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LeoVegas has firmly established itself as a household name when it comes to betting in Canada. Renowned as a top-tier bookmaker and one of the premier betting platforms in the Canadian market, LeoVegas consistently strives to captivate its clientele (while also enticing new users) with its extraordinary introductory incentives (widely regarded as among the most enticing in the industry, both in terms of the bonuses granted and the easily achievable wagering requirements) as well as its regular assortment of promotional deals, which are refreshed on a weekly basis.

The initial step is to examine the overview section of the Bonus LeoVegas.

Bonuses Identity Card Bonus Details

LeoVegas LeoVegas Bonus

305 euro welcome bonus

  • AGCO license number: 15215
  • Live betting: ✔
  • Live streaming: ✔
  • Accepted payment and withdrawal options include credit cards, VISA debit cards, MasterCard, bank transfer, PostePay prepaid cards, Skrill, PayPal, LeoVegas Card, and LeoVegas Voucher.
  • Methods of customer service: email, telephone, live chat.
  • Casino poker: ✔

The intricate breakdown of the bonus:

  • Total Betting Bonus: Receive a bonus of up to +305CAD for your bets.
  • First Deposit Offer: Get a 100% Welcome Bonus
  • Current Promotions: Enjoy an array of exciting offers including a +20 bonus for various categories like Sports, Casino, Slots, Poker, Virtual games, Horse Racing, and more.
  • LeoVegas Promotional Code: –
  • Accepted Payment Options: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, PostePay, Post Office Transfer, Paypal, LeoVegas Voucher

Step into the realm of LeoVegas Bonuses and unlock a world of thrilling rewards.

Let's begin by delving into the various enticing incentives and promotional deals that Bonus LeoVegas has in store for its users. As is customary, we shall commence with an elaborate breakdown of the present welcome bonus provided by this esteemed bookmaker. This exclusive offer is accessible to all newcomers who register on the platform for the very first time. Following that, we shall take a meticulous look at the remarkable periodic promotions that are also made available, each presenting its own advantageous benefits that are certainly worth mentioning.

LeoVegas Welcome Bonus

Now, let's kick off with the exclusive deal specifically designed for fresh sign-ups at LeoVegas. Undoubtedly, the LeoVegas greeting offer is unparalleled and unbeatable in the Canadian market. It entails a jaw-dropping 5CAD bonus without any initial deposits required. On top of that, you'll receive a phenomenal 100% refund on your initial recharge, with a potential maximum of 300CAD. Consequently, you'll be showered with an astonishing total of 305CAD. The process of obtaining this extraordinary LeoVegas Bonus is remarkably straightforward, and we'll delve into the details shortly.

To begin, visit the LeoVegas betting platform and follow through the registration procedure, which entails submitting a legitimate identification document. Once this initial phase is done, you shall be granted a 5CAD bonus without any deposit requirements. Rest assured, this bonus will be promptly credited to your gaming account within a maximum of five working days after your identity has been duly verified.


Up to 305CAD

  • The extensive gambling timetable
  • Live betting
  • Virtual Betting

To kickstart your gaming experience, you have the option to fund your gaming account for the initial time. It is crucial to exercise caution during your first deposit since you will receive the LeoVegas Gold Bonus as part of the welcome package. This enticing bonus ensures a full refund of 100% with a maximum limit of 100CAD. Moreover, an additional 200CAD can be acquired subsequently. After depositing the funds, you will need to patiently wait for a maximum of five business days for the LeoVegas Bonus Gold to be credited to your account.

Making a significant first deposit is our top recommendation if you want to make the most of the LeoVegas Gold Bonus, which is undeniably one of the simplest welcome bonuses to claim among all the Canadian bookmakers. By doing so, you increase your chances of receiving the entire CAD305 bonus from LeoVegas. So, don't miss out on this opportunity and seize the full potential of the bonus by making a generous initial deposit.

Discovering the LeoVegas Welcome Bonus: the art of claiming it

We believe it is our obligation to offer a comprehensive walkthrough on claiming the welcome bonus, despite having already touched upon it earlier. This particular bonus, being one of the most straightforward to attain among Canadian bookmakers, warrants a step-by-step guide to ensure even novice bettors can grasp the intricacies of LeoVegas bonuses. By following our instructions, first-time sports bettors will gain a complete understanding of how these bonuses operate.

Here is the procedure you need to follow in order to access the LeoVegas Welcome Bonus.

  • Visit the official LeoVegas site Read all the specifics regarding the complete bonus amount of 305CAD.
  • Enter your username, email address, and mobile phone number (as shown by the red arrow) and click the "NEXT" button.
  • is green
  • Please complete all the necessary sections such as Login Data, Personal Data, and other required fields.
  • Choose the Supplementary Offer (in addition to the betting promotion, there are over 20 other promotions available) and finalize the registration process.


To unlock the LeoVegas Bonus, the process is straightforward. It is recommended to promptly provide a verification of your identity (such as an ID card, driver's license, or passport) to swiftly obtain the CAD5 no deposit bonus. After completing this initial step, simply make your first deposit on the platform utilizing your preferred payment method from the options available. By doing so, you will qualify for the LeoVegas Gold Bonus, receiving a 100% refund up to a maximum of CAD300.

  • Visa, Visa Electron, and Mastercard are accepted as credit/debit card options.
  • PostePay
  • Postal transfer
  • Paypal
  • Ваучер
  • Recharge or voucher from LeoVegas to refresh

Please note that the LeoVegas Bonus Gold will be rendered invalid if the initial deposit is not made within 30 days of account registration. It is imperative for all users to bear this in mind.

The stipulations and requirements for the LeoVegas Bonus

To ensure you receive the LeoVegas welcome bonus on time, let's delve into the specifics. As previously discussed, you have a 30-day window from the instance of your registration to determine both the deposit amount and the payment method of your choice for eligibility for the esteemed LeoVegas Gold Bonus. It is vital to utilize this allotted timeframe judiciously, allowing ample opportunity to make an informed decision that aligns with your preferences and gaming aspirations.

William Hill is another prominent bookmaker that presents a fantastic chance to seize a delightful welcome offer at a strategic moment, akin to the LeoVegas bonus.

Regarding the bonus withdrawal, you will be given a generous window of 90 days, providing ample time to complete the wagering requirements required to make the LeoVegas Gold Bonus eligible for withdrawal. Although these wagering requirements may not be the easiest or quickest to fulfill, the given timeframe should allow for sufficient gameplay. In terms of the timing for LeoVegas to grant the two bonuses, namely the 5CAD without Deposit and the Bonus Gold, please note that it may take a maximum of 5 business days. This timeframe is applicable from the moment your identity is verified for the 5CAD without deposit bonus, and from the moment of your initial top-up for the Bonus Gold.

LeoVegas No Deposit Bonus remains unchanged.

Codere, our leading bookmaker, entices new members with a generous offer of 20CAD absolutely free, without requiring any deposit. This promotion, available once your identity has been verified, is undeniably more enticing than the 5CAD bonus offered by LeoVegas. Although on the surface it may seem less advantageous, the benefits far outweigh any perceived drawbacks. Experience the thrill of free betting with Codere, the ultimate destination for online gaming enthusiasts.

9 Claim the bonus

Up to 10CAD

  • Huge Palimpsest
  • Variety of Promotions
  • Great Live Console

Within five working days of verification, you will receive a credit of this sum, which can be used for any sports event listed on our platform. In essence, you will be granted CAD5 of Free Bets, giving you the freedom to wager without any financial impact. This flexibility is highly beneficial for bettors, as it is becoming increasingly rare among Canadian bookmakers. Embrace this opportunity and enjoy the convenience it brings to your betting experience.

All additional bonuses offered by LeoVegas

LeoVegas stands out among the crowd as one of the rare AGCO-licensed bookmakers that excels in providing an extensive array of enticing bonuses and promotions to its valued members. At present, apart from the aforementioned no deposit bonus and warm welcome bonus, LeoVegas delights its users with a myriad of additional offers.

LeoVegas Multiple Bonus

LeoVegas has established itself as a prominent player in the Canadian betting industry, owing to its exceptional performance in numerous aspects. The promotions section, in particular, sets this site apart from others. Aside from the enticing welcome bonus, LeoVegas offers a wide array of Periodic Promotions that cater to all bettors. Amongst these, the Multiple Bonus stands out as a cherished and widely embraced promotion. This unique offer enables players to amplify their winnings on multiple bets, with the increment being determined by the number of events they participate in. With such lucrative opportunities, LeoVegas ensures an exhilarating and rewarding betting experience for its users.

LeoVegas presents an exclusive Multipla Bonus that encompasses a wide range of sports events. To be eligible, your bet slip must contain a minimum of 5 events, each with odds of 1.25 or higher. The bonus scale commences at 3.25% for 5 events and progressively increases, culminating in a staggering 144% for a whopping 30 events on your bet slip. This exceptional offer provides you with the opportunity to elevate your winnings to unprecedented heights.

Our top-rated bookmaker, Bodog, is renowned for its generous cashback offers on bets, ensuring that you get the most out of your wagering experience. With a substantial percentage of cashback available, Bodog stands out among other operators in the industry. If you're looking to maximize your winnings and enjoy the thrill of betting, Bodog is the ideal choice. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to earn extra cash while indulging in your favorite sports and games. Join Bodog today and take advantage of their exceptional cashback deals that set them apart from the competition.

Up to 260CAD

  • Ease of Use
  • An Abundance of Sports and Markets to Choose From
  • Special Odds

Kasko insurance for multiple bets offered by LeoVegas

Football is undeniably the most favored sport for betting in Canada. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that Canadian bookmakers primarily focus on this sport when it comes to promotions. An intriguing variation of the LeoVegas bonus, which was previously mentioned, is the "In multiple with Kasko" offer.

To maximize your chances of winning and enjoying exciting cashback rewards, consider placing pre-match bets in the 1×2 market. This market includes various types such as 1 and 2 Time, Handicap, and Final. It's important to note that the specific football leagues eligible for this promotion may vary from week to week, so we recommend checking the dedicated promotion page for the most up-to-date information. By participating in this offer, you have the opportunity to receive a generous refund of up to CAD50, representing a remarkable 60% of your initial bet. The best part is that even if you make a single incorrect prediction out of all your bets, you still qualify for this enticing bonus. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your winnings and elevate your betting experience.

The Salvi a Reti Bianche Promotion strives to retain its originality while reframing the sentence length, ensuring a unique presence in Google's search results.

Let's take a look at the "Salvi a Reti Bianche" promotion, a captivating offer that can be found on the LeoVegas website. This promotion is a constant presence and offers various exciting features. Discover all the aspects and elements that make it so enticing.

You can take advantage of a fantastic LeoVegas bonus offer when you bet on specific leagues such as Serie A, Serie B, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Premier League, and La Liga. Simply place a single or pre-match bet each week, and if the match concludes with a disappointing 0-0 score, resulting in your bet being unsuccessful, LeoVegas has got you covered. They will generously reward you with a 30% bonus, up to a maximum of CAD30, allowing you to recoup some of your losses and keep the excitement alive.

To ensure eligibility for the bonus, wagers must be made on odds of 1.30 or greater; otherwise, the promotion will be nullified.

Bwin, a prominent bookmaker, now presents parachute bonuses on multiple wagers, marking it as one of the leading betting trends among bookmakers.

8 Claim bonus

Up to CAD210

  • An extensive range of market options
  • One of the greatest chances available
  • Live bets

Promotions offered by LeoVegas pertaining to various other sports

LeoVegas strives to cater to the diverse interests of its customers, going beyond football to embrace other significant sporting events like the Giro d'Canada or international tennis tournaments. In this pursuit, the platform presents a plethora of promotions aimed at enhancing the betting experience. From boosted winnings to refunds in case of a lost bet, LeoVegas ensures that its users have a wide array of promotional offers at their disposal. By doing so, the bookmaker aims to meet the preferences of those bettors who have a penchant for sports beyond football. With an extensive range of bonuses, LeoVegas goes the extra mile to satisfy the diverse needs of its esteemed clientele.

Virtual bet promotions

Nowadays, virtual betting has gained immense popularity, primarily due to the remarkable advancements in technology year after year. LeoVegas, true to its reputation, goes above and beyond to satisfy its customers by providing a plethora of enticing promotional deals exclusively tailored for virtual bets.

A remarkable characteristic found on this particular betting platform is the renowned "Virtual Multiple" option, providing an exceptional bonus on multiple bets that can escalate up to an astounding 110%. The allure of this extraordinary feature lies in its potential to secure a staggering sum of CAD50,000 in authentic currency.

Horse racing bonuses

horse racing betting

With a strong commitment to honoring age-old customs, this renowned gambling platform places great emphasis on wagers placed on the noble equestrian sport. As a result, LeoVegas presents an array of enticing promotions tailored specifically for horse racing enthusiasts. One such promotion that enjoys immense popularity is the highly sought-after weekly tote bonus, boasting an impressive ceiling of 500CAD. Furthermore, bettors are invited to partake in the thrilling Horse Racing Challenge, an authentic competition where participants pit their betting prowess against one another. Emerging victorious as the frontrunner in this exhilarating challenge promises a bountiful prize pool of 2,000CAD.

If you happen to miss just one bet, don't fret! With the Multipla fixed-rate option, you can ensure a refund of up to CAD100. Take advantage of this guarantee and enjoy peace of mind while betting.

Betsafe, a prominent trendsetter in the world of bookmaking, stands out as a remarkable choice for horse racing enthusiasts, presenting exclusive odds and enticing bonuses. Their commitment to delivering an exceptional betting experience sets them apart from the competition. Within their platform, horse racing enthusiasts can revel in a plethora of enticing options, enabling them to make informed decisions and potentially maximize their winnings. Betsafe's dedication to providing specialized odds and favorable bonuses for horse racing bets demonstrates their unwavering support for this thrilling sport. Engaging with Betsafe not only adds excitement to the horse racing experience but also opens up a world of possibilities for bettors seeking exceptional opportunities to enhance their betting strategies.

9 Claim the bonus

Up to 160CAD

  • A wide array of markets and odds to choose from
  • Live Betting
  • Live Streaming

LeoVegas Casino and Poker Bonus Offers

At LeoVegas, you'll find an extensive range of entertainment options beyond just sports betting, whether virtual or real. The platform offers a diverse lineup that includes a variety of activities such as slots, poker, casino games, and even bingo.

Throughout the different categories on our website, our Canadian bookmaker provides an array of exciting offers and promotions. In the realm of poker, players can engage in monthly challenges that promise them a chance to win a substantial prize pool of over CAD70,000 in tickets. As for bingo enthusiasts, they can take part in entertaining chat games that not only provide amusement but also guarantee the opportunity to win free game bonuses. Don't miss out on these thrilling chances to maximize your gaming experience!

On the contrary, the slot section offers an exciting opportunity for players to engage in a thrilling daily spin. This daily spin grants a complimentary token, enabling players to potentially seize enticing bonuses that can be utilized on any of our diverse range of products.

Conditions and prerequisites for qualifying for the LeoVegas bonus.

We have thoroughly examined the LeoVegas welcome bonus and it has become evident that it is not only one of the most lavish offers among Canadian bookmakers, but also remarkably straightforward to claim. Nevertheless, it is imperative for us to provide a comprehensive explanation of all the prerequisites and stipulations that need to be fulfilled in order to successfully withdraw this enticing welcome bonus.

Regarding the 5CAD no deposit bonus, it is important to note that it cannot be withdrawn as actual cash. However, it holds value as Free Bets, providing us with the opportunity to place bets on any sporting event we desire. Rest assured, this bonus allows us to embrace the thrill of wagering without any financial risk.

The LeoVegas Gold Bonus, valued at 300CAD, comes with a replay requirement or rollout of eight times (8X) within three months from the date of receiving it.

LeoVegas Payment Methods

Payment methods

Discover the available payment options for deposits and withdrawals on LeoVegas. Let's delve into the diverse range of methods to facilitate seamless transactions.

When it comes to deposits, there are several convenient options available for topping up your gaming account on our website. Traditional payment methods, including Visa or MasterCard credit/debit cards, are accepted, along with alternatives like Maestro and PostePay. Additionally, we provide the convenience of e-wallets, such as Skrill and PayPal, for making deposits. For those who prefer a more traditional approach, a bank transfer can also be used. Lastly, we offer the unique option of LeoVegas top-ups, which can be made directly at numerous physical stores located across various Canadian cities.

You have the option to conveniently make deposits at physical stores and land-based establishments with Bet365, a different bookmaker.

8 Claim the bonus

Up to 105CAD

  • Rich weekly promos
  • Participating in real-time streaming and engaging in live betting activities
  • Virtual Betting

LeoVegas stands out in terms of its highly competitive minimum and maximum deposit limits. When it comes to the minimum deposit, you can start with just CAD10 for all available options, except for bank transfers which necessitate a minimum top-up of CAD 50. On the other hand, the maximum limits are exceptionally generous, with each transaction allowing up to CAD 5,000. Rest assured that LeoVegas accommodates a wide range of budgets, enabling both small-scale and high-stakes players to enjoy their gaming experience to the fullest.

Description Expenses Credit Min/Max Amount
Credit Card None Immediate CAD 10 – CAD 5,000
Credit/Debit Card None Immediate CAD 10 – CAD 5,000
PostePay None Immediate CAD 10 – CAD 5,000
Skrill None Immediate CAD 10 – CAD 5,000
PayPal None Immediate CAD 10 – CAD 5,000
Bank Transfer Ev. bank charges Within an estimated timeframe of 2 to 7 business days CAD 10 – No Limit
Postal Transfer Ev. Postal expenses Within an estimated timeframe of 2-7 working days CAD 10 – No Limit
Postal Bulletin Ev. Postal expenses In about four to five working days CAD 10 – No Limit
LeoVegas Reload None Immediate CAD 5 – CAD 2000/week.

Please keep in mind that LeoVegas does not impose any fees for deposit transactions, unless the payment provider imposes its own charges. You can rest assured that your deposit will be processed promptly, except in the case of bank transfers, which may take 2-7 business days to be fully processed. Additionally, it is important to note that LeoVegas does not charge any commission on deposits, unless specified by the payment service provider you have chosen. Furthermore, apart from bank transfers, all other deposit methods will be processed instantly for your convenience.

Withdrawals with LeoVegas

LeoVegas offers various withdrawal methods for users to choose from.

    • PostePay
    • Credit Card
    • Vouchers
    • PayPal
    • Skrill
    • Bank transfer
    • Domiciled postal transfer

LeoVegas values its customers who have taken the necessary steps to establish their contractual standing by submitting the requisite documentation. As a token of appreciation, these customers have also been rewarded with a complimentary CAD5 bonus. Additionally, for those who have created their gaming accounts over a month ago, we are pleased to inform you about the applied limits as follows:

Method Prel. Min (CAD) Prel. Max (CAD)
PostePay 15 3000
Credit Card 15 3000
PayPal 15 3000
Skrill 15 3000
Voucher 5 999
Bank Transfer 5 10000
Domiciled Postal Transfer 5 10000

LeoVegas Bonus: Conclusions

On this webpage, we have explored the primary incentives provided by LeoVega, catering to both new account holders and existing patrons. As we have observed, this betting platform's introductory promotion is unrivaled, if not unparalleled, among Canadian gambling websites. This is primarily due to its generous 5CAD bonus that requires no initial deposit and imposes no wagering prerequisites, essentially functioning as complimentary wagers.

The LeoVegas Gold Bonus, which is quite substantial, presents a slight drawback when it comes to the wagering requirements and Terms and Conditions, making it somewhat challenging to convert the bonus into withdrawable real money. However, it is worth noting the excellent weekly and monthly promotional offers provided by LeoVegas, meticulously designed to keep all customers of this platform happy and content at all times. These enticing offers are sure to bring a smile to every user's face.

LeoVegas Bonus Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What payment methods are available for you to use and access the LeoVegas Bonus?

Great news awaits you at LeoVegas because their welcome bonus is not tied to any specific payment method. You have the freedom to choose your preferred method for depositing funds and topping up your gaming account, and rest assured that you will still be eligible to receive the generous welcome bonus!

What is the process for obtaining the LeoVegas No Deposit Bonus?

To claim the coveted LeoVegas no deposit bonus, simply complete the registration procedure on the platform. Once that's done, you'll be required to provide proof of identity. Rest assured, within a span of five working days, LeoVegas will promptly allocate the enticing 5CAD no deposit bonus directly to your gaming account.

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