Deal or No Deal The Big Draw
Software Playtech
RTP 98.45%
Max Multiplier 999x
Deal or No Deal The Big Draw
Software Playtech
RTP 98.45%
Max Multiplier 999x
Deal or No Deal The Big Draw Review

Deal or No Deal The Big Draw Review

Deal or No Deal Live, also known as Deal or No Deal The Big Draw, is one of Playtech’s latest additions to their live casino library.

Based on the famous TV game show Deal or Deal, Playtech merges the game with the ever-popular Bingo to give players the best of both worlds.

The end result is a live casino game show that allows online gamers to experience that authentic community vibe while gaming.

Playtech, an innovative game developer, tries to capture and recreate the exhilarating experience associated with the original TV game show but infuses the live casino element to make it more appealing.

So if interactive gameplay, suspense-filled action, and an engaging atmosphere sum up your idea of gaming, our review is a must-read.

Where to play Deal or No Deal Live?

Deal or No Deal Live isn’t an entirely new concept. That’s why you’ll find several software studios offering the game.

So if you want to try out Playtech’s version, you have to look for online casinos associated with the software legend.

As part of your selection process, you’ll need to consider other factors, including the casino’s legal status, casino bonus offer, and other promotions.

While you’re at it, also pay attention to the wagering conditions associated with the bonus offer. Are they steep or fair?

Check if the casino prioritizes player safety and employs industry-standard security features such as SSL encryption.

A simpler option would be to rather make your pick from our list of casino recommendations.

Our experts are in the business of vetting new online casinos based on the mentioned factors, including payment methods available, customer support, and overall gambling fairness. It’s safe to say we won’t lead you astray!

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How to Play Deal or No Deal Live?

At first glance, Deal or No Deal Live appears quite complicated, especially if you’re not familiar with the TV game show.

But lucky for you, Playtech includes a demo video that you can go through first to get a better understanding of the game.

While the Deal or No Deal Live is built on the premise of the TV game show, the software provider makes a few tweaks to make it appealing for online gambling.

The game happens in several phases, and the first section is to purchase a ticket, which is essentially the Bingo part.

Generally, the price of the ticket will determine the value of the cash prize you’ll receive. Naturally, the higher the price of the ticket, the higher the prize value.

The prize ticket multiplier ranges from x 0,1 to x 20 as follows:

  • Prize 1 – x0.1
  • Prize 2 – x0.2
  • Prize 3 – x0.3
  • Prize 4 – x0.4
  • Price 5 – x0.5
  • Price 6 – x0.6
  • Prize 7 – x0.7
  • Prize 8 – x0.8
  • Prize 9 – x0.9
  • Prize 10 – x1
  • Prize 11 – x1.5
  • Prize 12 -x2
  • Prize 13 – x2.5
  • Prize 14 – x3
  • Prize 15 – x5
  • Prize 16 – x20

After purchasing your ticket, the real game begins, also known as the Big Draw. 16 prizes are assigned to the 16 briefcases randomly.

15 of the cases have numbers, and one of them is yours by default. The live dealer randomly draws 20 balls from the available 60 from a bingo machine.

If you have a numbered briefcase matching the number on the ball drawn, the briefcase is opened. The hidden prize is then revealed and eliminated from the prize wall.

At this stage, players hope to open at least 7 from the 15 briefcases, at which point the banker makes the first offer.

If you don’t manage to open 7 cases, you can either throw in the towel or purchase 5 more balls. If 7 cases are opened, the banker will make you an offer.

That’s where the Deal or No Deal part of the game kicks in. You can decide to accept the banker’s offer, which constitutes a deal.

If you opt for a No Deal, you can either take the prize in your briefcase or swap the briefcase for an unknown prize hidden in another briefcase.

Your final option is to buy 5 additional balls until you unlock the banker’s offer. If you don’t take the banker’s offer, you can buy more balls, up to 35 in total to potentially increase your wins.

Deal or No Deal The Big Draw Bonus

Deal or No Deal Live features & betting options

Playtech Deal or No Deal Live is streamed using a high-quality multi-camera system for exceptional visuals. The dealer is lively, the interface is intuitive, and the atmosphere engaging.

The main features of the game are the price boost and the side bet mini-game. In terms of the price boost feature, once you’ve bought a ticket, 5 briefcases will appear on the screen.

You have the option to boost the prize hidden in one of the cases. That basically means you can further increase the prize by the amount hidden in the case you pick.

That’s where the guessing element comes in because you don’t know the prize amount hidden in the case you pick. You can only hope for a big number!

But the prize ranges include $0.50, $1, $3, $5, $10. After you select a case, the amount is revealed and added to your prize. Lucky for you, you can repeat the process as many times as you like to the same or different prizes.

Since hundreds of players will be participating in the game at any given time, if you happen to bow out of the game early, Playtech has you covered.

Instead of twiddling your thumbs till you can take part in the next round, you can participate in the side bet which is a mini version of the game.

This side game is a simple bingo live game with 3 x 3 lines per bingo card. Your objective is to complete the line on the card.

The more lines you complete, the higher the reward, and the top prize is awarded when you complete 6 lines.

To participate in this game, you have to purchase cards that cost the same amount as your initial ticket into the game.

You’re allowed to purchase up to 20 cards. This side game uses the results of the first 20 balls drawn from the main game. Payouts for this side bet are as follows:

  • 1 Line – 2x
  • 2 Lines – 5x
  • 3 Lines – 20x
  • 4 Line – 50x
  • 5 Lines – 200x
  • 6 Lines – 1000x
Deal or No Deal The Big Draw Online

Deal or No Deal Live RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

Playtech Deal or No Deal Live has a Return to Player 98.45%, which is pretty good for a casino game.

The side bets do offer a lower RTP of 95.38%. While not exceptionally mind-blowing, if you do bag a win, the returns are worth the risk.

To participate in the game, you’ll need a minimum stake of $0.10, and the maximum wager goes up to $50.

Deal or No Deal Live hints and tips

Playtech Deal or No Deal Live embodies the gambling concept at its core. If we’re being frank, the chances of leaving the game with hefty wins are rather slim.

Still, you can adopt a few gaming strategies to make the game more favourable to you, although there are no guarantees.

The first tip we can give you is to purchase a ticket with the amount that you can afford to buy more balls to the value of 10x your initial ticket amount.

Also, unless you’re a high roller, we would advise you against boosting your prize since the step is optional.

If you manage to crack 7 cases and receive the banker’s offer, and the offer is higher than your initial wager, rather take it.

A win is a win with this game. That means avoid switching boxes for a better prize. The uncertainty is real, and you could lose. Finally, don’t forget to keep a close eye on your bankroll!

Final Thoughts

One thing we can’t take away from Playtech Deal or No Deal Live is the game’s authenticity.

The live casino game gives you all the feels of an engaging gaming atmosphere set in a stunning studio with friendly hosts.

Given the RTP it’s a great casino game if you’re looking to make some serious money.

But if fun coupled with a streak of lean wins here and there is what you’re looking for, then this is the game for you.

Also, since the minimum betting stake is only $0.10, you can afford to spend a few dimes, let loose, and have yourself some fun!

The prize boosts and mini side games make this title more exciting than the Deal or No Deal variants from competing studios, since the latter awards you instant wins.

Playtech outdid itself with the game, and it’s certainly worth a shot, in our opinion.

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