War of Bets
RTP 95%
Max Multiplier 13x
War of Bets
RTP 95%
Max Multiplier 13x
War of Bets Review

War of Bets Review

Forget the traditional seemingly dated card games that confine you to a regular poker table, War of Bets brings a modern and refreshing twist to online gaming.

Upgraded from the classic card game Casino War, BetGames TV decides to spice things up by revamping their digital chart-topping favourite War of Bets.

Streamed in HD quality and complete with new features, functionalities, captivating graphics, and charming female live dealers, players are in for an exhilarating and engaging live gaming experience reminiscent of all BetGames games.

Whereas Casino Wars only has one betting round, War of Bets has two. Let’s unpack how exactly this fast-paced game adds more excitement to the gameplay by taking a closer look at its strategies.

Where to play War of Bets?

The sheer thrill and excitement associated with this revamped card game make it a hit amongst many Canadian gamers.

To boost player engagement, most online casinos feature the popular BetGames TV game on their site. For you, that means you have your work cut out when deciding which online casino to go with.

At a casual glance, all online gaming platforms appear similar. It’s only after closer inspection when you can pick up a few subtle differences.

Before pledging allegiance with a particular online gambling sites, you must take a closer look at aspects such as safety, security, overall games selection, promotions, and how responsive the customer service team is.

Seasoned players might breeze through the selection process. The story is a little different for newbies who might find the entire process a bit complex, not to mention time-consuming.

If you fall in the latter category, we’ve made it easier for you by compiling a list of recommendations based on the mentioned factors. Simply take your pick!

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How to Play War of Bets?

As previously highlighted, War of Bets is an upgrade from the popular card game Casino War. Both are simple card games, but War of Bets adds more betting variety when compared to the traditional card game.

The rules of the game are the same and follow the standard Player/Dealer/War betting pattern, but with a few tweaks here and there.

The game commences with players placing bets on either the Player or Dealer. Both parties each receive a single face-up card. Whoever has the higher card wins.

If both the player and dealer receive a card with the same value, it constitutes a tie (also known as War in this game).

When a Tie happens, both parties lose. Generally, an Ace is the most valuable card in the game and is considered high, while a two or deuce are the lowest a player can get.

As mentioned, unlike in Casino War, players wager in two separate rounds when playing War of Bets; the first round, called the Primary Stage happens before the dealer draws any card.

The second round, referred to as the Secondary Stage, starts after the player receives a card. However, both betting rounds are independent of each other, so you’re allowed to place the same bet twice in the game.

Players can decide to either bet on both rounds or bet in one round and place as many wagers as they like.

The following second round betting options and corresponding odds are available when playing War of Bets:

Main Bet

  • Dealer Wins-2.04
  • Player Wins– 2.04
  • War– 13.50


  • Dealer’s Card / Red – 1.61
  • Dealer’s Card / Black – 2.32
  • Player’s Card / Red – 1.61
  • Player’s Card / Black – 2.32


  • Dealer’s Card / Club – 4.82
  • Dealer’s Card / Diamond – 3.14
  • Dealer’s Card / Heart – 3.30
  • Dealer’s Card / Spade – 4.48
  • Player’s Card / Club – 4.82
  • Player’s Card / Diamond – 3.14
  • Player’s Card / Heart – 3.30
  • Player’s Card / Spade – 4.48


  • Dealer’s card / 8 – 10.00
  • Dealer’s card / less than 8 – 2.24
  • Dealer’s card / more than 8 – 1.96
  • Player’s card / 8 – 10.00
  • Player’s card / less than 8 – 2.24
  • Player’s card / more than 8 – 1.96
  • Dealer’s card / J, Q, K – 4.48
  • Dealer’s card / A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 – 1.21
  • Player’s card /J, Q, K – 4.48
  • Player’s card /A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 – 1.21
War of Bets Bonus

War of Bets features & betting options

If you decide to try out War of Bets, be prepared for around-the-clock-gaming with far more betting variety compared to the traditional game Casino War.

Set in the heart of a pirate ship, the live betting studio features friendly female live dealers at your service for the duration of the game.

Though the dealers primarily speak English, you have an option to change the language using the language options button.

There are no unnecessary breaks in between known to distract players who are on a roll. The only time you break is while the dealer shuffles cards or switches with another dealer.

Players can enjoy the game in full-screen viewing mode with clear HD graphics. The revamped gaming interface is refreshingly intuitive to improve the overall user experience.

For your mobile gaming convenience, War of Bets is streamed flawlessly across all smart devices. One of the most notable features is the bet slip located on the right side of your screen.

You can use the bet slip to select the value of your bet, view the total bet amount, and total wagers placed.

War of Bets Online

War of Bets RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

War of Bets is a simple card game loved by most punters for its reasonable wagering stakes. Players can wager as little as $1 and go as high as $100, depending on their pockets.

War of Bets has a RTP of 95%, we expected this to be higher, especially since it’s a live casino game.

War of Bets hints and tips

One thing most players love about War of Bets is that despite the intimidating name, it’s actually a very simple game.

The rules are easy to master, so most players will easily catch on fast. However, as simple as the game is, it’s purely a game of luck.

Also, with most casino games, the house always wins in the long run. As with baccarat, we advise that players avoid the Tie bet on the first round of betting.

The second round, unfortunately, doesn’t have any fixed odds. In other words, the odds change from one betting round to the next, so there are no guarantees.

Seeing as it’s an entertaining live casino game that’s highly perpetual, the most you can do is follow a low-risk betting strategy.

The point here is for you to place smaller bets first, set a gambling limit, and properly manage your bankroll. And even so, there are no guarantees that you won’t lose any funds because War of Bets is a game of chance after all.

Final Thoughts

Ever since BetGames TV unleashed the upgraded War of Bets, players can’t get enough of the feature-filled game.

Simple rules and dynamic odds in the second round of betting make this game both easy to figure out and unpredictable.

Low minimum stake limits also make War of Bets easily accessible to every player.

As a word of caution—if you’re still trying to learn the ropes of the popular game, rather start practicing with the free versions readily available on the Betgames TV website.

Once you’re comfortable with the game, go ahead and choose an real money casino from our recommended list and get cracking on this dynamic and hyper-fun live card game.

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