Ultimate Texas Hold’em
Software Evolution Gaming
Max Multiplier Unlimited
Ultimate Texas Hold’em
Software Evolution Gaming
Max Multiplier Unlimited
Ultimate Texas Hold’em Review

Ultimate Texas Hold’em Review

Need a break from online slot machines and regular card games? Try Ultimate Texas Hold’em, a poker variant created by the king of live casino games—Evolution Gaming!

Punters who’re not too crazy about playing countless computer-generated games will love this poker title.

As mentioned, Evolution Gaming is all about awarding players the live casino gaming experience right from their living rooms.

So, if seeing a real live dealer flipping actual cards in a game that’s overseen by a real pit boss, Ultimate Texas Hold’em is the perfect choice for you.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em is pretty much similar to Texas Hold’em, hence the name.

The only difference is it contains a few additional features such as 3 betting rounds and an exciting Trips bonus bet, which we’ll both unpack later on in the review.

Also, unlike with classic poker variants that only accommodate 2 to 10 players at a time, Ultimate Texas Hold’em allows an unlimited number of players to simultaneously sit at the table.

Where to play Ultimate Texas Hold’em?

To play Evolution Ultimate Texas Hold’em, you’ll need to join a online casino offering Evolution Gaming live dealer titles.

We’ll just go right ahead and say it—there are countless online casinos in partnership with this award-winning software studio.

Singling out one gaming site won’t be the easiest of tasks. While most casinos offer inviting casino bonuses and catchy graphics, you’ll need to dig a little deeper and investigate the minute details.

Zero in on factors such as the online casino’s safety, security, device compatibility, wagering terms, payout platforms, and withdrawal timeframes.

That’s a lot of information to sift through for any gamer, but not for us! We’ve taken the liberty to vet real money casinos offering the popular game based on all the important factors and more.

After which, we’ve compiled a list of top recommendations that you can pick from.

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How to Play Ultimate Texas Hold’em?

As stated earlier, Ultimate Texas Holdém is very similar to Texas Hold’em and is played by the same rules. You play the poker game against the dealer who uses one 52-card deck.

The aim of the game is for the player to score a better 5-card poker hand than the dealer from the cards on offer.

The cards on offer, in this case, comprise the player’s two cards as well as five other community cards.

To start the game, the player must place equal bets on the Ante and Blind betting options as is the case in Texas Hold’em.

The only major difference is players have a third optional betting option which is the Trips bet bonus.

Once you’ve placed your bets, the dealer first draws out two cards for both the player and for the dealer face down.

At this moment, players can proceed to look at their own cards and decide to either Check or make a Play bet by upping their Ante by 3 or 4 times.

If the player goes with the latter option, the dealer deals all the five community cards, and the player’s best five-card poker hand is compared with the dealer’s best five-card poker hand.

If the player Checks, the dealer deals three community cards, and the player can either Check or make another Play bet by upping the Ante again two times.

If the player goes with the second option, the dealer deals the remaining two community cards. Once again, the player’s best five-card poker hand is compared with the dealer’s best five-card poker hand.

If the player goes with the first option, the dealer deals the remaining two community cards. The player has to make a final choice and Fold, which is to surrender both their Ante and Blind Bets.

If this happens, the hand is over. The player can choose to make another Play bet by upping their Ante by 1x. The dealer then reveals his cards and compares them with the player’s best 5-card poker hand.

To bet on the Trips Bonus bet, you must place an Ante and Blind wager. For this bet, you win if you’re dealt Three-of-a-Kind or better, regardless of the dealer’s hand.

Payouts from this bet are much higher than those from the Blinds bet. And the best thing about this bet is that it’s paid whether you beat the dealer or not.

Plus, this bet doesn’t require the dealer to qualify. In other words, you can lose the main bet and still win the side bet!

At the end of each round, if the dealer has a better hand, the Play, Ante, and Blind bets lose. But if the dealer has less than a pair, the Ante bet pushes. The player wins if they have a better hand.

If there’s a tie between the player and dealer’s hand, the Play, Ante, and Blind bets push, and the players get back their initial stake.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em Bonus

Ultimate Texas Hold’em features & betting options

Much like all Evolution gaming studios, Ultimate Texas Hold’em can be enjoyed in exceptional video quality.

The game is streamed in a high-quality TV format, and a gorgeous dealer is ready to take you through it.

Either pick the full or classic view depending on your preferences. But whichever option you choose, expect to see all the betting options and cards clearly displayed on the screen.

Also, you have the option to play this game while on the move as it can be streamed onto your mobile device instantly. That’s because the game is developed in HTML5.

As mentioned, in Ultimate Texas Hold’em, players have the option to place an optional Trips side bet.

With Ultimate Texas Hold’em, hand terminology is ranked from highest to lowest, with the Royal Flush being the highest.

Payouts with both Ante and Play are 1:1. For the other betting options, the following payouts apply:


  • Royal Flush – 500:1
  • Straight Flush – 50:1
  • Four of a Kind – 10:1
  • Full House – 3:1
  • Flush – 1.5:1
  • Straight – 1:1


  • Royal Flush – 50:1
  • Straight Flush – 40:1
  • Four of a Kind – 30:1
  • Full House – 8:1
  • Flush – 7:1
  • Straight – 4:1
  • Three of a Kind – 3:1
Ultimate Texas Hold’em Online

Ultimate Texas Hold’em RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

Ultimate Texas Hold’em has flexible stakes to suit different pockets. The minimum stake you can place is $0.50 on both Ante and Trips bets.

The maximum stake for an Ante bet is $500 in a single betting round, and $250 for a Trips bet.

With regards to the game’s RTP, different bets attract different rates, which are as follows:

  • Ante bet ( 1st bet) – 97.82%
  • Ante bet (Total bet) – 99.47%
  • Trips bet – 96.5%

Ultimate Texas Hold’em hints and tips

When playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em, it’s very possible to come up with a strategy to slightly swing the odds in your favour.

Just bear in mind that due to the house advantage, the casino always wins. So, even when a strategy seems solid, don’t get too caught up.

Make sure you start playing in the right frame of mind—relax and enjoy the game.

If you research more on Ultimate Texas Hold’em, you’ll realize that the Wizard Strategy is among the most popular trusted by punters.

Using this strategy, you can make large, medium, or small raises depending on the hand combinations. Another option is to rather play without the side bet, as it offers the lowest RTP.

Also, when raising your Ante in the first round, rather raise it by four times as opposed to three times, as the latter doesn’t offer any real value.

Whichever strategy you choose to go with, make sure you manage your bankroll effectively and set betting limits to avoid getting lost in the moment and bursting your purse strings.

Final Thoughts

One thing you’ll love about Evolution Ultimate Texas Hold’em is its accessibility. You can play the game on your desktop, phone, or table—whichever device you prefer for added convenience.

Though it’s similar to Texas Hold’em, some punters might have a hard time wrapping their heads around the additional features. But after a couple of tries, you’ll be a pro.

Also, since it’s not an RNG-based game, you can’t test out the game for free first, so you’ll have to dive right into the deep end.

But quite frankly, that’s the only way to learn fast, right? Besides, you can always start by wagering the lowest stake which is $0.50, in this case, while you learn the ropes.

Because Ultimate Texas Hold’em offers unlimited seating positions, you don’t have to fight to get your seat at the table.

The studio is stunning, and the gaming interface is simple to navigate. The icing on the cake is if the odds are in your favour, you could potentially walk away with 500x your stake, which is pretty amazing.

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