes or additional charges, is undoubtedly a commendable attribute.

El Salvador, the Isle of Man, and Curacao were among the pioneering jurisdictions to legalize Bitcoin for use in online gambling. The English Gambling Commission, renowned for its stringent regulations, has now started recognizing cryptocurrencies as viable alternatives to conventional payment channels like bank transfers and credit cards.

At present, the Spanish Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego has been closely monitoring the progress made in the realm of virtual currencies. Meanwhile, the Malta Gaming Authority is actively exploring the feasibility of incorporating digital currencies into the gambling industry. Conversely, Canada presents a dissimilar scenario altogether. The Agency of Customs and Monopolies, adhering to stringent regulations against money laundering, has refrained from providing any official statements. Consequently, the utilization of cryptocurrency for betting purposes in Canada remains significantly restricted.

Payment systems that serve as alternatives to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin serves as a reliable and protected avenue for conducting online transactions and payments on various betting platforms. Furthermore, it is one of the top choices for users on emerging bookmakers, similar to the renowned PayPal or other extensively utilized e-wallets, particularly favored by bettors like paysafecard.

Bettors have widely embraced the payment solution provided by Poste Canadiane, which comes in the form of the widely accepted rechargeable PostePay card. It offers the convenience of loading a specific amount onto the card without the need for a traditional bank account. This makes it extremely useful for online transactions or placing bets on various gambling platforms. Users can effortlessly add funds to their prepaid card through a hassle-free online top-up or by visiting a post office counter. This flexible option allows individuals to easily manage their expenses and enjoy seamless transactions.


Discover the world of Bitcoin-powered sports betting through this comprehensive review. Unveiling an innovative payment solution that is still in its nascent phase, we delve into the realm where Bitcoin reigns supreme. Distinguished by its rapid transactional speed, seamless withdrawal and deposit processes, economical handling fees, and virtually non-existent commissions, Bitcoin emerges as a game-changer in the betting industry. Explore the unparalleled advantages of this digital currency and unlock a new era of betting possibilities.

In the year of 2009, the inception of cryptocurrencies took place, paving the way for their widespread usage today. Consequently, the anticipation of imminent regulations within this industry is growing steadily. Moreover, it is to be expected that various operators will soon emulate the practices of the most reputable bookmakers. To delve further into the realm of Bitcoin betting, we invite you to explore our homepage, where comprehensive information awaits you.

Look no further for the top-rated platform for Bitcoin gambling.

361 codes CLAIMED

Up to 100 CAD

  • Happy weekly promotions
  • Diverse array of markets
  • Numerous sporting events available for betting

Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoin Betting Platforms - FAQ

Which are the top Bitcoin gambling platforms in Canada?

In our country, we have compiled a concise but superior compilation of Bitcoin betting sites. It's worth noting that the selection may not be extensive, but these platforms stand out for their exceptional services. At present, only a handful of operators embrace the cryptocurrency trend, with LeoVegas and Bodog being notable mentions. However, to streamline transactions and deposits, these operators rely on the convenience of NETELLER. Rest assured, these sites provide a seamless and secure betting experience tailored for Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Is there a gambling platform that allows Bitcoin transactions?

Neteller, an electronic wallet, provides the opportunity to recharge your betting account using Bitcoin, even though there are currently no licensed betting sites that directly accept this cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Can Bitcoin be utilized for free on online gambling platforms?

Sports betting cannot be funded using Bitcoin as a payment method. In order to withdraw funds from your account, you must first convert them into traditional currency.

What is the process for making a Bitcoin deposit on a betting platform?

You can fund your Bitcoin account on a betting platform using three different approaches: a lawful deposit, a direct transfer between individuals, or by purchasing digital currency directly from a bookmaker who provides this convenient service.

Does Bitcoin fall under the purview of taxation?

There is no definitive information available regarding the existence of any specific Canadian regulation pertaining to the oversight of cryptocurrency profits. Nevertheless, the Canadian Revenue Agency categorizes Bitcoin as a form of foreign currency. Individuals have the option to report any realized capital gains by means of the Unico PF form.

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