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Welcome to the perfect destination to uncover the myriad perks that Wazamba Betting Matchpoint bonuses have in store for you. Rest assured, you have arrived at the ideal spot. Our aim is to provide you with an in-depth appraisal of the wide array of promotions that Wazamba offers, as it stands as one of the premier betting platforms in the current Canadian market. Within these pages, you shall find a comprehensive review of the exclusive deals that await you.

We will begin, as is customary, by examining the bookmaker profile, and subsequently delve into the realm of welcome bonuses and other promotional offerings. Our objective is to meticulously scrutinize every minute aspect of these phenomena, leaving no stone unturned in our quest for knowledge.

Bonuses Identity Card Bonus Details

Bonus Wazamba

+350 CAD welcome bonus

More info
  • AGCO license number: 15155
  • Live Betting: ✔
  • Live streaming: ✔
  • Accepted payment and withdrawal options include credit cards, VISA debit cards, MasterCard, bank transfer, PostePay prepaid cards, Skrill, PayPal, and the convenient Wazamba Point of Sale top-up feature.
  • Customer support options include email, a toll-free hotline, and live chat.
  • Casino-poker: ✔

The Detailed Breakdown of the Bonus.

  • Total Bet Bonus: Get a maximum bonus of +350CAD
  • Exclusive Offer: Enjoy a Welcome Bonus of 100% on your initial deposit
  • Available Promotions: +10 (Betting, Casino, Poker, Virtual, Horse Racing, and more)
  • Promotional Code for Wazamba: SPORTVIRTUAL-2
  • Accepted payment methods include Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, PostePay, Postal Transfer, Paypal, and Wazamba top-up.


An in-depth look at the bonuses offered by Wazamba.

When it comes to the perks offered by Wazamba, our primary focus will undoubtedly be on the incentives provided to new players. We will extensively examine the ways in which these bonuses are delivered, as well as the prerequisites and key features associated with them. Subsequently, our attention will shift towards the noteworthy recurring promotions, where we will meticulously scrutinize their attributes and eligibility criteria. This comprehensive analysis will enable us to grasp the meticulousness exhibited by Wazamba in crafting promotions that excel in both substance and excellence.

Wazamba Welcome Bonus

For novice users, this Wazamba bonus might come as a delightful revelation, despite some minor concerns that could potentially cause more discerning individuals to scoff. While the numerical value may appear substantial, it is essential to consider the underlying intricacies.

9 Claim the bonus

Up to 350 CAD

  • Extensive variety of markets and betting options
  • Streaming Live
  • A multitude of weekly promotions.

Before we dive into the various features, let's first explore the enticing bonus offered by Wazamba. The welcome bonus of CAD350 is thoughtfully divided into separate components, ensuring a well-rounded experience for players.

  • Get up to CAD 25 in bonus funds when you place your initial sports wager.
  • Receive a bonus of up to CAD 25 on your initial deposit. virtual bet
  • Receive a CAD 300 bonus within a span of 30 weeks.

To fully comprehend the attributes of the Wazamba bonus proposition and acquire the different installments, let's delve into the details. The initial step entails creating a betting account on the bookmaker's website after which you can register. Once this initial procedure is completed, the next crucial step is to validate your identity by submitting a scanned copy of your identification document to the bookmaker.

In order to secure the CAD 25 bonus immediately, it is imperative that you make your initial wager within 30 days of signing up, ensuring that the odds are no less than 2.00. Additionally, to claim the subsequent CAD 25, you must place your first bet within 30 days of registration, this time on a virtual product, with the flexibility of having no minimum stake requirement.

In order to acquire Status Points, you will need to secure the subsequent 300 CAD, which will be distributed in the form of weekly Wazamba bonuses, capped at a maximum of 10 CAD. In this rewarding scheme, each 1 CAD is equivalent to 10 Status Points. This enticing bonus can be procured for a span of 30 consecutive weeks, allowing you to accumulate up to a generous CAD 300.

Discover the secret to accessing the exclusive Wazamba Bonus

It's truly captivating to contemplate the opportunity of embarking on a fresh online platform, brimming with excitement and possibilities. Just envision the thrill of receiving a weekly sum of CAD10 for a staggering 30 weeks straight, in addition to an enticing CAD25 + CAD25 bonus for both sports betting and the exhilarating realm of virtual reality.

Now, let's delve into the intricacies of acquiring the coveted Wazamba bonus. To attain this enticing offer, one must navigate through a series of carefully outlined steps.

  • Click on the link Carefully review the terms and conditions to avail the Wazamba bonus.
  • Proceed with initiating a fresh account by selecting the CONTINUE REGISTRATION button.
  • Proceed with opening a fresh account and select the betting bonus offered during the registration process.
  • Deposit and place your initial bet on a sports event with a minimum odds of 2.00, along with a virtual bet, to get your first CAD50.
  • Earn Status Points to collect a maximum of CAD10 per week for the following 30 weeks.

Access the website


The legitimacy of the Wazamba bonus.

Before proceeding to create a fresh account, kindly bear in mind that certain time constraints must be adhered to in order to avail the Wazamba bonus. Primarily, it is imperative to unlock the bonuses within a span of 30 days subsequent to establishing the new account, irrespective of whether or not you furnish your identification documentation.

You have a 30-day window from the day you register to place your initial bet with minimum odds of 2.00, alongside the virtual bet. It's essential to note that subsequent refunds, amounting to a maximum of 10CAD per week, remain valid for 7 days. These refunds will be credited to your account the day after the 7-day period ends. Rest assured, the guidelines are straightforward and easy to follow.

Our top bookmaker, William Hill, is another operator that provides excellent bonus redemption times similar to Wazamba.

Wazamba's no deposit bonus offer

Regrettably, we must inform you that Wazamba does not provide the no deposit bonus, an enticing offer that many patrons find enjoyable to take advantage of.

Rest assured, while this particular item may not be currently featured in Wazamba promotions, there is no need for excessive concern. Fear not, for the esteemed Canadian bookmaker presents a plethora of alternative promotions that are sure to delight and captivate you in an instant. Be reassured that a myriad of exciting offers await, ensuring an enjoyable and thrilling experience awaits you without delay.

On the contrary, should your intention be to connect with a bookmaker providing a generous bonus without requiring any initial deposit (a sum of 20 euros, to be precise), the team of esteemed professionals at trendsnow strongly recommends directing your attention towards the esteemed Codere portal.

9 Claim the bonus

Up to 10 CAD

  • Huge Palimpsest
  • Variety of Promotions
  • Great Live Console

Wazamba promotions: a plethora of bonuses and various enticing offers

Every week, Wazamba presents its cherished patrons with refreshing offers and enticing bonuses, all aimed at providing an unparalleled gaming experience. Take, for instance, the ever-enduring multiple bets bonus, a staple that remains an indispensable feature on any reputable bookmaker platform worth its salt. This timeless promotion is a testament to Wazamba's unwavering commitment to rewarding its esteemed clientele and cementing its position as a premier gaming destination.

By taking advantage of Wazamba's generous bonus system, players can enjoy an additional reward when they successfully predict a multiple bet comprising 5 or more events, with odds surpassing 1.24. The cherry on top is that the size of the bonus escalates in accordance with the number of events included in the bet. This means that the potential payout grows exponentially, offering players an enticing opportunity to maximize their winnings.

For instance, should you decide to participate in a contest encompassing 6 different competitions, each with an odds ratio of 1.24, the prospective bonus you could win would be increased by 8%. Wazamba goes even further by offering a maximum payout bonus that surpasses the initial amount by a staggering 177%!

Bodog stands out as one of our leading bookmakers, providing abundant opportunities for lucrative multiple bets.

Up to CAD260

  • Ease of Use
  • A Wide Range of Sports and Markets to Choose From
  • Special Odds

Wazamba, the renowned Canadian bookmaker, not only provides an enticing bonus for multiple bets but also presents an array of promotions exclusively tailored to the diverse Matchpoint markets. Rest assured, dear reader, we shall delve into the captivating realm of Wazamba's Casino and Poker promotions in due time.

In summarizing the available options, when considering Wazamba, we discover the following offerings:

  • Increased odds For unique wagers on televised shows.
  • Virtual Multi-Bonus: Maximum potential return of 512%
  • Horse Racing Multiple Bonus; Payout potential increased by 400%.
  • Reimbursement for Parachute and Horse Racing Expenses
  • Secure up to a 20CAD betting bonus on multiple tennis bets with insurance.

Note text

The loyalty program offered by Wazamba

Participating in the loyalty program of the bookmaker is a simple way to acquire Wazamba Points, enabling you to gain access to promotions and additional bonuses. So, how can you get these Wazamba Points?

Participating in our complimentary program is a wonderful opportunity available to all site members. Engage in various activities to earn points and unlock exclusive promotions. As you accumulate Wazamba points, you'll have the chance to ascend through different levels, ultimately attaining VIP status. Wondering how to make the most of these points? Well, they can be redeemed for exciting rewards and benefits!

Take the Wazamba shop as an example, where you'll also find tangible benefits in the form of real money bonuses. These bonuses can be cashed out in the shape of Mediaworld, iTunes, and Amazon gift cards, adding even more value to your experience.

Bwin, our leading bookmaker with an exceptionally beneficial loyalty program, has been chosen by trendsnow experts as another operator to consider. Their loyalty plan is designed to provide customers with incredible advantages.



Rating: 9/10

The incentives provided for placing wagers on equestrian races

Betting ippiche

An honorable mention must be given to the bonuses on horse racing bets, as they truly stand out among the myriad of bonus offers available on Wazamba Betting. In Canada, horse racing has always held a special place in the hearts of bettors, making these bonuses particularly enticing.

If you're interested in wagering on Wazamba's impressive equine athletes, you'll have access to a range of enticing promotions. Take, for instance, the multi bet bonus solely geared towards horse racing, boasting an additional percentage that can soar as high as 400%. Equally enticing is the Horse Racing Refund Bonus, ensuring a maximum betting cashback of 9% on your weekly wagers. And to top it all off, you can also avail yourself of the Horse Racing Parachute, which offers a generous bonus of up to 500 CAD.

Wazamba bonus: more than just gambling

Wazamba has a multitude of bonuses tailored specifically for enthusiasts of sports betting, as stated previously. These bonuses encompass a wide spectrum, starting from the generous welcome bonus and extending to the weekly promotional offers. However, what if you're not particularly keen on betting? Worry not, for Wazamba has taken this into consideration as well.

Wazamba understands the preferences of its players and offers an array of enticing promotions tailored to their gaming affinities. Casino enthusiasts, slot machine lovers, bingo aficionados, card game aficionados, and poker devotees can all take advantage of the numerous available promotions. Wazamba goes the extra mile by providing personalized bonuses for each category, ensuring that players maximize their gaming experience. These bonuses encompass an assortment of rewards, ranging from cash bonuses and guaranteed jackpots to complimentary tokens for participation in poker tables.

Before we delve into the world of Wazamba, let's not forget about the enticing casino welcome bonus awaiting you. Additionally, there are various progressive bonuses and an array of Quick Games to keep you entertained. It goes without saying that, just like the betting-related welcome bonus, it is imperative to carefully peruse the terms and conditions before embracing any other bonuses that come your way.

Are you interested in discovering another popular bookmaker favored by trendsnow, renowned for its exceptional casino offerings? Well, let us delve into the realm of 22bet and explore the array of services it provides.

Deposit 50 CAD to get started.

  • Rich weekly promos
  • On average, the highest likelihoods
  • The market landscape is incredibly vast.

Conditions and prerequisites for obtaining the Wazamba Bonus.

Sure! Here's a new paragraph for the website: Once you have delved into the comprehensive article about the remarkable bonus provided by Wazamba, it's highly likely that you have recognized its immense possibilities and acknowledged it as one of the most outstanding bonuses available in Canada. Of course, it's a rare occurrence to find operators who generously provide monetary rewards, as bonuses are typically designed to fuel your gameplay and increase your chances of winning, ultimately enabling you to withdraw your hard-earned profits in the near future.

Please note that the bonuses offered by Wazamba are not directly deposited into your account for immediate withdrawal. Instead, they are designed to provide you with additional fun and entertainment while playing on the site. These bonuses can be used to participate in games and increase your chances of winning. This applies to both the initial cashback of 50CAD for sports and virtual bets, as well as the weekly bonus of 10CAD for a period of 30 weeks. All bonuses must be redeemed within 30 days of registering on the site, and the weekly bonus must be redeemed every seven days. These bonuses can also be used as wagering amounts. Eventually, any winnings generated from these bonus bets can be withdrawn from your account.

Wazamba Bonus Payment Options

Payment methods

It is vital to carefully consider the available payment methods when selecting your preferred betting operator. While many Canadian operators offer commonly used payment options, it is crucial to note that there may be variations in commissions, betting and deposit limits, as well as credit processing times. Prioritize understanding these details to ensure a seamless betting experience that aligns with your specific requirements.

Getting a quick and easy game account top-up on Wazamba is a breeze. Here's how it's done:

  • Access the designated Restricted Zone.
  • click on the Reload button
  • Select your preferred payment option from the available choices listed below.
  • Specify the desired sum for recharging
  • click on Confirm

Discover the diverse selection of payment methods available on Wazamba Betting, offering comprehensive insights into each deposit alternative:

Description Expenses Credits Min/Max amount
Refill at the Point of Sale None Immediate CAD 1 – CAD 9,999
Credit/Debit Card None Immediate CAD 10 – CAD 30,000
PostePay None Immediate CAD 10 – CAD 3,000
Skrill None Immediate CAD 10 – CAD 10,000
PayPal None Immediate CAD 10 – CAD 10,000
Bank transfer Ev. bank charges In approximately 3 to 5 working days Up to CAD 30,000
Postal transfer Ev. Postal expenses Within approximately two to seven business days. Up to CAD 30,000
Neteller None Immediate CAD 10 – CAD 10,000
paysafecard None Immediate CAD 10 – CAD 100

We have fantastic news for individuals contemplating Wazamba as their favored provider: there are absolutely no commissions to worry about. The quickest option available through Wazamba is undeniably the employment of e-wallets, namely Skrill or PayPal. When you opt for this digital wallet to collect your winnings, the funds will be deposited into your account in a mere 24 hours. The identical process is applicable when using PostePay.

Withdrawals with Wazamba

Through Wazamba, you have the option to make withdrawals using the following methods:

  • Retail Store
  • Credit card
  • PostePay
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bank transfer
  • Domiciled postal transfer

Wazamba ensures convenient payment methods to cater to its users' needs. When it comes to withdrawals via bank transfer, there is a maximum limit of 30,000 euros. It is important to note that it may take up to 5 business days for the amount to reflect in your account. It's crucial to evaluate the pros and cons of the diverse range of options available based on your requirements. Rest assured, Wazamba leaves no room for beginners to complain about their payment methods.

Method Prel. Min (CAD) Prel. Max (CAD)
PostePay 10 5000
Credit card 10 3000
PayPal 10 3000
Skrill 10 10000
Point of sale 10 999
Bank transfer 5 30000
Domiciled Postal Transfer 5 6000

Wazamba Bonus: Conclusions

Now, let's recapitulate for a moment. This article will delve into the different components of Wazamba's generous welcome package, which aims to provide players with a total of 350CAD in bonus funds. Throughout our exploration, we have unraveled the three key elements that collectively contribute to achieving this maximum amount.

Finding a middle ground between simplicity and a generous reward is essential when it comes to the Wazamba Bonus. While it may seem a tad intricate to certain bettors, who might scrunch up their noses at the offer, the truth is that it provides an opportunity to unlock a substantial bonus after making the initial deposit. It's important to bear in mind that the Wazamba Bonus boasts one of the most impressive limits across the entire gambling industry. Thus, striking a balance between these two factors was paramount.

Some other notable bookmakers, like William Hill, Bodog, Codere, or 22bet, also present highly appealing promotions akin to the enticing Wazamba Bonus.

For avid sports enthusiasts, Wazamba offers an array of enticing promotions that go beyond the traditional realm of football. Our thorough examination of the platform revealed a commendable trait - the bookmaker consistently refreshes its promotions. This not only benefits those who may have missed out on the welcome bonus but also ensures that there is always an opportunity to partake in exciting promotions, particularly for members who have enrolled in an appealing and complimentary loyalty program. Rest assured, at Wazamba, there is something for everyone.

9 Claim the bonus

Up to 350CAD

  • Extensive array of markets and odds available.
  • Streaming Live
  • Numerous promotions offered on a weekly basis.

Bonus Wazamba - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to use PayPal for my initial deposit on Wazamba?

Wazamba offers an array of convenient payment options to cater to its users' needs. Among these methods is PayPal, a highly trusted and widely used electronic wallet globally. By incorporating PayPal as one of their accepted payment methods, Wazamba ensures a secure and seamless experience for its users. Whether you are making your initial deposit or withdrawing your winnings, PayPal provides a reliable platform to facilitate these transactions. Additionally, utilizing PayPal as a deposit method grants you access to the exclusive Wazamba welcome bonus, adding extra value to your gaming experience.

Is it possible to place bets on horse races using the Wazamba Bonus?

Certainly, you have the option to utilize the Wazamba bonus for horse racing wagers. Nevertheless, it's important to note that if you opt to place a bet on horses as your primary wager in order to avail the 25CAD welcome bonus, this particular category does not make you eligible for it. In actuality, the initial bonus amounting to 25CAD is exclusively granted if your very first bet is placed on conventional categories, such as football.

Is it necessary to have a Wazamba promo code?

Upon registration at Wazamba, there is no requirement to enter a promo code in order to receive a welcome bonus. Instead, this online platform generously provides a welcome bonus to new users without any additional steps required. When signing up, simply provide your information in the registration form and select the desired type of welcome bonus from the diverse range offered by the bookmaker.

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