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Betfair, a renowned and long-established bookmaker, recognizes the significance of keeping up with the ever-evolving world of online betting. Hence, it comes as no surprise that they provide a dedicated app for their users. This app caters to both iOS and Android users, enabling them to conveniently engage in online mobile sports betting. To facilitate an informed decision, we have compiled a comprehensive table below, presenting vital details about the Betfair app across various leading operating systems for smartphones, tablets, and its mobile version.

iOS Android Mobile Site
Downloads ✔️ ✔️
Latest version April 2023 (6.2.4) April 2023
Size 112MB 7.8MB
Deposit/Withdrawals ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Bonuses ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
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Who is Betfair?

Betfair, established in the year 2000, swiftly emerged as a prominent figure in Canada's betting and gambling sector. It gained recognition for its distinct feature, the Betfair Exchange, which is accessible to Canadian users. Moreover, the Betfair casino boasts an impressive array of games including slot machines, roulette, blackjack, and various other captivating titles. With the authorization granted by the AGCO, Betfair has solidified its reputation as a trusted and secure bookmaker, renowned for its unwavering reliability.

When engaging in Betfair sports betting, patrons can anticipate competitive odds, expansive sports coverage, and lucrative betting promotions and incentives. Football and horse racing enthusiasts, in particular, will find themselves thoroughly content, as they will have access to an extensive array of leagues and matches from across the globe. Demonstrating their adaptability, this bookmaker has embraced contemporary trends by introducing betting options for e-sports and popular television programs. Additionally, they have incorporated modern functionalities like live streaming, further enhancing the overall user experience.

At all times, Betfair promotes responsible gambling and provides round-the-clock customer support. The Betfair app and website are accessible in more than 15 diverse languages.

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Discover the most recent updates about the Betfair App and Mobile Site.

If you're looking for top-notch services from one of the leading bookmakers, Betfair is your go-to choice. Renowned and highly regarded by AGCO, Betfair consistently enhances its offerings to cater to the evolving needs of its customers. Before diving into the details of Betfair's mobile application, it's worth mentioning that the bookmaker ensures a seamless betting experience across various devices, including smartphones and tablets. Curious about how to engage in online betting with Betfair? Keep reading to find out more.

Betfair has successfully created a well-optimized platform for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, catering to users who prefer to stick to their trusted "mother platform" rather than downloading additional apps. However, it's important to note that the graphic design, particularly on the homepage, may not be as user-friendly or intuitive as anticipated for a Betfair App. As we have observed in other reviews, the initial appearance and layout of the homepage play a crucial role in providing a sense of familiarity that bettors value. Ensuring a welcoming and familiar interface is essential for an enjoyable betting experience on the mobile version of the platform.

The Betfair app, particularly tailored for iPhone and iPad, appears to be remarkably accurate in comparison. Let's delve into a comprehensive overview of the multitude of features that render Betfair apps an indispensable addition to your mobile device.

106 codes CLAIMED

Up to 410CAD

  • Betfair Exchange
  • Old quote
  • There is an extensive assortment of markets available.
CHECK BONUS Our score: 9
The offer is applicable to individuals (18 and above) who are new subscribers. To avail, they must register using the promo code ZITT10 and make a minimum deposit of CAD10 via card or PayPal. Terms and conditions are in place.

Discover the steps to easily acquire the Betfair App and enhance your betting experience on the go.

Betfair provides an array of options for online devices, so before delving into the step-by-step process of downloading the Betfair app on your phone, let's explore the bookmaker's offerings. Betfair extends a wide range of opportunities to its esteemed clientele, granting them access to an assortment of features. These include:

  • Betfair Mobile App
  • The iPhone/iPad Betfair application
  • Betfair Android App
  • Betfair does not have an application available for Windows operating systems.

Now, let's explore the optimal option that lies within your reach, armed with a handy smartphone or tablet.

The mobile site for the Betfair app

No downloads or installations are required to access the mobile site of the Betfair app. All you require is an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet device that is readily available.

After you have successfully accessed the Betfair website, the subsequent task is to establish a connection with it. Consequently, the portal will undergo an automatic optimization process, rendering it suitable for mobile usage within the realm of Betfair. Once this stage is reached, all that remains is the simple act of registering (which will be elaborated upon in due course), thereby enabling you to commence placing bets and capitalizing on the plethora of lucrative betting bonuses that Betfair has to offer.

Get the Betfair iPhone and iPad app download.

Placing bets using your Apple device has never been easier with the exceptional Betfair app for iPhone and iPad. This app stands out as one of the most comprehensive betting applications, providing an unparalleled experience. The installation process is incredibly straightforward, requiring an Apple device running iOS version 11.0 or newer. Simply head over to the Apple Store, download the app (approximately 112 MB), and you're all set to embark on an unrivaled betting journey.

If you're an Apple user, you'll find the app download process a piece of cake. Not only can you easily access it through Betfair's mobile site, but you can also directly download it from the official App Store provided by the tech giant in Cupertino. However, Android users might encounter a bit of a challenge. Due to Google's strict policies, residents of Canada and other countries are unable to find real-money betting apps on the Play Store. Don't worry though, there are still ways to get the app on your Android device.

To obtain the Betfair app on iOS, the necessary steps include:

  1. To access the Betfair app, simply navigate to the BETFAIR APP section on the homepage of the Betfair website and click on it.
  2. Choose the desired app and operating system (iOS or Android), then simply follow the provided instructions.
  3. Access the application and commence placing your bets.


Download Betfair App

A guide on downloading the Betfair app for Android devices.

The Play Store does not offer the Betfair betting app, as mentioned on the app page of the Betfair website. However, this is a common occurrence for all betting apps in Canada. Rest assured, the Betfair betting app is still a secure and trustworthy option for your betting needs.

To set it up, simply proceed with these handful of instructions:

  1. To obtain the Betfair Android App, just click on the Download option provided on the Betfair mobile site.
  2. You will be prompted to initiate the apk file download.
  3. Navigate to the Settings menu and locate the Security feature.
  4. Verify the presence of consent for sources of unidentified origin.

Download the Betfair Apk for Android

To swiftly acquire the Betfair Apk, which is the installation file for the actual application, a mere few seconds is all it takes. Simply type in "Betfair-wrapper-sportbook-apk" in the search bar of your mobile device's search engine, and you will be instantly directed to the official webpage of the esteemed Canadian bookmaker, specially designed for the Android application.

To ensure a seamless installation and experience the full capabilities of the Betfair App for Android, simply tap the "Download App Sport" button provided. This will initiate the download of the Betfair Apk file, specifically designed for direct installation on your Android smartphone or tablet. If you haven't previously undertaken a similar process on your device, please be aware that the default settings might hinder the installation of the app, deeming it unsafe due to being downloaded from a source other than the official store. But fret not! To proceed with the installation and unlock the myriad features of the Betfair App for Android, kindly follow these steps:

  1. In the SETTINGS → SECURITY section on your mobile device, enable the option to PERMIT INSTALLATION OF APPLICATIONS FROM UNFAMILIAR ORIGIN (or tick the box for UNFAMILIAR ORIGIN) and select OK.
  2. To acquire the app, simply visit this link:
  3. Lower the dropdown notification panel, then click on the .apk file to continue with the installation, and voila! Your task is complete!


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Unique Features of the Betfair App

The iOS and Android versions of the Betfair app offer an array of impressive features, mirroring those found in the mobile version we discussed earlier. Notably, it is important to recognize that these are web apps, rather than native apps, as evidenced by their minimal memory usage. The iOS version occupies a mere 112 MB, while the Android version requires only 10 MB. Nonetheless, these applications faithfully replicate the functionality of the mobile platform, delivering an optimal user experience.

With its array of distinctive characteristics, the Betfair app stands out as a premier betting platform. Among its notable attributes is the ability for users to effortlessly segregate their bets based on their outcomes - whether they are winners, losers, or still active. Furthermore, this app offers an insightful feature that enables users to track the performance of their forecasts. For those who have ongoing bets, real-time updates on the events that are yet to unfold are readily available, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the current state of play.

Stay updated on your preferred events with the help of notifications offered on multiple matches. Manage your bets, customize outcomes, and activate alerts through the bet slip feature. Furthermore, you have the option to share your plays with others.

Guide to Registering on the Betfair App for Mobile Betting

We highly recommend using the desktop version to register a new gaming account with Betfair, although it is also possible to do so directly through the Betfair app. The registration process with Betfair is straightforward and involves a few simple steps, which are similar to those found on other Canadian online betting platforms. Simplifying the process, Betfair ensures that registering for a new gaming account is a hassle-free experience for players.

Entering your username and password is all it takes to log into the Betfair app if you're already an account holder. This makes the process even simpler for existing users.

How Does the Betfair App Registration Process Work?

Creating an account on the Betfair website (or app) is a quick process that only requires a few minutes of your time. During registration, you will need to input your personal information, establish a new account, and most importantly, furnish the details of a valid identification document for account verification purposes. Rest assured that these measures are in place to ensure the security and integrity of your account.

Ultimately, what is the process of creating a fresh gaming account on Betfair?

To claim the welcome bonus on the Betfair website, follow these essential steps for registration:

  • Visit the official Betfair webpage. Uncover the complete breakdown of the 210CAD bonus incentive.
  • Submit Tax Code, Personal Details, ID Documentation, and Refresh Limitations
  • Choose the Bonus (in addition to the betting bonus, you can also avail the Betfair casino bonus, as well as bonuses for poker and bingo) and go through the registration process.
  • Click the green button that says REGISTER AT BETFAIR.
  • The match has begun!

Discover the Betfair App's design and features.

Upon launching the Betfair app, one is inundated with an overwhelming amount of extraneous information that diverts the player's attention from the primary objective, namely placing bets. In order to access the betting section, it becomes necessary to dismiss multiple superfluous pop-up windows, including those promoting the welcome bonus, and swiftly navigate through an assortment of data pertaining to inconsequential bets and minor matches.

When you first land on the homepage, you may notice a lack of prominent events and it can be a challenge to locate the comprehensive schedule. However, once you spend a few moments familiarizing yourself with the structure of the Betfair App Mobile, you'll find that navigating through the website is seamless and effortless. Every section of the platform is fully equipped and ensures a smooth and fluid user experience.

The Betfair app stands out for its remarkable functionality, rendering it an exceptionally comprehensive option for mobile users. Alongside the standard features of betting placement, odds and market consultation, and the ability to stream live matches and view statistics, the app also offers the unique advantage of saving a ticket to be played directly at a physical betting venue. This diverse range of capabilities ensures that users have access to a truly all-encompassing experience.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Betfair Betting Application

Clicking on the "Bets" button located at the bottom will grant you access to the comprehensive schedule. As you do so, a whole new world of possibilities will unfold before your eyes. You will find an array of sports and events, each accompanied by its respective markets, all conveniently presented on Betfair's platform. Rest assured, the Betfair sports schedule is nothing short of exceptional. It encompasses a wide range of top-notch events alongside lesser-known sports, catering to every kind of sports enthusiast. What sets Betfair's schedule apart is the remarkable variety it offers, especially when it comes to horse racing and football, two specialties that the Canadian bookmaker takes great pride in.

What we like:

  • One of the most exhaustive timetables
  • Free live streaming
  • Live betting
  • Betting Exchange

What's wrong:

  • Unclear graphics
Go to Betfair

Once bettors conquer the initial hurdles, Betfair App Betting transforms into a go-to destination for sports enthusiasts as well. The mobile platform offered by Betfair is nothing short of comprehensive, providing not only a myriad of betting options but also supplementary services catering to the needs of sports aficionados.

Having the flexibility to make wagers at any given moment and from any location holds tremendous significance, yet the Betfair application goes above and beyond by incorporating live streaming of events and instantaneous access to up-to-date data and statistics. This additional feature propels the Betfair app to the forefront of sports betting platforms that are specifically tailored for smartphones and tablets, making it stand out as one of the most exceptional options available.

Compare the offer provided by Betfair with that of our leading bookmaker, LeoVegas.

361 codes CLAIMED

Up to 305CAD

  • The most extensive gambling timetable available.
  • Live Streaming
  • Virtual Betting


Betfair app users can benefit from the convenience of Touch or Face ID, eliminating the need to manually input their account ID and password during each login. This advanced authentication method not only enhances security measures but also streamlines the betting experience, granting users the ability to swiftly capitalize on the ever-changing sports markets. For those who prefer an alternative, an added option is available to set a four-digit access code, providing an equally effective means of safeguarding their account.

Enjoy unrestricted streaming on the Betfair application completely free of charge.

One of the key highlights of the Betfair application is its remarkable capability to provide live streaming of major matches and events, particularly in the realm of horse racing. Betfair has invested in securing television broadcasting rights for renowned international tournaments and horse racing events, allowing its users the privilege of accessing a multitude of live events at no cost. To partake in this enthralling streaming experience, users must possess a registered and verified account with a sufficient positive balance. It is an indispensable prerequisite for accessing the exhilarating world of live streaming.

Take a moment to compare Betfair's live streaming application offering with that of bwin, Canada's renowned and highly favored betting operator. Consider the diverse range of features and services provided by these two prominent bookmakers in the Canadian market.

Up to 210CAD

  • A wide array of market options is available.
  • Among the most favorable probabilities offered
  • Live Betting
CHECK BONUS Our score: 8
Exclusive offer available to all new customers (18 years and older) who, upon submitting a valid identification document, complete a deposit of CAD10 or above via bank transfer, Mastercard or Visa, PostePay, PayPal. Terms and conditions apply.

Discover the enticing Welcome Bonuses and exciting Promotions available at Betfair.

Currently, no exclusive mobile welcome bonuses are available for users who choose to download and utilize the app. Nevertheless, the application still allows users to conveniently access and make use of the Betfair Welcome Bonus, a generous offering for all new users. This enticing bonus amounts to CAD210 and is divided into various increments for maximum benefit.

  • Get a bonus of up to 25CAD on your initial unsuccessful sports bet: grab 25% of the value of your first sports bet loss, provided that the minimum odds of 2.00 are met and the bet is placed within 30 days after signing up.
  • Earn up to a CAD25 bonus on your initial unsuccessful virtual wager: place your first virtual bet and receive a bonus amounting to 25% of the bet value, capped at CAD25, if your bet ends up being unsuccessful.
  • Over a span of 30 weeks, you will have the opportunity to earn up to 300CAD in Betting bonuses. Each week, you can receive up to 10CAD, which can be unlocked in increments of 1CAD for every 10 status points earned.

By simply clicking on the icon (i)-Info- located next to the general description of the offer, you can easily access all the necessary information on the conditions required by Betfair to avail these bonuses. It is important to meet these conditions in order to take advantage of the bonuses. Rest assured, all the specifications can be consulted conveniently.

In the world of Betfair, the promotions never cease, extending beyond imagination. Each day, you will discover a multitude of offers, not only in the sports domain but also in every corner of the site. In essence, those who have placed their trust in Betfair as their bookmaker of choice will have the extraordinary opportunity to fully avail themselves of the promotions, even while on the go with the mobile version of the platform.

Betfair Application: Payment Methods and Cashouts.

The Betfair app presents an indistinguishable offering from its parent platform. It encompasses not only the timetable, betting attributes, and free streaming services but also the gamut of accepted payment methods and withdrawal options. Betfair leaves no stone unturned when it comes to accommodating its users' preferences by facilitating transactions through credit/debit cards, prepaid cards, PostePay, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and Wire Transfer. Rest assured, the app caters to your every need and ensures a seamless experience.

Debit/Credit card None Immediate CAD10
PostePay None Immediate CAD10
E-Wallet None Immediate CAD10
PayPal None Immediate CAD10
Wire transfer Ev. Bank charges 3-5 business days CAD10

Enhancing the Security and Dependability of Mobile Applications

Over time, numerous users have voiced their dissatisfaction with the malfunctioning of Betfair, including both the desktop interface and the mobile application. The dedicated team of developers has been relentless in their efforts to rectify the prevalent glitches that rendered the Betfair platform susceptible to cyber intrusions in previous years. Their unwavering commitment to ensuring a secure and seamless user experience has yielded remarkable results.

In terms of safety, Betfair is an extremely conscientious company, prioritizing the well-being of its customers and the security of its platform. When it comes to protecting user data and facilitating secure transactions, Betfair employs top-of-the-line security measures. One noteworthy system in place is the SSL 128-bit encryption technology, considered one of the most reliable in the online realm for safeguarding against data breaches and financial fraud. Rest assured, Betfair goes above and beyond to ensure a safe and secure betting experience for all its users.


The Betfair app stands out among other online betting platforms due to its comprehensive nature. Whether you own an iOS or Android device, this app seamlessly caters to your needs, excelling in various aspects. Its user-friendly interface and smooth functionality ensure that placing bets on the move is a delightful experience, devoid of any annoying lags or disruptions. Although there might not be specific promotions exclusively for mobile users, rest assured that you can still take advantage of bonuses and free bets by simply downloading the Betfair app. So, do we give our seal of approval to the Betfair mobile app? Undoubtedly, yes!

With a remarkable rating of 4.5 out of 5, the evaluations from Apple users have unequivocally demonstrated the excellence of Betfair Apps. The feedback received has been nothing short of exceptional, reinforcing our belief that the Betfair app is the ultimate choice for avid players seeking the convenience of accessing the entire Betfair betting realm with utmost ease and efficiency. Our assessment of the app is resoundingly positive, underlining its significance in empowering players across the globe.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Is it necessary to log in to the Betfair app to stream events?

To access the Betfair platform's complimentary streaming services, including mobile and app streaming, individuals are required to complete the registration and verification process. Furthermore, it is imperative that users maintain an active gaming balance, irrespective of the amount, in order to avail themselves of this service.

Can I directly reach customer service through the app?

Absolutely! Just tap the "Customer Support" icon within the application to instantly access our assistance service.

What is the process for creating a Betfair gaming account?

By joining the Betfair franchise, individuals in Canada have the opportunity to establish their own branch and tap into the brand's well-established reputation. One can effortlessly create a new gaming account and make wagers through the Betfair website or the Betfair app. The seamless process includes following the necessary procedures and engaging with the appropriate contacts to become a part of the esteemed Betfair family. Betfair's strong presence in the Canadian territory further solidifies its status as a renowned betting platform.

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