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The emergence of new betting sites in Canada is a testament to the growing excitement in the country's gambling industry. The ever-increasing turnover from bookmakers is a clear indication of the rising interest among players. This surge in popularity has led to a great upheaval in the Canadian betting world. The industry is constantly evolving to provide users with new options and keep up with the demand. It's fascinating to witness the numbers speak for themselves, with the continuous growth in turnover reflecting the immense enthusiasm from players.

In the ever-evolving world of online betting, the gap between the esteemed AGCO bookmakers, who have established their presence over the years, and the emerging contenders is gradually diminishing. Our comprehensive guide aims to provide a concise overview of the latest online betting platforms, meticulously analyzing the ten most promising sites that hold the potential to ascend to the pinnacle of the industry's selections. These up-and-coming platforms are poised to shake up the market and secure their place among the frontrunners.

New Betting Sites


Get up to CAD100 on your first deposit

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Avail a CAD50 bonus upon making your initial deposit.

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Up to 500CAD

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Up to CAD5

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Up to CAD25

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Please note that in Canada, it is strictly permissible to place bets exclusively on bookmakers possessing a valid AGCO license. Consequently, we specialize solely in showcasing the latest AGCO-approved betting platforms.

We have meticulously evaluated the latest digital gambling platforms, thoroughly considering essential factors including timetable, betting options, promotions, transaction options, client support, and safety measures. Consequently, we have formulated an impartial hierarchy derived from empirical evidence, rendering it impervious to subjective viewpoints and open to indisputable scrutiny. Our team of specialists has conducted firsthand assessments of these cutting-edge wagering platforms, ensuring the utmost accuracy and reliability of our rankings.

Discover the finest and most exciting new betting platforms available.

Discover the ultimate list of the top 10 finest betting platforms, ensuring you never miss out on an exhilarating wagering experience. Prepare to explore the cream of the crop as we present the best new betting sites available, each offering a diverse range of options that cater to your every betting need. Whether you're a seasoned punter or new to the game, these exceptional platforms guarantee a seamless and secure betting environment, ensuring your utmost satisfaction. So, don't wait any longer; dive into the world of thrilling bets and exciting opportunities offered by these top-tier betting sites. Place your bets confidently and be prepared to reap the rewards of your strategic choices.

  1. Betting – Generous welcome bonus
  2. Luckia - Enhanced Quotations and Diverse Markets
  3. Marathon Bet - The sector's highest quotations.
  4. JackpotCity An unprecedented introductory offer never witnessed before.
  5. FantasyTeam – 7/7 customer service
  6. Codere -One of the top betting platforms in Spain
  7. SportCanadaBet Sports television makes its foray into the realm of gambling.
  8. FastBet – No deposit bonus
  9. Betaland – Diverse array of sporting events
  10. NewGioco – Unmatched market depth

Discover the latest betting platforms like 22bet, offering exciting opportunities for sports enthusiasts and bettors alike.

Although 22bet is widely recognized as a prominent emerging platform in the global betting industry, its conquest of the Canadian market has yet to mirror the triumphs achieved elsewhere. Notably, the brand's endeavors in Canada have not reached the heights experienced in other regions. A striking instance of their previous achievements can be recalled through their sponsorship of four English championship teams in 2016, where travel expenses were generously covered.

This Malta-based platform emerges as a highly compelling choice for sports betting, boasting an impressive welcome bonus of 100 euros. Additionally, the operator extends a generous extra perk of 5 euros to all users upon their initial deposit, accompanied by 25 complimentary spins on the renowned slot game, Starburst. It is important to highlight the remarkable value and benefits that this site offers to its esteemed clientele.

At the core of their product, 22bet prioritizes user-friendly navigation, ensuring a remarkable gaming experience. Their ingenious approach lies in the incorporation of an effortlessly intuitive menu, adorned with visually appealing icons. Furthermore, the events are elegantly presented as separate entities, displayed as individual cards. This unique design brings about a sense of simplicity and convenience, elevating the overall user experience to new heights.


  • Enjoy a generous CAD100 Welcome Bonus
  • Excellent gaming experience
  • Free casino bonus


  • Нет прямой трансляции


2. Fresh Bodog gambling platforms

Bodog, an established enterprise situated in Malta, has established its presence in the international realm of gambling for many years, spanning across different regions, namely Africa and America. Being highly recognized in the Canadian market, Bodog stands out among the crowd by offering an enticing welcome bonus of 20 euros, setting itself apart as one of the platforms with the most affordable offers available.

By offering a plethora of promotions, the company has made a conscious decision to prioritize customer retention. Their approach is evident in the extensive range of deals tailored not just for new clients but also for their existing base. A prime illustration of this is the Betting Club, where the operator generously rewards loyal patrons who wager a minimum of 25 euros on multiples every week with a complimentary bonus of 5 euros. Their commitment to keeping customers satisfied is unmistakable.

Prefer Bodog for your sports betting needs due to its vast selection of events, often accompanied by boosted odds, and consistently competitive odds. This added appeal of numerous events with attractive odds sets Bodog apart from the competition.


  • A diverse range of events
  • The Bonus Wheel and additional promotions
  • Betting Club Promotion


  • The meager value of the introductory bonus


3. Fresh Sports-Interaction betting platforms

With a recent entrance into the Canadian market, Sports-Interaction has quickly become a household name in the sports betting industry. Its reputation has been further solidified through high-profile sponsorships with renowned football clubs, including Lazio and Manchester City. Holding a valid AGCO license (no. 15002), this esteemed British bookmaker offers a comprehensive range of sports events, encompassing both major global competitions and lesser-known niche sports. Whether you're a fan of mainstream sports or have a penchant for more obscure disciplines, Sports-Interaction has you covered with its impressive lineup of betting opportunities.

Sports-Interaction's position as a prominent player in the realm of sports betting is further exemplified by its exclusive dedication to this particular offering, setting it apart from its numerous competitors who often provide a wide range of online casinos and poker rooms. This singular focus underscores the operator's commitment to delivering an unparalleled sports betting experience to its users.

Facilitating effortless navigation, the Sports-Interaction website and mobile site have been designed with utmost simplicity and clarity. Moreover, users also have the alternative of acquiring applications for both Android and iOS gadgets.

You have a variety of payment options at your disposal, all of which are free of any additional fees, and among the most widely used methods in Canada. If you have any questions or concerns, our dedicated customer support team can assist you through phone or live chat. While we don't currently offer live streaming, we strive to provide competitive odds by ensuring that the commission for certain events is set at 0%, giving you better chances compared to other platforms. We may not have a flashy welcome bonus, but our focus is on delivering a seamless and reliable betting experience.


  • Elevate quote
  • Huge schedule
  • Dedicated to the realm of sports wagering.


  • Absence live streaming
Visit Sports-Interaction now


4. Fresh betting platforms from JackpotCity

In just a brief span, JackpotCity, a prominent player in the Canadian betting scene, has garnered the favor and confidence of numerous Canadian punters. This all-Canadian bookmaker, belonging to the renowned Entain galaxy alongside the likes of bwin and Bet365, has swiftly won the hearts of bettors. With an AGCO license, numbered 15028, this operator signifies trustworthiness, as it diligently adheres to the rigorous regulations set forth by the governing body. Rest assured that JackpotCity is devoted to providing a secure and reliable betting experience for its customers.

At JackpotCity, you'll discover an extensive array of options that goes beyond the ordinary, catering to all sports enthusiasts. Our selection doesn't just revolve around the most popular sports; it encompasses a complete 360° of sporting events. In addition to traditional sports betting, we offer a wide range of markets that transcend simple wagers on the final result or number of goals. Our live betting section is equally impressive, providing a comprehensive live center that allows you to digitally track the game's progression. However, we regret to inform you that live streaming is not currently available, which would have elevated this section to unparalleled heights.

Withdrawal fees are one of the few disadvantages you may encounter when cashing out your winnings. However, JackpotCity has some unique features when it comes to welcoming new members. Unlike other platforms, they don't offer a promotional balance on your initial deposit. Instead, they have a rather exceptional welcome bonus. During your first week, if you happen to lose any money, they will give you a bonus of 50% on the total amount lost, up to a maximum of 20 euros. Moreover, JackpotCity truly values its loyal and active players. They have a special reward system in place where they will reimburse you with 25% of your total losses, up to a whopping 10,000 euros.


  • An extensive and diverse timetable
  • Dynamic live center
  • An excellent assortment of market options.


  • Unusual welcome bonus
  • Withdrawal fees
Visit JackpotCity now


5. Fresh betting platforms for FantasyTeam

FantasyTeam has secured its rightful place in our prestigious Top 10 ranking of the most outstanding emerging betting platforms. This bookmaker has been operating diligently since 2018 and is proudly owned by E-Play 24 ITA Ltd, a renowned industry leader. Holding a valid AGCO license (No. 15232), FantasyTeam goes above and beyond mere sports betting, providing an all-encompassing online gambling experience. Alongside its impressive sportsbook, punters can revel in the excitement of an immersive online casino, an electrifying live casino, and a thrilling poker room, ensuring endless entertainment and rewarding opportunities for all enthusiasts.

FantasyTeam has left a positive impression on us due to its extensive selection of sports available. Alongside the more mainstream options like football, tennis, and basketball, they also cater to niche sports such as handball, snooker, and table tennis. What truly sets them apart is the remarkable depth of betting options they offer. Beyond the traditional 1X2, Over/Under, or First Half/Full Time bets, FantasyTeam provides customers with a plethora of choices to suit their preferences. Furthermore, their customer service is top-notch, ensuring assistance is readily available every day from 09:00 to 22:00 through telephone and live chat channels.

On the flip side, it's important to acknowledge the downsides. One area that raised our eyebrows is the lackluster bonuses, which pale in comparison to what other cutting-edge AGCO betting platforms offer. Plus, there's the irksome issue of commissions if you opt for specific payment methods when depositing or withdrawing. Another aspect that could use some sprucing up is the live streaming feature, which falls short by only covering a restricted array of sporting events for online viewing.


  • Rich schedule
  • Easy navigability
  • Customer service available every day of the week.


  • Bonuses that lack generosity
Visit now FantasyTeam


6. Fresh Codere gambling platforms

Codere, a leading bookmaker in Spain, has expanded its operations to Canada in partnership with Microgame Spa. With a valid AGCO license (no. 15411), Codere provides a diverse range of options to its customers. In addition to sports betting, the platform offers an extensive selection of online casino games, a live casino experience, and a dedicated poker room. Whether you're a sports enthusiast or a poker aficionado, Codere guarantees a thrilling and comprehensive gambling experience.

Codere stands out among the top-notch emerging betting platforms, offering a myriad of sporting events to wager on. With an incredibly diverse schedule, it caters to the preferences of Canadian sports enthusiasts, encompassing renowned disciplines like soccer, tennis, basketball, and motorsports, alongside lesser-known sports such as darts, floorball, and cricket. Codere's esteemed clientele can revel in a wide array of betting markets that extend far beyond conventional wagers on the ultimate outcome. Notably, their exceptional customer support is accessible round the clock, via live chat or phone, from 09:00 to 21:00, ensuring unparalleled assistance. Moreover, Codere provides a multitude of payment options, completely free from any additional charges.

Unfortunately, the welcome bonus provided by Codere is a mere 20 euros, so we cannot overly emphasize the generosity of their bonuses. It is worth mentioning, however, that as a relatively new betting site, Codere Canada may improve upon its offerings in the future, including the absence of live streaming for sporting events. This flaw can be attributed to its youth and we remain optimistic that it will be addressed in due time.


  • Many minor sports
  • Reliable customer service
  • A vast selection of programming options


  • Ungenerous welcome bonus
  • Absence live streaming
Visit Codere now


7. Fresh SportCanadaBet gambling platforms

SportCanadaBet, an exciting and captivating betting platform in Canada, stands out as a prominent name in our nation. It shares an inherent connection with the esteemed sports TV channel, a realm where football and the ever-thrilling transfer market reign supreme. E-Play 24 ITA Ltd, the proud owner of this bookmaker, has recently unleashed a series of innovative betting sites, including the much-talked-about FantasyTeam, onto the Canadian market. With an illustrious AGCO license (no. 15232) in its possession, SportCanadaBet ensures unparalleled safety and unwavering reliability. In addition to its impressive array of offerings, such as an online casino, a live casino, and a poker room, this platform guarantees an enthralling experience for all bettors.

SportCanadaBet has gained prominence primarily due to its extensive range of sports options, enabling users to place bets not only on popular sports but also on lesser-known ones. Moreover, its impressive array of markets surpasses even the most prominent bookmakers in the field. The live betting section is equally exceptional, providing opportunities to wager on events that may not necessarily be in the limelight. Immerse yourself in the excitement of diverse sports and take advantage of the remarkable betting opportunities offered by SportCanadaBet.

Although SportCanadaBet offers a welcome bonus, it must be noted that the reward is not exceptionally generous. Additionally, the live streaming feature, while not currently accessible for a significant portion of the programming, has room for improvement and could substantially enhance the allure of the platform. It is worth mentioning that customer service is available; however, it should be noted that contacting them requires dialing a toll number.


  • Large schedule
  • Many betting markets
  • There is a multitude of in-play wagers available.


  • Commissions pertaining to certain transactions.
Visit now SportCanadaBet


8. Fresh and speedy FastBet gambling platforms

FastBet (AGCO license n. 15234) is a recent addition to the scene, boasting an extensive and diverse schedule that goes beyond the usual popular sports. This platform doesn't limit itself to just the well-known events, offering an impressive depth of markets even for less prominent competitions. The Live Betting section is brimming with a multitude of exciting events, ensuring a vibrant and engaging experience for users.

FastBet differentiates itself primarily through its promotional offers, with a generous CAD5 no deposit bonus, an enticing 100% welcome bonus of up to CAD100 on the initial deposit, and an attractive 10% cashback offer for a whole year. However, it is important to note that one drawback of FastBet is the lack of live streaming options.


  • Varied schedule
  • No deposit bonus
  • Rich welcome bonus


  • Absence live streaming
Visit FastBet now


9. Fresh Betaland gambling platforms

Undoubtedly, one of the standout characteristics of this fresh betting platform is its array of enticing incentives specifically tailored for those keen on placing multiple bets. Let's kick things off with the much-acclaimed welcoming perk: Betaland extends a warm greeting to its new users by presenting them with an extraordinary offer on their initial deposit - a whopping 100% match bonus, with a ceiling cap of 100 euros.

Among the most exceptional incentives currently accessible, it is noteworthy to highlight:

  • The potential for receiving a cumulative bonus of up to 130%
  • Crazy hour offering a generous bonus of up to 200% on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Happy hour, which diminishes the bonus for multiple bets to those with odds of 1.10.

The betting options for soccer are truly commendable, as the schedule offers an array of choices. With a minimum bet requirement of CAD2, individuals can engage in various betting types, ensuring an exciting and diverse experience.

Betaland, a Maltese website, provides moderate odds and live streaming for significant matches. Apart from placing bets on sports, Betaland also features a casino with live games, poker, bingo, and skill-based games. Whether you prefer the thrill of live roulette, baccarat, and blackjack, or the convenience of automated casino games, you can access them all, even on your mobile device. Despite being a newcomer in the realm of online sports betting, Betaland's impressive standing instills optimism for its future growth and enhancement.


  • Large schedule
  • Various promotions are available for multiple bets.
  • Exclusive live streaming for chosen occasions


  • Мобильное приложение не найдено
  • No excessive quotes
Visit Betaland now


10. Fresh NewGioco gambling platforms

NewGioco, a Canadian gambling platform, falls into the category of emerging betting platforms. While it may not possess the same level of widespread recognition and advanced functionalities found on renowned sites, NewGioco sets itself apart with its remarkable attributes, ensuring a fulfilling and gratifying betting journey.

Although not widely recognized or long-established, NewGioco betting is an integral component of Multigioco Srl, boasting a substantial level of expertise and proficiency.

The user-friendly navigation of this website design, while not exceptional, allows easy access to all the information with just a click. Although there is no available app for download at the moment, the mobile version performs smoothly and efficiently.

The poker room, online and live casino, sports betting, and other captivating games are all accessible to users of this operator's platform. While the graphics on the website may not be visually striking, they are designed to enhance user experience and make navigation effortless, even for beginners. With an AGCO license in hand, this operator ensures a safe and secure environment for players to enjoy their favorite gambling activities.

The extensive program schedule offers a well-balanced selection of sports, ensuring that even minor disciplines are not overshadowed by the most popular ones. Moreover, the live betting sector provides numerous markets for your wagering pleasure.


  • Wide schedule
  • Many markets
  • Easy navigability


  • Absence live streaming


Which betting sites are considered the top choices among new options?

Deciphering this inquiry with absolute clarity is no simple task. Our team of experts has meticulously examined and evaluated each of the betting platforms showcased on this website, ensuring their dependability and credibility. Nonetheless, it is important to acknowledge that personal inclinations and preferences may sway your ultimate verdict. Rest assured, the sites we endorse provide a secure and trustworthy environment for your betting endeavors.

Is there a way to receive a bonus on the top-rated online betting platforms?

Most AGCO betting sites nowadays provide enticing bonuses and promotions to attract new users. To avail yourself of the welcome bonus, simply sign up and make your initial deposit. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to thoroughly examine the terms and conditions associated with each offer to avoid any potential confusion or misinterpretation.

What are the specific timeframes for cashing out winnings from recently launched gambling platforms?

Typically, electronic payment options such as credit and debit cards or digital wallets like Paypal, Neteller, and Skrill offer swift transactions (usually completed within a couple of business days). On the other hand, bank transfers may require a lengthier processing time, sometimes taking up to 5-7 business days to complete.

What sports are available for betting on the latest online betting platforms?

With a wide array of options, the majority of emerging virtual gambling platforms boast comprehensive timetables that afford their clientele the opportunity to wager on more than just popular sports like football and tennis; they can also place bets on lesser-known disciplines.

Is it possible to place live bets on the recently launched gambling platforms?

You can definitely engage in live betting, meaning placing real-time bets, on the majority of events available on the latest AGCO betting platforms.

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