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Pokerstars Sport has gained immense popularity in recent times, making its mark as a renowned and reliable betting agency in the Canadian realm. Originally recognized as a prominent Poker Room, it has successfully ventured into the realm of sports betting, captivating not only avid poker enthusiasts but also a wider audience. With the surge in betting agencies, Pokerstars Sport has managed to rise above the rest, establishing itself as a trusted broker in the world of sports betting. It has garnered a dedicated following and has become a favorite among fans, cementing its position as a go-to platform for betting enthusiasts.

With years of accumulated experience, our website has become an unrivaled haven of safety in the market. This advantage, along with our generous welcome bonus exclusively available to new members, is just the tip of the iceberg. The presence of a user-friendly customer service, conveniently available in Canadian, ensures that assistance is readily accessible at any given moment and for any conceivable reason. But let's not stop at these impressive aspects; the list of positives continues to grow. From enticing promotions to an effortless registration process, from diverse support methods to those invaluable yet understated details, we strive to provide an unmatched user experience.

When comparing the Canadian betting scene to its counterparts in English-speaking nations, one might find a potential drawback worth exploring: the limited range of sports available for wagering. To address this, there is room for expansion and enhancement. Furthermore, it is worth noting the absence of a specialized mobile application solely dedicated to the sports betting domain, as the current offering from Pokerstars caters primarily to poker enthusiasts. This presents an opportunity for the industry to develop a dedicated app that caters specifically to the needs and preferences of sports bettors.


  • Security and reliability
  • Welcome bonus
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Continuous promotions


  • Limited options for sports betting
  • Insufficiency of an exclusive sports betting application.

Up to 100CAD

  • Offering an extensive array of market options
  • Highest odds
  • Weekly promos
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Pokerstars Sport's Welcome Bonus

Pokerstars Sport stands out with its remarkable feature, the Welcome Bonus, designed exclusively for new users. Similar to other comparable betting platforms, the welcome bonus offered here is a generous reward bestowed upon new members, subject to specific requirements that differ amongst bookmakers. Pokerstars Sport presents an easily attainable bonus, with a potential value of approximately 100 euros, providing a significant advantage to newcomers.

Upon successfully completing the initial deposit, the fresh member is bestowed with an offering of 50 complimentary spins exclusively for the slot machines, accompanied by an opportunity to obtain a refund for the initial multiple bet consisting of no less than 3 events, with a maximum amount of 10 euros. Additionally, as an added incentive, for every 100 euros expended by the newfound user, the platform graciously bestows a bonus sum of 10 euros, which may be availed up to a total of 9 times, effectively enabling the attainment of the grand total bonus amounting to 100 euros with great ease.

All the information you must be acquainted with regarding Pokerstars Sports Betting.

The credibility of Pokerstars Sports Bets has been greatly enhanced not only through a massive online advertising campaign but also due to its partnerships with renowned sports and gambling icons like Chris Moneymaker, the 2003 World Series of Poker champion, as well as Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. These collaborations not only serve to promote the brand but also solidify its reputation in the industry.

pokerstars casinoDiscover the benefits of registering and placing bets on the Pokerstars Sports Betting platform.

Pokerstars Sport Betting is a renowned platform backed by years of expertise, making it one of the most trusted and popular options available today. It boasts a vast global user base and offers an easily attainable bonus that ranks among the most generous in the industry. With its exceptional features and top-notch performance, this provider has garnered immense popularity and has become a go-to choice for countless users worldwide.

Discover the intriguing journey of Pokerstars Sport through time.

Pokerstars Sport emerged as a result of Pokerstars' past endeavors. Initially established as a betting enterprise in Central and South America during the early 2000s, Pokerstars swiftly ascended to become a heavyweight in the realm of online gambling. While their dominance stems primarily from their prowess in poker, their influence extends beyond that particular domain. With substantial investments dedicated to continuous growth and innovation, Pokerstars has emerged as a global frontrunner in the online gambling industry.

Discover the latest updates and news about Pokerstars Sports Betting, the renowned online bookmaker.

On the Pokerstars Sport website, an intriguing aspect that piques interest is the notable presence of Isai Scheinberg, the esteemed pioneer and proprietor of this platform. Revered as the unrivaled monarch of poker and gambling, he commands immense respect for his ownership of another colossal entity in the industry, namely Full Tilt Poker. This renowned establishment stands tall as the second most acclaimed poker room across the globe, trailing only behind the illustrious Pokerstars. Scheinberg's remarkable influence and expertise permeate through his ventures, placing him at the pinnacle of the poker realm.

Guide on creating a Pokerstars Sport account

Getting started with Pokerstars Sport is a breeze with its straightforward and user-friendly registration process. By following the clear instructions provided under the "Register" section on the website, you can quickly enter the required information and complete the registration. Once you're done, you can immediately dive into the exciting world of online poker and embark on your journey to victory. Remember to carefully select your username during the registration process, as it cannot be changed at a later stage, unlike your password.

pokerstars sports bet bonus

Pokerstars Sports Review

Pokerstars Sport is highly regarded in the online community, with numerous reputable websites providing comprehensive evaluations on its trustworthiness, safety, and user-friendliness. Consistently rated as a top-tier platform in all these aspects, Pokerstars Sport owes its success to its extensive expertise accumulated over nearly two decades of operation. While the list of available sports could be further expanded and enhanced, it currently encompasses a wide range of widely followed mainstream sports in our region.

Undoubtedly, Pokerstars Sport is a highly recommended site, particularly for new users seeking impeccable standards and an extensive range of offerings. A site that guarantees excellence and strives to provide the most comprehensive experience imaginable. Rest assured, Pokerstars Sport is here to meet your every expectation.

393 codes CLAIMED

Up to 500 Freespin

  • Dedicated App
  • Welcome Bonus
  • The world's finest poker

Pokerstars Sport: Promos and Deals

Pokerstars Sport not only provides new users with an attractive initial bonus offer but also offers a variety of promotions that are regularly updated. To explore these promotions, you can visit the dedicated section on the website. Among these promotions, there is a special one for multiple bets. If you place successful multiple bets, you will receive a bonus based on a percentage of your net winnings. The percentage of this bonus increases as the number of events in your accumulator increases. Be sure to check the Promotions section to stay informed about the latest offers and boost your winnings.

Pokerstars Sport, the identification document of the broker

Pokerstars, a renowned broker, has effectively utilized its advertising and sponsorship policies to establish its prominence. It is worth noting that their proactive approach has led to fruitful endeavors, such as teaming up with global icons to endorse their brand. One of their notable collaborations involved none other than the illustrious Cristiano Ronaldo, the recipient of multiple Ballon d'Or awards and a football legend. Through this remarkable partnership, Pokerstars has exemplified its commitment to excellence and set itself apart from its competitors.

Sports Betting and Pokerstars Sport Features

Pokerstars Sport offers a plethora of sports for betting enthusiasts. Here, fans can wager on a wide range of athletic competitions, varying from popular ones like football, basketball, and volleyball to lesser-known and less-followed sports such as ice hockey and handball.

Odds and payouts

With regards to payout, football boasts a solid 95% return rate, while basketball and volleyball stand at a respectable 90%. Not only do these odds rank among the most competitive online, but they extend beyond the virtual realm as well. Whether you're seeking thrilling matches or lucrative wins, our platform offers an unparalleled betting experience.

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Pokerstars presents competitive odds for football matches.

Pokerstars Sport's Betting section thrives on the backbone of football, undoubtedly the driving force of the platform. Its odds stand out as a remarkable feature, showcasing unparalleled competitiveness and comprehensiveness in the vast realms of the digital world. Within the vast online sector, these odds emerge as among the most enticing and sought-after, solidifying Pokerstars Sport's position as a leading destination for football enthusiasts and betting aficionados alike.

Pokerstars Sports Schedule

In our country, Pokerstars Sport stands out for its exceptional range of sports, surpassing its competitors with an impressive sports schedule. It offers a wide variety of popular sports, including Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Baseball, and Rugby. Moreover, they also cater to sports with smaller audiences, such as snooker and beach volleyball. However, to match the standards set by other English platforms, it would be beneficial to augment the list further with athletic events like swimming or golf. By expanding the range of sports available, Pokerstars Sport can truly compete with other prominent platforms in the industry.

Up to 100CAD

  • A wide array of market options.
  • Highest odds
  • Weekly promos
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Enhanced probabilities and exclusive betting odds

The Pokerstars Sport website presents exciting occasions where you can find enhanced odds that truly open up winning possibilities for players. These enticing opportunities have the potential for significant payouts, which naturally captivate and enthrall bettors. Additionally, the platform offers highly sought-after special and super quotas that add an extra layer of excitement to the betting experience.

Pokerstars Sports Reports and Updates

Pokerstars Sport offers a dedicated web page called Pokerstarsnews for all the latest updates on betting and the broader realm of sports. This platform provides users with essential information to enhance their assessment of potential games. Stay informed and make informed decisions with Pokerstarsnews, your go-to source for all things sports-related.

Experience the thrill of live sports betting on Pokerstars.

Being an esteemed betting platform, it is imperative to have a live section that caters to the thrill of real-time gameplay in various sports. Just like their non-live counterparts, these games are highly competitive and widely sought-after in the industry. Lately, they have gained immense popularity, owing to the vast array of options available to users at any given moment. This makes the live mechanism incredibly fast-paced and dynamic, as players can handpick their desired plays instantly. With an abundance of choices, the live category creates an exhilarating and enthralling experience for all.

pokerstars sports live bet

Streaming leagues and sporting events have become increasingly popular among fans.

While some of our competitors may offer live event streaming, we understand that this feature is currently unavailable on our platform. However, we compensate for this by providing a constant flow of real-time information. It is important to note that although our live updates may not always be up to the second, we ensure that they are accurate and reliable. While these updates are not legally binding, they serve as a valuable resource for our users to stay informed during live events.

Pokerstars Sports Mobile

Pokerstars Sport, in contrast to other specialized platforms that have taken steps in this direction, does not currently possess a specific mobile application tailored exclusively to its sports betting section. However, it is worth noting that a distinct app does exist for those engaging in live poker games.

313 codes CLAIMED

Up to 500 Freespin

  • Dedicated App
  • Welcome Bonus
  • The world's finest poker

Payment options available on Pokerstars Sport

Pokerstars Sport stands out as a top choice for online bettors due to its seamless transaction process for depositing and withdrawing funds. This platform ensures user convenience and security, making it a preferred option. With its user-friendly interface, loading or withdrawing money from your account becomes effortless. Moreover, Pokerstars Sport prioritizes the safety and protection of its users, enhancing the overall experience for those who engage with the site.


You'll find a wide range of deposit options available when using PokerStars Sports. From traditional credit and debit cards to the ever-popular e-wallets, there are plenty of choices to suit your preferences. Additionally, bank transfers and Pokerstars cash top-ups are also accepted, ensuring flexibility for all users. Importantly, the site prioritizes your safety and security throughout the process, so you can feel confident in your transactions. It's worth noting that regardless of the method you select, there is a minimum deposit requirement of 10 euros.


There is a wide range of withdrawal options available, although they may not be as extensive as the deposit methods. It's important to note that cash withdrawals, as well as certain e-wallets and specific credit or debit cards, are not eligible for withdrawing funds.

Payment methods

Pokerstars Sports Customer Assistance

Pokerstars Sport excels in customer support, which sets it apart from its global counterparts. By prioritizing Canadian users, the platform has made it effortless for hundreds of customers to reach out for assistance in their native language. This commitment to offering a fully Canadian service increases convenience and fosters seamless communication, ensuring that users can effortlessly seek information whenever they need it.

Stella, the virtual assistant, is here to provide comprehensive assistance on a wide range of topics. She caters to frequently sought-after information, such as account verification, accepted payment options, troubleshooting, responsible gambling, and numerous other inquiries. With Stella at your service, you can expect prompt and reliable support for all your needs.

If the options mentioned above do not suffice, you have the alternative to initiate a live chat or utilize the contact form. Nevertheless, certain individuals have encountered challenges when attempting to promptly contact the support team.

Breaking updates from Pokerstars Sports

Pokerstars Sport has introduced a rewards segment, also known as a bonus and incentive program, which is bestowed upon users each time they choose to explore any of the PokerStars options, be it Sport, Poker, or Casino. These rewards come in the form of chests and reward points, which can be acquired through active participation. The greater the extent of one's gameplay, the higher the accumulation of reward points, leading to an increased number of chests and subsequently, greater opportunities for receiving various rewards.

Up to 100CAD

  • A wide array of market options
  • Highest odds
  • Weekly promos
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What does Pokerstars Sport offer as a bonus?

As previously mentioned, Pokerstars Sport presents an enticing bonus package that can potentially reward new users with up to 100 euros. Furthermore, in a delightful addition, players can also relish in 50 complimentary spins exclusively designated for the exhilarating slot machines. However, these generous offerings are subject to specific milestones that must be achieved in order to unlock these treasured rewards.

How can I quickly claim my Pokerstars Sport bonus?

To kick off your gaming experience, you can claim an exciting bonus right away – 50 complimentary spins! However, to get your hands on the cash bonus and start playing with it, you need to make multiple bets on at least 3 events. Keep going and reach a total wager of 900 euros to unlock the full 100 euro bonus. So, don't miss out on these fantastic rewards and make the most of your gameplay with us!

Is there a presence of Live Streaming Pokerstars Sport?

Regrettably, the absence of live event streaming remains a shortcoming; nevertheless, a live stream is available to provide comprehensive information on significant occasions.

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