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Let's present a platform that accommodates mobile users, catering to the preferences of Canadian bettors. Our focus is on the renowned MyStake mobile application, an esteemed online bookmaker. This app stands out for its meticulous design and seamless compatibility with both cutting-edge smartphones and their predecessors. Rest assured, this comprehensive program has got you covered no matter your device's vintage.

If you're searching for details about the MyStake App, whether it's for iOS/iPhone or Android platforms (as well as Windows Phone), look no further - this is the perfect page for you. Here at trendsnow, we are here to assist you every step of the way as we explore one of the finest mobile applications for online sports betting. Our comprehensive guidance will ensure you make the most of this top-notch platform that caters to your betting needs on the go.

Below, you'll find a comprehensive overview of the essential details pertaining to the MyStake mobile application across various leading operating systems for smartphones, tablets, and the mobile version. See the informative table that follows for a clear breakdown of pertinent information.

iOS Android Mobile Site
Downloads ✔️ ✔️
Latest version June 2023 (5.0.6) June 2023 (4.16.1)
Size 20.8MB 37.0 MB
Deposit/Withdrawals ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Bonuses ✔️ ✔️ ✔️

Discover the functionalities of the MyStake Mobile App.

MyStake, a renowned betting company, holds a special place in the hearts of numerous sports aficionados, especially football enthusiasts. It gained significant recognition not only for sponsoring the jerseys of Juventus between 2010 and 2012 but also for its exceptional offerings. Originating in France in 2005, MyStake has established its headquarters in Malta, and today it stands as one of the most sought-after betting companies in Canada. The operator's popularity stems from its remarkable features, including the provision of free streaming services for major sporting events. Moreover, MyStake boasts an extensive array of markets and bet types that rival those of industry giants.

In addition to this, MyStake extends a wide range of betting incentives to its users, along with the opportunity to engage in various gambling activities through MyStake's mobile casino feature, which encompasses games like poker, live casino, and bingo. Moreover, highlighting the significance of MyStake mobile, it is crucial to note that the platform offers a dedicated interface specifically designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

If you're someone who prefers sticking to what you know and not cluttering your phone with unnecessary downloads, then MyStake has got you covered. They've created a top-notch mobile platform that's been specifically optimized for smartphones and tablets. So, whether you're on the go or lounging at home, you can enjoy the full MyStake experience on your mobile device without any hassle.

According to user feedback, the mobile platform of the MyStake app is highly regarded for its intuitive graphic layout on the homepage. Its user-friendly interface has garnered positive opinions across the network. In the subsequent sections, we will delve into the myriad of features that make the MyStake app an essential addition to your mobile device. Stay tuned as we explore the reasons why this app is a must-have on your smartphone.

Learn the process of downloading the MyStake application.

Let's first explore the range of online features offered by MyStakek before delving into the step-by-step process of downloading their mobile app onto your phone. MyStakek provides a comprehensive selection of services for its customers, including:

  • MyStake and MyStake Mobile Casino
  • Introducing the MyStake App for iPhone and iPad
  • MyStake Android App
  • There is currently no Windows version of the MyStake app available.

Now, let's explore the optimal choice when equipped with a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. So, what is the finest resolution for this predicament?

MyStake Mobile

There exists an equally viable option to acquire the MyStake application, as previously stated. The website has been meticulously fine-tuned to function seamlessly on all types of mobile devices. To initiate a connection, all one has to do is enter the website's URL into their phone's browser and indulge in this distinctive, fully functional, and highly effective version to place bets.

An app called MyStake designed specifically for iPhone and iPad devices.

If you own an iOS device and are looking to access the MyStake betting platform on-the-go, simply head over to the "App" section on our website. There, you'll discover a range of applications tailored specifically for iPhone and iPad users. To make things even more convenient, you can also find our optimized app available for download on the App Store. So whether you're an avid bettor or just want to stay connected while on your Apple device, our mobile app has got you covered.

With the most recent update in June 2023, this app has reached version 5.0.6, showcasing its commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Unveiling a plethora of enticing promotions, it never ceases to amaze users. One of its standout features is the revamped calendar, providing an up-to-date schedule of all the events. Additionally, players can now enjoy enhanced winnings through the exciting "boost" feature, amplifying the thrill of every game.

Download the MyStakek Android apk

For Android users, there is no need to worry. Simply navigate to the App section on the MyStake website and select the Android icon. From there, you can download the file directly. Unlike the iOS app, there is no requirement to transfer to another store. This is due to Google's policy of not accepting online betting apps on the Play Store. We will discuss the installation process for the MyStake Android .apk file on your phone later on.


If you are an owner of a Windows device, along with a Blackberry or Nokia phone, we suggest utilizing the mobile edition of the MyStake platform. It can be effortlessly accessed by means of your device's web browser, ensuring an indistinguishable gaming experience from the one offered by the application. At present, MyStake has yet to launch any dedicated app for this specific purpose.

How To Install MyStake App On Android Using Google Play Store

In our nation, it has been reiterated multiple times that obtaining genuine money betting applications from the Google store is unattainable. This restriction naturally extends to the MyStake app, as it unmistakably fits within this category. Notably, the Mountain View colossus explicitly forbids the inclusion of any sports betting application involving actual currency on Google Play.

Don't worry if you own an Android device because Google has a strict policy against any gambling application. Nevertheless, there's no need to despair. In fact, there's a simple solution available for you to still enjoy the MyStake app on your device. You can easily download the Apk file and install it directly, without encountering any issues.

Download the MyStake Apk for your Android device.

To obtain the MyStake App Mobile Apk, which is the real installation file for the application, you'll only need a few moments. Simply input "MyStake App Apk" into the search engine on your mobile device, and you'll promptly discover the dedicated official page of the Canadian bookmaker for the Android app. In mere seconds, the download will be complete.

To safely install the MyStake application on your Android device, simply tap the Download for Android button highlighted by the red arrow. This will prompt the download of the MyStake Apk file, enabling you to directly install it on your smartphone or tablet. It's important to note that if you haven't performed a similar procedure before, your device's default settings may prevent the installer from opening. This precaution is in place to ensure the safety of your device since the file is being downloaded from a source other than the official store.

Don't lose hope! To kick off the installation process and revel in the seamless functionality of the LeoVegas App for Android, there are a few essential steps you'll have to follow:

  1. In the SETTINGS → SECURITY section on your mobile device, enable the option to ALLOW INSTALLATION OF APPS FROM UNKNOWN SOURCES (or select UNKNOWN SOURCES) and confirm by clicking OK.
  2. Get the app by visiting this URL:
  3. Lower the notifications dropdown, and simply tap on the .apk file to initiate the installation process, and voila! You're all set!


MyStake Unveils Android Application with Enhanced Features

The Android system's MyStake Sport App encompasses all the features we've highlighted earlier in relation to the mobile variant. It's evident that it's not a native application, but rather a web application, or more aptly described as a faithful adaptation of the mobile platform converted into an app.

In the case of Android operating system devices, MyStake users can anticipate additional benefits, although it is important to acknowledge the pros and cons that we have previously discussed. Thus, it is crucial to consider both the advantages and disadvantages when evaluating the overall experience.

With its remarkable "lightweight" nature, this application can effortlessly be downloaded in any given situation, catering even to individuals grappling with persistent storage limitations on their devices. Nevertheless, the app's performance remains outstanding, particularly when used on cutting-edge mobile phones and tablets, leaving no room for remorse over the absence of a desktop platform.

If you're looking to maximize your MyStake Android experience, we suggest utilizing this app specifically on a tablet. In fact, the application offers the remarkable capability of streaming major sporting events, and the expansive tablet screen ensures a crystal-clear view of live matches. Embrace the immersive nature of this app by enjoying your favorite sports on a larger-than-life display.

Detailed Instructions for Downloading the MyStake App on iPhone and Apple Devices

You can easily obtain the bookmaker's app for free from the official Cupertino company's store, contrary to what was previously mentioned about the MyStake Android app. This particular application is tailored exclusively for mobile devices, and it carries a significant size of approximately 20 MB. The reasons behind this substantial size are entirely justified by the exceptional performance and the multitude of possibilities that the MyStake iOS app delivers. These qualities are further exemplified by its outstanding 4.9/5 star rating on the App Store.

Apple device owners have an extensive array of options at their fingertips when it comes to indulging in the diverse range of games and services provided by the esteemed Canadian AGCO bookmaker. In a nutshell, the selection is vast, encompassing various offerings such as engaging in online poker or immersing oneself in the thrilling world of MyStake slots.

Guide on Registering for the MyStake App to Place Mobile Bets

Registering for a new gaming account can be done directly through the app, but we personally recommend completing the entire process using the desktop version for maximum convenience. The registration process for MyStake is straightforward and follows a few simple steps, which are similar to those found on other Canadian online betting platforms. It's designed to be user-friendly, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all users.

Logging in through the app is a breeze if you're already a MyStake user. Just enter your login credentials, consisting of your username and password, and you'll be good to go.

Sign up for the MyStake application: What is the process involved?

Registering on the MyStake platform, whether through the website or the app, is a simple process that can be completed in just a few minutes. During registration, you will be prompted to input your personal information, create an account, and most importantly, supply the details of a valid identification document to ensure the authenticity of your account.

How can one go about creating a fresh gaming account on MyStake?

To claim the welcome bonus on the MyStake sports website, follow these simple registration steps:

  • Visit the official MyStake webpage. and discover the specifics of the total bonus worth 150CAD.
  • Input: Enter Tax Code, Personal Data, Identity Document, Reload Limits Output: Input Tax Code, Personal Information, Identity Credentials, Reload Restrictions
  • Choose an additional bonus (aside from the betting bonus, the MyStake casino bonus is up for grabs too) and finish the sign-up process.
  • Click the yellow REGISTER AT MyStake button.
  • The match has begun!


Design And Functionality of the MyStake Application

Upon accessing the mobile edition of the MyStake app or software, users will be presented with an abundance of information to assist them in placing their initial wager. The homepage offers a plethora of visible events, and locating the comprehensive schedule is a breeze. Nevertheless, there might be a brief period of bewilderment, but fret not, for once the underlying principles of MyStake Mobile are comprehended, navigation throughout the platform becomes seamless, effortless, and all-encompassing.

With its array of exceptional attributes, this application undeniably stands out, establishing itself as one of the most comprehensive mobile options on the market. Apart from its capacity for seamless betting, users can also access a multitude of features, including the ability to peruse odds and markets, scrutinize live streaming of matches, and delve into insightful statistics. The sheer breadth of functionality ensures an unparalleled experience for avid mobile users.

Experience the thrill of live betting with the convenient and user-friendly MyStake mobile and app platform.

Placing live bets with the MyStake app is an effortless task. To engage in real-time betting during an ongoing event or game, whether we are enjoying it on television or through a streaming service, all we need to do is open the app and navigate to the live events section. Within this menu, we can explore a plethora of enticing odds and select the one that captures our interest.

Once we enter the bet section, a mere click transfers the bet amount effortlessly, enabling us to proceed with confidence. It is here that we are promptly notified of any fluctuations in the odds, or alternatively, the probabilities if we opt for a multiple bet. We then have the liberty to validate the bet, make alterations, or even revoke it altogether.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the MyStake Application

The MyStake bookmaker's online sports betting app has been thoroughly examined, revealing a plethora of distinguishing features that firmly establish it as one of the premier betting apps currently available. Notably, both the MyStake app and the MyStake mobile site boast an intuitively designed menu that ensures a seamless and speedy browsing experience. With all the essential elements conveniently placed on the main screen, users are provided with easy access to all the necessary tools and information required to maximize their betting potential with MyStake.

To sum up the key features, let's delve into the layout of our website. At the upper-right corner, you will find a convenient icon that houses your personal betting slip, ensuring easy access and management. Meanwhile, on the top left, a traditional dropdown menu awaits, offering an array of personal game aspects, including your account details. Additionally, a versatile toolbar will be at your disposal, enabling you to select from a wide range of disciplines upon which to place your bets. With these intuitive design elements, navigating through our platform becomes a seamless and user-friendly experience.

What we like:

  • One of the most comprehensive calendars
  • Enjoy live streaming at no cost.
  • Live betting

What's wrong:

  • Unclear graphics

A comparison between the MyStake app and the LeoVegas app

In the realm of mobile betting greatness, let us now weigh the MyStake betting app against the renowned LeoVegas App, an app that has been downloaded by countless users. LeoVegas App's mobile platform is considered a benchmark not only for avid bettors but also for enthusiasts of various sports.

LeoVegas Mobile and the Canadian bookmaker's apps are like bustling hubs, providing a plethora of services that extend beyond the realm of sports betting. The ability to wager on-the-go, anytime, is undeniably crucial, but the added perks of streaming live events and accessing real-time data and statistics elevate LeoVegas Mobile as one of the premier sports betting platforms, meticulously tailored for optimal usage on smartphones and tablets. The convenience and versatility it offers are unmatched, making it a go-to choice for betting enthusiasts seeking seamless and immersive experiences.

Compare the MyStakek proposition to that of our leading bookmaker LeoVegas.

960 codes CLAIMED

Up to 300 CAD

  • The most extensive lineup of betting options available
  • Live Streaming
  • Virtual Betting

Streaming for free on the MyStake application

Streaming the most crucial matches and events is a prominent highlight of our app. With utmost dedication, MyStake has secured the television rights for prestigious global tennis tournaments, enabling our users to enjoy an array of live events at no cost. To access the exhilarating streaming experience, all you need is a registered and verified account with a positive balance. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity and immerse yourself in the captivating world of live tennis action.

Mobile MyStake's Welcome Bonus for new users.

As of the current moment, the absence of exclusive welcome bonuses specifically tailored for mobile device users is notable within the MyStake platform. Nevertheless, users can still benefit from the MyStake betting bonus, even when accessing the platform through the application. This particular bonus entails an impressive CAD150 upon making the initial deposit.

986 codes CLAIMED

Up to 150 CAD

  • Good customer support
  • Extensive array of markets and competitive odds on offer.
  • Experience the thrill of live events and immerse yourself in the excitement of live streaming.

Withdrawals and Payments through the MyStake Application

The range of services provided by the MyStake App mirrors those of the main platform in their entirety. This encompasses not only the scheduling, betting features, and perks like free streaming, but also extends to the accepted payment methods and withdrawal options. The parity between the two platforms is comprehensive, ensuring a seamless and consistent user experience regardless of which platform is utilized.

You can conveniently make payments and withdrawals using a variety of secure methods at MyStake. Options include credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, PostePay, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and Wire Transfer.

Debit/Credit card None Immediate CAD10
PostePay None Immediate CAD10
Skrill/NETELLER None Immediate CAD10
PayPal None Immediate CAD10
Wire transfer Ev. Bank charges 3-5 business days CAD10

Opinions and Reviews of the MyStake Betting App

Throughout history, numerous individuals have shared their grievances about the dysfunctionality and sluggishness of MyStake, regardless of whether they were utilizing the desktop platform or the mobile application. However, the development team has exerted tremendous efforts to rectify the prevalent glitches that once rendered the MyStake website susceptible to malicious incursions in the past. Presently, the widespread acclaim for the MyStake app is evident not only in the stellar rating bestowed upon it by Apple Store users, standing at an impressive 4.9 out of 5, but also in its soaring popularity, solidifying its status as a fan-favorite.

When it comes to safety, MyStake is an incredibly vigilant company, prioritizing the security of both its customers and platform. In fact, the company ensures that users have access to state-of-the-art security systems, such as the highly advanced SSL 128-bit encryption technology. This technology, known for being one of the most secure options available in the digital realm, effectively safeguards against data theft and ensures the safety of all economic transactions. Rest assured, MyStake leaves no stone unturned in providing the utmost protection.


The applications for smartphones and tablets, especially MyStake mobile, have surpassed certain graphical constraints and are now regarded as some of the most comprehensive options on the market. Undoubtedly, the MyStake app stands as an exceptional choice, solidifying its place among the top bookmakers in Canada. The company's dedication and concern for bettors are clearly reflected in their commitment to developing mobile apps. These apps serve as a testament to the company's unwavering efforts to provide the best mobile products to its users.

At MyStake, we provide more than just a betting app. We offer a comprehensive platform dedicated to the world of sports, complete with updated statistics, real-time data, ongoing promotions, and even live streaming options for major football and other significant events. Our aim is to create a dynamic framework that caters to sports enthusiasts, ensuring they have access to the latest information and an immersive experience. Join us today and take advantage of our all-encompassing sports structure.

The MyStake Apps have received exceptional feedback, as exemplified by the high ratings from Apple users, reaching an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars. It is evident that the MyStake App has garnered immense praise, solidifying its position as the ideal choice for avid players who yearn for effortless access to the dynamic realm of MyStake betting. Our evaluation is unequivocally positive, as the MyStake App's seamless interface and comprehensive features cater to the diverse needs and preferences of gambling enthusiasts. By embracing this cutting-edge application, players can delve into a world of thrilling opportunities and exhilarating experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions, commonly known as FAQ, are a compilation of queries that are often raised by individuals seeking information or clarification on a particular topic.

How do I acquire the MyStake app for download?

To simplify the downloading process, ensure a seamless experience by registering on the mobile site before acquiring the MyStake app. Obtain the .apk file from the mobile site to install the app on your Android device, while iOS users will require version 11.0 or later to download the app. MyStake offers compatibility with both iOS and Android devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Whether you're using an iPhone or an Android phone, you can easily download the MyStake app and start enjoying its features.

How does the streaming feature function on the MyStake mobile application?

An active gaming account and a stable internet connection are the only prerequisites for using the MyStake app. With this app, you can enjoy watching sports events in full-screen mode on your smartphones or tablets through live streaming.

What distinguishes desktop and mobile quotas from each other?

You can find identical betting odds on both the MyStake desktop platform and its mobile counterpart, including the MyStake app. Furthermore, all the functionalities provided on the MyStake betting site are readily accessible and fully functional on the mobile version and the MyStake app.

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