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Royal-Panda Betting is a premier online gambling platform where enthusiasts can indulge in both pre-match and live betting on a vast array of sporting events and beyond. This remarkable website boasts an extensive selection of games, providing bettors with unparalleled creative freedom. With unique betting options that are exclusive to Royal-Panda, players can explore a plethora of exciting opportunities that are not available on other gaming platforms.

One of the prominent features of this bookmaker is undeniably their commitment to enhancing the customer's engagement by introducing a more immersive experience. They go the extra mile to provide their customers with a dedicated personal assistant who actively listens to their requests and suggestions, tailoring exclusive promotions and bets specifically for them. This personalized approach sets them apart from the competition as they prioritize understanding and fulfilling the unique preferences of each individual bettor.

One of the distinctive features that sets Royal Panda apart from other websites is its exceptional live streaming service, which is a rare find in the online gambling industry. Upon registering on the platform, users gain access to the dedicated "DIRETTA TV" section, where they can enjoy live broadcasts of the majority of scheduled events. This incredible feature allows bettors to closely follow their bets as they unfold in real-time, providing an immersive and engaging experience.

Explore the vast realm of sports betting on our website, where a myriad of thrilling opportunities await. Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of football, or venture into the realms of basketball, rugby, ping pong, tennis, and volleyball. But that's not all – we also offer an array of events related to the captivating realm of entertainment and reality. Take a chance, test your skills, and embrace the excitement that awaits you on our platform.

One of the platform's highly regarded aspects, greatly valued by frequent bettors, is its extensive range of options. Royal Panda, in addition to its pre-match and live sports betting features, provides users with the opportunity to engage in various forms of entertainment, such as casino games, card games, virtual experiences, horse racing, live casino sessions, football pools, and even bingo. This wide array of offerings ensures that there is something for everyone, catering to diverse interests and preferences.


  • Enhancing engagement through an immersive encounter alongside a dedicated Personal Assistant.
  • Live Streaming
  • There is a wide array of sporting events to choose from.
  • Offers and Promotions
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Get a full 100% deposit bonus of up to CAD100.

  • Increased Odds
  • A plethoric array of wagering options
  • Daily Bonuses
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The Welcome Bonus offered by Royal Panda.

Welcome to our website, where we have devised an extraordinary offer exclusively for our esteemed users. We take pride in presenting a welcome bonus that not only surpasses convenience but also stands unparalleled in the market. With a mere initial deposit of 10 euros, you unlock the opportunity to avail a remarkable 100% refund of up to 150 euros.

To avail the aforementioned refund, simply sign up on our website and input the exclusive code sport100 during registration. After making a deposit of at least ten euros, proceed to place your bets on a minimum of four events, each with odds of at least 1.70. Should luck be on your side and you emerge victorious, you will be eligible for the refund. However, to fully enjoy the bonus, it is required to wager it seven times. Take advantage of this opportunity and make the most of your betting experience with us.

Among the welcome bonuses provided by various bookmakers, the Royal-Panda welcome bonus stands out as one of the finest, if not the finest, due to the attractive features it offers. The opportunity to secure a substantial refund combined with the requirement of a minimal initial deposit make this bonus truly exceptional. In terms of value for money, few can rival the Royal-Panda welcome bonus.

Why should you sign up and place bets on Royal-Panda?

Royal Panda is an exceptional bookmaker that stands shoulder to shoulder with renowned counterparts, offering an array of attractive features. The enticing welcome bonus adds a touch of convenience, while their extensive selection of bets across a wide range of sports sets them apart. One aspect that truly enhances the user experience is their provision of live TV, immersing users within the platform and creating an unparalleled level of engagement. With a multitude of wagering options and the opportunity to bet on a plethora of sports, Royal Panda is a bookmaker that caters to the diverse needs of every sports enthusiast.

Registering and betting on Royal Panda is highly recommended due to a multitude of factors. Firstly, there is an array of enticing features offered on the site. Secondly, the assistance service is constantly operational and readily available to aid those requiring help. This combination of elements solidifies Royal Panda's reputation as a premier platform for users seeking an optimal online betting experience.

The historical background of Royal-Panda.

Francesco Maddalena, the CEO of Hub Affiliations, embarked on an ambitious venture that would eventually result in the creation of Royal-Panda, a groundbreaking bookmaking platform. This visionary entrepreneur recognized the potential of the market and dedicated himself, alongside his company, to pioneering innovation and leveraging the latest advancements available. With an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Royal Panda was conceived to cater to the unique requirements of tipsters by curating and generating bets tailored to their specific requests. Our platform is built on the principle of empowering users, providing them with a seamless and personalized betting experience unlike any other.

Additional details and updates regarding the sports betting provider.

Royal-Panda, one of the leading betting sites, stands out from the rest due to its unique approach towards its affiliates. Unlike many other bookmakers, Royal-Panda establishes a direct and long-lasting relationship with its tipsters and web affiliates through an exclusive lifetime contract. This sets it apart from almost all other platforms in the industry. Additionally, the website offers another significant advantage - a dedicated personal assistant who is readily available to cater to the needs of each affiliate. This personal assistant goes above and beyond by crafting customized offers for the public based on the specific preferences and requirements of the tipsters. This personalized touch adds an extra level of convenience and satisfaction for the affiliates.

Royal-Panda home

A step-by-step guide on creating a Royal-Panda account.

It's a breeze to create a gaming account at Royal Panda. Just go through these easy-peasy steps and you'll be all set:

  • Click the Register button located on the right side of the homepage.
  • Complete the form by providing all your personal information, ensuring to fill in all the required sections, with a special emphasis on the email address where the selected username will be sent.
  • After agreeing to the terms of use, it is imperative to mark the checkboxes for section "6-verification" and subsequently select the Register option.
  • Upon successful registration, the user will be sent an email to the specified address containing the chosen username.
  • After finishing the previous steps, you need to finalize the registration process by submitting a scanned copy of the document you selected during registration, along with your tax code. This must be done within 30 days of creating the account, otherwise, your account will be blocked.

Royal-Panda registrazione

Royal-Panda Reviews

Users have varying opinions when it comes to the reviews of Royal Panda betting. Some users consider it a delightful revelation, praising its extensive range of betting options and the ability to enjoy live streaming events. They appreciate the site's possibilities. On the other hand, there are users who express reservations. They highlight certain limitations, such as the occasional lack of precision in customer support, delays in the provision of promotions, and delayed payouts. This divergence of opinions demonstrates the mixed reception of Royal Panda betting among its users.

Special deals and promotions available at Royal-Panda

Discover the array of incredibly advantageous promotions that Royal Panda has in store for you, apart from the aforementioned and elucidated welcome offer. Come and explore what awaits you:

  • FRIDAY DELIGHT: Enjoy our Happy Hour promo every Friday from 19:00 to 23:00. Simply top up your account with at least 10 CAD and you'll receive 25 complimentary spins each week to try your luck on various games. These spins are valid for one day and each holds a value of 40 cents. Please note that this promotion is exclusively available for verified players who have submitted the necessary documentation. Any winnings generated from the free spins cannot be withdrawn immediately and must be wagered once (x1) on AMUSNET and WORLDMATCH video slots within 3 days to become eligible for withdrawal.


  • AUTUMN BINGO PROMOTION: Experience the "Autumnando" schedule from September 23rd to October 26th featuring exciting offers such as discounted cards at all four halls and various time slots. Don't miss the thrilling Guaranteed Bingo on Thursday and Sunday evenings, with a chance to win a jackpot of 500 CAD per game. Additionally, enjoy special events like the Super Ambo, the Double Five, and the Guaranteed Jackpot.


  • TOTOCALCIO PROMO: now offers online football pools! Simply predict match outcomes in the bet slip by choosing between 1 x 2. Each correct guess earns 1 point. You can choose from various game modes: Formula 3, Formula 5, Formula 7, Formula 9, Formula 11, and Formula "The 13". Each column costs 1CAD, with a minimum bet of 1 column and a maximum bet of 8,192 columns. Any unclaimed jackpot from a category will roll over to the next competition with the same game formula.


  • Starting from Monday 3 October until On Sunday 9 October, World Match's new Casino Promo, known as "YELLOW OCTOBER PROMO," will award 100 bonuses worth a total of 10,000 euros. To participate, visit Staryes casinos, select the category "OCTOBER IN YELLOW," and discover the featured titles such as Super Clue, Lady Pirate, Nile's Mystery, Wicked Reels, and Night Vampire.


  • Introducing the GREENTUBE CASHBACK PROMO! Throughout October, every Wednesday brings you the opportunity of CASINO CASHBACK GREENTUBE on all Greentube Slots. Experience up to 25CAD FunBonus on any missed wins for the entire period. Don't miss out! Deposit a minimum of 10CAD, play on the GREENTUBE video slots, and claim a 10% cashback in the form of FUNBONUS for any Wednesday losses. Convert your FunBonus into a RealBonus, with a chance to earn up to 50CAD on all Nemesis Slots.
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  • Increased Odds
  • A Wide Array of Betting Options
  • Daily Bonuses
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Royal-Panda, the identification card of the broker.

Royal-Panda is an online platform operated by Macao, a privately held corporation situated in Milan at Via Filippo Argelati 10. The company is a Limited Liability Company and holds the esteemed ministerial concession for remote gaming No. 15465.

Sports Betting and the Unique Features of Royal Panda

At Royal-Panda, the realm of sports betting expands into an extensive array that is truly unparalleled in the market. Not only does the platform provide opportunities for soccer wagering, but it also presents an immensely diverse range of options. From basketball and tennis to volleyball and rugby, the categories available are vast. Moreover, enthusiasts can delve into motor sports, handball, water polo, darts, snooker, floorball, the NFL, cricket, alpine skiing, baseball, boxing, table tennis, and even place bets on reality shows such as XFactor. This exceptional selection ensures that every sports aficionado finds their passion catered to at Royal-Panda.

Not only does the offer extend to sports, but it also encompasses the realm of virtual games. From soccer to horse racing, and even bingo, football pools, and online casinos, there is a wide range of options available for betting enthusiasts.

One of the available features is the option to place live bets on almost all events, providing the opportunity to experience the thrill firsthand while also having the ability to watch the event live through streaming services.

quote Royal-Panda

Odds and payouts

Royal-Panda stands out among other bookmakers due to its exceptional odds, setting it apart in the realm of gaming websites. What sets it apart even more is the remarkable comparison of odds to other platforms. This difference in odds ensures that you can secure bets with a distinct and superior multiplier, elevating your chances of winning significantly.

Royal-Panda schedule

Included in the extensive schedule of Royal Panda are a multitude of games, providing bettors with higher odds compared to other competitors. Alongside the prestigious championships, encompassing various challenges, are the inclusion of minor tournaments held by nations worldwide. This unique offering expands horizons, allowing users to wager on events that are not typically in the forefront and may have a lower turnout. Embrace the opportunity to diversify your betting experience and delve into the realm of these lesser-known competitions.

Royal-Panda palimpsestRoyal-Panda football odds

The football category undoubtedly stands out as the site's most renowned section. When it comes to this particular dimension, the odds offered are immensely more favorable compared to those put forth by other platforms. Moreover, the selection of options is not confined solely to the conventional predictions like the traditional 1-X-2 or goals and overs; it encompasses a wide array of possibilities. For instance, one can explore the chance to consult the VAR or the referee, the different approaches to scoring a goal, and the specific time frame within which it can be achieved.

Enhanced probabilities and exclusive betting odds

Take advantage of the diverse range of enhanced and exclusive odds provided by Royal-Panda. These exceptional odds are often associated with the presence of coat of arms matches, ensuring a rewarding betting experience. As a bettor, you can benefit from highly advantageous odds, including significant boosts to the probabilities of specific sports predictions. For instance, an event initially offering a 1.25 pre-match odds for the 1 sign can be elevated to an incredible value that is four to five times higher, thanks to promotions and increased odds. Embrace the opportunity of securing remarkable winnings with Royal-Panda's enticing odds.

Check out the latest updates and news from Royal Panda Casino. Stay informed with the latest happenings and exciting developments from one of the leading online casinos in the industry.

To ensure that you stay informed about the latest promotions and offers exclusively designed for Royal Panda users, we recommend selecting the option to receive email updates during the registration process. By ticking this box, you'll receive regular Royal-Panda news and never miss out on any exciting opportunities to maximize your betting experience. Don't let valuable promotions slip away - stay connected with the platform and make the most of the incredible offers available to you.

Royal-Panda Live Betting

At Royal-Panda betting, you have the option to place bets on a wide range of sporting events, both before the match and even while the events are unfolding. To cater to this unique feature, the website has a Live section conveniently located next to the sport item in the main menu. Within this Live section, you will find a comprehensive schedule of ongoing matches, along with real-time updates on the time and score situations. This allows you to stay engaged and make informed betting decisions throughout the duration of the events.

During the match, once the scoring and tempo situation has been factored in, the corresponding odds for the three main signs, 1-X-2, will be presented to the user. Apart from these traditional betting options, there is also an opportunity to engage in live betting, albeit with a narrower selection compared to pre-match betting. Additional in-play options can be accessed, providing an exciting and dynamic experience for bettors.

Streaming leagues and sporting events have become increasingly popular among audiences.

To fully grasp the uniqueness that sets Royal Panda apart, it is crucial to highlight the exceptional Direct TV segment. This remarkable feature grants users unrestricted access to a multitude of ongoing events, spanning across various sports, football and beyond. Unlike its competitors, Royal Panda presents a rare opportunity for bettors to actively engage in live streaming, effectively immersing themselves in the heart of the action. To avail oneself of this extraordinary function, simply navigate through the menu of sports options and effortlessly locate the appropriate section.

streaming Royal-Panda

Royal-Panda: Betting on Horse Racing

Royal Panda offers more than just sports and virtual bets; it also provides the opportunity to bet on thrilling horse racing events. To explore this category, simply navigate to the designated section in the main menu and select the desired date of the event you wish to bet on. Engage in the excitement by placing your bets on genuine horse racing events, ensuring an authentic and captivating experience.

Royal-Panda Mobile Betting

For seamless and convenient betting on the go, the innovative minds behind the platform have curated and crafted the cutting-edge Royal-Panda app, meticulously designed to cater to both Android and iOS mobile devices. The primary objective is to establish a secure and expeditious betting mechanism that enables users to engage in real-time wagering effortlessly, requiring only a few simple steps.

app Royal Panda download

Royal-Panda for Iphone

You can access the Royal Panda betting app on Apple devices through the IOS operating system. It is compatible with devices such as IPhone, IPad, and Ipod Touch, as long as they are running on the IOS 11.0 or a more recent version of the operating system. Downloading the app is straightforward, and it provides a seamless betting experience for Apple device users.

Royal-Panda for Android

You can effortlessly download the Royal Panda app from the Play Store, as it is compatible with Android devices. It offers an exceptional experience for users operating on an Android operating system.

Royal-Panda Payment Methods

One of the remarkable aspects of this platform is the availability of a wide range of payment options. Users can conveniently fund their gaming accounts in multiple ways, including credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard, Scratch Card, Bank or postal transfer, postepay, and even Paypal. This diverse selection empowers users with the freedom to choose the most suitable method that aligns with their preferences and convenience.

By the end of 2002, Royal-Panda's clear intention, as evidenced by their logo which cleverly combines symbols of Bitcoin, is to swiftly introduce a unique platform token. This token will revolutionize the user experience by facilitating seamless deposits and withdrawals of digital currency simultaneously. Their unwavering determination to provide a cutting-edge solution is a testament to their commitment to embracing the future of financial technology.


  • Credit cards allow users to easily add funds to their accounts by using popular circuits like Visa and Mastercard. After entering the required card information, simply specify the desired top-up amount and select the "DEPOSIT" option. The top-up process is instantaneous, ensuring that the funds are readily available for the bettor.


  • Scratch Card: for those unfamiliar, the Scratch Card is simply a coupon available for purchase at authorized betting agencies or tobacconists. It enables users to add funds to their gaming account. The card contains a pin code, which needs to be scratched off and entered into the bookmaker's deposit section. Similar to credit cards, the deposit process with Scratch Card is also instant.


  • Make a payment to your Royal Panda gaming account by transferring money to either a bank or postal current account. Ensure the transfer is payable to Macao SRL Banca, including the corresponding IBAN. In the payment reference, provide the gaming account number you wish to top up. Lastly, send an email to the company's contact address with the bank transfer slip. Please note that unlike other deposit and withdrawal methods, bank or postal transfers may take 2-3 business days to process.


  • credit cards offer an additional option for adding funds to your gaming account. If you possess this type of card, simply input the desired payment amount, apply any promotional codes, and select "deposit." Afterwards, you will be directed to the PosteCanadiane website, where you can follow the provided instructions to finalize the transaction. Once done, you can swiftly return to the gaming site and enjoy the added funds right away.


  • PayPal, the most recent deposit option offered to Royal Panda, is undeniably the quickest method available. PayPal If you choose to add funds to your account using this approach, you must specify the desired amount, input any applicable promo code, and click on the deposit button. Upon completing these instructions, your account will be immediately topped up and the funds will be readily accessible.

Payment methods


When it comes to cashing out your winnings, Royal Panda provides an extensive selection of options. Nonetheless, it is crucial to emphasize that the withdrawal process requires the submission of a valid identification document and tax code, both front and back copies. Only once this requirement is fulfilled can you initiate the withdrawal procedure. Rest assured, Royal Panda ensures a secure and efficient transfer of your funds.

To successfully initiate a withdrawal process and access your funds, it is imperative to provide the requested information. Please bear in mind that the bonus balance cannot be withdrawn at any time. At Royal Panda, we offer a range of convenient withdrawal methods for your convenience. You can opt for a secure credit card transfer through SafeCharge, a transfer to your bank or postal current account, a voucher redemption, or even utilize the seamless functionality of Paypal. Rest assured, we strive to ensure the utmost ease and flexibility when it comes to accessing your winnings.

  • To withdraw funds using the SafeCharge credit card method, simply log in to your account, navigate to the withdrawals section, and enter the desired amount in the corresponding field. After completing the entire process, click on the withdraw option and allow a few moments for the transaction to be finalized.


  • To withdraw funds via a bank or postal transfer, you need to access your gaming account page and navigate to the withdrawals section. Fill in the necessary details such as your current account information (including IBAN), the withdrawal amount, the name of the current account holder (which must match the game account), and the password for your game account. Once you've completed all the required steps, click on the deposit button and patiently wait for the transaction to process. Please note that this process is not instantaneous and may take anywhere from 1 to 3 business days.


  • To use the Voucher method for withdrawal, navigate to your game account page and select "withdraw." Fill out the form with the necessary Voucher details, such as the withdrawal amount, Voucher password, and gaming account password. After completing the procedure, simply click on the withdraw button.


  • PayPal is now available as a withdrawal option at Royal Panda. To process the withdrawal, simply log into your profile, navigate to the withdrawals section, and complete the PayPal withdrawal form. Along with the withdrawal amount, you will be prompted to provide your gaming account password. After filling in the necessary fields, click on the withdraw button. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for the withdrawal to be processed using this method.

logo Royal-Panda

Royal-Panda Customer Support

If users come across any difficulties while navigating the website, whether it's during the registration process, making a withdrawal or deposit, or placing a bet, Royal Panda provides three distinct methods of assistance. These include:

  • Telephone: direct phone consultation on 392 7369872, accessible to users from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
  • Email Address: Report any issues to Royal-Panda via the email address [email protected], ensuring round-the-clock support from 10:00 to 22:00.
  • Whatsapp: the third and final support option offered by Royal Panda may be less utilized compared to other bookmakers. Nonetheless, the platform provides the option to directly communicate with an assistant via Whatsapp messaging from 10:00 to 22:00. The designated contact number for this service remains the same as the telephone assistance: 392 7369872.

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What is the bonus offered by Royal Panda?

Royal-Panda tempts its customers with a plethora of enticing bonuses, leaving no stone unturned in its quest for customer satisfaction. The Happy Hour Promo, a true crowd-pleaser, allows players to revel in extra rewards during select hours of the day. Primo Bingo Autunnando offers a delightful twist on the classic game, showering players with autumn-themed prizes and surprises. The Totocalcio Promo entices sports enthusiasts with its exclusive bonuses, adding an extra layer of excitement to their gaming experience. And let's not forget the October in Yellow Promo, where players can bask in the golden glow of generous rewards. Last but not least, the Greentube Cashback Promo grants players the opportunity to recoup a percentage of their losses, turning the tide in their favor. At Royal-Panda, the bonuses are as diverse as they are enticing, ensuring that every player's experience is truly extraordinary.

How can I claim the bonus on Royal Panda?

Unlocking bonuses on our website is a breeze! The process is straightforward: first, find the bonus that catches your eye. Once you've found the perfect one, simply click on the corresponding banner. In an instant, you'll be whisked away to the activity screen, where you can start using your bonus. If the bonus happens to be a welcome bonus, we recommend taking a moment to review the eligibility requirements. During the registration process, you may also need to enter a promotional code to unlock the promotion. Rest assured, we've made it as easy as possible for you to enjoy all the bonuses our website has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring and reaping the rewards today!

Does Royal Panda offer live streaming services?

Yes, you can definitely count on it! Royal Panda stands out among the multitude of betting platforms available today by offering an exceptional feature in its LIVE TV section - a promise to provide live streaming coverage for a wide range of sporting events listed on their schedule. Few other platforms can rival the extent of their broadcast coverage.

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