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Bet365 and Wazamba rank high among the most popular online bookmakers in Canada. They have become the go-to choices for bettors all across the country due to their enticing bonuses and abundant promotions, which we will explore in detail. In this comprehensive analysis, we will closely compare Wazamba and Bet365, delving into crucial aspects such as the variety of sports and markets they offer, the competitiveness of their odds, the range of features available, and the convenience of their payment methods. Ultimately, we will proclaim a winner based on the accumulated scores in each challenge category. So, who emerges triumphant in the Wazamba vs. Bet365 showdown? And more importantly, why? But before we delve further, let's first take a closer look at the welcome bonuses bestowed upon us by Wazamba and Bet365.

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Up to 105 CAD

  • Rich weekly promos
  • Experience the thrill of real-time streaming and engage in the excitement of live betting.
  • Virtual Betting
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  • Extensive selection of markets and competitive odds available.
  • Live betting
  • There are numerous weekly promotions being offered.
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Promotion available exclusively to new customers (aged 18 and above) who, upon submitting a valid identification document, proceed to deposit CAD10 or above. Terms and conditions are applicable.

Before revealing the findings of our bookmaker comparison, it is necessary to address the inquiries raised earlier. In order to offer comprehensive insights, the team at Betting Trends has meticulously examined the various attributes of these operators. Hence, our approach entails scrutinizing five key aspects:

  • Betting Bonus
  • Betting App
  • Schedule and markets
  • Customer Service

Let's now embark on exploring the contrast between these two online bookmakers, delving into the depths to determine the ultimate victor in our rigorous face-off evaluation. At long last, the time has come to unravel the outcome of this head-to-head showdown.

A comprehensive analysis of Wazamba and Bet365 platforms.

On the Canadian market, there are several top-notch bookmakers to choose from, including Wazamba and Bet365. But the question remains, which one stands above the rest? To provide clarity on this matter, we have meticulously examined and compared the fundamental features of these two platforms in a comprehensive article.

Let's begin by assessing the overall design, suggested price estimates, enticing incentives, and marketing campaigns, before ultimately determining the superior wagering platform among these two competing bookmakers.

Wazamba or Bet365: Which one to choose for card games?

Wazamba Bet365
🎁 Bonuses 350CAD CAD105
🔄 Rollovers 1X
📈 Minimum share 2.00 1.50
💳 Minimum Deposit 10CAD 10CAD
⭐ Benefits Bonuses Markets
📊 Payouts 96% 94%
📺 Streaming
🏆 Final vote 9/10 8/10
📄 Review ☑ Go ☑ Go

Which welcome bonus is better: Wazamba or Bet365?

When it comes to choosing a betting site, one crucial aspect that many players take into account is the availability of attractive betting bonuses. It's no wonder, then, that we have chosen to focus our opening paragraph on the enticing offers extended to new members by both Wazamba and Bet365. But which one of these platforms stands out as the superior choice? Let's delve into the details and compare the bonuses provided by each site to find out.

The Wazamba offer

The Wazamba welcome bonus, valued at a generous 350CAD, may initially raise eyebrows due to its intricacies. However, it possesses certain hidden features that could pleasantly astonish inexperienced users. Divided into various components, this bonus structure offers a unique twist.

  • Earn a bonus of up to 25 CAD when placing your initial wager in sports betting.
  • Get a bonus of up to 25 CAD on your initial deposit. virtual bet
  • Earn a 300 CAD bonus over the course of 30 weeks.


To gain a deeper comprehension of the attributes of the Wazamba bonus promotion and the process of acquiring its diverse installments, let us delve into the details. The initial step entails creating an account on the bookmaker's online platform. Upon successful registration, the subsequent requirement is to authenticate your identity by submitting a photocopy of your identification document to the bookmaker.

To claim the instant 25 CAD bonus, you must place your first bet within 30 days of signing up, ensuring that the minimum odds are 2.00. Moreover, to unlock an additional 25 CAD, you need to place your first bet within 30 days of registration on a virtual product, without any minimum odds requirement. Act now to seize this exclusive opportunity and enjoy the thrilling world of online betting with our platform. Don't miss out on the chance to boost your winnings and experience the excitement of virtual sports. Join us today and start your winning streak!

In order to acquire Status Points, you will need to secure weekly Wazamba bonuses of CAD 10, which will amount to CAD 300 in total. It's important to note that 10 Status Points are equivalent to CAD 1. You have the opportunity to obtain this bonus for a period of 30 consecutive weeks, with a maximum value of CAD 300. Make the most of these weekly rewards and build up your Status Points to enhance your gaming experience at Wazamba.

Bet365's offer

At present, Bet365 presents an exclusive deal for newly registered users. This enticing offer grants a 5 CAD bonus specifically tailored for virtual wagers upon making the initial deposit. Moreover, as an added incentive, a final bonus awaits, potentially reaching the remarkable sum of 100 CAD.

Claim this amazing welcome package now and enjoy the final segment of this extraordinary offer, which includes a generous bonus of up to 100 CAD! This exceptional bonus will be provided to you in either the form of a refund or betting cashback, amounting to 50% of the total wagered in the initial 7 days following account activation, with a cap of 100CAD. To ensure eligibility, please ensure that your bets are placed on fixed odds (single, multiple, live) and have odds of 1.50 or greater. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Sign up today and make the most of this fabulous welcome bonus.

Comparing Wazamba and Bet365: Which one comes out on top in terms of the Welcome Bonus?

Undeniably conspicuous is the fact that Wazamba emerges as an indisputable winner when it comes to the enticing welcome bonus package. With a generous offer of a whopping 350CAD bonus, Wazamba outshines Bet365's comparatively modest 105CAD bonus offer.

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Which promotion should you choose: Wazamba or Bet365?

Let's delve into another aspect highlighted in this article, which focuses on the enticing promotions that cater to all bookmaker users. These exclusive deals play a pivotal role in fostering customer loyalty and fueling their inclination to place increasing bets. So, who offers the most remarkable promotions? Let's uncover the top contenders.

Wazamba presents enticing offers and promotions to enhance your gaming experience.

At Wazamba, a plethora of promotional opportunities awaits you in diverse categories. Whether you're an avid fan of football, tennis, horse racing, or boxing, you'll discover a multitude of enticing offers tailored to your favorite sports. Additionally, we extend our promotions to the realm of virtual betting, a rapidly growing trend in the world of sports wagering. Moreover, our casino section boasts an array of bonuses for an assortment of thrilling games, including slots, poker, bingo, and countless others.

Bet365 Promotions

When it comes to Bet365, our array of promotional offers is truly extensive. We'll begin with the traditional betting bonuses, and then delve into the realm of weekly and seasonal bonuses. Additionally, we offer exclusive football bonuses for European cup matches, as well as enticing bonuses for those keen on multiple bets and horse racing. Our menu is filled with a wide range of options to cater to every betting enthusiast.

Which platform, Wazamba or Bet365, will emerge victorious in the battle of promotions?

Bet365 emerges as the clear winner in this matchup, thanks to their extensive array of promotions that far surpass those offered by Wazamba. It's clear that Wazamba falls short in this regard when pitted against the competition. In terms of promotional offerings, Bet365 truly takes the crown.

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The schedule for Wazamba or Bet365

Let's uncover the truth about the betting schedules of these two bookmakers. Which one reigns supreme with a plethora of covered events, and which one presents the chance to wager on non-sporting affairs? In this exploration, we shall embark on the journey together.

Wazamba palimpsest

At Wazamba, the dedicated sports betting section offers an extensive selection of events that caters to every sports enthusiast. From the widely loved classics like football, basketball, and tennis to more specialized options such as cricket, surfing, and eSports, there is something for everyone. What sets Wazamba apart is its unique feature that goes beyond sports. You can even place bets on non-sporting events like TV shows and music contests, ranging from the ever-popular Big Brother to the electrifying Eurovision. The possibilities are endless, ensuring an exciting and diverse betting experience for all.

Bet365 schedule

Bet365, however, holds its ground when it comes to the sports betting lineup. While it may offer fewer sports events, Bet365 excels in live betting and non-sporting events. In fact, you'll have the opportunity to place bets on popular national and international TV extravaganzas like X Factor. Don't let the smaller coverage deceive you; Bet365 knows how to keep the excitement alive with its vibrant live betting options and diverse range of non-sporting spectacles.

Which platform provides the most favorable betting timetable: Wazamba or Bet365?

In an unprecedented turn of events, the riveting clash between Wazamba and Bet365 concludes in a harmonious deadlock. These two renowned platforms present a plethora of thrilling opportunities, boasting an extensive array of events to captivate enthusiasts. Moreover, they provide an enticing avenue for placing wagers on emerging markets, encompassing the electrifying realm of e-sports and an assortment of non-sport events.

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Which offers better odds: Wazamba or Bet365?

Let's assess the probabilities offered by the two bookmakers at this moment.

Wazamba quotes

It is crucial to take into account an additional aspect when registering with a betting company - the odds they provide. It is prudent to seek out the platform that offers the most favorable odds for bettors. First, let's focus on the odds at Wazamba. In comparison to the average odds offered by top bookmakers, Wazamba delivers higher odds by a small margin, giving bettors a slight advantage.

As an example, let's consider the betting odds for the upcoming Champions League clash between Chelsea and Juventus, just a week away. Wazamba, the renowned online sportsbook, provides odds of 1.67 for a victory by Chelsea at their home ground, while offering enticing odds of 5.25 for an away win by Juventus.

Bet365 Odds

Compare the odds provided by Bet365 to those offered on Wazamba for the selected sports event. The home team is given odds of 1.68 on Bet365, while the away team has odds of 5.00.

Who emerges victorious in the odds challenge between Wazamba and Bet365?

Wazamba emerges triumphant in this scenario, leaving no room for doubt. It excels in offering favorable odds, especially during head-to-head encounters or high-stakes showdowns, thereby providing bettors with a distinct advantage over Bet365. One cannot deny the superiority of Wazamba when it comes to catering to the needs of savvy punters. Its odds consistently prove to be more enticing and advantageous, guaranteeing an unparalleled betting experience.

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Wazamba App versus Bet365 App

In this day and age, we have experienced remarkable strides in technology, prompting betting platforms to broaden their horizons and venture beyond traditional desktop interfaces. They have embraced the mobile revolution, tailoring their services to cater to the ever-increasing number of smartphone users. Now, individuals can effortlessly access these betting sites through their mobile devices, enjoying a seamlessly optimized experience. To further enhance user convenience, specialized applications have been designed specifically for Android and iOS devices.

The Wazamba app for smartphones, recently launched by Wazamba, distinguishes itself from its direct rivals. In spite of its relative inexperience in this industry, the app offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, devoid of any unexpected glitches or technical issues. The mobile application boasts an array of features identical to those found on its PC counterpart.

For those seeking a seamless mobile betting experience, Bet365 goes the extra mile. It presents its users with the option to install a specialized Bet365 application on their Android or iOS devices, granting them full access to all the website's features on the go. A noteworthy aspect of this platform is its inclusion of an exclusive promotional offer in the promotions section, specifically tailored for app downloaders. This strategic move cleverly entices a diverse range of bettors to make the most of the smartphone application as well. Kudos to Bet365 for their thoughtful approach!

Which betting app is superior: Wazamba or Bet365?

In our comprehensive evaluation, we encountered yet another evenly matched obstacle. Throughout our rigorous examination, we were delighted to discover that both dedicated applications operated flawlessly, without a single glitch. What truly impressed us, however, was the exceptional smoothness and remarkable swiftness of the browsing experience, accompanied by the added convenience of placing bets from any location.

Determining a victor in this regard is a completely subjective assessment, thus we suggest acquiring both applications to personally ascertain which more accurately aligns with your preferences and features.

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Customer service at Wazamba and Bet365

In wrapping up our evaluation, we deemed it imperative to assess the customer assistance offered by these two betting platforms. Commencing with Wazamba, they furnish numerous avenues to reach out to their support team, comprising of a live chat feature, a helpline, an email contact, as well as an extensive FAQ repository.

In order to expedite the resolution of issues, Bet365 prioritizes its customer service by offering a variety of contact options. The company provides five distinct email addresses tailored to different types of inquiries. In addition, customers have the convenience of reaching out for support through live chat, a dedicated phone line, or by referring to the comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page. Rest assured, Bet365 is committed to ensuring prompt assistance for its valued users.


Our comprehensive analysis has reached its conclusion, encapsulating the fundamental aspects of each platform to ensure an impartial and unbiased assessment. After meticulous evaluation, it is our firm belief that Wazamba emerges as the victor, primarily due to one compelling factor: its unparalleled dedication to bonuses and promotional incentives. As evidenced by our research, Wazamba undeniably excels in this realm, bestowing it with a distinctive advantage in our comparison.

In this direct comparison, Bet365's welcome bonus and various promotions fall short of rivaling the competition, despite their decent offerings. They simply do not measure up.

252 codes CLAIMED

Up to 350CAD

  • A wide variety of markets and odds are available.
  • Live betting
  • Numerous weekly promotions are available.
CHECK BONUS Our score: 9
Promotion available exclusively to new customers (aged 18 and above) who, upon submission of a valid identification document, proceed to deposit CAD10 or higher. Terms and conditions apply.

Wazamba or Bet365 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Comparing Wazamba and Bet365: which one reigns supreme?

Bet365 and Wazamba were put to the test, and the results were razor-thin. After closely examining five crucial categories in this thrilling showdown, Wazamba emerged as the clear victor, triumphing in an impressive four out of five areas, leaving Bet365 with just one. Our choice, without a doubt, is the remarkable Wazamba, showcasing their exceptional prowess in every aspect.

Are there any available betting applications for Wazamba and Bet365?

Indeed, both bookmakers provide their customers with mobile betting applications compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. However, it is worth noting that the app offered by Wazamba enjoys greater popularity among the audience. Furthermore, our comprehensive test has revealed a multitude of advantages that set Wazamba apart from its competitors.

Which streaming service is superior: Wazamba or Bet365?

Both bookmakers, Bet365 and Wazamba, provide an extensive range of offerings including live betting and streaming services. It is difficult to declare a clear winner as both platforms excel in providing a high-quality experience for their users.

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