Tommy Pham Handed Suspension for Slapping a Player

Tommy Pham Handed Suspension for Slapping a Player

Published: June 3, 2024

The Cincinnati Reds outfielder Tommy Pham has a reputation as a Las Vegas high roller, taking his fantasy football very seriously. Following the disputed transaction with Joc Pederson, Pham slapped the San Francisco Giants players, with MLB handing him a three-game suspension.

The incident took place on Friday, making the suspension retroactive. Pham was also issued a penalty, although the league didn’t reveal the amount.

After the game on Friday, Pederson told reporters the two took part in an ESPN fantasy league, although they didn’t talk to each other.

The cause of the disagreement was Pederson’s decision to put one of his players on injured reserve. Since the player was ruled out for the week in question, others accused him of stashing the players. He responded by posting a screen capture of the league’s rule.

To be fair, that happened over a year ago, and Tommy Pham couldn’t let it go. Once Pham slapped him, Pederson simply walked away.

Pham initially didn’t comment on the incident but was more talkative the next day. He admitted to slapping Pederson and confirmed the fantasy football league was the main reason for it. Pham pointed out that Pederson’s comments about his former team, the San Diego Padres, had also made him angry.

And while MLB doesn’t allow players to wager on baseball, betting or playing fantasy games on other sports is perfectly legal.

Pham’s suspension ends on Sunday, after the three-game series in which his team played the Giants.

Speaking about the incident, Pederson said:

There was no real argument. He kind of came up and said, ‘You remember from last year?’ And I was like, ‘Fantasy football?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah.’ I didn’t get emotional and don’t think violence is the answer, I guess you could say.