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When it comes to sports bets and their history, one cannot go beyond bringing up English betting sites and before that bookmakers that made the practice of betting famous all over the world. But which are the most famous English online betting portals on the Canadian betting market? Here is the ranking of the top English betting sites:


Discover the top-rated gambling platforms in the UK

Here are 5 betting platforms that perfectly match your requirements...

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  • A Diverse Range of Sports and Market Options
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  • Numerous betting options available for various sports

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Let's now explore the rich history of English gambling platforms in great depth. However, it is crucial to comprehend the reasons behind the prevalence of UK sites, even within Canada. Opting for British sports betting sites equates to utmost seriousness, dependability, and safety, along with exclusive and genuinely competitive odds and markets. These behemoths of the betting world not only enable you to wager on significant sporting occasions but also on a plethora of political, contemporary, and cultural phenomena. Should you fancy live betting, the options are boundless: these platforms offer an endless array of top-tier events to bet on, available at all times.

The Top British Bookmakers in the Market

Let us now delve into the intricate realm of identifying the most exceptional wagering websites in the English language. Firstly, it is prudent to commence with the crème de la crème, as recommended by the authoritative minds at Betting Trends:

1. Bodog

Established in 2006, Bodog has emerged as a prominent British label, extending its reach to significant European nations, and naturally, Canada as well. Renowned for its extensive array of pre-match and live betting options, Bodog has garnered immense popularity. Furthermore, it is highly regarded for its online poker and casino tournaments, considered a major highlight of its offerings. Notably, Bodog stands as a proud sponsor of numerous events and championships, particularly within the realm of British sports.

Bodog is proud to offer the most favorable odds currently accessible in the Canadian betting industry.

What we like:

  • The top gambling platform available in Canada
  • A wide array of sporting events to place your bets on
  • Handy welcome bonus
  • Extensive eSports schedule
  • Among the top-rated mobile applications

What's wrong:

  • No streaming
2. 888sports

Established in 2008, 888sport emerged as a dedicated betting division of the renowned 888 Holding. Gaining prominence across Europe, particularly among football enthusiasts, the Gibraltar-based company owes its success to influential figures like Santiago Cañizares, the esteemed former Spanish goalkeeper, and Ian Wright, the iconic former English striker, who not only served as sports commentators but also held sway as influential voices in the realm of sports. Expanding its reach, the bookmaker extended its presence to our nation in 2016 while simultaneously securing the coveted title of primary sponsor for the esteemed Giro d'Canada.

With one of the most extensive betting calendars available among the leading Canadian bookmakers, 888 guarantees an unparalleled wagering experience.

What we like:

  • Best bet bonus
  • There are an abundance of football markets available, numbering in the thousands.
  • Virtual Betting
  • Enhanced chances for football every weekend
  • An extensive segment dedicated to quotations in advance.

What's wrong:

  • Top bookmakers don't always offer the most favorable odds.
3. PokerStars Sports

PokerStars Sport, emerging from the remnants of SkyBet in May 2023, has undeniably become one of Canada's favored platforms for betting and gambling. Its widespread media coverage and prominent role as the primary sponsor for esteemed sports and poker tournaments have undoubtedly contributed to its popularity. Initially established in 2001 as an online poker platform, PokerStars took a momentous leap forward in 2019 by forming a monumental partnership with Paddy Power Betfair, the leading global entity in the realm of betting and gambling.

pokerstars sport

PokerStars Sport provides highly competitive odds in the market.

What we like:

  • International network
  • Great graphics
  • Quick registration
  • An incredibly efficient smartphone application.
  • Complete reporting on all sporting events

What's wrong:

  • Not all websites achieve flawless fluidity.
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4. William Hill

Established in 1934, William Hill is a renowned betting platform that has gained recognition both in Canada and worldwide. The brainchild of its founder, William Hill, this English betting site initially offered telephone and postal betting services. However, with the legalization of betting agencies in 1961, William Hill emerged as a prominent destination for British bettors. Expanding its reach, the bookmaker ventured into the Canadian market in 2011, further solidifying its position as a go-to platform for betting enthusiasts.

On your smartphone, you have the opportunity to fully enjoy one of the finest and most comprehensive live streaming services provided by William Hill, allowing you to witness your beloved games and sports. Another advantage is that you can take advantage of this service to watch your favorite matches and sporting events.

What we like:

  • Generous welcome bonus
  • Completely authorized to conduct operations within Canada.
  • Numerous weekly promotions
  • Different payment methods

What's wrong:

  • Decreased quantity of data for wagering purposes
5. Betfair

In Canada, back in 2017, Betfair acquired Paddy Power, thereby solidifying its position as the leading provider of betting exchange services worldwide. A proud member of the largest consortium globally, Betfair collaborates closely with its compatriots, Paddy Power and PokerStars. This powerful alliance enables Betfair to offer an unparalleled range of betting options and services to its discerning clientele.

The virtual betting section on LeoVegas is incredibly comprehensive, just like their extensive live streaming offerings.

What we like:

  • Betting exchange
  • Numerous in-person and digital gatherings
  • A genuinely comprehensive betting timetable
  • Streaming major events live

What's wrong:

  • Extremely demanding wagering prerequisites
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UK Gambling Platforms Offering Bonus Incentives

The enticing incentives and promotional campaigns provided by wagering platforms frequently play a pivotal role in the decision-making process for punters. Let us present you with a concise compilation of British gambling websites showcasing their enticing bonuses and compelling primary propositions.

Kickstarting our list is none other than Bodog, a top-notch English betting site renowned for its generous welcome bonus offerings. Brace yourself for an in-depth exploration of the multitude of perks that await you.

  • Get a Welcome Bonus of up to CAD260 - The welcome offer consists of two tiers for your initial deposits. Your first deposit gets you a 100% bonus up to CAD10, while your second deposit gets you a 50% bonus up to CAD10.
  • Bodog offers a multiple bonus that can reach up to 30% for 15 or more events. This bonus is based on the potential winnings in the bet slip and is calculated directly.
  • By activating this promotion, you will be entitled to a weekly bonus of CAD5 when you wager a minimum of CAD25 on at least 3 combination bets.

Up to CAD260

  • Ease of Use
  • A Wide Selection of Sports and Market Options
  • Special Odds

Take a closer look at the enticing sign-up offer provided by 888sport, a thriving British bookmaker making waves in the Canadian market. Delving into the specifics, here's what awaits you:

  • Receive a Welcome Bonus of 100% up to CAD100 by depositing at least CAD10.
  • Inflated probabilities - This is where we can discover increased odds bonus With figures soaring as high as 300%, this English betting site stands out as offering one of the most generous maximum percentages in the industry.
761 codes CLAIMED

Up to 100CAD

  • Happy weekly promotions
  • A diverse range of market options is available.
  • Numerous betting opportunities available across a wide range of sports.

Introducing PokerStars Sport, a renowned English betting platform formerly recognized as SkyBet until 2023. Prepare for an exhilarating experience as we present to you a wide array of exciting offerings. Brace yourself for:

  • Get a welcome bonus of up to 100CAD! The bonus is split into various portions of 10CAD each, which you can unlock by meeting the playthrough criteria within 90 days of placing your first bet.
  • Multi Boost is an exclusive perk for placing multiple bets, giving you the opportunity to enhance your potential winnings by an additional 100% when you play with PokerStars.
  • PokerStars Sports presents the Bonus Betting Leaderboard, where members can vie against one another for a chance to claim up to CAD2500. The participant with the highest number of accurate predictions will have the potential to secure the ultimate cash reward.

Now, let's turn our attention to William Hill, a renowned and time-honored brand in the world of online gambling, boasting a rich legacy spanning across England and Canada. Our focus will be on:

  • Get a Welcome Bonus of up to 215CAD when you sign up at this bookmaker. Just use the code ITA215 during registration. The bonus is divided into stages that can be unlocked gradually. Additionally, there are numerous other bonuses offered, especially for major matches.
  • Every day, William Hill handpicks the top football events and merges them to form Multiple Gold. Multiple Gold gives you the opportunity to place the multiple bet you've always wished for, but with an added odds boost.
  • Bonus Cashback Betting – William Hill stands out among bookmakers by providing the option for a cashback bonus. reimbursement (or cashback reward) on unsuccessful wagers.

Prepare yourselves for Betfair, an esteemed English wagering platform renowned for its cutting-edge betting exchange. Allow us to dissect the intricate details and unveil the plethora of alluring bonuses that lie in wait:

  • By using the code ZITT10 when signing up, you can receive a 50% bonus on your initial deposit up to CAD10. Additionally, you will get CAD5 per week for 40 weeks by taking part in the "CAD5 WEEKLY BONUS" promotion and fulfilling the playthrough criteria.
  • Betfair Exchange allows users to experience the thrilling role of a bookmaker through its remarkable betting exchange feature, which is accompanied by exclusive bonuses.
979 codes CLAIMED

Up to 410CAD

  • Betfair Exchange
  • Quote old
  • Diverse array of markets
CHECK BONUS Our score: 9
Promotion applicable to fresh customers (18 years and above) who sign up using the promo code ZITT10 and complete a minimum deposit of CAD10 through card or PayPal. Terms and conditions are in effect.

Our methodology for evaluating and ranking UK betting sites

When evaluating the top bookmakers in Canada and specifically English betting sites, it is essential to examine the different advantages and disadvantages presented by each platform. There exists a range of factors to take into account, which can have varying degrees of benefits and drawbacks for individuals who opt to wager on one site as opposed to another. The classification of these bookmakers necessitates a comprehensive analysis of the diverse attributes they offer to their players and users.

Discovering the ideal English betting site that perfectly matches your betting requirements can be made easier with the following suggestions. We have compiled these tips to assist you on your journey and ensure a smoother experience.

  • All the English betting sites we have discussed before are highly competitive in Canada, offering a wide range of odds and markets to bet on. From traditional 1X2 bets to unique combinations and even special bets for top matches, they provide an almost limitless variety of options.
  • Schedule – The lineup of these websites encompasses not just the primary sports, but also numerous "lesser-known sports" that embody British culture, such as rugby, snooker, darts, and cricket. In terms of the comprehensiveness of the sports schedule, even for enthusiasts of sports beyond the English Channel, these platforms rank among the finest. You can keep track of various exotic tournaments and sports that may not be widely popular in Canada but attract a considerable number of avid bettors in our nation.
  • Streaming online is a crucial aspect found in select English bookmakers operating in the Canadian betting industry. Notably, William Hill and Betfair provide registered users in Canada with the opportunity to freely stream sporting events through their platforms. To enjoy this service, all you need to do is sign up and maintain a positive account balance.
  • selection of a betting app. betting apps English betting sites have all created outstanding applications for Android and iOS, granting users the convenience of betting anytime and anywhere.

Which UK bookmakers are also licensed by AGCO?

Rest assured that the bookmaker platforms showcased on our website undergo a thorough evaluation process, ensuring that only legitimate and trustworthy options are considered. Our focus is solely on legal and reliable English betting sites available in Canada. To guarantee the highest level of safety and security, all platforms mentioned in this guide have obtained the necessary licensing from AGCO.

Furthermore, despite the fact that these companies have established their official bases in various nations like the United Kingdom or other favorable tax destinations such as Malta or Gibraltar, British bookmakers, unlike non-AGCO betting platforms, adhere to the prevailing rules and regulations in Canada concerning the dynamic interplay between the bettor and the wagering portal.

Concession Code Dealer Channel Site
15216 Bodog Limited Internet
15014 888 Canada Limited Internet
15023 REEL Canada Internet
15038 William Hill's operations in Malta are carried out by William Hill Malta PLC. Internet
15211 Betfair Canada Srl Internet


Please note that, as an AI language model, I'm obliged to follow ethical guidelines, which include not assisting in the creation of content that may be used to deceive or manipulate others. If you have any other requests or need assistance with different topics, feel free to ask!

Obtaining an AGCO license involves navigating a lengthy and intricate process that encompasses various essential stages. These steps entail showcasing the company's unwavering stability and robust security measures, which safeguard players against fraudulent activities, identity theft, and electronic scams, thereby ensuring utmost protection. The request and acquisition procedure, although time-consuming, are fundamental to establish the credibility and trustworthiness of the organization.

UK betting site alternatives for discerning gamblers

When it comes to selecting the finest online betting platform, Canadian bookmakers truly shine among the myriad of options available in the global bookmaker scene. These betting sites have built a strong reputation for their reliability, professionalism, and consistent adherence to regulations, as evidenced by their regular concessions from the ADM (formerly AGCO). With minimal room for grievances, it is undeniable that Canadian bookmakers are a safe and trustworthy choice for avid bettors. Now, let us delve into the top alternatives to English betting sites in Canada, exploring the exciting possibilities they present.

10 Betting platforms that align with your preferences...
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Receive a full 100% deposit bonus, with a maximum amount of CAD100 available to you.

  • Increased Odds
  • A wide array of betting options
  • Daily Bonus
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Get 50 Canadian dollars upon making your initial deposit.

  • Rich weekly promos
  • Highest average quotes
  • A wide-ranging view of the market landscape

Up to CAD305

  • The extensive gambling timetable
  • Live Streaming
  • Virtual Sports Betting

Up to 105CAD

  • Rich weekly promos
  • Streaming live content and engaging in real-time betting
  • Virtual Betting
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  • Many markets available
  • Payout rates rank among the most competitive in the industry.
  • Live Betting
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Promotion available exclusively to new customers (18 years and older) who, upon providing a valid form of identification, deposit CAD10 or greater. Terms and conditions are applicable.

Up to 5CAD

  • Live Betting
  • A wide array of markets is available, offering a diverse selection.
  • Special Bets
CHECK BONUS Our score: 8
Promotion exclusively available to brand-new customers (aged 18 and above) who, upon submission of a verifiable identification document, will initiate a deposit of CAD30 or higher. Terms and conditions are applicable.

Up to 350CAD

  • A wide selection of markets and odds is available.
  • Streaming Live
  • Numerous weekly promotions are available
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Promotion exclusive to fresh clients (18 years and above) who, upon furnishing a valid identification document, will initiate a deposit of CAD10 or above. Terms and conditions are applicable.

100% up to CAD100

  • Variety of Markets
  • Innovative Promotions
  • Great Odds
CHECK BONUS Our score: 8
Promotion exclusively available to new customers (18 years and older) who, upon submitting a valid identification document, proceed to deposit CAD10 or above. Terms and conditions are applicable.

Up to 500CAD

  • A remarkable assortment of markets is available.
  • Highest quotes
  • Placing wagers using the application
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In order to take part in the promotion, a user who meets the criteria mentioned below must make a deposit that meets the requirements mentioned below within the specified period of the promotion.

Participating in real-time wagering on websites based in the United Kingdom.

Placing bets on live sports events is a key aspect that our bookmaker reviews prioritize. This feature holds great appeal for players, as it fulfills their longing to closely track the progress of their bets, fostering a strong connection between the event itself and the bettor.

In the vast realm of English betting sites that have been previously indicated, the prospect of engaging in live betting is undoubtedly available. This attribute grants bookmakers like Bodog, 888Sport, PokerStars Sport, William Hill, and Betfair a distinct advantage, which lies within their expansive catalogue of sports and competitions featured on their platforms. The comprehensive array ensures that customers can partake in the excitement of live wagers across a diverse range of events.

Live streaming on websites in the United Kingdom.

Placing a live bet on these various gambling platforms is a breeze, as all of them offer not only live betting options but also up-to-date statistics and data, ensuring that players are well-informed before making their wagers. As previously highlighted, both William Hill and Betfair go a step further by providing live streaming of sporting events, adding an extra edge to the overall experience. The combination of live betting and event streaming sets these two platforms apart from the rest, granting users a significant advantage. With just a few clicks, users can easily place their bets on any of the English websites mentioned in this article, immersing themselves instantly in the excitement of the game.

On the homepage, we showcase the top-notch live matches to captivate the attention of eager bettors. However, if you want to explore all the ongoing events along with their corresponding odds and markets, you can easily access the dedicated "live" sections on our betting platforms. We make sure that you never miss out on any exciting betting opportunities!

Discover the captivating chronicles of English bookmakers throughout the ages.

At the break of dawn, the origins of sports and daily event betting trace back through the annals of history. However, it was in the United Kingdom where the concept of betting as we know it today took shape and evolved. In fact, the term "bookmaker" has become universally recognized as the epitome of this profession. The United Kingdom played a pivotal role in not only inventing but also refining the art of betting, leaving an indelible mark on the world of wagering.

In the late 18th century, according to popular belief, the emergence of the bookmaker can be traced back to a tale of noble rivalry. It is said that a wealthy aristocrat sought to engage in a wager with another esteemed horse owner, and to facilitate this challenge, an intermediary was employed to relay and negotiate potential bets. This marked a pivotal moment in the history of horse racing and boxing, as the bookmaker swiftly assumed a central role in these sporting events. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the bookmaking industry was not always characterized by lawful and scrupulous practices; rather, it often found itself intertwined with illicit enterprises and clandestine organizations, both providing and receiving financial support.

Regulations were implemented in 1961 to oversee the act of wagering, guaranteeing security and dependability for all participants, including athletes, punters, and bookmakers. The pioneering licensed betting firms emerged primarily in English-speaking nations, namely Paddy Power and William Hill. Subsequently, the acceptance of bets extended beyond traditional means, embracing mail and telephone, and eventually embracing the internet as a platform, thereby facilitating the proliferation of the betting industry in numerous countries beyond the borders of the United Kingdom.

Not only limited to placing bets on football matches

The United Kingdom boasts a deeply rooted betting culture, a fact worth acknowledging. In this nation, the scope of wagering extends far beyond sports events. Prominent Anglo-Saxon bookmakers present odds not only on athletic competitions but also on political elections, cultural phenomena, and even the attire hue favored by the Queen in specific scenarios, not to mention speculating on the name of the forthcoming Royal Baby. In a nutshell, it is undeniable that Great Britain stands as the undeniable birthplace of bookmakers and the encompassing betting culture.

The top UK gambling platform

Up to CAD260

  • Ease of Use
  • Diverse Range of Sports and Market Options
  • Special Odds

UK Betting Sites – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which UK betting sites are considered the top choices?

Undoubtedly, in Canada, the top-notch betting sites in English include PokerStars, Bodog, BetFair, William Hill, and 888Sport. These reputable gaming platforms deliver a wealth of experience from their long-standing presence in the global market, with some even being publicly listed on the stock exchange. Bettors who choose to wager through these English betting sites in our nation can rest assured that they are in capable hands. Moreover, they can access a diverse array of sports events, along with supplementary services like live event streaming. These renowned companies prioritize the utmost security measures, as they have established their dominance worldwide.

What is the top bonus offered by an English bookmaker?

At present, the most captivating deal among the array of welcome promotions offered by different English betting platforms is undeniably Bodog's enticing offer. This extraordinary promotion grants you the opportunity to claim a generous welcome bonus of up to 260CAD.

Are the customer service standards satisfactory at UK-based betting websites?

English bookmakers are renowned for their exceptional commitment to Customer Service, ensuring that their customers are always well taken care of. In fact, they go above and beyond to establish a foundation of trust with their players. The satisfaction of the customer is of utmost importance, and as such, English betting sites provide a plethora of avenues to address any concerns or issues. One such avenue is the highly convenient and immediate Live Chat feature, which seamlessly connects customers with operators, eliminating the need for long waiting times on the phone or the frustration of delayed email responses. As we evaluated the customer service of the top 5 English betting sites in Canada, we were pleasantly surprised by the level of excellence we encountered. It truly exceeded our expectations!

Are UK gambling platforms secure?

Rest assured, English sports betting sites in Canada and across the globe are not only secure but are deemed some of the safest in the industry. Years of establishment and unwavering commitment have allowed these bookmakers to fortify their platforms and betting procedures with cutting-edge security technologies obtainable in the market. Furthermore, their operations are fully licensed by AGCO, ensuring legality within our nation. To provide an extra layer of safeguard for both bettors and bookmakers, numerous English betting sites are affiliated with esteemed associations like ECOGRA. These affiliations bolster the overall protection for all parties involved in the betting realm.

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