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Thanks to remarkable technological advancements, it has become possible to engage in live betting for several years now, breaking free from the constraints of solely placing pre-match bets (and taking into account cash out bets, which we will discuss later). This exciting development has not only boosted the revenue of betting platforms significantly but has also provided their customers with an additional opportunity to wager while the event is unfolding, enabling them to shape their own well-defined perspective on the game's trajectory. By seizing the chance to bet in real-time, bettors can now actively participate in the unfolding action, making informed decisions based on their evolving assessment of the match's dynamics.

Today, numerous leading gambling platforms provide an enticing option for users to witness live broadcasts of sports events, thereby amplifying the allure and enchantment of their services. In the realm of Canadian betting, a novel attribute has emerged known as cash out betting, which can be aptly described as the act of "gathering" one's earnings.

Players greatly appreciate this innovative feature, which they can cleverly leverage to their benefit. With this option, you have the ability to prematurely terminate a bet prior to the conclusion of a game or any other sporting event. The primary objective is to maximize profits or minimize potential losses. It's a highly valued functionality that empowers users to take control of their betting strategy.

Cash out, a popular feature in many countries, made its debut in Canada in 2014, courtesy of Betfair. Since then, other bookmakers like Betflag and Betpoint also introduced this functionality in 2017, with bwin following suit. Presently, Canadian users have the option to cash out with only four bookmakers.

Discover the four gambling platforms that offer the cash out feature.

  1. Betfair Partial cash-out option is accessible.
  2. Betflag - the revolutionary cash out feature in exchange betting.
  3. bwin Also cash in on various multiples.
  4. An abundance of Betpoint-rich welcome bonuses and convenient cash out options are available.


  1. Betfair - receive a generous welcome bonus of up to 200 euros.

In Canada, Betfair stands as the pioneer of exchange betting and the trailblazer that brought the concept of cashing out to our shores. The cash out feature, exclusively accessible during live matches and on individual games, extends a unique opportunity for bettors. Notably, this feature allows users not only to perform a complete cash out but also empowers them to opt for a partial cash out. With Betfair, you can exercise greater control over your bets and make informed decisions at every stage of your wagering journey.

Please be aware that occasionally, the option to withdraw cash may not be accessible on markets with low liquidity.


    • Partial cashing out is also an option.
    • Exchange Rates
    • Live streaming


    • Occasionally, the option to withdraw cash is not available.


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  1. Betflag offers a 100% welcome bonus of up to CAD1,000.

Moneyback, the cash out feature on Betflag, operates similarly to the traditional cash out function. It is exclusively available for exchange betting, providing users with the option to cash out their bets.

The Moneyback symbol is available in three different shades:

  • Grigio: Moneyback cannot be obtained for a market that is already balanced or for an offer that is only partially matched. Moneyback is exclusively applicable to fully matched amounts.
  • Rosso: Moneyback option provided. The specified amount represents the potential refund that can be obtained upon utilizing this feature. The system will autonomously wager on alternative outcomes to minimize the potential loss incurred from the initial bet.
  • Green: Moneyback option provided. The displayed sum in green represents the instant profits that the individual can opt to receive immediately upon confirming the proposed bet by Moneyback.


    • Claim your Welcome Bonus of up to 1,000 Canadian dollars.
    • Обменные ставки


    • Limited market liquidity in certain markets



  1. bwin - receive a warm welcome bonus of up to €200

bwin, a renowned operator in Canada, has joined the ranks of bookmakers that provide the cash-out feature. Distinct from its competitors, bwin offers this function not only for specialized markets but also for regular ones, setting itself apart with its absence of an exchange betting platform.

One major perk offered by bwin that sets it apart from its rivals is the option to cash out, even for multiple wagers. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the availability of this cash-out feature may vary for different events and markets.


    • Multiples also offer the option to cash out.
    • Double welcome bonus
    • Live streaming


    • Low betting limits


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  1. Betpoint offers a generous 100% welcome bonus, allowing you to receive up to CAD1,000 as a bonus when you sign up.

Betpoint has recently joined the ranks of bookmakers offering a convenient cash-out option. Known as Moneyback, this innovative feature operates similarly to Betflag's cash-out function, but with a unique twist. Moneyback is exclusively available for exchange betting, providing users with greater flexibility and control over their wagers.


    • Exchange Rates
    • Rich welcome bonus


    • Limited market liquidity on certain markets



As you may have observed, the availability of cash out options among bookmakers is currently limited. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the draft of the forthcoming State Monopolies Decree has acknowledged this feature, implying that a surge in the inclusion of cash out betting on various gambling platforms is anticipated in the foreseeable future.

To provide a clear and straightforward demonstration of how cash out works, let's consider an illustrative scenario. Imagine we placed a wager on the X team during the Inter-Juventus match. As the game reaches its 75th minute, the score remains 0-0, causing the live odds for a draw to drop considerably compared to the pre-match or early-game odds. If we prefer not to wait until the conclusion of the game and instead receive our winnings right away, we have the option to utilize the cash out feature.

By not procrastinating until the last moments of the match, we can guarantee a victory, albeit with a reduced payout compared to the final outcome. If we had chosen to wait until the final whistle, we would have placed ourselves in a vulnerable position, at the mercy of a possible shift in the game's progress and thereby jeopardizing not only our initial wager but also any potential gains that could have been made.

In the event that our initial prediction is not fulfilled or only partially met, the same logic can be applied. Let's consider, for instance, a Serie A matchup involving Milan and Rome in which we placed a wager on Under 2.5 goals. As the game progresses and reaches the 60th minute, the score stands at 1-1, meaning that only one more goal would result in our bet being unsuccessful. If there is a growing concern that the third goal is imminent, we have the option to utilize the cash-out feature. By doing so, we would choose to close our bet at a loss, as the odds for Under 2.5 goals would be significantly higher than when we initially placed our bet. This approach allows us to minimize potential losses and prevent the forfeiture of our entire stake.

It is advantageous to utilize the cash out option when the odds for the predicted outcome decrease, as demonstrated by the aforementioned examples. Conversely, failure to do so in situations where the odds increase will result in a financial loss.

Partial and automated withdrawal

It is within the realm of possibility to engage in not only a complete cash out but also a partial cash out of your wager, depending on the bookmaker with whom you place your bet. For instance, let's say you place a 10 euro bet. The option to cash out allows you to retrieve only 5 euro, while the remaining 5 euro remains viable until the game reaches its conclusion.

You also have the option of arranging an automated withdrawal simultaneously. Provided that the closing value meets or surpasses the predetermined threshold, the wager will be promptly concluded, and the funds will be promptly credited to your account.

Pros and cons of cashing out

There is an undeniable benefit in ensuring your bets are protected if the match is going as predicted, without the need to wait until the event concludes. However, the same can be said in the opposite scenario, as cashing out can greatly reduce losses. Moreover, cashing out undoubtedly enhances the enjoyment and entertainment of betting, allowing users to take control of their destiny by selecting the perfect moment to close their bet and claim their potential winnings.

The quantity of winnings is directly linked to the hesitant factor. Opting for the cash out option does not guarantee the same amount of gains as those potentially attained by the conclusion of the match; otherwise, everyone would invariably select cashing out. Ultimately, you are subject to the unpredictable nature of events, which can significantly alter both the course of the game and the odds. It is important to note that the cash out feature is not applicable during clear opportunities for goal scoring, such as penalty kicks or free kicks from the edge of the field. Bookmakers temporarily suspend the markets during these perilous moments, awaiting the conclusion of the dangerous action.

Cash out manual

While it holds true that there is a scarcity of betting platforms in Canada that provide the cash out feature, it is equally accurate to state that cashing out can be implemented across any bookmaker. Surprisingly, even on those platforms that do not explicitly offer the cashing out functionality, it remains feasible to safeguard your wagers.

Securing our win in a calculated manner requires a slightly more involved process than simply cashing out, however, it is far from being overly complex. Take, for instance, a hypothetical scenario where we placed a bet on Canada emerging victorious in the New Zealand match. As the game clock reaches the 30th minute, Canada leads with a comfortable scoreline of 2-0. At this juncture, it would be wise to consider placing an additional bet on X2 to safeguard our potential winnings, should the game take an unforeseen twist.

Suppose we wagered 10 euros on "1" when the odds for Canada's victory were 1.50. It is now possible that the odds for "X2" could be approximately 13.00. In this scenario, we could place a small bet on "X2" to secure a win regardless of the game's final outcome. The only distinction from cashing out is that we would need to have sufficient funds in our gaming account to cover the bet, but the essence of the strategy remains identical to cashing out. Naturally, this example is also applicable if we aim to minimize potential losses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Cash Out

What is cashout?

Bookmakers offer a convenient feature known as cash out, which enables users to terminate their bets prematurely. The primary objective of cash out is to safeguard winnings and minimize potential losses. If the bet is successful, the payout will be slightly lower compared to waiting until the conclusion of the match. Conversely, when the outcome of the event is unfavorable, cashing out will prevent the bettor from losing the entire wager by imposing limitations on losses.

Is it possible to cash out on all bookmakers?

Regrettably, that is not the case. The options for betting platforms that offer the cash-out feature are quite restricted. Presently, there exist merely four bookmakers where cashing out is made possible, with three of them utilizing exchange betting as a means to provide this service.

What sports can I utilize the cash out feature on?

Cash out can be used for all types of sports, including those that are less mainstream. Nevertheless, it is probable that this feature will be predominantly accessible for widely followed sports such as football, tennis, basketball, and other popular athletic activities. In any scenario, the decision regarding the availability of cash out lies solely with the bookmakers, who will notify in advance the specific events for which this option can be utilized.

Is it possible to withdraw funds exclusively from live races?

Users have an abundance of opportunities to cash out, primarily centered around live events. However, an exciting development in recent times is the expansion of this function to include pre-match bets. This enhancement has opened up even more possibilities for users, broadening their options and increasing their chances of success.

Is it worthwhile to withdraw your funds?

Providing a response to this inquiry is highly individualized. Each player possesses their unique approach to wagering, which may or may not be suitable for maximizing gains. In principle, guaranteeing a victory is consistently advantageous, making cashing out a valuable tool for bettors. Nevertheless, it is important to note that cashed-out earnings will invariably be lesser than the potential winnings accumulated upon the conclusion of the match.

Is there a fee for withdrawing my funds?

Sure! Here's a completely different paragraph for the new website: To clarify, cashing out does not entail any charges or fees for users and is a functionality exclusively accessible for pre-existing wagers.

Is it possible for me to withdraw funds from a combination bet?

Sure! Here's the revised paragraph: Most bookmakers do offer the cash-out option for multiple bets too. Nevertheless, it's important to note that this feature is primarily available for single bets.

Are there any alternatives to withdrawing cash?

Certainly! Here's a new paragraph for the website: Indeed, there are ways to achieve a similar outcome even on bookmakers that do not provide the cash out feature. One such method involves employing a basic yet effective alternative strategy. It revolves around placing a bet on the opposing outcome to the one originally chosen. By doing so, you can effectively hedge your bet, irrespective of the eventual result of the event.

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