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You may find it peculiar, but one of the desires of avid gamblers is to partake in wagers without shelling out any of their hard-earned cash. Surprisingly, this aspiration is not as far-fetched as it may initially seem. In reality, it is feasible through the utilization of complimentary bets, exclusively provided by reputable online betting platforms.

Discovering a complimentary wager can be quite challenging, akin to unearthing the legendary Holy Grail. However, with unwavering commitment and steadfast determination, this pursuit can be accomplished. Occasionally, bookmakers take it upon themselves to bestow a free bet upon their most diligent and faithful patrons, without any forewarning. On other occasions, these complimentary wagers may already be encompassed within a generous welcome bonus bundle.

Let's promptly discover the leading betting companies that provide complimentary wagers:

Discover the top-rated bookmakers offering enticing Free Bets.

Discover 7 betting platforms that align perfectly with your preferences...
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It is crucial to note that one should temper their expectations when it comes to complimentary wagers. These offerings typically come with a meager sum, scarcely surpassing 5 euros. The rationale behind this is rather straightforward - bookmakers, in the grand scheme of things, do not stand to gain from these short-term arrangements, and consequently, they are unwilling to jeopardize their financial stability.

One way to wager without spending any money is by taking advantage of a no deposit bonus. Although these offers are less common in the Canadian betting industry, they are more prevalent compared to free bets. The essence of the promotion remains largely unchanged, as it still allows players to make bets without any cost. However, what does vary is that users are aware in advance that they will have access to this bonus amount, which is often included as part of a welcome package for new members. Typically, this promotion is activated once the bookmaker has received a copy of the customer's identification document and verified their identity.

The actual free bet grants you greater freedom compared to the no deposit bonus in this particular scenario. However, it is important to note that the no deposit bonus comes with its own set of restrictions and limitations. Withdrawal of any potential winnings requires strict adherence to more rigorous conditions.

One can easily spot the most coveted complimentary wagers, and without a doubt, free soccer gambling stands out in this regard. This fantastic offer allows bettors to place their stakes on the renowned Serie A league as well as other globally recognized tournaments and championships.

The top 6 bookmakers offering free bets and free bets

In the following list compiled by the knowledgeable team at trendsnow, you will discover a select few bookmakers that offer the exclusive chance to wager with complimentary bets. These rare gems in the realm of betting have been meticulously selected for your convenience.

  1. Codere The most abundant no deposit bonus available.
  2. LeoVegas – 5 euro immediately usable
  3. William Hill -validate the document and earn a 5 euro reward
  4. Wazamba -5 euros deducted from betting, with an additional 10 euros allocated exclusively for slots and poker.
  5. You Win -among the most lucrative no deposit offers available.
  6. Better Claim a 5 euro bonus for sports betting without making any initial deposit.
  1. Codere - Enjoy a free bet bonus of CAD20.

Codere takes the top spot on our exclusive lineup of no deposit betting sites with its unbeatable offer of a free bet bonus worth 20 euros. As the most lavish no deposit betting incentive available, it's unlocked simply by completing the registration process, confirming both your mobile number and identification credentials. Enjoy the freedom to explore Codere's extensive sports betting options without spending a single penny from your own pocket. Don't miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to kickstart your betting journey risk-free.

Meeting the betting requirements for this generous amount does come with some strict conditions. To make use of the bonus amount for sports betting (excluding live bets), you must wager it with minimum odds of 3.00. If you successfully fulfill all the necessary terms, a coupon worth up to 10 euros will be automatically added to your account balance after four days. Rest assured, we've got your back with this enticing offer.


    • Enjoy a complimentary betting bonus of CAD20
    • A diverse selection of markets and sports are readily accessible.


    • Streaming live is not currently accessible.


Visit Codere


  1. LeoVegas offers a 5 euro bonus without requiring a deposit.

LeoVegas, a prominent player in the Canadian sports betting scene, is rolling out an irresistible offer to entice new members. To sweeten the deal, they are now granting a generous 5 euro no deposit bonus. Rest assured, this renowned operator wastes no time in delivering the goodies. Within a mere five business days following the validation of your submitted document, be it uploaded on their website or sent through email, the bonus balance will make its way directly into your account. Keep in mind, though, that this bonus balance is not withdrawable. However, fear not, as it can be utilized for placing bets and reaping the rewards of your victories. At LeoVegas, betting just got even more thrilling!

With an enticing promotional package, LeoVegas stands out among bookmakers by providing a welcome bonus without the need for a deposit. Not only that, but they also offer a generous welcome bonus that has the potential to reach an impressive 300 euros.


    • Wager-free no deposit bonus
    • Rich schedule
    • Welcome Bonus


    • Insufficient round-the-clock support



  1. William Hill offers a CAD5 bonus without requiring any initial deposit.

With a global reputation spanning decades, William Hill stands as an iconic figure in the world of bookmaking. Renowned for its extensive range of offerings, this esteemed bookmaker presents an enticing opportunity in the form of a generous CAD5 no deposit bonus. To avail this promotional amount, simply ensure that you submit the required document within 96 hours of completing your registration. It is crucial, though, to remember including the code "VERIFICA5" when making your document verification request.

At William Hill, you'll find an array of enticing promotions to enhance your betting experience. One such promotion is the non-withdrawable bonus, exclusively designed for placing bets. Additionally, they offer a generous welcome bonus of up to 200 euro, and as an extra treat, an additional 10 euro awaits you after your initial bet. Explore these exciting offers and make the most of your time at William Hill.


    • No wagering conditions apply to the bonus received without having to make a deposit.
    • Welcome Bonus
    • Live streaming


    • Non-intuitive web navigation


Visit William Hill


  1. Wazamba offers a 5 euros no deposit bonus.

Wazamba, a prominent name in the Canadian gambling industry, has made its mark with a strong presence. The operator presents a lucrative offer to its fresh patrons - a delightful no deposit bonus of 5 euros, specially tailored for sports enthusiasts, that materializes after the successful submission of identification documents. This wonderful windfall can be judiciously utilized for both sports and virtual betting, opening up a world of possibilities. But wait, there's more! The no deposit bonus extends its generosity to include an additional 10 euros designated for slots, poker, and a plethora of other thrilling games.

New Wazamba users have the opportunity to claim a generous welcome package, which includes a fabulous no deposit bonus. This enticing offer forms part of a larger package that can reward players with a grand total of 350 euros in bonuses.


    • Also valid for casinos, the no deposit bonus is applicable.
    • Live streaming
    • Rich welcome bonus


    • Non-intuitive mobile navigation


Visit Wazamba


  1. PlayOJO offers a 15 euro bonus without requiring any deposit.

PlayOJO, a newly established betting platform in Canada, holds a valid license from AGCO. In their quest to captivate a larger user base, they have devised an enticing proposition exclusively for new registrants – a tantalizing no deposit bonus of 15 euros. This promotion serves as a compelling incentive for prospective members seeking a risk-free opportunity to explore the diverse wagering options provided by PlayOJO.

This industry boasts one of the most remarkable bonuses, embodying unparalleled generosity. To unlock the full potential of this bonus, players must meet a wagering requirement of x10, ensuring that the balance is transformed into real bonus funds. Once this milestone is reached, players can further convert their real bonus into a "withdrawable balance" by placing bets equal to the received bonus amount. An exciting opportunity to amplify your winnings awaits, as you embark on a thrilling journey of wagering and winning.


    • An extremely generous bonus with no deposit required.
    • Fair redemption requirements
    • Many other promotions


    • Live streaming is currently unavailable.


  1. Improved - an enhanced offer of a 5 euro no deposit bonus

New members who join Lottomatica are in for a treat with a generous no deposit bonus of 5 euros. Once your documents have been validated, the bonus balance will be credited to your account. It's important to note that this exciting bonus cannot be withdrawn, but it can be used exclusively for Sports Betting. To make the most of it, place bets on at least 5 events, each with a minimum odds per event of 1.50. Don't forget to use the bonus within 7 days of it being credited to your account to ensure you don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity.


    • 5 euros available as a no deposit bonus
    • iOS and Android application


    • The welcome bonus is insufficient in its current state.


Visit Better


Contrasts between complimentary wagers and credit rewards

To ensure clarity and eliminate any ambiguity surrounding free bets and bonus credit, it is important to understand their distinctions. Both are promotional offers provided by bookmakers to their clientele. Free bets, unlike bonus credit, are granted unpredictably and without prior notification from the operator.

Typically, the sum involved is quite restricted, approximately 5 euros, and is required to be utilized within a solitary wager. In the event that the bet proves to be successful, you have the opportunity to retain the actual winnings and make a withdrawal, excluding the gifted amount from the bookmaker. Assume, for example, that you have put down the 5 euros on odds of 1.80, you would have the chance to pocket 4 euros (9 euros won - 5 euros from the complimentary bet).

Unlike free bets, the bonus credit offers you more flexibility as it can be utilized on various bets and does not require you to wager it all in one go. Let's say you've been granted a 10 euro bonus; you can allocate 3 euros for a multiple bet and 7 euros for a single one. However, cashing out your winnings immediately after knowing the outcome of the bet is highly unlikely. Instead, you must adhere to the bonus terms and conditions. Typically, you'll need to play through the bonus amount a certain number of times before being eligible for withdrawal. Just like free bets, the bonus balance cannot be withdrawn.

Frequently Asked Questions about Free Bets and Free Bets – FAQ

What do Free Bets entail?

Bookmakers often provide promotions to their customers without prior notice, rewarding loyalty or enticing new users to sign up for a gaming account. These enticing offers aim to attract a larger user base and can be availed as a pleasant surprise or as an incentive to foster customer loyalty.

Do free bets come at no cost?

Players can rest assured that free bets are genuinely complimentary and do not necessitate any financial commitment. Consequently, their monetary value is generally constrained, as bookmakers would only incur temporary losses through such promotional offers.

What is the procedure for placing a complimentary wager?

To partake in a complimentary wager, the process mirrors that of a regular wager. However, one must take into account the existence of particular terms and conditions. These conditions may stipulate that the free bet can only be utilized on select odds or within specific events or sports.

Can one actually make money from free bets?

Absolutely! If your free bet happens to be a successful one, you will indeed be able to withdraw the winnings. Nevertheless, exercise caution as you can only cash out the net profits, given that the gifted amount from the bookmaker cannot be withdrawn. Therefore, in the scenario of a 5 euro free bet leading to a final victory of 7 euros, you will only be able to withdraw 2 euros.

What sports can I utilize free wagers on?

In general, you have the flexibility to apply your complimentary wager to a wide array of sports and occasions. It should be noted, however, that you must adhere to the terms and conditions outlined for the free bet, which typically do not restrict you to particular sports or events.

How can I obtain a complimentary wager?

At any given moment, the bookmaker's discretion comes into play, as they may opt to distribute complimentary wagers on an intermittent and unexpected basis to those players who have proven themselves to be dedicated and engaged. Alternatively, they may present exclusive incentives that can be unlocked during the registration process. It is essential to note that the allocation of free bets and promotional offerings varies depending on the bookmaker's individual policies and strategies.

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