Baccarat Squeeze
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 98.94%
Max Multiplier 200x
Baccarat Squeeze
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 98.94%
Max Multiplier 200x
Baccarat Squeeze Review

Baccarat Squeeze Review

Baccarat is a popular casino table game in Canada, Europe, Macau, and the rest of the world. Evolution Gaming’s classic live dealer variant of the game oozes glamour and ease-of-play.

Baccarat Squeeze, on the other hand, brings a whole new level of thrill and excitement to online casino gaming.

The squeeze feature borrows from a card-squeezing ritual that Chinese gamblers at Macau casinos perform before revealing their cards’ values.

Unlike traditional Baccarat, where players are dealt their first two cards face-up, Baccarat Squeeze cards are dealt face-down, then revealed by squeezing a small section at a time.

Multiple camera angles, including vivid card close-ups, create suspense and provide a more realistic gaming experience.

Where to play Baccarat Squeeze?

Baccarat Squeeze is undoubtedly a fun and exciting casino game, but where you choose to play may either boost or spoil your overall online experience.

As online casinos may alter the payout rates, it’s vital to check the game stats, or simply play at reputable online casinos.

Unless you never go through bad internet days, another point to watch out for is how an online gambling site responds to low-speed internet connections on both desktop and mobile devices.

Variety is the spice of online casino—do check out what other gaming options an online gaming platform has before you sign up.

Fortunately for you, we checked these factors and a whole lot more and suitably recommended the best real money casinos to play Baccarat Squeeze. Below is our top 4.

Top 4 Baccarat Squeeze casino’s

Up to $1600
+ Free Spins
Up to 1000$
Free Spins
Up to $400
150 Free Spins
100% up to 00
120 Free Spins

How to Play Baccarat Squeeze?

Depending on your preferred type of gameplay, you may savour the prolonged anticipation of having the dealer slowly reveal the cards, or you’ll urge them to “get on with it”.

Evolution Gaming tries to cater to the needs of every player by providing live dealer Baccarat games that fall in both categories.

Baccarat Squeeze falls in the slow camp and allows players to see the game hands being gradually squeezed while losing none of the advantages offered by classic Live Baccarat.

Baccarat Squeeze is played using traditional rules, where players predict which hand will have the highest single-digit value.

If you don’t already know the traditional baccarat rules, you can check out our Baccarat review. Here we thoroughly explain the game and give some hints and tips to help you out.

When you take a seat at the Baccarat Squeeze table, you’ll be welcomed by a professional, well-dressed dealer in a dedicated Evolution Gaming studio.

A digital set of controls will pop up on the screen. The dealer then gives two cards each to the player and the banker.

You’ll have a few seconds to select your bet value and place your wager before the betting window closes.

As you would with any Baccarat game, you can bet on the following:

  • The Banker, you win when the dealer’s hand has a higher value than yours.
  • The Player, you win when your hand has a higher value.
  • A Tie, you win when both hands have the same value.

Baccarat Squeeze also has indicators that show you how other players are betting. If you’re still learning, you can simply choose to follow the crowd.

The live dealer will then turn the cards face-up, and squeeze the cards that have the highest cumulative stakes. The game slows down a bit when the squeeze is incorporated.

The live dealer carefully lifts the cards’ sides to reveal the symbols, while hiding the number with their thumb.

All the while, players are constantly guessing what the card is. Revealing the cards this way builds up tension and suspense, but doesn’t have any impact on the game’s outcome.

The dealer gives a third card if either the Player or the Banker has a total of 8 or 9 and they both stand. If the Player or the Banker has a total of 5, they can hit and be dealt a third card.

Baccarat Squeeze Bonus

Baccarat Squeeze features & betting options

Squeezing the cards and gradually revealing the value of each hand may not have any effect on the game’s outcome, but it still adds a lot of anticipation and excitement to Baccarat.

As with other Baccarat variants from Evolution Gaming, Baccarat Squeeze comes with several side bets.

While these bets have significantly more substantial potential returns, playing them is optional.

  • Either Pair bet, you bet on either the Player or the Banker getting a pair and get a 5:1 payout.
  • Banker and Player Pair, both Player and Banker get a pair and you get an 11:1 payout.
  • Bonus bets, you get a 30:1 bonus if your hand wins by a margin of at least four points or with a natural 8 or 9.
  • Perfect Pairs, you have a potential payout of 25:1 for one hand and 200:1 for both the Banker and Player’s hand.

A simple menu provides access to the game’s audio and video controls, gaming history, and game rules.

You can also display scorecards on a dark or light background or switch from the classic and more immersive 3D view.

Other extra features on Baccarat Squeeze include historical results, where players can see the results for hundreds of previous bets, as well as a record of your own previous bets.

These results are provided in multiple views to help you make better bets.

You can also enjoy the social aspect of live casino gaming and interact with the dealer by typing messages on the screen using the live chat feature.

Baccarat Squeeze has amazing camerawork, with 15+ cameras capturing every game aspect from various angles and distances.

Baccarat Squeeze Online

Baccarat Squeeze RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

As Baccarat Squeeze is played using the same rules as the traditional game, it pays out exactly the same.

Player wins pay out at evens, while Banker victories have a 0.95:1 payout. If you bet on a Tie and win, you’ll get 8x your stake.

It’s challenging to find a live dealer casino game that caters to every player’s tastes, which is why Evolution has an entire suite of games.

For some players, another downside to playing Baccarat Squeeze is its high minimum bet limits. Instead of the traditional $1, players need to bet at least $5 and a maximum of $2,000.

The maximum potential payout with natural bets is, therefore, $16,000 if you place a successful Tie bet with the maximum stake of $2,000.

As with the classic variant, Baccarat Squeeze has a favourable overall RTP of 98.94%.

If you’re looking to play for more substantial potential payouts but lower RTPs, you can go for the more lucrative side bets.

The Banker or Player Pair has an RTP of 89.64%, the Either Pair comes in at 86.29%, while the Perfect Pair has an RTP of 91.95%.

Baccarat Squeeze hints and tips

You don’t have to be a high roller or own a tuxedo to play Baccarat Squeeze. You do, however, have to know a few hints and tips to stretch your bankroll and potentially win more.

While it may seem obvious, but it’s vital to check if an online casino offers the correct odds on all Baccarat Squeeze bets.

The standard commission is 5%, but some operators may charge as much as 25%. Some online casinos may even charge less than the standard 5%, so watch out for those too.

Next up, polish up on your Baccarat rules. Use bonuses to practise until your gameplay is flawless.

However, good you may be, remember that the house edge will always catch up with you in the long run.

It’s, therefore, a great idea to quit while you’re ahead. Decide on how much you can realistically win from your starting bankroll, then stop playing if you reach that amount.

If you’re ever in doubt, use the live chat feature to your advantage and ask the live dealers.

Final Thoughts

As Evolution Gaming’s Baccarat Squeeze is played using traditional game rules, the potential payouts, game strategies, and everything else is the same.

Both newbies and practised players can quickly find their feet and start having fun. Baccarat Squeeze perfectly recreates the Macau brick-and-mortar casino gaming culture.

The game features bean-shaped tables, extra side-bets, as well as friendly and professional dealers.

The live dealers also conduct the ritual card-squeezing that ramps up the game tension and anticipation by slowly revealing just enough of each card to keep you guessing.

This much-loved squeeze is captured by multiple camera angles, including some crystal-clear close-ups.

The extra anticipation, however, comes at an extra cost of higher minimum bets and slower gameplay. Instead of the traditional $1 minimum bet, you have to place bets of at least $5.

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